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  • posted a message on Possible Secret Lair Leak
    Quote from Druki »
    Will the Bob Ross Forests have happy little trees?

    I kind of hope these are real, I'd like to pick up a Damnation for a bit cheaper than it currently is (Secret Lair or otherwise). A box of rocks is lolz

    I wouldn't pick up the secret lair for Damnation (unless I'm in a really hurry), actually.

    Remember that whole Time Spiral Remixed set that's coming out between first and second quarter next year? I am willing to be my bottom dollar that Damnation will be in that set (along with Akroma's Memorial, Coalition Relic, Dryad Arbor, Gauntlets of Power, Imp's Mischief, Pact of Negation, Tolaria West, Rift Bolt, Simian Spirit Guide, Ancestral Vision, Street Wraith, Tarmogoyf...)
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  • posted a message on Balancing Incomplete sword cycle
    Quote from Breathe1234 »
    I've noticed that the protection is incredibly relevant and artificially makes Green - White, Blue- Black and Red-Green slightly weaker.

    ...Could you explain this a bit?

    I mean, sword of feast and famine isn't actually a golgari card and I'd hope that it isn't taking a golgari slot. If anything, you'd think that the three remaining guilds are slightly stronger rather than weaker as there isn't a sword that will randomly give a creature protection against your entire deck. Green is also slightly stronger right now because there are only 2 swords that protect against green and three that protect against every other color.

    Am I missing something here?
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  • posted a message on Twelve commander legends hints from gavin
    Wait... is #4 just goblin game with new text that removes the silliness of the “hiding mini game”

    6. Sadly, I fear that this is a lowly grasp of darkness
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends Maro Teaser
    Quote from Ryperior74 »

    you know what I just realized

    Gavin’s teaser last week was a creature type we haven't seen in 20 years

    its rabbit the last rabbit was seen in exodus which is 1998

    Imagen if the rabbit is named wizzardrix lol

    Wizzardrix would be EPIC.

    I mean, that's up there with the Almighty Brushwagg or everyone's favorite Wizard Lizard.
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  • posted a message on Encroaching Barrier, a wall without defender
    Wizards has gone pretty far out of its way to reduce the mechanical baggage between creature types and mechanics. Between the removal of "legend" and "lord" as creature types and the separation of the "walls can't attack" text and the defender ability, they have done a pretty good job. This card was created to see what a complete detachment of walls from their historical roots would look like. What if there was a wall that didn't have defender at all (instead of merely losing defender temporarily)?

    Here is what I came up with:

    Encroaching Barrier 2 mana black mana red mana
    Artifact Creature- Wall
    Encroaching Barrier attacks each turn if able.
    At the beginning of each upkeep, put a +1/+1 counter on Encroaching Barrier
    Whenever a player blocks encroaching barrier with one or more creatures, that player sacrifices one of those creatures.

    The idea of mobile walls being used in traps to crush intruders has been a staple of supervillains and dungeon crawls alike for years and would be a pretty flavorful way to reflect that.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Quote from Mishotem »
    Sakashima's will is pretty cool. Hope we get Azami-related cards. She is such a boss.

    So far though nothing has really captured my interest in the set, aside from original Partner reprints which I hope are ACCESSIBLE AND NOT EXCLUSIVE ETCHED FOILS WHICH IS LAME

    They're most likely exclusive etched foils.
    Rage ensues.

    Dude... this wasn't possible for a long time.

    We were told that only the mono-colored legendary creatures would have partner.

    This isn't new information.
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  • posted a message on More leaks commander legends scroll racl reprint
    Staff of Domination, Rings of Brighthearth, and now Scroll Rack? This year is getting ALL of those reprints out there. Nice!
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  • posted a message on Twelve commander legends hints from gavin
    Quote from Ritokure »
    Clue #3 seems interesting. What kind of drawback could balance a Worst Fears for all opponents and in a permanent's Continuous effect? My first thought would be something like Underworld Breach, aka. a permanent with a spell-like effect that sacs itself after a while, but maybe it's something super narrow, like "You control your opponents while X is being targeted by a spell" or something.

    “You control opponents while they have no cards in hand”?
    “You control opponents while you have exactly 1 life.”?
    “You control opponents while there are no cards in your library”?

    there are certain effects I can imagine:
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  • posted a message on Twelve commander legends hints from gavin
    Quote from ChariSays »
    I hope we see Ghost of Geist of St Traft

    I for one vote for Ghost of Brago.
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  • posted a message on Potential upcoming set leaked for 2022
    Oh, for the love of...

    For the record, AD IGNORANTIUM refers to insisting that something is true because it hasn’t been proven false or false because it hasn’t been proven true.

    Example: Bigfoot hasn’t been disproven so it must be real
    Example 2: Until science can 100% document how gravity interacts with every other force and can verify the existence of dark matter without reference to “gravity”, I don’t see any reason to believe that gravity is real. After all, it is only a theory.

    With that in mind “I heard that flavor on Kamigawa was considered a failure because it was not resonant enough, go find one source that mentions mechanics being bad and not the flavor and I’ll believe you” might be capable of being described as ad ignorantium... if you squint at it.

    The moment that any of those articles were found and presented as proof and mentioned flavor having problems (even in a tiny excerpt... even if it is following a grade of “average” or a statement about how the mechanics were a MUCH bigger problem), however, Ad Ignorantium has officially left the building.

    The logical fallacy we are now dealing with is a false dichotomy. This isn’t a matter where only one of them can be the problem. Flavor may have smaller problems than mechanics even if they both have problems.

    Arguing that fluff was a problem does not mean that the crunch was not. Arguing that crunch was the problem does not mean that flavor wasn’t. Anyone arguing that either flavor or mechanics were problematic correct. Anyone who is saying that either flavor OR mechanics were NOT a problem, however, is blatantly incorrect (at least as far as Maro’s quotes are concerned).
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  • posted a message on Vehicles with alternate crew costs
    I think spellicopter is a bit too good. The fact that you can exile spells that your opponent would counter to still gain value off of it, that fuel remains in exile for future spellicopters you play, and that this is a colorless 1-drop makes this feel a bit too good for eternal formats where a player might shoot out free spells to give this thing a spontaneous boost...

    A 1/1 flier for 2 that gets +1/+1 for each fuel, while less exciting, would still be a major player in standard and would get a lot done with less risk of becoming ubiquitous.
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  • posted a message on Anyone else salty at Wizards?
    What I have heard regarding Oko isn't that it was a "misprint", per se, but a misunderstanding of how people would want to use him. Wizards thought that players would use it mostly on their own creatures... much as wizards thought that having skullclamp decrease toughness was a *downside*.

    As someone who doesn't really play standard, I'm pretty insulated against most of the changes. I originally was pretty mad at TWD for being a "pseudo-reserved list" before I checked blogatog and realized that these TWD cards and any functional reprint will be ruled to be the same card on gatherer (so you can't play four of each in a single deck, for example), which removed a lot of my rage (even though only having certain legal cards only available in certain countries is still pretty sucky).
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  • posted a message on Zomar, the Bewitching
    Zomar, the Bewitching 3 mana blue mana blue mana
    Legendary Creature- Vedalken Wizard
    Nonlegendary enchanted permanents you control have hexproof.
    At the beginning of your end step, exile target permanent you control and all auras attached to it, then return them to the battlefield under your control. Auras exiled in this way enter the battlefield attached to targets of your choice.

    Made a control magic tribal commander. Not the most powerful card out there (even if you start stealing lands with annex or confiscate) but it seems like a fairly decent enchantments-matter design for blue.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    This angel is on par with OG Sigurda, I think.

    Both are stupidly resilient on-curve fliers. Sigurda goes well with voltron strategies to end things out quickly whereas new angel is better prepared to deal with wraths (which are in both colors, may I add) and tries to lead a lifegain deck to get a ton of life-gain triggers.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Three Visits AND Oubliette in the same year? This truly has been a good year for reprints.
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