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  • posted a message on Peasant Core 2020 Thread
    A 2 mana 2/2 with etb deal 4-5 is crazy in specifically aggro, but you aren't getting that in aggro (unless you both t2 it and don't attack with it, which isn't great). If you're in a slower deck, then it's pretty unlikely 2-3 damage is going to matter. Suture Priest was brought up, which has basically the same issues: weak in combat, dead top deck, and doesn't actually impact the board, despite being really life positive. I'm not going to play a random Lava Spike, but I might play a random really cheap Lava Axe.

    Why can't you attack with it? It behaves just like any other aggro two drop. It just has 1 less power than the typical two drop but more than makes up for it with the ability that can potentially deal 5+ damage on its own. If it trades with a defender of your opponent, fine - it's a two drop? If it eats removal that's fine as well. If it gets blocked without dying the ability still triggers, it doesn't need to be untapped. Apart from that if you play it turn two in the right deck it's probably perfectly fine to just not attack with it as it will almost certainly deal more than 5 damage if it doesn't get removed, which is more than you could ever ask from a two drop.

    Suture Priest is a really bad comparison. It's a 1/1, which isn't even comparable to a 2/2, and the life loss completely depends on the deck of your opponent, which makes this part of the card as useless as protection from x against some decks. That's why the life loss is good for the sideboard only.

    The life gain on its own isn't very good for a two drop, you're better off running something like Nyx-Fleece Ram (or the great Soul Warden if you want a one drop), which is a fine card, but goes into a completely different deck than Corpse Knight.

    The Lava Spike or Lava Axe comparison makes as much sense as saying that Fire Imp is just a bad, overcosted sorcery speed Shock.

    EDIT: Too bad Portal of Sanctuary is limited to your own turn. They nerfed that effect too much, now even with a Wall of Omens out it's worse than Arcane Encyclopedia.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    A nagging questions I have yet to figure out the answer to:

    Is Defile better than Disfigure?

    Defile seems likely to be as good or better as Disfigure in most games by turn 4, which I think is worth it being worse on turns 1-3. Will anyone else be considering this swap?

    I think the chance to hit a slightly larger creature in the late game isn't worth the chance that it can be useless (sometimes literally useless if you play a multicolor land instead of a basic swamp) in the early game. The reason why I play a 1 cmc removal spell is that I want to cast it early and I want that spell to be reliable when I need it.
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  • posted a message on Peasant Core 2020 Thread

    What's the damage needed from Corpse Knight to have it be decent? 4-5ish? Probably too high to be worth a guild slot.

    Not sure whether you mean total damage or life loss from the ability, but assuming you mean the ability I think calling a 2/2 for 2 mana that deals 4-5 damage without attacking or tapping (basically on etb) 'decent' is a bit of an understatement. Keldon Marauders is a playable aggro card and it deals 2 damage. A 3/3 for a single attack phase is probably worse than a 2/2 that stays forever.

    To call Corpse Knight decent 2-3 (noncombat) damage are more than enough, 4-5 damage is already awesome and anything more than that is completely nuts. I don't think that's very hard to achieve in a creature heavy deck with a few token makers, it's more the (almost) worst case scenario when in top deck mode.
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  • posted a message on Peasant Core 2020 Thread
    Quote from n00b1n8R »
    Cryptic Caves reminds me a lot Blighted Cataract. Obviously it's cheaper and colourless but is that enough of an upside to bump out a low-tier artifact or one of the other utility lands?

    I think the difference between having seven mana (most likely lands unless you play UG) minimum and tapping out with all you've got versus having five lands and tapping only two of them is a huge difference. There are only few decks that can achieve the former reliably while getting a true benefit out of it while pretty much every midrange or control deck should be able to do the latter eventually. I think Caves are probably even playable in aggro.

    Then there is of course the color restriction, in my cube at least it's far easier to find a colorless spot for such a card than making room for it in the blue section. On top of that blue is a color that doesn't really need more card draw.
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  • posted a message on Peasant Core 2020 Thread
    Quote from JovianHomarid »
    Flame Sweep intrigues me. Powerful effect, does it have a home? Rx control? Rx skies somehow?

    Red has zero flying creatures in most cubes, would be weird to build an Rx skies deck just for a single card. Control wants all the sweepers it can get, so running low toughness flyers is not a good idea most of the time even if you get them from another color.

    I doubt it will be more than Fiery Cannonade most of the time. Flame Sweep is a decent card, but it would be very hard to abuse the potentially powerful effect it has without sacrificing something else for it while drafting.
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  • posted a message on Peasant Core 2020 Thread
    I like the Empyrean Eagle and Ironroot Warlord, but don't have room for either. I think the eagle is better than Thunderclap Wyvern. Cryptic Caves is of course great as well.

    I also like Corpse Knight. Adds 4 damage to Lingering Souls, 2 damage to Raise the Alarm etc. That's not too bad in an aggressive token/weenie deck. Of course not a great top deck, but it's a 2 mana creature and not completely useless in that case either.

    Dragon Mage is (far) too expensive for aggro or midrange and useless for control. Decent reanimator target, but that's not worth a spot in my red section.
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  • posted a message on Peasant Core 2020 Thread
    I agree with Purplemurasaki, this is a 4 mana sorcery speed Staggershock with very little upside (and some downside, too since your opponent can prevent the rebound). It may occassionaly be card #23 in a red midrange deck, but that's hardly a reason to play it. If this is a cycle maybe the other planeswalkers have a +1 that actually matters.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    Quote from kanz »
    Any thoughts on any of the new ninjas? Do any of these make a ninja archetype more viable?

    There are like 1-3 playable ninjas (Ninja of the Deep Hours, Throat Slitter and maybe Okiba-Gang Shinobi?) and the Modern Horizons c/u ninjas are all worse than those. I think we are 4-5 ninja tribal sets away from a ninja archetype. :p

    Of course you can make a tribal cube where even the bad ninjas are playable, but I guess that was not the question.

    Quote from Narvuntien »
    :/ I play blink and don't intend to play Soulherder It just feels like its only good in blink while playing some UW ETB creatures with reasonable bodies of their own are much more universal.

    On second thoughts I don't think I'll add Watcher for Tomorrow because it's super annoying to have a card under my card like that I like to avoid annoying mechanics.

    25% of the white and 40% of blue creatures in my cube have an etb effect - and almost all of them even have an effect that I would consider very powerful if it gets repeated every turn. I think that's no different in most other cubes. If you consider that a deck that wants Soulherder (midrange) doesn't want pure aggro cards the overall percentage of possible creature draft picks is probably more like 50%.

    That's why I think Soulherder is perfectly playable in almost all Azorius midrange decks you can possibly draft as all you need are 5+ creatures with a nice etb effect. It's pretty much impossible to draft a deck that doesn't have at least 5 of those creatures. On top of that you get synergies with all those exile cards in white, such as Oblivion Ring, Path to Exile and the like.

    I hate annoying mechanics myself (such as flip cards), but putting a card under another card is annoying? So auras are annoying as well? Not sure I understand, but to each his own.
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  • posted a message on modern horizons require modern solutions
    A bit late to the party, but I had problems with my record company.

    Cards I like:

    Mother Bear

    A bit boring, but very nice value card for a common. Also another pay-off for a grindy graveyard self-mill deck.

    Good-Fortune Unicorn

    In my opinion clearly better than Juniper Order Ranger. This is one of those effects that become (much) better the sooner you can cast them. Juniper Order Ranger is usually one of the last cards you will play before you get into top deck mode. This one is not.


    To me this is the best card of the set for CU/be. It's an auto include for anyone who supports the blink/bounce/flicker archetype. You get a free etb effect and a growing creature each turn and Soulherder is even resilient against sorcery speed removal (kind of). With a Wall of Omens out you get a better version of Phyrexian Rager the turn you cast it and it can get really out of hand from there if it doesn't get removed.


    Ephemerate is more or less strictly better than Cloudshift, so it's an easy switch. Cloudshift was borderline playable only, this is very decent value and won't leave my cube anytime soon. Again using the Wall of Omens example this can be a one mana instant speed Divination quite easily.

    Faerie Seer

    I like Faerie Seer a lot more than Omenspeaker. There aren't that many creatures a vanilla 1/3 can block without dying anyway these days and a 1/1 flyer can at least trade with 2/1 flyers or block a Hypnotic Specter for a turn. No need to say that the difference between 1 and 2 mana is huge as well.

    Watcher for Tomorrow

    Etb tapped is a bit of a shame, otherwise it would be a blue version of Sakura-Tribe Elder. I imagine it's still a very good card overall and obviously this is yet another great addition for the blink deck.

    Feaster of Fools

    I'm not entirely sure about this card, but I think it may be better than some people think it is. I can see it play well both in sacrifice decks with creatures that want to die/cheap tokens or in aggressive decks where you can't really do much with your Carnophage or Jackal Pup on turn 5+ unless you win anyway. If you sac two creatures (and use convoke to cast the Feaster) it's a 7/7 flyer for four mana.

    It's risky, but in creature heavy decks your opponent often won't have any answers left late in the game as only very few cards can actually deal with a black creature of that size. On top of that you still have the alternative to simply cast it as a 3/3 with convoke and black doesn't exactly have a wide selection of large, playable creatures.

    Decent cards I'm currently not interested in:

    Valiant Changeling

    As far as I can tell many people seem to think this is the best card of the set. I disagree. I believe it will mostly work like a slightly harder to cast Scrapper Champion. And while Scrapper Champion is a very decent card it doesn't stand out and I don't need another one in white.

    If you play him in a typical aggro deck with lots of creatures and one drops you will still most of the time not be able to cast him before turn 4 (just like Scrapper Champion). Creature types overlap a lot (humans/soldiers/warriors etc) and if you play with old border cards and don't want to use oracle text you often only get a single creature type anyway. So getting four different creature types on the start of turn three will only rarely happen (if you don't have enough one drops like many people it will almost never happen actually).

    If you draw it late and have a board that allows you to cast it for very cheap WW you probably don't need the mana reduction anymore anyway since you're playing aggro and don't have anything else you want to cast on your hand.

    But the real reason to play a double strike creature are voltron/pants decks that run a lot of equipment and/or pump effects/auras/anthems. And here Changeling is even worse since these decks tend to run only relatively few creatures and no aggro one drops. You are probably happy if you can play him for 2WW on turn four in such a deck.

    Scale Up

    I think the comparison with Flower//Flourish that was made doesn't do it justice. Flourish gives each creature +2/+2, that means you have to assume the average creature you have is 4/2 when probably most creatures in a deck that wants a team pump spell like this are 1/1 or 2/2 at best (mana dorks, tokens, utility creatures).

    I also disagree that you need a specific boardstate to use it. I hear this often in combination with cards like Overrun, but you don't need to kill your opponent immediately to get value out of a card like that. If he either needs to sacrifice blockers to prevent a game loss or if his life total goes down to burn range (even if you don't run red) that's enough reason to attack.

    The only reason why I don't run Scale Up is that there are more than enough more interesting or outright better team pump effects in green (Song of Freyalise, Great Oak Guardian or Overrun for example) and I don't need another one.

    Goblin Oriflamme

    I ran Alpha Orcish Artillery (with 1R casting cost) for a while and if I wanted to run this effect I would have used Alpha Oriflamme. I think it's always hard for non-creature effects like this to break into creature heavy decks since you can only run so few of them. Anything below standard anthem (+1/+1 all the time for 3 mana) isn't good enough for me.

    Splicer's Skill

    Nice effect, but white doesn't have enough cheap instants and sorceries for such an effect.


    Blue card draw is a bit like red burn - there is more than enough quality to choose from. Still, this could be actually a very decent card advantage engine in a control deck.

    Treetop Ambusher

    Nice card, wish it was red. Green has more interesting options for me...I guess. Not sure yet.
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  • posted a message on For "My Account Was Just Deleted" Users
    Quote from kaburi »

    That's why there were pop-ups and banners warning you that you needed to grant us explicit permission or face account deletion well before this happened. We started the warning messages on December 17, weeks before the deadline.

    I definitely had no banners or pop ups or anything like that and I posted with my old account hours before it was deleted. Maybe these warnings were blocked by my adblocker, but since most browsers have adblockers already built in these days that should have been expected. Got no notification/pm/message on this forum either. All I got was an email from Curse that didn't even mention mtgsalvation and that went directly to my spam folder.

    Seeing how many important threads and users were deleted who now want their accounts back you quite obvisously failed to deliver the message properly. The EU laws may have been the reason why you had to delete the accounts, but not communicating the problem properly was your fault and only your fault.

    EDIT: Still have the emails in my spam folder and it never mentioned mtgsalvation, not in the header and not in the mail itself. It's ridiculous, the email just reads 'consent required for uninterrupted service' sent from 'The Curse Team'. That sounds like the very definition of a spammy phishing mail if you don't know who 'The Curse Team' is and my email program (Thunderbird) acted accordingly and put it where such emails belong.

    I get the 'What's been happening at MTG Salvation' emails from...actual MTG Salvation... every once in a while and these don't go to my spam folder. Would it have been so hard to use the same system to deliver the warning about the EU privacy laws/account deletion? Uhh
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  • posted a message on For "My Account Was Just Deleted" Users
    Quote from Feyd_Ruin »

    We've heard back from the legal team, and because you did not explicitly Accept the transfer, the deletion of your posts are threads are permanent.

    First off I know this is not your (the moderators) personal fault, so my rant is directed at the people who run this site.

    I'm the first one to say that EU data laws are made by paranoid idiots, but it's not the EU law that caused this mess. You sent an automated email from 'curse' that said something about an account getting suspended. And that's all you did to inform us about this serious issue. This email probably went directly to the spam folder of many people. When I see an email from an unknown origin in my spam folder that says something about my account getting suspended and me needing to verify information then I just delete it immediately. This is what most sane people would do since it is almost always some kind of phishing attempt. I didn't even know this site was run by a company called Curse and I don't care about it either.

    There would have been many reasonable ways to ensure everyone gets informed properly. You could have automatically logged out people who were affected by this and then asked them on login whether they would agree to have their data transferred. Problem solved. But it seems you simply didn't care and now tens of thousands of posts and even more importantly many carefully crafted threads are gone forever.

    This is unacceptable and that's why personally I'm done with this forum. I did create a Twitch account when I had to even though I don't use it and just a few months later everything I posted gets deleted because of some other bs. What's next? I don't want to find out.
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  • posted a message on For "My Account Was Just Deleted" Users
    I would like to have my account restored if possible. Username was Phitt77.

    Seriously, what the hell. The notifications from Curse apparently landed in my spam folder and I never saw them. Only found out about them now by doing some detective work on my own. Sending an autmated email to my spam folder from 'Curse' (wouldn't even have known it was related to MTGSalvation even if I would have seen it) was the only way to inform me that everything I ever posted on this forum within the last few years would be deleted? Unbelievable.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance for Peasant Cubes
    Quote from leadfeather89 »
    Quote from user-21541072 »

    What happened to my account? Had to login again today and now I'm user xyz with 1 post?
    Looks like it happened to that dude up there, too. User-2364....

    And not only that, looks like everything I ever posted was deleted as well. Including the average peasant cube thread. What the hell.

    EDIT: Found out what caused it. Hopefully I can get my posts back. It's unbelievable how stupid some people are, but that doesn't fit into this thread. Sorry for being off-topic.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance for Peasant Cubes
    Quote from Narvuntien »
    Yeah, I am still not seeing the appeal of light up the stage how is it better than tormenting voice?

    It's one card more for one mana less. There are some hoops to jump through, but it's a very reasonable expectation for aggressive low curve decks that you'll get a one mana Divination most of the time in a color that normally has no card draw.

    Forgot about this card, will definitely add it as well.

    EDIT: What happened to my account? Had to login again today and now I'm user xyz with 1 post?
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