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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    I've come by to congratulate the BW tokens community on the printing of Despark. A clean and cheap answer to virtually everything Tron casts save O-stone, which you have Stony Silences for. Ugin will still buy them a lot of time, but eh.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Control
    I doubt scorn is powerful enough; if Rise // Fall isn't value enough, i don't see how this worse abrupt decay with an alternative bounce option would be.
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    The sorcery speed and not being able to convoke make it worse than the current option. i thought about how it might just tutor for 0 and get ballista on the battlefield but if you don't also play hardened scales, it won't work. On the other hand if you have infinite mana and want a powerful X-spell, you're simply cast genesis wave and kill with all your shaman triggers.

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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    Quote from Asmodeus666 »
    like I said I only know the beast whisperer elves Version without any companies.. it's the only case I agree where I would cut them, too. ..I played against this guy and of course i lost to him. I was 6:2 in the end and place 12. There was another elves player ranked before me Grin

    ..another tournament of 77 Players I went 5:2 and achieved rank 9

    Elves seems fine now, although phoenix is kinda rough. you need the answer to thing in the ice

    I never fully switched to the GB plan even after clancaller was printed. With my combo finish I didn't real the impact of Titi since I would just end the game out of nowhere with a well timed chord when the opponent tapped low or out. Being able to chord for ethersworn canonist is real, too.
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  • posted a message on Yuriko, The Tiger's Shadow: Your 2 mana Hydra Omnivore (that draws you cards)
    Quote from tstorm823 »
    Hey there, this deck got randomly picked in the random deck thread. There's a thought there about Equilibrium, which looks like it was suggested here in the past. Did you end up trying that at some point?

    Also, have you considered Path of Ancestry? I know it wouldn't trigger off ninjutsu, but I imagine it would be fairly close to Temple of Deceit.

    RE: Equilibrium - its a waste of cardboard in this deck. Simply because ninjutsu already puts the enabler back in your hand. If the intent is to bounce ninjas to "protect" them from sorcery speed dangers, well it simply means your enabler will take the hit and sooner or later your ninjas have no vehicles to ride in. Yuriko herself evades tax and requires no such protection.

    RE: Path of Ancestry - why is this being suggested? Yuriko is not a tribal deck unless you have Conspiracy in play.
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    Quote from Asmodeus666 »
    @kysg why you're asking this? in GB aggro elves it's the best card in the deck.

    In a combosih beast whisperer storm it's not great tbh, but I would say GB elves is better although the combo elf player mate I met at that tournament hasn't that opinion.

    He didn't quote, but he was talking to Retswerd, who spoke about cutting collected company from the list.

    Personally I feel cutting Coco is a mistake. There isn't a version of elves without the card that will give you overall game against the meta. It's a very solid plan A. If a deck needs to compromise its own plan A, it simply means the deck itself is not viable in a meta. It's like trying to play Storm in a Humans meta - you can maindeck removals, but the whole plan A is now compromised.

    I believe elves still have a foothold in the meta. Between the resilience and consistent damage from GB and the toolbox and surprise wins from GW, there should be a place for elves in most metas.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Indomitable Creativity (Sword & Shield)
    FNM 12 April 2019
    Same decklist as above

    Match 1 Hollowvine WIN 2-0
    G1 starting hand is high risk high reward - Nahiri, Landing, Raise, bolt, push, 2 lands. I'm on the play. I take the risk and it doesn't pay off, but my opponent has an even worse hand and I win with 2 lands + flipped landing for a total of 3 mana throughout the round. Nothing of particular interest happens, basically I screw while the opponent floods. When he's dropping lands and neonates in the GY I know I've got time, despite my own bitterblossom bringing me as low as 3 life. I eventually take the game with tokens.
    SB: In - 3x Wheel of Sun and Moon, 2x Lightning Helix, 1x Elesh Norn Out - 2x Thoughtseize, 2x Bitterblossom, 1x Nahiri, 1x Iona.
    G2 My deck goes full-on control mode and hands me quite a bunch of removals. One combat went like this - opponent goes Burning Tree x 2 (trigger Vengevine), Reckless Bushwhacker. Attack for 13 against my board of 1 spirit token. None of it goes through. I fetch, use my Revolted Push to take out the vine, bolt a BTE, push the other BTE, and block the whacker. Empty boards on both sides. The following turn sees a looting into land drop (returning 2 x ghast) into whacker, and I respond with a push and raise the alarm, nothing going thru again. Opponent's hand is running dry at this point and I end the game with Creativity into Iona blocking red.

    Match 2 BG Elves WIN 2-1
    G1 On the draw. I slow him down by bolting the dork, which is enough to buy me enough time to win, a little bit awkwardly, with bitterblossom tokens. A shaman in the midgame brings me eerily close to suicide by blossom, but I manage lethal in time.
    In: Elesh norn, 2x Helix - Out: Iona, 1x Bitterblossom, 1x Nahiri
    G2 I make a mistake with my inquisition, taking a dork when there were 2. I should have just taken one of the officers, be it the clancaller or archdruid. I pay for my mistake in the midgame as I'm overrun by large pointy eared brutes. Pfft.
    G3 my deck does largely what is expect of it - spot removal takes out the significant threats, buying enough time for me to end step Raise into Indomitable. I hit Elesh norn and the oppo scoops.

    Match 3 G Tron WIN 2-0
    I know, I can hardly believe it myself. The best of my hands against the worst of tron's will still let me win, apparently. G1 is the turn 3 Iona from me blocking green. Oppo's stuck on mine, plant, plant.
    In: 3x Alpine Moon, 3x Stony Silence - Out: 3 x Inquisition, 3 x fatal push
    I go from looting into t2 Stony Silence, which isn't in time to stop his turn 1 map from bringing him the tower he needed. This is where my luck shows up stupid good. He draws 3 O-stones and no Karns or Wurmcoils. I go for 1 and hit Iona and block green, and win over 2 combat steps plus a bolt.

    I feel good about this list. I think I'm pretty close to optimal for the 75 as of now.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    I will be replacing Noxious Revival with Finale of Promise. In return for not being able to get a bear off of a gifts pile I get something quite bit more interesting. Gifts piles with Finale in the equations become quite a bit exciting.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Control
    Quote from Ym1r »
    What are you guys talking about? This Bolas ROCKS! Comes in at a reasonable casting cost, protects himself, draws cards while discarding opponent cards (or even exiling permanents if they don't have cards) and his ultimate says "win the game". Also, Play him alongside Jace, 2 brainstorms in 1 turn.

    I think its teferi pushing the bar upwards that makes even this decent bolas feel inadequate. I mean, 3WU vs RBBBU. Draw and untap 2 vs draw and oppo discard is pretty even, but I'd prefer to untap in a reactive deck, plus the discard could be irrelevant in the mid to late game. Teferi's minus deals with everything, including indestructible permanents, which will then have to dodge counterspells. bolas only deals with creatures and pw, altho he does do the job permanently. Both ultimates are pretty much on par, since they both spell GG.

    So what bolas has going for him is that static ability. If you cast bolas after teferi, you could do anything he can. The downside? Your manabase has to produce RBBBU, while the UW deck can field playsets of Field of Ruin and truckloads of basics.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Control
    I think its not so much that bolas sucks, as much as their teferis are ridiculously good. That casting cost isn't so scary if you run a couple of filter lands.
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  • posted a message on Journey to Eternity and smallpox
    I think the real problem here is the approach you've taken to brewing with Journey to Eternity, namely, that you're treating it like a combo piece by jamming it into the same niche as Unburial Rites or, yes, Through the Breach. Trying to flip it ASAP with creatures that sacrifice themselves while generating no value to use a card designed to generate value misses the point. Throwing in creatures that are more at home in a conventional reanimator deck exacerbates this. Beyond just being too slow for modern, Journey to Eternity is most at home in an aristocrats-style deck that can maximize the value generated or perhaps a sacrifice-heavy midrange deck that tries to grind the opposition out.

    well, if jund didnt want it and abzan didn't want it, is there really a need to look into that angle at all?

    With regards to aristocrats, the card is an extremely poor fit - that flipped land is mana hungry and aristocrats doesn't run enough lands to reliably get there. If it does, it's losing because its not finding enough gas.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    Quote from Oronard »
    How do you guys play against burn?

    It's pretty popular in my circle (both boros burn and mono red burn) and even when they don't get eidolon I find it very hard to outpace them since they can just bolt the medallion bears.

    I play with 4 barals and 3 goblins maindeck, 2 grapeshot and 1 empty maindeck. Post side I usually bring out 1 grapeshot and 1 goblin for 2 more empty and also bring in the madcap/emperion package and 2 bolts.

    I've been toying with the idea of replacing the goblins with pyromancer's ascension but it makes the deck so much more vulnerable to graveyard hate. Cloud key sounds nice but the CCM3 is prohibitive.

    Board in 3-4 lightning bolts and pray.

    If the bears eat a bolt that's OK, since it's 3 less damage for you. What really gets the tears flowing is searing blaze.
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  • posted a message on Journey to Eternity and smallpox
    For the record i LOVE brewing, but I also don't see a use, or rather, I don't see a point for trying to build this card up. Flipping him is tough enough, you're incredibly vulnerable - your creature can be removed with your aura on the stack, or it can simply eat a path to exile if it can't sacrifice itself.

    You're pigeonholed into playing all the following cards -
    sacrifice fodder like Vampire Hexmage,
    pay off creatures like emrakul or iona, the aura itself x4,
    ways to get your payoff cards into the GY so you can reanimate them like faithless looting,
    sacrifice outlets so you can keep looping the payoff cards.

    The worst part is most of these cards are going to be horrible on their lonesome and you need everything to come together.

    To make things even worse, here are some currently *mainboarded* cards that can totally just ruin your day while you're trying to do your thing, heck, maybe even succeeded.
    1. Field of Ruin - congrats on getting your legendary land, now go get a basic land to replace it.
    2. Thing in the Ice - congrats on getting your payoff card reanimated! Now it's in your hand.
    3. Path to Exile - Aura on the stack or aura already on? Opponent doesn't care.
    4. Assassin's Trophy - Auras are generally quite safe in modern... right?
    5. Surgical Extraction - Just when you thought your mono red phoenix opponent had no out.

    These particular things are bad, but of course you also have to worry about normal interaction like removals (fatal push), countermagic (logic knot), hand attack (thoughtseize) and other such disruptive nonsense.

    As you'd already mentioned, Through the Breach exists, which basically lets you skip a tonne of steps and cards. Ramp to 5, TTB, hit them with Emrakul and you've practically won. I'm brewing with Indomitable Creativity in conjunction with token making spells, so I can destroy a token and pull emrakul or iona out of my library and onto the graveyard.
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    Quote from Retswerd »
    What is everyone plan against izzet Phoenix? Match is pretty rough and I have been working hard to improve my low win percent against them.

    Going back to the GW combo version with devoted druid lets you beat phoenix. In exchange, your UW control MU becomes trash. Not that GB does amazing anyway.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    Quote from Arkhos92 »
    Man it's important to squeeze the deck to get the better results. Knowing the deterministic lines and knowing how to play against hate are different topics... But not exclusive.

    The second pile you gave is easy to disrupt even with max mana... better to not to stay on the surface so we can find those tough kill lines.

    By the way, I've been playing since Odyssey...long time storm player Smile

    I started ice age. I think our experience only counts from when gifts was printed though. I'm not trying to put you down, its just that questions on gifts piles don't tend to come from experienced gifts players.
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