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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 themes and art
    I thought one would be the default. But I am pretty sure that the poster art will go to Guilds of Ravnica or maybe Ravnica Allegiance, but it is pretty unrealistic that there will art from sets going more in the future. Maybe some are Masterpieces.

    Maybe the Decks have some plane theme too with Kaladesh for UR (Daretti has to be in there I think) and Theros for the Bant Deck.

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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 themes and art
    Why do you think it is post Underworld? It could be. The torch she has in hand, could easily be taken from there. But the river seems to be an indication, that she is in the Underworld? I would really have liked a team up with Dack to leave the underworld so I am really looking forward to Return to Theros, but I am pretty sure this picture is not from 2019 or beyond, so there is only C18 that fits.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 themes and art

    Still think Elspeth requires a story to bring back this would be random. She died in Standard Sets and bring her back in Commander doesn't really work for me. Since she clearly looks post escape from underworld in that picture. Garruk though can easily be slotted in.

    It wouldn't work for me either, as I am a big fan of Elspeth and really want a set that is about her coming back and not just a supplemental product, but I think it is much more likely to see her here. I do think she is in the Underworld though on the picture. I would like a new Elspeth, but much more in a "real" set.

    You can make a case for Teferi and Karn as well since their backgrounds are fairly generic. They could be anywhere. Still it seem weird to give Daretti and Teferi new cards here

    Yeah I think that is weird too. Daretti in Mono R especially, but most likely he becomes UR too. But seems a bit wasted. If he really is that beloved, why not put him in a regular Set after Commander and Conspiracy? Karn would be the best fit for the UR as well, but is it likely that we will see 3 Planeswalkers for each Deck?
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 themes and art
    So with the latest two cards I think it is clear, that some of the poster Planeswalkers are from Commander 18 and it is pretty clear that we will see at least Saheeli and maybe her and Daretti on the UR Deck. That means we may see Elspeth and Garruk (as GB) as well in addition to Windgrace (who is 99% the face of the Jund deck). I can easily see more than one Planeswalker per deck this way and maybe Serra is Bant and Elspeth is still Mono White or maybe Bant too.
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  • posted a message on Theme reveal and pictures tomorrow
    Pretty sure we will get no cards today, just artworks and themes. Might be partially disappointing...
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  • posted a message on Ral Zarek and a few other PW pics
    I thought, that you just become a Returned, if you leave the Underworld and wear that mask. As long as you don't do that, you can't leave the underworld, but you still have your memories etc.

    The picture clearly indicates, that Elspeth is still in the Underworld and hasn't taken the mask, so she still is Elspeth and no Returned. One of the last infos of Dack Fayden also was, that he was entering a portal to the Underworld. I would not be surprised, if he plays a role by getting Elspeth out of the Underworld, without wearing her mask.


    "Wandering the Underworld of Theros. Elspeth Tirel has always defined herself by honor. It was honor that lead her to accept a role as Heliod's champion to defend the plane of Theros from the threat of the upstart Planeswalker-god, Xenagos. But honor does not hold the same meaning for everyone. In fear of Elspeth's power, Heliod struck her down with her own sword, banishing her to wander Theros's Underworld. Here, most ordinary humans would be doomed to dwell in the eternal gray realm or to surrender their identities and become the Returned. But Elspeth is no ordinary human. Despite her tragic end, she still holds her reasons for upholding her honor close to her heart: her deep love for Theros, her companions, and the innocents that she has sworn to protect."
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  • posted a message on Ral Zarek and a few other PW pics
    Yes, that is Kaladesh. I can see:

    - Commander 2018 is partially on Kaladesh: Maybe one Deck focussed on artifacts with Saheeli and Daretti (Partner with?)
    - They are Masterpieces for Ravnica as well - but with another setting
    - Kaladesh is the setting on another supplemental product we don't know of
    - Core 2020? Or even a Set after that?

    I thought it was pretty unlikely, that Saheeli was in C18 as we just got Rowan and Will in UR, but if she is the Grixis Artifact Commander with Daretti? Maybe we see Elspeth partner with Dack Fayden (would be really cool) or Ajani? And Garruk plus X. Could set up some really cool stories coming, that go along with the current storyline. But I thought, that would be unlikely, as we saw Lord Windgrace and many hints at Serra in the last time and I don't think they will mix up old Walkers from the story with actual ones.

    2 days to go, then we will know more...
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  • posted a message on Ral Zarek and a few other PW pics
    If you assume, that C18 has Windgrace and Serra, I am pretty sure there will be no Walkers from the current era (and that makes sense). So Elspeth, Saheeli and Garruk could be Masterpieces as well and if they are not imvolved in Ravnica, then you get them on their latest Plane? Doesn't fit for Karn though...
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  • posted a message on Ral Zarek and a few other PW pics
    Quote from Manite »
    I wonder: Could it be that Elspeth's mask won't behave like normal Returned masks since it's forged from Godsend? Maybe it will allow her to defy the usual loss of memory and identity that occurs when one becomes Returned?

    As far as I know, you are no Returned as long you don't take the mask. If you do, you will loose your memory and then you can leave the Underworld. I fully expect her to not take the mask and be a Planeswalker, that just can't leave the Underworld. So there will be a deal I think, that she can leave the underworld without the mask. Didn't they state, that Dack Fayden was traveling to the Underworld to search for allies or whatever? I fully expect Elspeth to be Mono White, since nothing on her character is Black in any way. I would say she is the most Mono White Walker we have and just being "dead" will not change that.

    Now that we have seen the Promos from SDCC I think we will see a Planeswalker Theme in Ravniva, but I am sure no Planeswalker matters Set. I think Masterpieces are a good bet with Jace being JTMS and Lili being LOTV, Karn and Teferi being not regular too. I expect the pictures to be from the first Ravnica Set only including Masterpieces.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 speculation
    Quote from IamGruul »

    How about remaking the DFCs into cards with different top and bottom like "Nezumi Graverobber"? I guess this is just as unlikely but could be an option.

    I'm pretty sure the DFC are the 'evolution' of these and I think there are mechanical differences (from colors to whatever), that they would never do it (it looks poorly too and wasn't well received if I recall correctly). And I think it is absolutely okay to not see these cards in these products. Whoever wants to play a deck that flips cards about a million times could easily do this without a Precon deck.

    So just one week, and we will at least know, what the themes are. I don't expect tribal (at least as a theme), but I am really looking forward to more Planeswalker Commanders, but the chances are low, that each one favorit color combinatons will get the love they want Smile
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 speculation
    Double-Faced-Cards are not likely to get into any not-Standard-legal Set. Maro stated several times, that there are many logistics, that make it hard or at time impossible. It seems like a big upstep, that we get one single DFC in Core 19. But they said it, that we will see no Delver in Masters Set because of it and we never saw any DFV in non-Standard-releases - excpet FTV Transform, but that was an DFC only Set.

    Someone even asked, why that it and why they are able to make DFC Tokens for Commander and they said, that a DFC Card needs a specific back (and not a random one as the Tokens) and that makes the problem.

    So it is really unlikely, that we will see any DFC in the Commander release, neither Werewolves nor an Ugin. At least no DFC Ugin, but as they release Planeswalker Commaners again with C18 as it seems, there could be an Ugin Planeswalker, but colorless seems hard to make.

    I think the reasoning, that was mentioned, that sleeving and unsleeving and flipping all time would be kind of annoying, especially for a product, that new Commander players like to buy to come into the format so that is another reason, we might never see it Smile

    As they stated, they will more go with theme than color-balance (they announced it, when they said they will make 4 instead of 5 per year), I am interested what it will look like aside from Planeswalkers. I assume they will mix it up for sure, but getting Oldwalkers seems like a good guess. When Windgrace is one of them and Serra is hinted at for some time now, we will get some more. Serra might be mono white, wich is most likely and the rest will be two or three colored I think - I assume Elspeth is out of the picture, as she doesn't fit the other one and I do expect her playing a role in the Story again. I personally would like to see an Azor Planeswalker.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 speculation
    Thus will most likely not happen (Werewolves), as DFC are somewhere between impossible and extremely unlikely in these products. That is why we don't get Delver in Masters Set etc. - was stated severel times by Maro abd co.

    So at least no Flip Werewolves which means most likely no Werewolves as most people would be disappointed.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 speculation
    Quote from Creedmoor »
    I'm more interested in discussing what Planeswalkers we will see this year.

    He have the 10 Artworks from the Poster (and one of the Garruk artworks seems new - I know there is the FtV Transform one as well as the Promo of his first version). And now we have the Artwork from Lord Windgrace.

    I think it es pretty unlikely, that they split them between Oldwalkers and current Story ones. If they go with one of them, I think the complete set will have the focus on them. It seems like Windgrace is one of them, that makes it more unlikely, that we will see Elspeth as well in Commander 18 - which is really interesting. But maybe I'm just wrong and they will mix them up, cause not everything fits together I think - at least in my mind :p

    I think Oldwalkers make sense in Supplemental products, as they can't really print them in Standard Sets with the current Story.

    On the other hand I assumed, that the poster just contains artworks from the next Releases (SDCC Promos, Commander 19, Guilds of Ravnica including PW Decks, maybe Ravnica Allegiance, but I doubt it as we just gut this few).

    Teferi and Karn are both unlikely to get new cards (as they went away from printing the Gatewatch with more versions in one Standard format and Dominaria ist just the recent set), but it makes much sense, that these are the SDCC Promos. Jace and Lili really look like they are on Ravnica, but I hope that they will be JTMS and LOTV for SDCC, but that might be a bit too much specualtion - the art seems at least fitting. The next one fitting no other product it Saheeli: She is clearly on Kaladesh and we are far away from a Return to Kaladesh (except it is Core 20, but that is more than one year away, too - and we got no new arts on Gideon or Bolas - at least Bolas seems to be necessary for the third Ravnica set) and we got the UR Planeswalker twins, so I am sure we will get no UR Commander Planeswalker as well.

    From the other Planeswalkers we see Ral Zarek und Tamiyo on Ravnica too. Ajani may be there as well (or maybe on Theros?).

    The only thing I can't really fit in is Elspeth (she is clearly in the Underworld of Theros):
    I thought it would be most likely that she is a Commander 18 card, but if we get Oldwalkers, that may not really fit into that style. We had an WB Theros Commander deck and if we really get Serra I can easily see this Angel and Enchantment based as well as - obvious - white.

    So it doesn't make that much sense. I don't think Elspeth would fit into the current story line (but she might be very important for the story after that with the Phyrexians as the "new" villains). But we are at least 4 sets away (3 Ravnica and Core 20) from a Return to Theros (and then we would have been to 4 Returns at least - I think Theros needs at two sets most likely). So maybe her Return is part of Core 20, but I think that is unlikely too or she is just one of the allies Ajani has recruited (offscreen?), but her Theros art is not likely for that.

    The reason, why I think Return to Theros is unlikely to be on this poster, are all the missing arts from Ravnica and between and there are many Planeswalkers coming (including PW Decks).

    Doens't fit together in may head, but this are most of my thoughts Smile
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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace from DOM artbook - possibly from C18?
    Try this:

    BTW: Elspeth was from the Planeswalker Poster Release and not from the Artwork, or is there a new Artwork? If they do "Oldwalkers" again, it is pretty unlikely, that Elspeth will be one of the Planeswalkers - and it makes sense, that they do Planeswalkers, that they can't do in Standard Sets - but it does make Elspeth much more interesting on the Poster.
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  • posted a message on All Planeswalkers of Ravnica-Block
    I am pretty sure, that the Bolas conflict will be ended as stated with the third Ravnica set, so there are possibilities:

    - Lili's pact ends, so it is likely, that we will see a card where she is an "Agent of Bolas"
    - Lili dies (unlikely), but then we would at least get one last card, too.

    Masterpieces are for sure not off the table, but I can see it being just for the last set (and 15-20 seems about a good guess - 5 Mono-colored, 10 dual-colored - Bolas, Ugin plus X - at least 5 might be from the last three Sets?) - would at least be an easy way to not put all these Walkers in Standard, which I definitly do not see.

    My guess is, that we will see Karn and Teferi as SDCC Promos plus X (I really hope for JTMS and LOTV - images at least hint at them). Next week on Weekly MTG we get the Commander 18 previews starting, so I guess we can get the Promos this week?

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