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  • posted a message on Poll: What's your opinion on the Ixalan draft format?
    My opinion on the format has shifted as I played it more. At first I found it boring and almost like an old core set. But I started enjoying it a lot more once I realized that outside of Merfolk Ixalan is only a very weakly syngergized Tribal set and you aren't really rewarded for going tribal.

    After I stopped caring so much about the tribes I found some strategies and archetypes I really enjoyed like 4-Color Treasure which just uses treasure to let you play good stuff in four colors, UW Favorable Winds since the format has a ton of flyers, and RB Makeshift Munitions Control with a bunch treasure makers.

    Plus last night I played against a guy who had drafted a WGr Vance's Blasting Cannons deck with four Blossom Dryads. I was able to beat him before he could flip it to Spitfire Bastion in both games, but I watched a match latter and it was probably the most fun game of magic I'd ever watch, with him Spitfiring three times a turn.

    The deck I really want to play but haven't gotten the chance to draft yet is BG Explore or BUG Explore. I watched someone at my FNM play the BG version a few weeks ago and it looked awesome and super strong. The problem is you need to get at least two Wildgrowth Walkers and one Lurking Chupacabra plus a bunch of explore creatures to make it work, so it takes more than a little luck to set up.

    The other deck I want to try is a Navigator's Ruin with a bunch of evasive and/or high-toughness creatures to mill the opponent out. I always see them table late, but I've haven't been brave enough to try it yet. I am thinking it should go in a blue-white deck with Looming Altisaur or blue-green with Grazing Whiptail to be able to gum up the board.

    Really I think the worst part of the format is that it is being billed as tribal when it really isn't which is causing people to force draft tribal decks when this format is only very weakly tribal. Once you let go of that the format is a fun format with a ton of deck building options and quite a few build around me uncommons.
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  • posted a message on The 3-0 Deck Compendium
    Went 3-0 in matches, 6-0 in games last night at FNM with a RB Makeshift Munitions control deck I drafted.

    Put the rest of my write up in spoilers since it was long.

    Pick 1 was Sunbird's Invocation (Foil). There was a Pious Interdiction in the pack, but I picked Sunbird since it can just win games on its own. Pick two was a Thaumatic Compass due to the fact I really like it transformed in any deck. Pick three was Burning Sun's Avatar. Fourth was a Lightning Strike which signaled to me red was wide open. Fifth I took a Ruthless Knave since there was nothing else in the pack worth taking, but ended up being great in the deck I was drafting. Frenzied Raptor as my sixth. And a way too late Firecannon Blast as my seventh. The rest of pack 1 was mostly red cards as I dabbled to see what other color I should go into. A late Contract Killing and Mark of the Vampire (which I didn’t even end up playing) pointed to me that black was probably open.

    Pack 2 I opened a second Thaumatic Compass, which I took since I had a lot of removal and win conditions which meant I was drafting a control deck. Fun aside there was a third Thaumatic Compass opened in my pod meaning that there were three non-foil Thaumatic Compasses in the box we used (watched owner unwrapped it, so can confirm all packs used from unopened box). Second pick was the second Lightning Strike. Picked up some cheaper creatures since I was so top heavy after pack one. Also got a fourth pick Pirate's Cutlass, which was nice. Also got a seventh pick Trove of Temptation, which is great in a control deck since you can force them into unfavorable attacks. I was really excited to get it.

    Pack 3 I opened a Captain Lannery Storm (Foil) which fit perfect in my deck with all the treasures. The other rare in that pack was Dragonskull Summit. Also there was a Makeshift Munitions, which I really wanted, but was hoping I could table. Even though it fit my colors I felt I didn’t need the fixing and Lannery was better with all of my treasure generation. Picked up Skulduggery, Sure Strike, and Vanquish the Weak to round out my tricks/removal. The real stars of pack three were the Makeshift Munitions, one I got as pick 4 and one as pick 9 when it tabled.

    Record: 3-0 Matches 6-0 Games

    Match 1 – WGr Vance's Blasting Cannons

    Had Vance's Blasting Cannons and four Blossom Dryads and the entire deck was built around winning with Spitfire Bastion.

    Game 1 he stabilized with Grazing Whiptails, but I had Lightning-Rig Crew and Makeshift Munitions and did 9 damage to him when he had lethal on board with only those two cards.

    Game 2 he had Vance's Blasting Cannons on turn 4, but I had a turn 5 Sunbird's Invocation (thanks to treasure), turn 6 Burning Sun's Avatar which hit a Contract Killing off of the Sunbird trigger to kill his Glorifier of Dusk. From there I overwhelmed him with Makeshift Munitions and Sunbird activations, while forcing him to play out cards so he couldn't build up enough spells to flip Vance's Blasting Cannons. While I won this game pretty easily looking back on it I should've sideboarded in Spreading Rot and maybe even a Forest and a Crushing Canopy to deal with Vance's Blasting Cannon since the deck was so focused on finding and flipping that card.

    Match 2 – WG Dinos

    Game 1 he curved out nicely with large dinos, but he couldn’t stop the combination of Burning Sun's Avatar, Makeshift Munitions, Treasure Trove, and a ton of treasure. In fact I killed a Pterodon Knight and Spike-Tailed Ceratops in back to back turns just by sacrificing treasures.

    Game 2 he was stuck on two lands and I curved out nicely with some creatures. Only game I didn’t win because of Makeshift Munitions.

    Match 3 – UBr Flying Pirates

    Played it out because guy I was facing was moving and he wanted to. Game 1 he had Wanted Scoundrels on turn two. Was light on lands, but he still played most of his hand due to having such an aggressive mana curve, but couldn’t stop my combination of Burning Sun's Avatar, Makeshift Munitions, double flipped Thaumatic Compass, and tons of treasure.

    Game 2 he sent out a ton of flyers, I stabilized somewhat with Burning Sun's Avatar, but he stole it with a top decked Admiral Beckett Brass. Luckily it was tapped when stolen and I ripped Makeshift Munitions off the top of my deck, which allowed me to attack with everything and then sacrifice my board for the win.

    I went into match 1 unsure how good the deck would be. I got everything I wanted, especially the two pack 3 Makeshift Munitions that I had been looking for. But the deck was so different than anything I had drafted in this format (or really any format that I had drafted) that I wasn’t sure how it was going to perform in this format that can both be fast, has a lot of flyers, and big creatures, which all seemed good against my deck. But the deck performed better than my wildest dreams.

    And while Burning Sun's Avatar did a ton of work and my other rares were great when I got them, I didn’t need them to win. Makeshift Munitions on the other hand, it straight up won me every game but the one were my opponent was mana screwed. RB Makeshift Munitions is definitely an archetype I will be looking to draft again if I get the chance. And I’ve come to the conclusion that Makeshift Munitions in any deck that can make a lot of treasures (or tokens) will probably be good.

    The other good thing is that at least from my experience in this draft most of the key cards you want in a Makeshift Munitions deck are not top picks in most other decks so you can pick them up late.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season IV
    Quote from Ravnos »
    Holy crap, the "new" jungle in the PBE looks to be amazing. Brings back memories of Season 1.

    I loved the S1 jungle, so I am hoping this is close. The only problem I see now is it is currently a bit overtuned as Trundle can barely do it and junglers like Naut can only do two camps before needing to back.
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  • posted a message on Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U
    I've been enjoying playing Smash Bros. this past weekend. My favorite characters so far are Little Mac, Sheik, and Mega Man.

    Little Mac is so strong on the ground and can get some real cheesy kills with his K.O. B, but his recovery is just so so bad. I've never loved playing as someone, but so frustrated by dying to things that any other character could recover from.

    Sheik is 3DS feels very storng. Still some problems getting kills, but her agility, needles, and burst grenade give her a ton of zone control.

    Mega Man is fun, but feels weird. He feels like he wants to be mid range, but doesn't have the damage and zone control to do it. His short range, especially Top Spin, has great damage, but he lacks the mobility to not get retaliated against or the bulk to take it. His long range has potential, but is easily played around. Basically he seems like a Jack of All Trades, but master of none.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season IV

    The good ol days. Release Graves, release Diana, release Zyra. Some of the scariest times for league of legends

    Scariest time would have to be release Vayne or release Xin Zhao. Teamfights were them getting a 1v5 pentakill.
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  • posted a message on Legend of Korra: Book Two
    Quote from Jay13x »
    Is there a real reason why Lightning Bending HAS to kill people, though? Every other form of bending is able to strengthen or weaken or be focused based on the intentions of the user.

    From what I can tell from watching the series, Lightningbending is incredibly tough to perform and control. The only person to ever be shown to use it consistently in high pressure situations was Azula who was a Firebending genius. So the toughness to control it in the first place probably makes it difficult to not kill someone and use it to effect in battle.
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  • posted a message on Legend of Korra: Book Two

    Zaheer is probably the best villain we've had so far (and probably one of the best written/executed villains I've seen). He was everything he wanted to be. Surprisingly respectful and human (it's amazing the amount of subtle grief they show in him when P'Li dies) compared to other big bads who were either egotistical, crazy, or delusional. And his and the red lotus's dedication to anarchy was very believable. So often it feels like the anarchists shown in shows are just mad or insane guys looking to revel in the chaos, but with Zaheer you really get the feeling that he is doing what he thinks is best for the world. Also it's nice to see a big bad whose grand plan actually makes very good sense and doesn't leave you scratching your head with why didn't they just kill the avatar straight away.

    One thing that I really got the sense from watching Zaheer and Unalaq is that the Red Lotus is probably has a single goal of creating a new way of the world, but each member group goes about it differently. Unalaq wanted to raise Korra under his way of thinking to as he claimed (but probably was lying) to want to show the Avatar the right path and change the world down that path. Zaheer wanted to end the Avatar line and kill the heads of state to bring about Anarchy. If they follow with this it should be interesting to watch the Red Lotus act as while they work towards a similar goal, their methods and end game will all be different. I just hope, but suspect, that for time purposes will streamline and condense the Red Lotus to make it appear more unified.

    In other things it sort of feels like Firebending has gotten the short shaft in cool variations in The Legend of Korra. This season added True Flight and The Void (probably the scariest way to kill someone in the series) to Airbending. Earthbending has Metalbending (probably the most practical of all variations) and Lavabending (easily the most destructive bending we've seen, I mean Ghazon took down the entire Northern Air Temple and the Mountain all by himself without really trying). Waterbending has Bloodbending (Right up there with The Void on scariest ways to use bending) and Spiritbending, both of which as Amon and Unalaq have shown as probably being the most politically influential of all bending. While Firebending has Lightning Strike, Combustion Eye, and Jet Flight. Jet Flight is cool, but if you watch the fight with Zaheer you can see how much superior Airbending's True Flight is to Jet Flight in terms of use (can use limbs) and maneuverability. And Lightning Strike and Combustion Eye, while cool and unique in The Original Series just seem to be outdone with the other bendings.

    I agree I was expecting Bolin to Metalbend but once I saw him Lavabend I realized it fit so much better with Bolin and it was a pleasant surprise since I thought him Metalbending was going to help them escape until I saw him do that.

    And by god was the ending depressing. It was a good ending and probably the right one, but every time they showed Korra I was surprised they didn't have her on round the clock suicide watch. It's those eyes.

    Things I want from Season 4:

    • Cool Firebending Variation like maybe Lightbending or something like that.
    • Red Lotus doing Red Lotus things.
    • To not be depressed by depressed Korra.
    • More Grandma!
    • Varrick as the big bad and one of the main guys in the Red Lotus. It would be great to have a Sokka/Bolin and non-bending type Villain. Plus the fact that they included Varrick in Season 3 makes me think they have big plans for him. He has already shown he has the chops to be an interesting villain and the technical and strategic acumen to be an actual threat.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season IV
    So apparently I wasn't just being crazy (known to happen during full moons, mafia games, and hockey playoffs) as Riot just posted an official post saying that Gnar has a Consistency of Contribution problem along with some bugs.

    Riot Post
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season IV
    Quote from Drawmeomg »
    There's no way to not transform, but you also do have some control over when you transform. It's something that can be mastered.

    You can't do the Jayce thing and just say you're going to ignore one form or the other, but you certainly can learn to anticipate when a transform is coming and put yourself in a good position to take advantage of it.

    He's not for everyone but he does do some things very well.

    Actually as I see him played more I am more complaining about playing on his team or against him than actually playing him (I haven't played him), but as strange as it sounds he places a big burden of knowledge on your team, while he has a low burden of knowledge for the enemy. I have started to think about banning Gnar just so he isn't on my team as every time I see one his teamfighting is just so hard to take advantage of as a teammate (which isn't a healthy response to a champion). I would like more consistancy from him as a teammate so I don't have to worry more about if Gnar is at the proper circumstances to teamfight. I honestly haven't been this frustrated having a champion as a teammate since release Darius taking all the kills (and Darius's ult still bothers me to no end as a teammate).
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season IV
    My biggest problem I see with Gnar is a combination of his unreliablness with his Mega/Mini forms with how telegraphed his change is. Gnar is actually fairly weak because if I am the enemy I can plan for his form changes and change my play accordingly, while Gnar on the other hand is pretty much forced to change his play style regardless of whether it works or not.

    I don't think buffing him will do much until they make it so that he isn't so predictable to the enemy.
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  • posted a message on Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians is probably my favorite Marvel movie as it is by far the most fun and entertaining. The characters don't take themselves too seriously and the soundtrack helps take the movie to the next level. Ronan was the perfect big bad for the film as him being so serious and fanatical creates a great contrast that makes the dance off scene at the end all the more enjoyable.

    Plus it has probably one of my favorite badass scenes in a movie where Yondu is surrounded and you are assuming that he is going to take them up on their offer, but no, he whistles and kills all of them with his arrow thingy. I literally was sitting with my mouth open in joy after seeing that.
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  • posted a message on 2014-2015 NFL Season/Fantasy Football Thread
    I don't mind having 14 teams in the league but if we do we should probably tweak the roster rules a bit. With 12 teams it was already kind of pushing it with the Flex option but with 14 I doubt we can support having a true flex. There are just not enough QBs and RBs to fill out 14 flexes (I am afraid if there are enough RBs to fill out 14 teams with 2 slots since you need that backup, but that's more of a personal concern at this point). Is it possible to switch the flex to a WR/TE only flex since those positions are the most numerous.

    Edit: Also since when have we tracked yards allowed (almost positive it is new)? It seems like a silly stat to use since a bunch of teams play bend don't break defense. If possible I also suggest turning the yards allowed off and stick to the classic points, sacks, interceptions, and fumbles recovered format.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season IV
    Quote from Umezete »
    Venting ahead.

    I'm really beggining to hate this game, why? I was plat last season took a 5 month break and played my placement games, had 8 4v5 (well, several were 3v5s and one I was the afk from the riot client crashing), a bot that managed to go 0/15 by 7 mins, and I actually won a game because my team was merely bad but not aneurism inducing terrible.

    So silver, should be easy to get out of? Nope I have like a 30% chance of getting an afk and people are just ******* terrible at silver. Not everyone but I swear the game remembers I used to be plat because I get matched with some of the dumbest *****s I've ever played with. I try really hard not to rage but I still end up raging about 1 out of every 10 games because I can't take it anymore. People at silver are just so bloody terrible, which wouldn't bother me but they also ignore advice.

    Look if a person with a plat border is giving you advice in silver its a polite request for you to not be retarded, Lets get drag, jungle top and bot is back, is something that is so obvious to a plat that when a silver goes **** you I want to afk on the spot. When you don't group for a fight and split when we need to group you do not then get made when team dies, you are ******* up especially if you were asked to group. I'm so ******* done with trying to explain nicely things like "hey get drag please, leash please (yes I've had teams not leash), watch my top buff please, you know the stuff that should be intuitive to every single ranked player with one iota of skill.

    I have a positive score in like 90% or more of my games, about 55% or more I stomp and that would be higher if I played curbstomp champs but I actually try to flesh out a teamcomp.

    Ugh **** ranked.

    When the season started I was placed in Silver IV from Gold IV. And at first I struggled a little bit to get out of Silver IV, but then I adjusted my playstyle a bit and just breezed back to Gold V-IV. In low to mid Silver games plat strategies and even gold strategies don't actually help that much. What I instead shifted to was:

    1. You have to take the objectives by yourself no matter if you are jungle or support. Don't think your team will help you taking a tower or dragon.

    2. Don't try to get yourself fed as much as try to get your teammates fed/not feeding. Your skill can help make up for your lack of fedness, their skill will just hamper them when the are 0/3/1. So it's better for them to have the kills while you have the assists.

    3. Look for pickoffs more than teamfights. Teamfights are usually messy and can be a little random due to Silver have an extremely wide range of teamfight proficiency.

    4. Suggest don't tell. Give reasons why, not orders. And don't throw your plat border in their face.

    5. Baron is the wrong call unless the entire enemy team is dead.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season IV
    Cait has a Lee Sin power curve, just not as extreme. Her steroid is her range. But other than that she has a slightly above average mid game, but one of the worse late games for an ADC. The problem is people in general do not like to play against Lee Sin power curved champs like Cait and Renekton whose sole job is to win the laning phase. Unlike Mid game and Late game champs where you can be stronger then them by having more items and by beating them in lane, you will never have a noticeable gold difference at level 1 since everyone starts at approximately the same gold so they will always be stronger than you. There is little counterplay you can do other than endure their early game power. But at the same time they are necessary for the game as they prevent late game champs and hyper carries from taking over the game. This is why Riot is loathe to "nerf" these champs just cause of their early power spike, because they act as a barrier to entry (see the "Renekton Bar") and deter people from always picking hyper carries since they won't have to fear the early game. They are frustrating to play against, but they are supposed to be and the game is healthier for it.

    @Yagami: You forget MF is a lane bully in a similar vain to Cait (just not as bad) who transitions to a late game high AOE damage ADC. So it would make sense for her base stats to be similar to Cait's and not have an escape (since she brings AOE instead). On Tristana, Cait has a decent mid game that gets worse the later the game goes, but Tristana has the ultimate weird power curve who transitions a somewhat strong early game to the worst mid game for an adc in the game to a long-range hyper carry. The whole point of Trist is to have the bad mid game.
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  • posted a message on League of Legends Season IV
    Ironically I've found an HP stacker that actually does worse with the new Ancient Golem. I tried Mundo last night with Ancient Golem and let me tell you the new regen passive is a big nerf to his jungling as even running spell vamp quints I had trouble sustaining myself in the jungle. It wasn't until I got a warmogs that I actually felt like I could farm camps without taking too much damage, but that was way too far in to the game to feel safe about doing that reliably. I actually had to stop ganking for a while as I just didn't have the sustain even with ult to both farm and gank without backing. I probably think he needs to grab a spirit stone for sustain before going into SotAG, but man I was not expecting this much of a problem just rushing Golem on him.

    As I try more and more junglers with the new Golem most junglers that liked it before don't like it now. Quill Coat and new Golem seem made almost exclusively for Tanky Support Junglers and Sustained Health Stacking Bruisers like Volibear. I am sort of afraid to try it on Trundle or Tank J4 since you need an early damage item so you don't plummet in damage mid to late game, but until you get some bonus health you are sinking a lot of gold into a passive that isn't worth it.

    I agree they need to bring back old Golem in some form as the two items for the most part are built for different champions.
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