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  • posted a message on Reincarnation — Dynamic Ad Insertion Keyword
    Quote from rowanalpha »

    And now we have clarification for so much. You're basing your designs on a combination decade old gameplay experience and math theory without updating your knowledge of the game, rules, strategies or power levels.


    Also, go play actual magic. Arena is free, so there's no excuse not to update your play experience.

    No, I think it's just moreso in the fact missing that I never recall a time when MTG wasn't a steaming pile of **** in some way, I could never unsee. And ever since have sought to devise solutions and schematics on how to fix all the major malfunctions/improficiencies/counter-productivities.

    Go play actual Magic. That's a big negative. I honestly could only begin to explain my great disappointment in the current product; and can just sum up the fact that I wouldn't begin to invest my time or attention into it in this state. MTG needs a major rollback, something the truly narrow-minded "blind pioneers" would never consider (or admit) is necessary for doing. But stripping the product of coherence, and force majeure; while making it a tacky mess; though additions that impede on characteurs, identities, and dignities; should be expected to produce this result. What was available to be salvaged and recovered has nothing left anymore. Rollback and total overhaul would be the only option.

    So... you don't play (or necessarily understand) modern magic, have no intention of learning more about modern magic, and are only willing to design cards to fit into your imagined halcyon golden age of MTG card design? Gaping

    Edit: misread your post. I now see that there was never a time when you liked this game. You aren’t designing for this game in any period. You are using the basic framework of MTG for an “MTG that should have been” that has no obligations to the actual rules or cards of MTG in any sense... which isn’t better.

    With all do respect, it sounds like you are creating cards for an audience that does not exist outside of yourself on this forum. Why are you even here when virtually nobody else seems to understands your methods or goals (As can be objectively verified by looking at 95% of your threads)?
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  • posted a message on Reincarnation — Dynamic Ad Insertion Keyword
    Quote from megatog201 »
    Umm what? When does Death's Shadow hit the board late game? What format do you play? Death's Shadow likes to be played turn 2 or 3 whenever possible. Decks with it don't want you expending your removal on other threats. They usually try to hit you with a Thoughtseize and next turn play it. Or play it and have counter back up. I've never heard anything you are talking out my good sir or madam.

    I'm just unfamiliar with that card's strategies to be honest. Aware me? Not sure where/why/how a person is reducing their life safely below 13 so soon. Or are they removing the abilities? If you have exactly 1 life, via such as Worship, it's a 12/12. I could never see this surviving in a hostile game. How was it so good?

    I haven't played since Mirrodin personally. I'm an OG Mid Schooler from Odyssey block/7th Edition. I picked the game back up and Lorwyn/Time Spiral, then left again at Scars of Mirrodin. I haven't played though since High School. I just know some tricks from back then, and I've picked up deck-building via mathematical proportion, which I didn't fully understand back then, but do now.

    Even if you don't play the game yourself or look into Arena as Rowanalpha recommends, you may want some additional data. Look at deck lists for popular archetypes (or watch some videos if they don't make sense. It took me an embarrassingly long time to get how dredge or "Oops, all spells" decks work) before you comment on how (or whether) they work.

    Here is some information regarding the possibility of using this mechanic in a bogles-style deck.
    1. You report that Bogles would be answered by innocent blood... even though discussions of the archetype normally happens relation to the Modern format, where innocent blood is not legal. In fact, let's go further than that. This is a list of the 50 most played spells in modern. Take a look at the list and take note that very few of those cards would actually take out the bogle. The most salient sacrifice spell within the past decade, Liliana of the Veil, is no longer in even 8% of the meta. If your deck requires a more efficient version of innocent blood to be introduced into the meta or would require slippery bogle to also be banned... along Gladecover Scout, invisible stalker, and silhana ledgewalker... that is a bad sign.
    2. The fact that you don't see Inquisition of Kozilek or Thoughtseize as answers to "Dies to Removal" when those cards have allowed vanilla beaters like tarmogoyf to exist in a format where path to exile exists for years, that seems to go against available evidence at this time. Likewise, the lack of any mana cost involved in attaching these things to a creature would mean increased mana available for counterspells.
    3. Even with Faithless Looting banned in modern, the presence of cathartic reunion, lightning axe, and collective brutality (among other cards) would allow for easy discard outlets and have already seen play in some versions of other archeytpes that require putting cards in graveyards quickly (like Grishoalbrand). However difficult or unlikely you feel discarding these cards would be in the early game, history shows that is simply not the case.
    4. You do not need to reach a "critical mass" of a mechanic in order for it to be problematic. The aura swap keyword appears on only one card (arcanum wings) but the potential of throwing down big bonuses for relatively little cost made that card a notable part of certain bogle builds at one point (actually learned about that build on this very site back in the day). Printing out cards over a long period of time only prevents problems in standard/brawl. Also, while you've made your distaste for the current mulligan rules clear in the past, the current rules do greatly increase the chance of being able to "force" a card into your opening hand.
    5. Along similar lines, remember that cards like Street Wraith, Manamorphose, Mishra's Bauble, and fetchlands are hyperefficient at thinning decks and effectively reducing the number of cards in your library to get a best-case scenario (offsetting the normal math), even if not all of those cards see too much use these days.
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  • posted a message on Reincarnation — Dynamic Ad Insertion Keyword
    That... that was a surprisingly insightful response.

    If I may respond.

    Even this—and it becomes too wordy, and you mine as well not bother with it anymore.

    It seems that you have located a real problem there.

    If a keyword's actual functioning would require more text than could neatly fit onto a magic card, I will happily admit that there is a problem with that situation. Your response to this practical limitation appears to be shoving the "overflow text" into the comprehensive rules, however, which 1) does not really have any precedent and 2) virtually every other poster here keeps saying is a bad idea.

    Rather than finding a way to MAKE the ability work as you intend, I would think that the natural conclusion is that the ability DOES NOT WORK as you want it to. If a new ability requires so much wording and caveats to make it work "just so" and none of the simpler alternatives work, the simple truth may be that the ability is ill-fitted for the medium.

    While I applaud your creativity, I feel that the space available on the actual cardboard is a practical limitation that should ultimately be adhered to. In fact, I have a recent video link reporting why using keywords as "short-hand" for long text held in a comprehensive rulebook (AKA without reminder text on the card) can be deleterious to the long-term health of a collectable card game.

    Here's the relevant link

    I would suggest reserving the keyword for very special releases now and again, to preserve the force majure.

    This is the sort of communication problem that I have run into on these threads now and again. You post something that is intended to go against certain norms (EX: creating a mechanic that is meant to be used very sparingly) and do not specifically state that you are doing so until midway through the thread, leading everyone who sees the thread sooner to assume that you are following the established norms (EX: creating a mechanic designed to have similar quantity and rarity distribution to other mechanics) and we end up speaking past one another until you finally reveal the disconnect.
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  • posted a message on Reincarnation — Dynamic Ad Insertion Keyword
    So... haven't posted in one of these threads for a while so let me elaborate.

    While I see and somewhat understand your argument about "probability", that argument is shut down by Anticipated Volume in this case.

    The Bestow ability appears on 35 different creatures
    The Mutate ability appears on 34 different creatures
    The Scavenge ability appears on 11 different creatures
    The Haunt ability appears on 10 different cards

    This one card, in a vacuum, is "exciting" but might not be entirely broken. The odds of getting several copies of this one card in your opening hand are relatively low. Most posters on this board, however, aren't looking at this card in the context of only one reincarnating creature existing. Instead, we see that this is a keyword ability and extrapolate the presence of 10+ creatures with this keyword if it were ever to be printed in a set. If there were 10 or more cards with reincarnation, creating a deck filled with free or cheap discard outlets (faithless looting, Noose Constrictor, Putrid Imp, etc.) and a whole lot of reincarnating creatures would GREATLY increase the chance of that line of play.

    As far as other considerations:
    1. The comprehensive rules has never been used (at least to my knowledge) to contain unwritten rules for a keyword as large as a change in zone. If you want a reincarnated card to exile itself upon leaving the battlefield, you should add that to the reminder text.
    2. Going into the realm of anticipated volume once more, I would argue that it is very odd, flavorwise, that multiple cards with reincarnation can all be "reincarnated" as a single creature (which also causes power concerns). You may want to add ",if no other creatures are attached to it," as an intervening clause in the ability so each creature can only be the reincarnated form of one other creature.
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  • posted a message on Honored Guest
    So... the fact that two people have posted and have said exactly opposite things about the mana cost for drawing (increase it or remove it) tells me that I have this card in a sweet spot of what is actually realistic.

    While Dawn of Hope is a more recent card, I feel that making the card draw somewhat symmetrical (and removing the potential for several triggers per turn) justifies a reduction of the cost to 1 mana , especially as Dawn seems to be intended as a mid-/late-game grinding engine whereas this card was designed specifically for the early game. By the time you hypothetically have 6 mana sitting around, this card probably won't have much impact.

    Conversely, I feel that removing the cost altogether would make this card a bit too good (though that was admittedly the initial card design). Getting this down on turn 2 (when most opponents won't have threats to overrun a 2/2) would basically turn this into a 2/2 for 2 that instantly draws you 3 and each opponent 1, which seems a bit much. Letting a player keep their mana open on turn 3 to get that benefit (when board states are still developing and people aren't quite "going off" at most tables) seems a bit more reasonable.
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  • posted a message on Honored Guest
    So... this is my attempt to make a decent white card for edh that can be played in the early game... because smothering tithe, Core set Mangara, Akroma's Will, and Keeper of the Accord are all 4 drops and even recruiter of the guard and Teferi's Protection are 3 drops. While white has some usable in CMC 1-2 range (mother of runes, serra ascendant, luminarch ascension, stoneforge mystic), I feel that it eventually needs some usable card advantage in that section if it wants to "keep up with other colors" and I came up with the following.

    1. It activates on the trigger of luminarch ascension, except that it incentivizes peace rather than attacking.
    2. The card uses "symmetrical" card draw while still favoring you (In a 4-player game, you can draw 3 while everyone else draws 1).
    3. The card draw requires an input of mana like dawn of hope or mentor of the meek.
    4. The effect is tame enough in 1 vs 1 games that If feel this card could reasonably be printed in a standard legal set.

    Art by Carl Herpfer (1836-1897) was found using Artnet

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  • posted a message on What are you hoping to get from Forgotten Realms?
    So... now that D&D and MTG are officially crossing the streams, what are people hoping/expecting to see in the upcoming Forgotten Realms Set?

    For me:
    • A legendary Elminster Aumar
    • A Legendary Drizzt do'urden
    • The return of the kobold type with another 0-drop
    • The return of the eye type with a beholder (perhaps resemblign the mystery booster test card)
    • The first MTG illithid/Mindflayer
    • Orcs, Dwarves, and non-artifact gnomes.
    • Black elves (drow).
    • A creature with the type "human elf" or "orc elf"
    • A creature with the type "Bird Bear"
    • A dog that blinks itself.
    • A minor resurgence of the Barbarian "class" and the creation of the "bard" class (to transplant back onto Musician, seasinger, elvish lyrist, elvish piper, and Yisan).
    • A cycle of Dragons (to celebrate the namesake of D&D)
    • A Counterspell or Disenchant variant (or W/U modal spell with both options) named “Dispel Magic”.
    • Cards named "Plane Shift", "Prismatic Spray", "Sphere of Annihilation", "Staff of the Magi", and/or "Wish"/"Miracle".
    • At least half of the following: a demon, an angel, goblins, zombies, a giant, an illusion, a vampire, a manticore, a chimera, a kraken, and a genie.
    • A Counterspell or Disenchant variant (or W/U modal spell with both options) named “Dispel Magic”.
    • Quests and/or Sagas AND CERTAINLY NOT a highly probability-driven mechanic imitating the impact of dice rolls that will give me flashbacks of "Clash".
    • Sadly, no Flumphs (Booo!)
    • Possible Reprints: Crystal Ball, Bag of Holding, Ring of Three Wishes, Fireball, Disintegrate, teleport (less likely), invisibility (more likely), Lightning Bolt (if the stars align), Timestop, Air Elemental, Water Elemental, Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental
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  • posted a message on Possible Secret Lair Leak
    So... I was just thinking about these secret lairs and had a really awful thought that I want to share.

    While a lot of people have complained that "Box of Rocks" isn't worth the price tag, I personally hope that the product is as bad as it seems. Not because I love terrible products, mind you, but because Wizards does have a tool to make the already announced product more than worthwhile.

    Packing little "secrets" (Lucille, stained glass walkers, Bob Ross evolving wilds) has been a thing since secret lairs were first started... but they generally aren't the reason to buy the lair and are generally known about when the secret lair goes on sale.

    Imagine what would happen if everyone who took a wild chance on "Box of Rocks" opened their package and found a totally unadvertised chrome mox or mox opal thrown in. Wizards could try to spin it as a special Holiday surprise and a gift for people who really enjoy secret lair products... and it would turn up the FOMO to the Nth degree.

    The moment that Wizards starts using the possibility of high-value "extras" in secret lairs, passing up on seemingly bad deals creates a bigger risk of "missing out"... and anyone who bets on a particularly unexciting lair and doesn't get what they want (Imagine buying a suspiciously expensive "Games Children Play" lair with the hope that wizards would OBVIOUSLY put in a secret sensei's divining top and finding a stuffy doll instead) rams right into WotC's draconian return policy.

    So... yeah. While I'm not happy that a (relatively) unimpressive lair was announced, I hope that these lairs stay as good or bad as they first appear.

    *Removes tinfoil hat*
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  • posted a message on Kaldheim packaging
    Quote from Creedmoor »
    God I'm sick of Kaya. For one, she is probably going to ruin the story again by killing another character. For two, she killed the obzedat! I'll never forgive her. I was very excited to get a new card for them, and it got pushed out by a subpar Kaya card. And now she is here to ruin something else...

    The thing about this complaint is that it doesn't really seem relevant here.

    Yes, Kaya killed established characters in her only appearances so far.
    Yes, a "spirit killer" is probably going to kill spirits again this time around.

    The thing about that, though, is that this is an entirely new plane for us.

    There aren't going to be people who were hoping to see more cards of "Kromaun of the Hallowed Halls" or whatever because any creature she kills this time around will be entirely new and will have no pre-established fans. If anything, putting Kaya in brand new planes is the safest way to use her as it means that we don't have to worry about her bumping off an established character that people already like.
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    I’d personally brew around with kodama and the new sakashima to get two triggers whenever something enters the battlefield.

    With that said, things I’d look for include:
    1. Cards that reduce their own cost like Ghalta, Avatar of Growth, or The Great Henge (imagine slamming down henge for 3 with kodama out and playing a free 7- or 8-drop.
    2. Cards with Flash. Playing venser and tacking on a reclamation sage is good stuff.
    3. Self-Bounce to keep the engine going. Temur Sabertooth, Crystal Wand, Erratic Portal, cloudstone curio... all of them will repeatedly let you reuse your value cards.
    4. Card draw engines (library, rhystic, guardian project, etc).
    5. Copying spells to take advantage of sakashima’s text. Getting multiple copies of Kodama with rite of replication is a bit evil.

    Sorry for lack of tags. On a phone and don’t have a ton of time.
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    Uh... Phasing in would not trigger Kodama more than it would trigger any other ETB effect.
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  • posted a message on is this ok or overloaded
    Do you put the searched cards into your hand or onto the battlefield? Forgot to specify.
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  • posted a message on Favored Champions
    Yeah, I think that you both have a point. I wanted to see if having a single ability that punishes opponents for not paying a tax while rewarding you for paying the same tax would be grokkable, though I suppose it is not.

    In the end, it would need to be something like this:

    Favored Champions 2 mana white mana white mana
    Creature- Human Warrior (M)
    If a permanent entering the battlefield would cause a triggered ability of a permanent to trigger, you may pay 2 mana . If you do, choose one—
    • That ability does not trigger
    • That ability triggers an additional time.

    Do I need to use the word "instead" for the first ability as it is essentially working as a replacement ability in that instance (Unless I change it to "counter that triggered ability", which would be more Azorius)?
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  • posted a message on Favored Champions
    Favored Champions 3 mana white mana white mana
    Creature- Human Warrior (M)
    Whenever a permanent entering or leaving the battlefield would trigger an ability of a permanent, the controller of that permanent may pay 2 mana . If you do or an opponent does not, choose one of the following instead:
    • That ability is not triggered.
    • That ability triggers twice.

    So... the intent is to have an effect that taxes opponents to avoid having their ETBs/Death effects cancelled (or their bounceland ETBs doubled) while giving the player more control over their triggered abilities. Does the wording here actually work or does it infinitely loop upon itself (assuming sufficient mana is available)? If it's the latter, is there a wording that avoids that problem?

    Was designed for a non-standard set like battlebond, if relevant.
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  • posted a message on Oh look I fixed White
    Quote from rowanalpha »
    These cards are, at best, stretches for white and some outright color breaks. Overall, color aside, the effects are good, but they need to be mostly blue or red rather than white.

    Counterspells have always been a bend in white - Planar Chaos cards are never to be taken as a examples of what a color can do -, so your counters are a stretch. Treasure tokens are usually more of the red/blue thing and white doesn't ramp, so those are definitely a break. Emminent Domain and Manifest Destiny are definitely breaks. Tax man is close but still a stretch because of the amount it ramps and Tithe Collector is solidly a red card, not white.

    Uh... I think that's kind of the "joke".

    The thought that other colors continually impinge upon white's small slice of usable color pie and that white should expend upon the few small areas where it is good in EDH (countering spells because it's technically the second best color at doing so, creating treasures just because smothering tithe exists, etc.) is a very worn and counterproductive line of thought. Most recently, people have been yelling at how Hullbreacher or Archelos should have been white.

    I honestly can't tell if the bitter humor is directed at wanting white to have a larger slice of the pie or is directed at homebrewers who think that turning dockside extortionist white is a valid method for fixing white.

    Either way, I doubt that these are too serious.
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