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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Paradoxical outcome is a very specific card, but could be a nice Fun build in a big mana deck. A Loop is possible.
    Imho nobody had tried this card in Modern with success so far.
    Hmm...and it's a Instant card. Maybe there is some Fun with Flash creatures and Wilderness Reclamation.

    i really like to see brew with your ideas Smile
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)

    Current Modern Meta (
    Red Deck Wins 11%
    UR Aggro 9 %
    Death's Shadow 7 %
    UrzaTron 5 %
    Dredge 6 %

    The Big five, are 38% of the Meta.
    LifeGain and Removal are both good against Aggro. But i didn't see anything against Tron or Dredge - at least hard to tell what are you will be doing without a Sideboard Wink
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Quote from dos_rogue »
    Compared to genesis hydra Do you still feel Hydroid Krasis is the better card?

    I haven't been brewed with genesis hydra in quite sometimes. But i remember you had some good lists with it.

    a good List with Genesis Hydra ? My strongest build with the Genesis Hydra was brew around Freed from the Real. This Hydra can dig AND cast in the same time aura's and artifacts or any other nonland card. This is a very rare ability for green.
    This Hydra had 1 Problem. Cast it with only 4 Mana, we can dig only 2 cards deep, cast it with 10 Mana, we get at least a big creature (without trample!) and get only 1 card. Ok, this one founded card can be a GameChanger/Win-Condition or to be whatever a good card. In my Eyes is the Hydra more a Support and Tool creature and not a threat.

    Hydroid Krasis is the better card imo. The cast trigger is gold against control, because even with a counter this creature self-replaced itself. It can be a card advantage against other Midrange decks, against aggro even a 2/2 , 1 Life + 1 Card is not that bad in the early turns. The modes are not all that thrilling, but all together did that creature in nearly every stage a good Job.
    The other part as a ramp deck. We need (mostly) no free cast effects, we almost have the mana to cast all the cards in our hand. In most cases we run out of Gas. I will using the Hydroid Krasis to finsih the Game the next 1-2 turns as a big threat with double evasion and at best with counter or protection with my extra draws.

    At first sight both creature are similar, but at second look, both are very different.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Don't be sorry. I agree 100% with you. ;):)
    After a bit goldfishing i detect a couple of problems. definitly and very clear the wrong track that i take. And i must think more about my most common mistake , I want to much. I write on my little sticky yellow note: "Less is more"

    Talking about counters and *****ty ramp decks. "Magic Aid"(The Inventor of 5c Humans) just did a new Video yesterday .
    MTG Modern Instant RAMP! w/ Growth Spiral & Sphinx of Foresight! – RNA Deck Tech & Gameplay! (13 min. and 3 matches)

    The right Video to the right time. I could see that i'm not alone with stupid ideas Grin .
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    I'm working on some brews and one of them just did me make a headache. At the moment Wilderness Reclamation is running wild and get his big impact in Nexus Recalmation(Standard) and as Sultai Wilderness Teachings (Modern). The trick is here to react in the end phase on the Wilderness trigger to double your available mana pool. The downside, it must be a Instant or something with Flash. Alchemist's Refuge is doing here very funny and absurd stuff, but thats to much setup and insconsitence.
    But it enable that i had mention as i begin here to brew around simic devotion and using counters. In short explanation: You can't play pro activ your boardstate and left your mana open for counters in the same time - now , you can do it.

    Ooookay. Great i can play Flashy creatures and counters , so i can disrupt my opponent in a very versatile way. In addition there are morph creatures that can i using in the turn of my opponent with my untapped lands thanks to Wilderness Reclamation. Hadana's Climb is a win-condition on its own and benefit, too from the enchantment. Polukranos, World Eater is the only ManaSink with x that i can using in the EndStep with Wilderness.

    That's a first scetch for a (hopefully)future brew: the manabase are only placeholder, the missing. Mention all what you like/hate and even complete new ideas are very welcome. especially how to abuse Wilderness Reclamation.

    Maybe i'm on the complete wrong track . That happens often if you brew decks, but one day i will break modern Grin Evil Lol
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    I rethink about a alternative.

    Wheel of Sun and Moon instead Rest in Peace. With the new Meta with Izzet Phoenix , to put all the opponent cards in the bottom on the library is much better if he really want to play Crackling Drake.
    Con: The remaining cards in the graveyard aren't exiled.
    Some other Pro: +2 devotion , ultimate protection against mill combos, The own graveyard is untouched, no color splash nedded
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    The white Splash give us access to the both best Sideboard Cards in Modern. Rest in Peace and Stony Silence. The Beauty in Green Devotion Decks are that we only need 1x Temple Garden. With our (typically) 8x Fetchlands and 4x Utopia Sprawl we have (virtually) 12 white Mana sources +1 (the temple garden itself) .

    How important it is? Good Question: That is all about your Meta and which Tourney you're like to go. And the question how important it is for you to draw your hate-card just in time. If i got card 4x in my deck, then is my probability to draw it in Turn 4 57% , by 2 cards its only 34% in Turn4. In other Words only 2 cards are mostly to less to be effectiv, because in 66% of time, i will not see if i needed it. If i looked to the Pro's in there Sideboard Tech Vids, there are often boarding 4-7 cards. enough to be efficent but no overboarding. Sideboarding is a very complex theme.
    In Anthony S. case that want to be the top 8 and better Smile , its important to using the best cards in the right number. The Word budget is canceled. He had looked only what is needed to get most from his deck or to stop/beat the bad Matchups. Like i described above, the white splash is absolutly worth to be done.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    BTE and Summoner's Pact are both for speed up the Matchups. And yes it is a thing if you played it right and you using the "silver bullets" instead the Command Modes from Primal Command. The whole Deck must be optimized to get explosive starts and not running out of Gas. Overall not a easy task, but a worthwile one.

    Hidden Herbalists got the Problem that sometime it could be ackward to not activate Revolt. If you really consider this guys you need at minimum 8 cards that can you sacrifice anytime. The very simplest way to do are the fetch lands.

    A quick look to your Matchups you must really pimped your Sideboard. you need more Artifact hate , 1-2 more Blood Moon's and a good Plan for aggro matchup's.

    There aren't much BigMana Decks in Modern. But to find a list is also very simple. Scroll up und click on "Big Mana" Forum .
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Woops, Unburial should be in there. And no, it's not a devotion deck. It's a Who Let the Hoof out deck. And really, isn't that what most Devotion decks really aim to do anyway? :p
    I really love the crazy Brews around the Big Mana Decks. i believe somewhere in the future one of the shenanigans Decks lead to competiv version.
    Who Let the Hoof out :p Grin (the right Soundtrack for this deck)

    In a Counters Devotion matters deck , i really like to add this infinite mana Combo.
    Incubation Druid + Vigean Graftmage
    , but hell i don't know i get viable version to abuse all the puzzle pieces .
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  • posted a message on GWx Vizier Company
    Had someone mention the Incubation Druid + Vigean Graftmage in a Bant Counter Company Shell ?
    I didn't play this Decktype, but i think it could be worth to think about to possible find 1 more infinite Mana Combo.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Quote from wtyyy »
    The primer is still not up...?
    Nope. CurdBro is still working on the new Primer. He writing his progress from time to time. And ignore at best his own deadlines Grin .
    I believe he is close to finish his project.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    A Gifts Devotion List. Nice! My own take, was to overload with other cards that slowing the Deck to much out. This much more streamlined version, could be worked much better. Most important parts i'm seeing,
    Mystic Snake + Summoner's Pact are both "instant". A real nice surprise disrupt and virtually 5x Snakes. Don't know if it helped to protect your combo.

    And a tip that i got in my mind:
    Jadelight Ranger . Land Draw, dig your deck and send cards to graveyard if you want.
    Growth Spiral is a Coiling Oracle on a stick.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    I'm the same opinion as Gruul_me_harder. Domri is a very balanced Walker. Riot (aka Haste-enable) is very nice and in a empty board he can search for friends.
    But Domri isn't a very social Walker and is a bad choice in a superfriends Devotion Deck.

    Silhana Wayfinder isn't strong enough for modern imo. There far better choices to do that.

    Galloping Lizrog got my attention. Something that can double counters can be very broken. I'm looking for Counters Matters Devotion again. Even Simic Ascendancy is now something that can be working --> Bioshift.

    @Gruul_me_Harder <-- your Nickname is now just perfect Grin
    "Pumbaa presents...a Squadron of Watchcrabs"

    Source: Frank Karsten on Twitter

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Quote from CurdBros »
    End-Raze Forrunners (picture later) is a perfect budget Craterhoof.
    In this case maybe Decimator of the Provinces is the better choice.

    Ravager Wurm is a little bit strict. i like more Acidic Slime to remove any land , because he is far more flexible. And Deathtouch kills any attacker, too.

    "Guardian's Plan"
    Whenever a non-token creature enters the battlefield under your control, if that create does not share a name with another creature you control or have in your graveyard, draw a card.
    Maybe something fun with Cloudstone Curio could be easily doing some absurd lethal turns.
    As Example: Hidden Herbalists and Burning-Tree Emissary for example to draw the entire Deck, to play all the others Emissary's and Herbalits, to activate Nykthos, into Craterhoof Behemoth.
    Con: Need a lot Setup, two different creatures and these creatures don't be in the graveyard.

    Ok, finally a interesting card to brew around, that make me as a brewer happy. The spiker in me is still unimpressed at the moment.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    the goldfish did a nice 4-1 Highlight Video with Tooth & Nail

    Maybe it is for someone useful.
    Have fun with watching it

    Mono-Green Devotion by TCGplayer(Corbin) from 02.12.2018

    Nothing Special but always nice to watch Smile
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