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  • posted a message on Alara / Khans Cube
    Has anyone created a Shards of Alara / Khans of Tarkir cube? I would be interested in seeing it. Thanks.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Assault Loam

    Since we have cycle lands again, thought I would give a link to old Extended AggroLoam lists. The old lists have better cycle lands but these may still be good enough. You will notice BoP and Wall of Roots in the lists. I would imagine due to cycle lands and only running 24-25 lands. I would typically run 26-28 in my versions. These lists run 8 cycle lands and really only splash black for discard. I usually like to run black for Bob as well but he may no longer be needed due to the cycle lands. The one card that would really help the current lists is devastating dreams. Anyways, thought I would share the link to give some background.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Assault Loam
    @ lvg, on average, what turn is traverse turned on and what turns are you casting it? Regarding Gitrog, I have come to the same conclusion. The synergy seems to be there but in the end it did not get the job done. I think something is there but I have not quite found it yet.
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  • posted a message on Dredgevine
    It appears there are two schools of thought on playing this deck...using Red or Blue as the third main color. Is Red the best color to use?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Assault Loam
    I think The Gitrog Monster needs to be used in this deck. At this time, there is no other deck in Modern that can use its ability better than this deck. I have thought about an Abzan shell with Gitrog, Grisly Salvage and Knight of the Reliquary but I have not flushed out the entire idea.

    Anyways, I am currently running one in the main in a BRg shell and when it hits play, you usually win on the spot. I recommend not playing it until there are usually about 7-8 lands in play with Seismic Assault out, but it is not needed. If you have Molten Vortex, Raven's Crime, or Flame Jab, you can usually draw into a Seismic Assault.

    I have tested out Blighted Fen and Mortuary Mire. I have not been to impressed with Blighted Fen but I do like Mortuary Mire. It helps when I want to return a milled The Gitrog Monster into the graveyard and I want to perform a combo finish next turn.

    Below is my list:

    For those of you who are not playing Countryside Crusher, I recommend you at least test it. It can easily be the biggest creature on the field. Plus, if you have a Dark Confidant out, you can stack the triggers. If I need to draw a spell and do not mind taking the damage, I have Crusher's ability resolve first and then Dark Confidant. Mill the lands away and then draw into action. If you resolve the triggers with Dark Confidant's resolving first, usually meaning you don't mind drawing a land, then you will reveal to Crusher until you find an action spell. If it is a spell that you do not need and you have a Loam in the yard, dredge back the loam. The stacking of the triggers really helps the deck find what it needs, ie Maelstrom Pulse or Seismic Assault or a SB card.

    Let me know if you have any questions with the list. My list is a lot more traditional. There is a SCG in the Dallas in June and I plan on playing this deck.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Assault Loam
    Yea, I have never gotten behind the temur builds. I have been playing loam since modern started and I have always thought raven's crime is too strong. I tried out young pyro but never seemed to be what I wanted. I have continued to use goyf but recently i have removed him. I just run bob and contryside crusher. He outclasses almost every creature in the format. My list runs 28 lands. What i have always liked the most about this deck is the multiple angles of attack. I also tend not to run faitnless looting but instead magmetic insight.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Assault Loam
    This is my favorite deck in Modern until I can find a good Gifts Rock list. My version of the deck is fairly typical of the old lists except I am running Magmatic Insight instead of Faithless Looting. This card was made for this deck. I use it combined with Bob for a decent draw engine. My meta consists of a lot of artifacts (1 Affinity, 1 U/B Tezzert and 2 Lantern Control). The Lantern control MU gave me some trouble as I was not sure how to play around it. After some much thought, I think I have a decent game plan because I can dedicate so many cards in the board to artifact destruction. Other decks in my meta include Burn, Bogles, Jund, Grixis Twin and Grixis Control. I have added Spellskite to help with the Twin, Bogles and Burn match ups.

    What are you all boarding in for the Grixis and Jund match ups if anything? Also do you all consider these match up in our favor. If so, what cards are your all-stars?

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  • posted a message on [Primer] 4C Gifts
    Why do you all think about Siege Rhino? It reminds me of Loxodon Hierarch builds from the pre-modern format. Also, what are the thoughts on glittering wish for this archetype? I remember old lists would use living wish or trinket Mage.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Assault Loam
    Ran the following list yesterday and went 4-1 to take second place yesterday.

    Round 1: Lost in 3 to Scapeshift. He ended up getting first. Thought about having two copies of Slaughter Games in the SB but decided against it in the end. May need to rethink this.
    Round 2: B/g Zombies. Won in 3. Had Courser of Kruphix in the SB which helped a lot in this match up.
    Round 3: W/b Tokens. Won in 2. Loam engine too strong with either Assult or Flame Jab.
    Round 4: Affinity. Won in 3. Ancient Grudges and sweepers out of the SB helped me win this match up.
    Round 5: Death and Taxes. Won in 2. Depending on the opening hand, this could have done either way. He was not playing Mirran Crusader or swords. If he had, I think he may have won. I have seen these style of decks also adept Green for Scavening Ooze. He was playing a mono-white version.

    Below is my list. It is more traditional Jund color version.

    The deck is a blast to play even though I made numerous mistakes with missed triggers and not dredging when I should. That will come with time but overall, satisfied with my performance since it was the first time I have played the deck semicompetively. Would be willing to answer questions. Any comments are welcome.

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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    For the true health of the Modern format, many cards needs to see wide spread reprinting. What Wotc should do is the following:

    Reprint Onslaught fetches for the next M set. Reprint the Zendikar fetches in MM2. Reprint either the Filter Lands or the World Wake man lands in the next block.

    I think it is fine for the game to have expensive cards. It is a major driver for people to bust packs so WoTC can continue to make the game we all love.
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  • posted a message on [Idea] Non reserve list cards you'd like to see reprinted for Modern
    I would like to see the following reprinted so I can play my favorite deck of all time Gifts Rock.

    Pernicious Deed
    Living Wish
    Cabal Therapy
    Collective Restraint

    I would also like to see Destructive Flow and the Onslaught Cycle Lands.

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  • posted a message on MTG Modern Domain Ep. 17: LIVE! We're taking callers for the GP Richmond Report (10:00 PM Central)
    To all our faithful listeners, I may be taking a break for awhile. Had some very happy family issues arise that will be consuming at lot of my time. I may try to get in a couple more episode with David. Modern is such an awesome format and there is so much to talk about. If you are interested in filling in while I am out, please PM David (Topper). As you can tell, this is far from a serious or polished podcast. At this time it is free for us to cast since we are using the free version of Blog Talk Radio. We are only given 30 minutes per day to cast which is why we may come across as rushed. Trust me, 30 minutes may sound like a lot of time but it goes by so fast. If you want to talk Magic, specifially Modern, let David know. Got to go, time to change a diaper.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] DredgeVine
    Quote from Lueseto
    pizzap, wouldn't Lightning Bolt just be better than Fiery Temper in your list? You can discard it reliably only to Faithless Looting (since Goblin Lore is random) and the 3 mana cost is way too steep for this deck. Moreover, you'll probably have things to discard to Looting, it's not like you'll need madness cards to get value (plus the fact that you can play Bolt at instant speed makes it miles better)

    I've been running a 4-color build, I just find Fatestitcher, Hedron Crab and Magus of the Bazaar too insane, but would never play this deck without Looting, which is just broken nuts in this deck... So I have a minimal red splash to be able to cast it. It's just too useful. This is my current list:

    I was running a singleton Gnaw to the Bone and it worked wonders, just cut it yesterday but can't remember why... I think I'll find a slot for it mainboard again, since you can hit it pretty often and it's way unfair... So far I've never been in a situation in which I've used Life from the Loam, so that might be the one to go.

    One issue I've had with this build is that many times I start dredging and end up binning all of my shocklands of one color, and then can't fetch them and screw myself. It is important to have an eye on that and try to establish the little manabase you'll need in time.

    The deck is fast if undisrupted, but it slows down a bunch if one of your enablers gets killed. You have a lot though, and can rearm pretty fast. My biggest concern is that running Darkblast as the only removal makes you just lose against a good Twin hand, but I preferred focusing on a fast list mainboard to see how consistent it can be. So far it runs smooth (save for mana screws).

    Matches against zoo so far have depended on me finding the Gnaw to the Bone in time... they are consistently faster than us if they can slow us with a couple removal spells on the enablers, and I take way too much damage from the greedy manabase.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    The list is more my style with less red. I actually cut the looting all together. A couple questions. I have been very satisfied with drowned rusalka and Satyr Wayfinder from the new set. They might be something you might try. I am using Drowned Rusalka in the Magus slot but I can see its merits, especially if you are unearthing fatestitcher to untap it and dredge for another two draws. Also, I am playing two dakmor salvage for the Bloodghasts. In the red versions, lootings is good but it is not as explosive as the Bug versions.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] DredgeVine
    Quote from BobMcFail
    I honestly like Satyr Wayfinder. What do you guys think about him?

    When I saw this card spoiled I thought he would be an auto include. I picked up my playset over the weekend and he fits is perfectly. He mills, gets a land, helps trigger Bloodghast and Vengevine. No brainer for this deck.

    I have dropped red altogether. Below is my deck list:

    DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    4 Darkslick Shores
    4 Misty Rainforest
    3 Verdant Catacombs
    3 Scalding Tarn
    2 Watery Grave
    2 Breeding Pool
    1 Island

    Graveyard fillers
    4 Hedron Crab - Mill
    4 Satyr Wayfinder - Mill with hitting a land.
    4 Golgari Thug - dredge
    4 Stinkweed Imp - dredge or creature kill

    4 Drowned Rusalka - Dredge enabler and discard outlet. Very undervalued card for this archetype. Being able to dredge 3-4 times a turn is absurd.
    4 Lotleth Troll - Discard outlet, beater and Zombie creature type for Gravecrawler to help trigger Venvegine.

    Removal / Venvevine Enabler
    4 Fatesticher - This used to be Dregscape Zombie but for the same amount of mana, I can tap down an opponents threat. In addition, it is also a zombie. With a U/B land and another land that produces black mana, you can perform the following with two mana. Unearth fatesticher with the U/B land. Uptap the land with fatesticher's ability, tap for black to get back gravecrawler, tap the other land for black to get back gravecrawler. Venvegine triggers and get back all vines in the yard. This creature is a strick upgrade to Dregscape Zombie. Against a Wurmcoil Engine you can tap it down and continue to swing. Also a very undervalued card in this archetype.

    4 Bloodghast
    4 Vengevine
    4 Gravecrawler

    Overall, I have been very impressed with the current build. A blast to play. I may need to sneak in a couple other cards to shore up some matches like Gnaw to the Bone but I would encourage others to try this build out. Sequencing is very important in this deck. I commonly sac my Bloodghasts to Drowned Rusalka to start dredgeing and creating a large graveyard. Then you can cast Satyr Wayfinder to find a land. Play the land to trigger Bloodghast back. Tap land to unearth Fatesticher to uptap a black producing land. Tap black land to get back gravecrawler to trigger Vengevine since you played the Satyr Wayfinder earlier. Attack! Attack! Attack!!!

    New favorite deck for the time being. I have been toying with a Vengevine deck for over 6 months but have not been impressed. I felt the Grislebros deck with Necrotic Ooze was a better graveyard. I think that deck is more explosive but this deck is not a little slower but a lot more consistent now.

    As I said earlier, I dropped the red and it is worth it.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] DredgeVine
    There have been some lists on the dailies recently, usually playing 4 colors. The one card I am excited about for this deck is satyr wayfinder. 1/1 when it enters the battlefield reveal the top 4 and choose a land card from them and put into your hand. Put the rest into the graveyard. Something like that. But it mills, counts as a creature for vengevine and gives a land drop for Hedron crab and bloodghast.
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