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  • posted a message on Urg Tron
    What does it get that UR tron doesn't?
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  • posted a message on Trade auction: Foil Bogardan Hellkite
    Mise well up it to a Delta.
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  • posted a message on What beats UR tron?
    I hear that Dragonstorm pretty much kicks every Tron build in the face.
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  • posted a message on Trade auction: Foil Bogardan Hellkite
    I'll bid a Mire on it.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Gruul Aggro
    Quote from megamn44
    i think once 10th hits gruul will still be really competetive, sure we lose kird ape which sucks, but on the plus mogg fanatic is a solid one drop, plus im sure incinerate will make its way to the deck for those playin hammers right now. idk what lorwyn will bring, but right now im thinking that the deck is going to run into a lot of trouble once ravnica cycles out. effectively we lose:

    giant solifuge
    scab clanmauler
    dryad sophisticates
    silhana ledgewalker
    seal of fire
    char (as of now unless it pops with up with 10th)
    moldervine cloak
    burning tree shaman
    scorched rusalkas
    skaarg the rage pits

    but also once 10th hits we might end up losing karplusan forest, which can be replaced with the new grove of the burnwillows, however i dont think i like the idea of giving my opponent life... it makes the job that much harder.. personally id rather take the damage. well i guess we hafta wait and see

    I honestly don't get posts like this. I mean really, if I gave you OTJ-OLS Standard and asked you to speculate about what decks would survive, you would be wrong if you actually named any, because Affinity took over. Don't speculate about "What's going to be good in Standard after Ravnica rotates", because between right now and When Ravnica Rotates, we gain two sets, lose three, and then gain another. Speculation about OCTOBER is worthless.
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  • posted a message on Intuition and Foil Haunting Echoes
    Quote from adrirodr
    aren't 2x breeding pools currently worth more than these 2x cards?

    Yeah, the SCG pricing on Pools is 20, while Foil Echoes is 15 and Intuition is 20, making the logical buyout 35. However, Sapphire will infract me if I just post this, so I advise you to post comparative point listings for cards you are accepting for this auction.
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  • posted a message on Best New Combos?
    Quote from Stasisgel33
    yeah 5 card combos are really broken... if you can't tell, im being sarcastic

    It's posts like this that make me wish there was a roflcopter animation available here. Instead of just rehashing why a TWO CARD, TWO MANA "I win the freaking game as a result of SBEs checking" combo is ridiculous, I'll just quote you the prevailing price of Flash, since obviously that card sucks because five card combos are balls:

    Starcitygames: $12.50

    'Nuff said.
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  • posted a message on 38lands.dec
    Quote from DVagabond
    Are you sure this deck will reliably curve out...?

    Haha all kidding aside, ever thought about putting in a couple Leafdrake Roosts? Cheaper than Vitu-Ghazi, and gets you a 2/2 flier!

    Bad. It can get countered, it gives them a reason to board in enchantment kill or whatever, and while ridiculous if you can ever get it active, just about every deck has a way to kill enchantments. Don't make their dead cards...not...dead. I suck at words, by the way.

    But that aside, test it.
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  • posted a message on Small sale auction: Foil Graven Cairns
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  • posted a message on Auction: Playset of Sea Drakes!!!
    I bid $50.
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  • posted a message on Q'ed for MSS? Post your MSS/JSS results, predictions, etc. here!
    Quote from UncleO
    Wow I was really debating about going to the Rocky River mss. Was it all scrubs or something? BW Husk ftw????

    Hey, B/W can have its day when people are playing combo or try to out-board control you. It can freaking wreck aggro if piloted well. Jones's topdecked Helix should never have happened, since, as I'm watching the clip now, the situation was like this: CJ @ 6, OR @ 7, CJ's EOT with Char in hand, five lands untapped, and Kird Ape, Watchwolf, and Isamaru on the board. OR's hand is unknown, but his board is two Plagued Rusalkas, a Ravenous Rats, the black Hand with Pro:White, and a 1/1 white flying Spirit token with Seize the Soul haunting it. Jones ships it, Ruel (who has four mana available at that EOT and six mana after untap) double Rusalkas the Isamaru with Rats and Spirit, in the process killing Ape with the haunt trigger from STS. This leaves a board of Hand, Spirit, 2x Rusalka to Watchwolf, with CJ sitting at six life. Ruel swings with just Hand and Spirit and passes with his mana up. If he serves with the team (best play), then CJ either goes to one or blocks a Rusalka (only legal block) and goes to two, making Char a non-option, meaning it would be pointed at the Hand of Cruelty instead. Jones would be at two, Ruel at seven, Jones would topdeck Helix, dome Ruel to make the game 5-4 Jones, neither player having lethal on the board. Ruel made the worst play possible in holding back TWO BLOCKERS to a board that had ONE attacker. Kinda bad. Gave Jones that out that he needed, though....

    Long story short, B/W can beat base R/G aggro, it just has to be piloted well.
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  • posted a message on Coalition Victory as an FNM "joke"
    My friend has already built a deck with this, but it's ridiculously expensive (I think fifteen or so Ravnica duals were involved). The concept is base Black-Green-White, your typical Rock deck with Chords for Scion and Transguild Courier, Damnations, Castigates, Farseeks, and Flagstones to get a Sacred Foundry and Hallowed Fountain. It'd obviously add 4 Glittering Wish to the main post-FS, but it utterly rolled any deck that didn't have 10+ cards that read "Counter target spell". It generally went off around turn six or seven, with all the acceleration it was packing (Wall of Roots, I seem to recall, made the main). It was nuts, but of course, aggro could beat it if it had a burn-heavy opener, combo couldn't touch it with all the discard it played (Stupor was there as well), and of course Dralnu was laughable.

    But still, a good deck. PM me for the list if you want, we still tune it now and again, just for fun.
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  • posted a message on why snow lands over reg lands?
    Quote from i_am_a_badman
    also rimewind owl, I think thats the owl's name.

    but only because they look cool? thats kind of meh, but thanks for answering.

    There's the possibility of, if you're playing red, being able to bluff Skred.

    Or bluffing Mouth of Ronom, in a control deck.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Dragonstorm Combo
    But Dralnu would pack Damnation regardless. It's a really good card if they can Rewind into Remand on two of your DStorm copies, taking it down to below-lethal, then Damning away three Hellkites. Kinda good. I still don't know why a "win now" combo deck would take away the "win now" part of their deck in favor of a more hateable, albeit lower-costing, combo. Just play Goblinstorm. Really, though, I'm planning on playing this deck, and I don't know why 4 copies seem to be in so many boards.
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  • posted a message on Oriss Lock (Post-Future Sight Standard Scepter Chant)
    Quote from TheMasterShep
    Making the deck blue for teferi because its a hard lock seems uneeded. Since you have to rely on mystical teachings to first find teferi, then flashback to get one oriss, then get another teachings to get a second oriss, flash it back to finally get undertaker. With green you can wierd harvest for the whole lock, even though its soft, in one turn, and set it up in one turn. Its much more reliable, in my opinion.

    What you gain far outways having a hard lock with teferi.

    Yeah, you're right. Having a hard lock is AWFUL. I mean, letting them get guys AND give them ways to play them AND only locking them down for one turn is BALLS. It SUCKS and is far inferior to tutoring up a soft lock that can be killed on your turn in any number of ways. Yup.

    Wait, that seems wrong. Especially since having a hard lock = Just Winning. Seriously, why WOULDN'T you want a hard lock? You play a Teferi at the end of their turn, and if they can't win that counter battle, they lose. the. game. I don't know why you want to Ancestral them when you can just take your time with Teachings, but that's your call. Flash Teferi, flash Oriss, flash Undertaker, win seems a lot better than tap out for Weird Harvest, go. Really, there's a reason that Scepter Chant runs Teferi: it wins. It. Just. Wins.
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