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  • posted a message on Best Black Group Hug/Politics general?
    Are you sure that it's group hug you're looking for. The specific cards you listed in the OP seem more like "pillow fort" components.

    If you want to get the Ludevic feel, you could always go with Sygg and build a pillow fort so your opponents can't hit you and give you cards when they hit each other.
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  • posted a message on So what could WotC realistically do to help white in Commander?
    How to improve white?

    How about making white enchantments for Stax/Control? White already has a ton of hate-bears and stax-esque components but it relies on artifacts and squishy creatures for virtually all stax play (minus rare gems like Moat or Authority of the Consuls).

    One other mechanic that I feel would fit in with White is punishing the opponent for having "a lot" instead of for having "more than you". Cheap creatures and spells that get extra effects if your opponent controls 7+ lands or 5+ cards in hand would allow early game cards to see use in the late game, adding a degree of utility that mitigates difficulties with ramp and card advantage (without requiring you to be in a worse situation).


    Microcosm 1 mana white mana
    Exile target attacking creature.
    If your opponents control five or more creatures, instead exile all attacking creatures.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Collector's Boosters
    Not really.

    Call me crazy but I would rather not get 50% of the content of a booster box (plus a couple shinies) for 75% of the price.

    While cracking boosters for a normal seal offers a similarly poor rate, the price point of $75 is much closer to box price than the typical $20

    In other word, it makes sense to play sealed if you don't want to spend a lot of money. If you're already spending a bunch of money on a collector's sealed, however...
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  • posted a message on [MTG Planar Format] New Format for New and Old Players to be able to play against each other.
    Huh... This is an interesting idea for a format.

    Obviously, not every set will have balance against one another. A player who has played for a while may have access to a New Phyrexia deck that simply has a higher power level than a newbie's Guilds of Ravnica deck. In that respect, your goal where "new players can have equal footing with veterans" is kind of null and void. This is reason (as I understand it) that Brawl is restricted to standard cards, restricting the cardpool to cards that new players and veterans have relatively equal access to.

    Otherwise, you end up with something like this:
    1 Literally any mythic
    2 Black Lotus
    2 Contract From Below
    2 Demonic Tutor
    2 Channel
    2 Regrowth
    2 Dark Ritual
    2 Llanwar Elves
    2 Fireball
    2 Pestilence
    2 Lightning Bolt
    2 Sinkhole
    2 Fog
    2 Red Elemental Blast
    5 Mountain
    6 Forest
    6 Swamp

    It's a deck that literally holds lotus-channel-fireball for a 1 turn kill... and has two demonic tutors and two contract from below to find the pieces... and regrowth to regain lost pieces/red elemental blast to disrupt counterspells. If you go with the 5 rares for sets with no mythics idea, I'd shove black lotus into the mythic slot and slot in a wheel of fortune.

    Yeah, it's a little bit disengenuous to say that you are putting veterans and new players on a level playing field... or that you are letting players get competitive use out of cards like Arcanis the Omnipotent... when the format will inevitably gravitate toward the expansions towards the most powerful cards (which veterans are more likely to have) and entire SETS will be rendered unplayable.

    Mind you, I still like the format. I just see the flaws that come with it.
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  • posted a message on Flavor Text Game
    Lost Time blue mana blue mana
    At the beginning of the next end step, untap all permanents you control.
    Skip your next untap step.
    ”I seemed to have put myself in between Thursday, and Friday.” - Izzet Chonarch Log, Entry 134

    "Sweet dreams."


    In his defense, the gerbil was fairly ferocious.
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  • posted a message on Anyone want to see Tournament Packs make a comeback?
    Personally, I think that tournament packs would let places like Walmart hold sealed events without maintaining a land station. Just an idle observation...
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  • posted a message on Pushed Simic Removal?
    Personally, I think that pushed simic removal would look something like this:

    Predatory Response blue mana green mana
    Instant (R)
    Until end of turn, target creature you control gains trample and gains base power and toughness 4/4. That creature fights up to one target creature you don't control.
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  • posted a message on Flavor Text Game
    Cerberus Pup 1 mana red mana
    Creature- Hound (U)
    "Adorable? Yes. Dangerous? Also yes."
    -Gustav The Scholar

    If at first you don't succeed, find another test subject.
    "Don't worry. Flesh is overrated"
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  • posted a message on Flavor Text Game
    Sequestered Illusionist 1 mana blue mana blue mana
    Creature- Human Wizard
    You cannot cast creature spells.
    Whenever Solitary Summoner attacks or blocks, create a 2/2 blue illusion creature token.
    Loneliness is the one companion that never leaves your side.

    Magic has a way of turning molehills into mountains.


    It sees. It knows. It hates.
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  • posted a message on Flavor Text Game
    Kincrusher Troll 1 mana black mana red mana
    Creature- Troll (R)
    Whenever Kincrushwr Troll attack or blocks, sacrifice another attacking or blocking creature.
    It's a great fool who willingly socializes with trolls.


    The raiders soon discovered that their treasure was rich in potassium.


    "Why me?"
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  • posted a message on Flavor Text Game
    Just a light and fluffy game to check when things are going slow. This is basic enough that I'm pretty sure that I would wager that someone has made this thread at some point but looking through the last 20 pages (and two years) of this sub-forum didn't turn up any obvious results... so here I go.

    The rules are simple:
    1. Make a card to hold the flavor text given to you by the above poster (Un-cards are fair game if a line seems too cheesy/humorous).
    2. Give a new line of flavor text for the next poster to give a card.

    To start this game off...

    Goblins lack a word for 'irony'.
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  • posted a message on Solar Burst
    Just thought of a card that I'd love to see in a commander product one day.

    Solar Burst R/G mana
    Sorcery (u)
    Destroy target artifact.
    Add Colorless Mana Colorless Mana .

    Blowing up a turn 1 sol ring in commander usually costs a player tempo and lets other players pull ahead. This card adds colorless mana and requires a target (unlike storm fodder like rite of flame) but still turns an enemy's turn 1 sol ring into a turn 1 signet for yourself.
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  • posted a message on Experimental Frenzy - MTGGoldfish Twitter
    Rather than comparing this with futuresight, I am looking at Recycle/Null profusion.

    With that comparison, this costs two less but let's you keeps one card instead of two cards. This card also effectively forces you to rummage each turn (the top card of your deck is drawn and a new top card can be played), keeping you from getting trapped with unplayable cards. Finally, you can sacrifice this card if you get trapped to refill your hand with everything you rummaged away.

    Viewed in that way, this card seems pretty exceptional... in the right deck.
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  • posted a message on Enhanced Surveillance and Disinformation Campaign
    Surveillance and that mythic demon can dig out Nexus of Fate really quickly. Want to see if we get "Fate Surveiled" as a standard archetype.
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