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  • posted a message on Narrow Triggers, Larger Payoffs
    It has just occured to me that relatively narrow triggers or targeting conditions have been used to justify cheaper costs for cards but that it hasn't really been used for rider effects. While we will occasionally see hoser effects like Stony Silence or Amulet of Safekeeping, the hosing is treated as the entire reward... which seems a little bit limiting. If someone is going through the trouble to stick a specific silver bullet into their sideboard, why not reward them for actually pulling it off?

    Into the Mist 1 mana white mana
    The next time that a nontoken creature would enter the battlefield this turn, if it wasn't cast from it's owner's hand, instead exile that creature and create two 1/1 white spirit creature tokens with flying.

    Siphoned Inspiration 1 mana blue mana
    Counter target triggered ability.
    Draw two cards.

    Drain the Depths 1 mana black mana
    Exile five target cards from target opponent's graveyard.
    You may look at that player's hand and exile up to one card from it.

    Shatterstroke 1 mana red mana
    Destroy two target artifacts.
    Shatterstroke deals 3 damage to any target.

    Savage Interruption 1 mana green mana
    Until end of turn, each player who has cast three or more spells this turn may not cast noncreature spells.
    If any player has cast three or more spells this turn, create a 3/3 green beast creature token with hexproof.
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  • posted a message on B & R Announcement 8/3 Major Shakeups
    Why is Growth Spiral banned?

    Almost 70% of decks in the arena tournament on Saturday (day 1) was using spiral. When a 2-color card appears in 70% of all decks... that isn’t a good sign.
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  • posted a message on Pretty serious ban announcement
    Huh... is this the most simultaneous bans we’ve ever seen at once? Kind of fees like it.
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  • posted a message on Soulwalk Guide
    I actually took the returning tapped thing as a cue from eldrazi displacer, which does the same thing (though I got the wording for it slightly wrong. Will change that).

    Requiring an untapped target was put there to make infinite loops more difficult (if this card blinks restoration angel, for example, and the angel blinks this card, the guide won't be able to blink the angel a second time and keep the loop going). Without this requirement, the risk of Copycat-style shenanigans (attached to a cheaper creature with higher power, no less) would make me a bit uncomfortable. As it can only target untapped permanents and returns permanents tapped, things are relatively safe.

    Tapping the target as it comes back in was something that I implemented to give this card a general purpose outside of triggering ETBs in limited environments. As the blink doesn't wait until end of turn, it can't effectively remove blockers like flickerwisp. As the blink isn't being triggered at instant speed, it can't blank removal like ephemerate and restoration angel. Having this card function as an incidental tapper gives this card some sort of use "in a vacuum".

    If you can think of a better way to preempt loops that doesn't look as messy, I am open to suggestions.
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  • posted a message on Soulwalk Guide
    Just wanted to craft a card that I would really want to see some day.

    Soulwalk Guide 1 mana white mana
    Creature- Human Cleric (U)
    When Soulwalk Guide enters the battlefield, exile another target untapped nonland permanent and return it to the battlefield tapped under its owner's control.

    While this card isn't too impressive on the surface, it checks most of the boxes for white synergy in Commander. As an immediate (non EoT) flicker that works on most permanents on ETB... which happens to have CMC < 3 and P/T each < 2... there are tons of synergies. You can search for it with recruiter of the guard, can revive it with Idol of Endurance, Sun Titan, and Reveilark, can use it to reset Idol of Endurance, remove luminous broodmoth counters, or to get more triggers from karmic guide, Reveilark, Sun Titan, recruiter of the guard...

    On top of all of those synergies, this card is somewhat difficult to go infinite with and does a decent job of acting like an innocuous tapper for limited environment purposes. This is a card I am genuinely hoping that we might see some day and I wanted to check if there are any obvious problems with this design that I may have overlooked.
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  • posted a message on Blood Mox
    The argument I made above (in quotes) was a hypothetical argument made against Creedmoor’s design as an example of constructive criticism to PROMOTE your design rather than a criticism of your design.

    Calling the original card a turd and saying that any attempt to make a Mox that is somewhat balance is a failure because moxen aren’t supposed to be balanced... also not the best feedback.

    back to the original card, I think that the current design is balanced for standard but would find abuse in other places. I think that fixing it in other places (where a free sac outlet is desirable) would break the card in a standard environment. Making it a legend like amber and opal should keep this thing pretty much balanced everywhere, though.
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  • posted a message on Thought experiment: Is it possible to fairly cost this card?
    Keep in mind, everyone that Infinity Elemental has a CMC of 7. As such, a cost around 5-6 seems appropriate for this, though the exact cost depends on the setting. An un-set card can be expected to have low price (even though this is a card that heavily incentivizes owners to attempt "buy-outs" for power reasons) but a holiday promo based on rass commercialism could expect a price between $20-40 so how this card would be released is also a factor.
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  • posted a message on Thought experiment: Is it possible to fairly cost this card?
    Mox Dragon of the Lotus, a fake card printed in Duelist Magazine, put a cost of white mana blue mana black mana red mana green mana . That mana cost sounds about right.
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  • posted a message on Blood Mox
    Why not just like,

    "As an additional cost to cast Blood Mox, sacrifice a creature and pay 1 life."

    ...Not that I'm opposed to the design you recommended but you kind of just designed a different card.

    Bringing this up as I've seen it before. I don't think you get what people are looking for here.

    Most of the time, people post to seek two things:
    1) to verify syntax/semantics (AKA: Does the card actually work according to the rules and do what it is intended to do).
    2) to verify pragmatics (AKA: is there any objection to its power level relative to similar cards, whether too powerful or not powerful enough. Also, are there any problems that would emerge with other cards if this card was created?)

    Having an alternate suggestion made without context addresses neither of those points. If you had said something like "Having a free sac outlet usable each turn that doesn't cost a land drop (note that high market technically costs you a mana it could otherwise provide each time you use it) and that can create problems with artifact-related synergies... especially as this card is not labeled as legendary (While tantellite wasn't legendary, it didn't contribute to strategies that let players storm out with 0-cost artifacts). Perhaps make the sacrifice an additional cost to stop that cost from being treated as a feature."... That would be useful criticism.

    When you don't "show your work" for a suggestion, however, it's less useful.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar rising the two commander decks speculations
    I personally think that 5-color allies (with a new Tazri or similar commander) and 5-color Elementals (with 5-color Omnath) would be cool.

    Allies are the type of deck that a lot of people imagine wanting, having lots of relatively cheap cards at all rarities that are highly valued for the specific archetype, making it an easy deck for wizards to build that would have a relatively decent power level.

    Elementals, meanwhile, got some decent toys in last year’s vote set (Risen Reef, for example). Having both decks be 5-color would remove the relative handicap for poor mana bases.

    Plus, having two tribal commander decks would let wizards reprint some middling tribal goodies.
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  • posted a message on Anniversary Gift for MTG Husband
    “You are my white mana blue mana black mana red mana green mana

    Short, sweet, and to the point.
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  • posted a message on Sliver Cult King [The New Legendary — At The World's End]
    Wait... wait, wait, wait...

    The way you have spoken of “Force Majeur”, I have assumed this entire time that was a major and well-known term used to discuss major works of art and used in literary analysis textbooks.

    From what I’m hearing now, though, you just slammed a couple of french works together because they sound good?

    You have based entire designs that fly in the face of accepted design principles on the grounds of “it makes an impact”?

    ...Well played.
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  • posted a message on Sliver Cult King [The New Legendary — At The World's End]
    Who would really do something like that, which bogs down the game, and ruins the experience?

    It would be bypassed by the typically gamer. Tournament's surely wouldn't allow it.

    1. Tournaments enforce the letter of the rules, not the spirit of the rules. Where on earth have you heard anything to the contrary?

    2. Players who ENJOY breaking the game are not rare. I have seen several youtube channels dedicated to making decks that generate hundreds of mana or dealing nigh-infinite mana by turn 4-5. If you create a card that enables degenerate strategies and are unwilling to change the text, you share fault for any frustrating games those cards create.
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  • posted a message on Sliver Cult King [The New Legendary — At The World's End]
    I don’t... I want to take some time to address something that has been an ongoing trend.

    Making a change to the comprehensive rules is almost never considered a brief premise or ad-hoc fix to allow discussion of a single card on this forum.

    Making a rules change like this is worthy of a separate thread altogether, wherein everyone would expect you to attempt a persuasive argument, appealing more to the preexisting internal logic of the game and comparisons to similar games than artistic merit and “force majeur”, in favor of this change with several examples of what sort of card effects this would allow and a realistic discussion of possible downsides so the pros and cons can be weighed against one another.

    Proposing a change to the comprehensive rules is that serious IF you want to be taken seriously.
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  • posted a message on Sliver Cult King [The New Legendary — At The World's End]
    While Reap isn’t known for hearing the ideas of others, I did think of a workable way to make this ability work.

    “At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a hive counter on target non-sliver creature.
    All slivers you control gain the abilities of each permanent with one or more give counter on it.“

    There, a proper “clone-sliver”.
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