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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Quote from Spsiegel1987 »
    Against a deck like tron you dont keep a hand without a clear way to victory. If its durdling dont keep it. If you're on the draw and have counters and 2 chances to cantrip it's worth a keep but still shakey. 4 lands is far too much. A slow hand where you cannot pump out gurman is bad too.

    Based off your sideboard I'd do something like

    -2 push
    -2 bolt
    -2 dismember

    +1 stub
    +2 stroke
    +2 abrade
    1+ k command

    You're probably keeping bad hands. This matchup is far easier than when jund players had to go up against tron

    I would keep 1-2 Bolts to finish up planeswalkers or deal the last points of damage via bolt, snap bolt. In my experience Tron brings in even more GY hate so cutting 1-2 Anglers has served me well in that MU.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    Quote from cfusionpm »
    I finally caved and bought Arclight Phoenix yesterday during a Cyber Monday deal. I keep wanting to make a Grixis Delver deck work and I think it would be good with Lightning Bird.

    This is the list I have in my head. I'm waiting for pieces to come in to actually test and play, but this is kind of the gist of what I wanted to do:

    You should join the Arclight Discord (just look through the UR Spells primer on this forum and you will find it), Delver has already been discussed there.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    I guess we all knew Stoneforge wasn't getting unbanned because it wasn't reprinted in the new Ultimate Masters Set. Rolleyes
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    I've gone back and forth on SV in this deck countless times and i just believe 4 are too clunky. You should never go below 4 Scour either. Never ever. GDS needs to apply early pressure and TS is the best card for powering out Anglers, even if you get unlucky with your selfmills from time to time. I am on 4 Scour, 3 Bauble, 2 Visions, 1 Looting but i could see myself going back to the usual 4 Bauble 4 Scour 2 Looting list. I do however run 4 Denial main and have a huge amount of removal in the board for Hardened Scales/Spirits/Humans and so on.

    If i would run GDS in an upcoming event i would build my sideboard like this:

    I do not have an updated SB guide for you because i enjoy and play my beloved Spirits and the new Izzet Arclight deck much more than GDS atm...
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    I feel like banning cards, except truly broken stuff like Eye of Ugin, acomplishes nothing for the overall health of modern in the long run. All it takes are one or two innocent looking cards (creeping chill for example) slipping through the playtesting team to wreck havoc in the format.

    Cards need to be printed/reprinted/UNBANNED so that people have at least some answers for all the kind of broken stuff happening in modern. At this point i don't get it how people are still arguing Preordain and SFM being too strong for modern... I mean just look at the huge impact Jace and Bloodbraid had on the health of ups nevermind Rolleyes
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    I usually board out my 2 GoST/Phantasmal Image (on the draw/play) and 3 Vial for 2 Stony Silencd and 2 Knight of Autumn + Settle the Wreckage.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Quote from Nickatknight »
    Two quick questions:
    1. What decks are we bringing Young Pyromancer in against? (If it's in our sideboard)
    2. Do we bring in Nihil Spellbomb against Jund?

    1) Any grindy MU like Mardu, GBx or UW Control. (I would rather run more copies of LtlH or K-Command over YP at the moment) You could consinder boarding it in against Aggro-swarm decks like dredge too.

    2) If you have enough bad cards to cut for it yes, otheriwse no.
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  • posted a message on UR Spells - UR Thing - UR Arc
    I bought the missing pieces for the deck yesterday:

    This is my current lis:

    I like Drake against GY hate and with the high amount of spells in this deck it can easily end the game in a single attack. Would like to find room for some additional countermagic in the board tough.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Blue Moon: UR Blood Moon/Shackles Control
    Quote from idSurge »
    Alright, this is what feels most correct to me, not much of a departure but I'm happy with this sideboard, and Jace wins games, funny what just Brainstorm would do to Modern..but alas.

    The only adjustment to the board would be finding a spot for Keranos, but if there is anything glaringly wrong here?

    2 Tormod's Crypt - All the GY Filth right now. Even stuff like Eternal Command is still play.
    2 Ceremonious Rejection - Affinity, KCI, Tron
    1 Disdainful Stroke - Tron, Prime Time, Teferi..UWx, lots of stuff.
    2 Damping Sphere - Tron, Amulet, Storm
    1 Roast - BGx, Thought-Knot Seer, Creature Decks
    2 Dispel - Control, Burn
    2 Spell Snare - BGx, Hollow One, Dredge, UWR, Burn...
    3 Anger of the Gods - Dredge, GW Counters, Elves, 1 Drop Zoo

    Nice list!

    What are your thoughts on cards like Hieroglypic Illumination, Chemisters Insight or Crackling Drake in Blue Moon?
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  • posted a message on UR Spells - UR Thing - UR Arc
    This deck looks really sweet but i'm kinda afraid that it gets hosed by Gy hate pretty hard. Would splashing green for some sideboard Destructive Revelries worth considering?
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Quote from gkourou »

    This is fine, because Probe was busted, and I do get that. But wouldn't it be legal for us to ask for a print to help tempo decks, like a better Tempo charm or something else? Maybe a UG card also.

    That would be great indeed. But after seeing how they messed up the UR/UB cards in this set or that they missed the opportunity to print a playable revolt counterspell etc. i don't have high hopes.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Quote from gkourou »
    I do get nearly everything you say, but I disagree in that grixis delver was just ok. It was a low tier 1 deck. If you could classify it as a high tier 2 deck, then that's fine as well. I know that several blue mages always want to be playing the best deck, but I am not asking this here. I just asked if there is a high tier 2 deck that can top 16 in Gp's every now and then. And Grixis Delver was firmly doing that, with Probe legal. UR Wizards is also not doing that.

    This begs the question: Since Modern is super diverse, and every sub archetype, gets to have a deck that goes into the top 16's of GP's, why couldn't grow tempo Snap bolt deck make the same?

    modern is fine, and really half a click away of it being absolutely super diverse(it already is diverse). One could make the argument of boosting toolbox and grow tempo decks a little bit, since GDS is not a grow tempo decks after all(if it is indeed not a grow tempo deck after all)

    Your assumption that Grixis Delver died with the banning of Probe is not correct imho. Yes Grixis Delver WAS a fine deck back in the day but it would have been outclassed by Death's Shadow anyway at some point. You've said it yourself, Thoughtseize is the most powerful disruptive spell in modern. And as long as discard spells will be a more powerful form of interaction than counters, Death's Shadow will be a more powerful deck/win condition than Delver.
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    Quote from jokerstyle00 »
    Glad to hear Birds are a workable substitute. I have a full playset of them, since I just rediscovered my old GW Hatebears cards I thought I'd lost years ago. I have a full set of Cavern thanks to being obsessed with tribal even when Avacyn first came out, and I have one Canopy. Anyone got any tips for building the Bant version? Planning to get good with UW Spirits first tho.

    For reference, this is the list i won my last FNM (4-0) with:

    You would only need to replace Hierarch with Birds and the second Canopy with another Cavern/Fetchland and you're good to go.

    For what it's worth i'm still no fan of this Vial+CoCo mashup in the deck (maybe because the amount of my hands with a T1 Vial is only slightly above zero) so i may go back to Rattlechains + Birds over Vial + Image in the future.

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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    Quote from jokerstyle00 »
    Quote from Brgz87 »
    The turnout was lower than expercted, ended up being a 60 ppl tournament instead of the 100+ I immagined, so only 6 rounds. I brought a (now) stock Bant list with 3 vials, the deck was a blast to play as usual. In the end I opted to keep the 3 vials and add the third Thalia, Guardian of Thraben in the sb to counter the (expected) flood of GBx I mentioned a few posts above.

    R1 Tron 2-1
    G1 I put up a fast clock with Geist and a lord and get there.
    G2 he does tron things with a t3 Karn and t4 Ulamog
    G3 I Queller one map and counter the second one, he remains stuck on 2 lands and my lords help me get him before he manages to build up tron

    R2 UR Breach 2-1
    G1 fast clock plus disruption wins me the game
    G2 he manages to control the game until a breach + Emkakuul
    G3 replay of G1 plus counters and thalia to help

    R3 Mirror 1-2
    G1 lords+vial allowed me to grow a wanderer big enough to counter his coco and take over from there
    G2 he has a decent hand plus I completely whiff on coco...
    G3 It's a good fight with removal from both sides but he has more lords and blows me up in combat. Very nice match overall with very complex combat steps.

    R4 Burn 2-0
    G1 he gets me to 5 life but I get double captain and he cannot kill my guys anymore, I eventually have lethal in the air before he can draw enough burn to finish me off
    G2 he mulls to 5 and floods

    R5 Infect 2-0
    G1 he has 3 elfs but not enough pump spells, I manage to go wide with coco and get enough blockers to avoid the 10 poisons. I eventually swing for lethal in the air
    G2 I path the first Blighted Agent and queller the second, he doesn't draw any more creatures after that

    R6 UR Wizards 1-2
    G1 I go wide and block his burn with quellers and wanderers I then swing for lethal with the help of a couple of lords
    G2 I get stuck on 3 lands with 2 cocos in hand while he slowly chips away one damage at a time with Soulscar Mage
    G3 I have cavern to cast my spirits but no white source for my path so he eventually kills my guys and swing with 3 transformed delvers
    I did not draw any of my 3 sideboard Thalias in either G2 or G3.

    Ecept being a bit salty after R6 I think the deck is extremely solid and I had a ton of fun playing it. I believe Collected company makes Bant the superior version at the moment, the ability to rebuild after a sweeper is really valuable. On the other hand I am biased because I love the card so... Wink

    Nice! I wish I could afford Bant Spirits, but I'm too poor for a set of Hierarchs *weeps*.

    Birds of Paradise are ok as a budget replacement for Hierarch. Loosing the exalted trigger will hurt you from time to time but it should be manageable nonetheless.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Quote from KarmaHoudini »
    Quote from pierrebai »
    Question though (might be more appropriate in the spirit thread, but since we're on the subject): would you run CoCo in a Noble-less list? I can't justify dropping 400cnd$ on hierarch, and I've not yet decided if the dig + CA of CoCo is enough to splash green.

    The short answer is maybe, as it depends on a few other things. If you already have all of the green cards (lands plus CoCo), I’d probably go ahead and run the green splash replacing the Heirarchs with birds. Otherwise, it’s a meta call, since straight UW spirits is faster, but has more issues running out of gas than Bant does.

    I've been playing Bant Spirits since Eldritch Moon got released (so before everybody jumped on the flavour of the month hype train) and i've also been trying out pure UW when Phantom got released. I can assure you Bant is better at racing simply because of those broken Noble into GoSt into CoCo hands on the play. It also grinds way better than UW but you already mentioned that. In my opinion UW has a more stable mana base and is better at playing that pesky Vial/Tempo game because of it's lower curve whereas Bant can hit you like a hammerblow out of nowhere but als be more clunky when your Noble dies right away or you are stuck on few lands.
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