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  • posted a message on who is the worst president?
    Quote from Yodafan
    I'm somewhat surprised by the lack of votes for Warren G. Harding. As far as I can tell, he is widely seen as the worst president ever by historians. I mean, seriously. The man did nothing. Congress had to give him additional powers and responsibilities (The OMB was created for this purpose, if I'm not mistaken-please correct me if I am) solely to ensure that he did something in his four years in the oval office.

    And, as much as it pains me to say it, Bush isn't the worst president. He just isn't. Almost any recent president is certainly upstaged by Harding, metinks. I do find it somewhat amusing, though, that Bush and Harding are seen as horrible for (mostly) opposite reasons: Bush did too much, while Harding did far too little.

    EDIT: Oh, and how could I forget Harding's various scandals? Teapot Dome, extramarital affairs that put Clinton's to shame (if that matters for you- I personally think it's meaningless), and overall badness define his presidency. At least he admitted that he was never qualified for the job...

    On a personal level, I've got to agree with you. Harding was a miserable president. However, Bush is a very close runner-up. I imagine someone should keep track of their various offenses against morality and inane misdeeds, so that the 'Worst Presidents of the United States' master list can be kept up-to-date. Also, while I'm thinking of it, I might as well start the list, in my opinion:

    Worst Presidents of the United States, as of 6/17/07
    1. Harding
    2. Bush (Dubya, not his daddy.)
    3. Nixon
    4. Grant
    ...et al.
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  • posted a message on Groveling for an Avatar
    Great! Thank you an arbitrarily large amount!! It's an awesome avatar.
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  • posted a message on Greatest Wurm in Magic
    I, personally, voted for the more literal definition of 'greatest' Wurm: Autochthon Wurm. I play with a really fun Soul Foundry deck that utilizes these, Verdant Forces, and Doubling Seasons as a win condition, with a fallback slash concession to board-sweepers in Soulblast. Besides, when is using Kaboom! to deal 15 to the head NOT a good idea?
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  • posted a message on [10E] 9th introduced Auras... Anything new in 10th?
    Yes...but then they overwrite a MORE official policy that dictates that they only put reprinted cards into core sets(excluding, obviously, Alpha/Beta, which both contained the original printings of certain cards). IF 'Planeswalker' ever, EVER sees print, and if it THEN becomes popular enough to become reprinted in a core set(which would both have the individual stipulation that WotC lose their collective minds & strike up a deal with Satan), then it could become printed in a core set without being a supreme cop-out on the part of Wizards.
    I, personally, hope that Planeswalker never in the history of time & physical reality becomes realized on so much as ONE card, but that's just me. However, it won't be printed in Xth. If it is, I'll personally offer myself, of my own volition, to a large amorous panda with a sharpened toothbrush.
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  • posted a message on Groveling for an Avatar
    So, this is a forum for Avatar requests, etc., yes?

    OK. Could someone please create for me an animated avatar:

    1. a picture of a spleen
    2. the art from 'Super Secret Tech'
    3. the phrase 'Spleens = Tech'

    I would be oh-so-grateful. Most anything would be better than my current avatar.
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  • posted a message on Best of the 5 Pacts
    OK, I really like Pact of Negation, but Slaughter Pact & Intervention Pact...I see a really powerful WB deck coming on.
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  • posted a message on A new angle on the new card type for Lorwyn
    Hmm...interesting. What if it IS a non-permanent thing, once-a-turn, playable as a special action(like land drops), and after it's been in play for 1 turn, it gains Substance? I think it would be a good way to represent emotions, via the fact that they go away after a period of time, and it would be an excellent re-use of the oft-maligned keyword on the old instant-speed enchantments. I wuold like to see something like this happen.
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  • posted a message on Tarmogoyf
    That could work; however, I really hope R&D is creative enough to have some other 'new card type' ready to come in Lorwyn that they don't have to foul everything up by creating 'Planeswalker' as an actualcard type. That would be horrific.
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  • posted a message on Anagram clues to the future
    OK, I think that they just included 'Lorwyn' in Boldwyr Intimidator to cause people to look for Lorwyn-related stuff, and look what I found:

    'Admit Bird Trio'
    'Timid Bard Trio'

    Clearly, the archvillains in Lorwyn are going to be 3 legendary Aven bards, who, apparently, are relatively mild-mannered.
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  • posted a message on Predicting 10th Edition
    OK, to many people, one matter: a corset is a feminine undergarment from the 1800s or so. A Core Set is one of the larger expansions of M:tg. They don't have a lot alike. [/rant]

    Anyway. As I've said before, I think that WotC should print enemy-colored duals & the ONS fetchlands as the color fixers, along with City of Brass/Grand Coliseum. Also, let me say this: REPRINT BRAINSTORM!! AND DARK RITUAL!! AND SWORDS TO PLOWSHARES!! AND DAMNATION!! AND BLASTODERM!! YIPPEE-SKIPPEE!!
    (I know it makes no sense, & has absolutely no rational basis, but then again, neither do about 75-85% of the statements made previous to this one, so...meh.)
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  • posted a message on GU Opposition
    OK, so I've been thinking for a while about how best to implement this deck. It works well enough right now, but I think it can be a bit better.

    I've always liked Research//Development, and I've found it works relatively good in here, either allowing you to search out answers in game 1, drawing you cards, or giving you a few creatures.
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  • posted a message on Bibi/Sleur
    It's spelled Jon Finkel, sir.


    I hope that the card doesn't come out in Lorwyn. I hope that WotC delays it until the last set in Lorwyn Block, just to bust people's balls. It would be the type of thing I could see them doing, just like printing 'Planeswalker' in Tarmogoyf's reminder text. It would mess up people's minds in an insignificant but minor way.
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  • posted a message on 2 FS combo decks
    I really like the first one, it seems like a fun, yet idiotic idea.
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  • posted a message on [FS] Assorted rumors (Rumored rumors tht is)

    The white Scry land makes me very angry...very angry indeed...

    *kills 17 kitties in a satanic ritual intended to make New Benalia a Forecast, token-making land*

    Okay, just wait. You'll see...you'll all see...BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

    *twitches spasmodically, then falls to the floor. White foam leaks from my mouth*
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  • posted a message on Nacatl War Band + Trickbind
    Hey, how about a horrificly bad combo?

    Nacatl War Band+Isochron Scepter w/To Arms! imprinted+March of the Machines+Doubling Season+Thermopod+Relentless Assault+3x Gaea's Anthem/Glorious Anthem+Conspirisy+Mind Bend(I think)+Akroma's Memorial = A CRAPLOAD OF 6/6 WHITE ANGELS(that seem suspiciously like Akroma) ATTACKING YOUR OPPONENT OVER, AND OVER, AD INFINATUM.
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