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  • posted a message on Acolyte of Justice
    “Up to” means you can tap none and still exile the creature and you don’t specify that the creatures need to be untapped, either (meaning that you can tap already tapped creatures post-combat).

    I think you mean “you may tap three untapped white creatures you control”. In any case, that’s the only way the card would ever see print.
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  • posted a message on [Jumpstart Historic Brawl] Davriel, Soul Broker and Davriel's Withering BANNED
    It makes sense.

    Perpetual penalties work terribly with commanders as there is nothing that undoes them... while perpetual buffs on a commander are a different sort of problem (which explains why most such buffs are given to cards in your hand rather than those on the battlefield).
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  • posted a message on New Freyalise (I think)
    Quote from rowanalpha »
    The maximum number of Elves is one, Anne.


    Why did you bring a whole ball of elves, Anne? We only needed one.

    +1 uncaps an elf and gives that elf and a random one in your hand each a perpetual +1/+1
    -1 seeks an elf from your library.
    -6 conjures a regal force onto the battlefield.
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  • posted a message on Commander Archtypes Questions back in the game after 15 years!
    Honestly not too sure what you are asking for as you don’t seem interested in 1-trick decks dependent on their commander and then proceed to list several like the Sisay toolbox. far as major general deck archetypes.

    Tribal (Any sliver legend, Morophon, ur-dragon, Edgar markov, Ezuri renegade leader)
    Stax/Control (augustin IV, Baral)
    Tokens/Aggro (Najeela, Krenko, Purphoros, Edric spymaster of treat)
    Aristocrats (Teysa, Judith)
    Wheel decks ( nekusaar, the shark+shark rider, xyris)
    Group hug decks (Phedalgriff, the kings)
    Midrange value engine (Muldrotha, Karador, Tuvasa)
    Discard matters (Tourach, Tinybones, Tergrid)
    Lifegain matters (Regina+Krav, Karlov, Oloro)
    Artifact matters (Breya, Jhoira, Urza)
    Superfrienda (Carth, Atraxa)
    Enchantment matters (sytbis, Tuvasa, etc)
    Voltron (Rafiq, Uril, Balan)
    +1/+1 counters matter (grakmaw, Ghave)
    More archetypes are being made all the time, however. Prosper from the recent commander decks made “cast from exile tribal” attractive.
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  • posted a message on What is the name of that card?
    Numa, Joraga chieftain lets you pay XX each turn to distribute X +1/+1 counters among elves you control. Joraga Warcaller gives itself and all of your elves +1/+1 for every additional 2 mana you pay as you cast it?

    Is it possible that you are thinking of one of those two cards?
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  • posted a message on Dungeon Wurm
    An excellent card. Flavorful. In the right colors. At the right power level. No rules problems.

    love this design.
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  • posted a message on Magus of the Crossroads
    Between this and the Acornmancer from awhile ago, it seems that you like your power level pretty high. I do not think that we've seen a 2 power + haste for 1 mana without 100% pure drawback. Giving opponent cards haste is a real drawback but it seems like something that is just as likely (if not more likely) to purely benefit you.

    If Wizards was to rip the color pie a new one and create a card like this in a set like modern horizons, I would expect it to have very conservative states (like maybe a 1/1 or even a 0/1) especially as being a creature means that you can green sun's zenith everything having haste from your library for 2 mana. I would follow that pattern of conservative stats in the future for any future "let's reprint reserved list cards attached to creatures" designs.
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  • posted a message on Sudden Insight
    Mana value = Converted Mana Cost as of Strixhaven.
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  • posted a message on Announcement of a Amouncement of the line up for 2022
    So... Noir plane, Shandalar (possibly as a core set stand-in), Kamigawa, Dominaria, and Lord of the Rings? If all of that ends up happening, it's not a bad line-up for the year (though I'm still waiting on something really exciting in the same way that Modern Horizons 2 or Commander Legends was a big Buzz set).

    Also, the obvious answer to needing infinitely recursive announcements for announcements is clearly to have a set announcement calendar to list when announcements for announcements are being made. As any organizer knows, a set and readily available calendar removes the need for announcements. Instead, you need reminder for events. An reminders for those reminders. And more reminders for...
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  • posted a message on Arena Jumpstart - New Kiora and more blue cards (Eurogamer preview)
    Quote from seilaoque »
    Quote from andcallmedude »
    Can in the name of the lord somebody explain to me, what's the digital part of this card that wouldn't be "reasonably" or "logistically" be doable in paper?

    It's perfectly reasonable. It simply means they are trying out new things as well. The digital environments seems like a good place to try out new things regardless whether they can be done on paper or not. "Wins" seems to imply they creature you control did not die due to state based actions immediately following the fight while the other creature did. I bet we'll see it in paper.

    I will repeat myself again : this digital-only experiment is a failure that nobody likes, both on intent and execution.

    I'm absolutely loving the set.

    already stopped drafting AFR completely to hoard gold for a crapton of Jumpstarts.

    Oh but I love the sets mechanics too. I did not say that nobody will likes the set mechanics, but that nobody will like to see those cards only with the help of binoculars, because they never will be playable in any real life format nor will ever be able to have them in their binder collection. Play hearthstone if you like digital only mechanics, Magic the Gathering is not this bull*****.

    Dude. I do not like this set. While less angry than Tiro, I think that branching the digital and physical versions of this game is a mistake.

    With that said, you can’t really say “everyone hates this” after several people specifically say that they like it. Responding to someone saying that they like it by saying “the ideas are good but you’ll never play it physically so you actually hate it so everybody hates it” is not a fair argument.

    You hate it. I hate it. Tiro hates it. A lot of people hate it. That is our prerogative. Even so, there are people who like it and I’m not going to ignore that they exist because I am angry. Ignoring them would be acting unfairly toward them when it is Wizards who deserves most of our ire.
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  • posted a message on New Card Images
    Can we collectively agree to put the name of spoiled cards in thread names? I swear that I have seen this thread title three times and keep forgetting that I already looked at it.

    ...though that may just be me being silly.
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  • posted a message on Arena Jumpstart - New Kiora and more blue cards (Eurogamer preview)
    Uh oh. An affordable thassa who easily produces kraken and it’s digital only?

    Someone better hide this from Tiro.
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  • posted a message on New Sarkhan, et al.
    Other effects that could had easily done in paper....

    +1 Sarkhan : could had been an emblem, it's even from a planeswalker source!
    O: "Add a Shivan Dragon card from outside the game in hand" or something like that

    Scorn COULD be done in paper, but tracking turn number is easy to lose after the first couple so I understand not wanting it to be a thing.

    thats what dice, paper or game apps are for.

    I... I really don't follow your logic.

    Yes, any game effect could theoretically be done with paper, dice, apps, and the like. We could play a game of Momir Vig using the random card function on gatherer if we're willing to write on basic lands with sharpies.

    With that said, there are a large number of effects that Wizards does not do in paper magic for various reasons. These effects require a lot of secret record-keeping and/or judge calls to properly use in magic and cards that do so to this degree have yet to appear in paper magic. While there have been a small number of cards that involve making secret choices, there is a world of difference (quantitatively, if not qualitatively) between making a cycle of commander-legal cards where you make 1 choice, reveal it, and don't have to worry about it afterwards versus shoving a big cluster of those cards into historic in a semi-limited format where those cards are all likely to see play for anyone joining the event.

    You have mentioned getting into weird situations with commander and being able to lead a 5-color urza deck without problem but do you really feel that those games are representative of magic as a whole? Do you think that the people playing historic want to manually keep track of how many turns you have been playing a game or use stickers/sleeve inserts to track the travel of a persistently altered card through hidden zones? Do you think that players want to wave over a judge every time they want to seek something?

    While it is not impossible to do these effects in paper magic, there are a lot of designs that Wizards wouldn't print to appeal to the common denominator. These cards are examples of where people being dumb keeps them from being physically printed and having a digital system that tracks things for you makes it easier on the Arena client.

    Actually, let's simplify your argument:
    Point 1: If they are going to make cards on arena only, they had better be impossible to replicate on paper.
    Point 2: Nothing is impossible to replicate on paper.
    Point 3: Ergo, no cards should be on arena only.

    This is just sour grapes all the way down.
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  • posted a message on Digital only cards revealed
    Is your sticker so thin that a judge cannot consistently cut your library to the card with the sticker on it? If so, I want your stickers. But I'm afraid that this is likely to not be the case.

    As somebody else noted, a thin piece of paper inside a sleeve would do the same job, and yes, nobody would ever be able to keep track of that card once is shuffled (unless there are other REAL markers but thats another issue), even a slightly curved foil card is more trackable than that. I just mentioned the sticker in the very remote hypothesis somebody is so crazy to shuffle their liliana of the veil or underground seas without sleeves, but since this is a purerly hypotethical problem since facts proves that everybody in tournaments play with protective sleeves of any kind, is actually a non-issue.

    While it is easy to forget, cards should be playable unsleeved.

    DFCs work because of checklist cards. I can write “delver of secrets” on a checklist card and have in in my library every game.

    For this ability, you are either recommending putting stickers on cards and repeatedly removing them (which would ruin the card or the sticker) or writing on a checklist-esque card something like “delver of secrets for 2 mana”, which wouldn’t be true at the start of each game and would require you to regularly replace those cards.

    Sleeves are not and should not be mandatory equipment for a card effect to function.

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  • posted a message on Digital only cards revealed

    "perpetually" effects? Just use anything as counter or marker, it's not that multiple counters with rules baggage or things that has to be tracked by being writed on a piece of paper (like the Conspiracy cards or any "choose a secret opponent" card) doesn't exist already. We even have already the emblems and all the cards with "Until the end of game" texts like Praetor's Counsel or Stigma Lasher for "perpetually" effects to track for the game.

    I am sorry but perpetually effects could not work in paper.

    If two card with the same name are shuffled from my graveyard into my library and one of the lm perpetually has flying, the game will know which one has flying when I draw it. The fact that a perpetually altered card can keep its specific traits even if it is moved into hidden zones where opponents cannot verify that you are not cheating is not replicable.
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