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    posted a message on Favorite Card *ART* by Artist *CLOSED*
    Sidenote: I count three votes for Ink-Eyes . . myself, Syndrome Lawliet, and Oh By the Way . . .

    Anyhow, my vote goes to Chandra's Phoenix this time.
    Nod to the Elves of Deep Shadow.
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    posted a message on [[M14]] Return of Slivers
    I can't even . . . . I'm just . . . . My poor wallet. I was already intrigued about the new Chandra (Yeah, I'm a fan of her. Jace can go die in a fire, pun intended). But now we get more slivers?! While I'm leaning toward flavor disappointment with the departure of good ol' meathooks everywhere and parasitic abilities, I think I can get psat it enough to give the new ones a shot. I've been waiting since Eventide's Goats for something like this.

    Now, I want to examine what's known so far for them, in terms of power and abilities.

    Sentinel Sliver. 1W for a vigilance sliver-bear? I'd call that a signifigant upgrade over Synchronus Sliver, the only one of the hive to give vigilance until now.

    Steelform Sliver. 2W for a butt-bear. I would call it a decent merging of Plated Sliver and Watcher Sliver at a respectable mana cost, seeing as it boosts itself once it hits the board. . . . I'm just going to ignore Armor Sliver.

    Battle Sliver. 4R for a 3/3 that grants +2/+0. Essentially a one-sided Bonesplitter Sliver with a bigger body and one more mana? Not bad, when you consider that the 5-drop spot for Slivers will probably be finisher-style cards, and this one seems like a contender for that spot.

    Blur Sliver. 2R for a haste-bear? Not that terrible, even on its own. +1 mana over Heart Sliver for a bigger body, and one-sided haste? Looking better already.

    Striking Sliver. R for a 1/1 with first strike? Considering it's competition is just Talon Sliver, and Spitting Sliver, this one is definitely a major upgrade in power for the hive. I approve!

    Groundshaker Sliver. A hefty 6G for a 5/5 trampler. Doesn't seem overly strong outside of limited, mostly due to 7-CC (unless they bring back Gemhide Sliver). However, it's pretty close to on-spec, considering the previous trample-granting meathooks were Battering Sliver and Horned Sliver.

    . . . . Keep them coming. There's no real disappointments other than flavor so far(in my opinion).
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    posted a message on [OOC Game Discussion/Hangout/Suggestions]
    Hey, sorry, I'm here. Been busy packing and stuff, and didn't have the energy to update yesterday. This weekend is going to be busy as well, with the release, and (Canadian) thanksgiving weekend, but I'll try to keep up ^^
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    posted a message on Kiora Atua: Simic Ally?
    Quote from empathogen
    . . .
    And given we're seeing (U/G) Merfolk for the first time ever (well, other than Gaea's Skyfolk) . . .

    Not entirely correct. I think the //gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?name=+[Selkie">"]Selkies would like to have a word with you.

    On the topic of Kiora:
    Would I love to see her as a planeswalker? Yes.
    Will she be part of the Simic? From what I have read about her, I'm not expecting it.
    Is Ravnica a good time for her to show up? Absolutely, if WotC decides they want to give her a card. Same for Ral Zarek.

    Prime Speaker Zegana:
    The art is incredible. I don't care what she does, I'm chasing a foil of her.
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