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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine for Peasant Cube
    You're only about 29% to get 3 or more in opener + first 4 draws, if you do they're vanilla 1R 4/4s with downside on t4. But a single removal spell makes them 3/3s, which is pretty fair. It's kinda hard to evaluate how they should be played, but I don't think they're unbeatable a relevant amount of the time (7.5% to draw 4 with first 4 draws, then needing 4 lands and removal on top of that to nut draw, while still being pretty soft to removal). I'm at the very least interested in how people play them, as playing multiples later in the game seems just as viable as running them in aggro.

    Yes, that's why I said some games. If you add cards like Faihtless Looting or play blue you can greatly increase the chances to draw these early. Depending on the amount of removal in your cube it can be pretty brutal if you get four of them in first five turns and your opponent can only remove one. I don't think they're too good, but I think they will randomly be unbeatable if you are lucky and build your deck around them a bit, even if it's only in 1 out of 5 games.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine for Peasant Cube

    Seven Dwarves - I do a pick 1 get 4 thing with Squadron Hawks. Not sure how well that would work here

    7 of these in a 40 card deck? I think that would be unbeatable in some games.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    I run Kiln Fiend and Temur Battle Rage mainly for that archetype. Manaplasm also works great. Combined with cards like Reckless Charge, Become Immense, Mutagenic Growth and (other) haste enablers like Goblin Motivator or Lightning Mauler this plays more like a combo than an aggro deck.

    For example T1 Mana dork, T2 Manaplasm, T3 Reckless Charge + Blossoming Defense + Temur Battle Rage = 10/7 double strike hexproof trample
    T1 Mana dork, T2 Grapple with the Past + Goblin Motivator, T3 Kiln Fiend + Temur Battle Rage + Become Immense = 13/8 Double Strike, Trample, Haste

    There are many other possible plays that can end the game on turn 3-4 immediately. Cards like Faithless Looting, Worldly Tutor or Grapple with the Past make the deck more consistent. And with haste you can end the game when your opponent is tapped out and can't react with instant speed removal.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine for Peasant Cube

    Venerable Knight
    There are still white 2/1 one drops without upside in my cube, so this is an easy upgrade, even with only a handful of other knights in the cube.

    Syr Konrad, the Grim
    Should be playable in almost any black midrange deck and I expect him to excel in sacrifice and self-mill decks. Fun card, will definitely play it.

    Order of Midnight
    Probably the best aggro two drop we have in black. The adventure mechanic is not a personal favorite of mine, but I want this card in my cube. Also the only adventure card where the creature would be good enough on its own already.

    Once and Future
    I expect this to be instant speed Restock for one mana less in >75% cases since green usually has a lot of colored mana sources and since you rarely cast this effect on curve. If it gets cast without three green mana it's still a good card.

    Syr Alin, the Lion's Claw
    Big body with an anthem effect. Unlike Pianna, Nomad Captain she can attack without dying while being a big threat on her own. She dies to removal, but at least she's burn proof.

    Claim the Firstborn
    Wrangle is a decent card, but I passed on it. One mana is so cheap for this effect I just have to try Claim the Firstborn now.

    Honorable mentions:

    Kenrith's Transformation
    Removal spell that cantrips. But I run Beast Within because it can remove any permanent and this can only remove creatures. Plus it can be disenchanted.

    Overwhelmed Apprentice
    Nice one drop for people who support mill. Other than that Faerie Seer is better.

    Archon of Absolution
    Another fair Ghostly Prison effect. I like Baird, Steward of Argive a bit more as decks that want this effect are defensive.

    Rosethorn Halberd
    Equip cost is a bit too high, but at uncommon with an equip cost of 3 this could have been a playable equipment.

    Shepherd of the Flock
    A bounce/protection spell that can also be a decent aggro two drop. I'm unsure about adventure spells. I guess you don't want too many of these in your deck, but a few of them probably make the deck more consistent.

    Rimrock Knight
    Pretty much the aggressive variant of Sheperd of the Flock.

    Hypnotic Sprite
    Both sides are pretty good, but the UU cost of the creature is problematic. Too hard to cast on curve if you need the creature and not the spell.

    Faerie Guidemother
    A mediocre one drop and a less than mediocre pump spell. Again not too bad, but not enough to replace one of my current one drops.

    Grumgully, the Generous
    Good-Fortune Unicorn with a slightly better body, but a weaker ability. About 25% of creatures in my Gruul section are humans and especially red has lots of them. A bit too random for my taste, but certainly very playable as the effect is really strong.

    Decent colorless one drop, but overall just worse than any colored one drop. I have enough of those, so I don't need this, but it's not a terrible card.

    Syr Carah, the Bold
    Probably a bit too high cmc and/or too weak, but a powerful effect for a spells deck. Wish she was one mana cheaper.

    Keeper of Fables
    Green has some very powerful five cmc cards, so this has a hard time making it into a list. But it's a beefy body that can potentially draw you a bunch of cards. Not too bad.

    Heraldic Banner
    Mana rock combined with a conditional mini anthem. Not bad, but a bit low impact in most decks probably.

    Maraleaf Pixie
    Good value for a 2 cmc card, but boring and unneeded in Simic.

    Thrill of Possibility
    Instant speed Tormenting Voice. I'm almost tempted to play this now. Make it one mana cheaper and I'm in...hur hur.
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  • posted a message on Is ___________ good in Peasant?
    The difference between Zombify and Raise Dead is pretty huge. No Rest for the Wicked is only good if you can get 2-3 creatures back to your hand. I think I'd rather play Wander in Death if I wanted such an effect.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from Leelue »
    Is goblin trenches doing well for people still?

    I'm about to cut it. It's not like I have tons of experience with it as I put it into my cube not that long ago, but my Boros token decks are aggressive and Goblin Trenches is rather slow and weird. I have Skyknight Vanguard and Honored Crop-Captain for these decks and Goblin Trenches is just too slow and clunky. I don't think it's a bad card, it's just not what my Boros section wants.
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  • posted a message on The Peasant plus idea
    Quote from MagicFever »
    Thanks for all the input. The idea of adding 4 copies of a specific land is appealing. However, this does not entirely solve the problem of the etb untapped at turn one. I guess we hope that WotC will reprint painlands at UC.

    City of Brass and Gemstone mine are peasant legal (City of Brass if you count AN uncommons), I run four of each mainly for aggro decks plus 4x Ash Barrens (somewhat playable in aggro as well) and 4x Evolving Wilds. Never had a problem with bad mana fixing since and never had a problem with 4 or 5 color good stuff decks. I can only recommend it, I don't want anything else, except for replacing Evolving Wilds with something like Ash Barrens in the future if we get another good land like that.
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  • posted a message on The Peasant plus idea
    Restricting aggro decks to mono color or almost mono color and not allowing players to actually cast that 2CC card they put into their deck on turn four reliably just because of an arbitrary rule seems odd to me.

    I think etb untapped lands and etb tapped lands that are are worth the pick you use up for them are nothing that has anything to do with the format you play. It just makes Magic overall more exciting to play with decent lands and we all know that the only reason why Wizards doesn't print lands like that at c/u is because lands sell boosters.

    And it's not like you have to run fetches and ABUR duals, there are enough other options with more downsides that are not as crappy as Trilands in a two color deck.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine for Peasant Cube
    Quote from _i0 »

    4/4 first strike that does actual nothing until your opponent gets a whole extra turn to stabilize, you mean?

    It's not like Elite Scaleguard is killing it the turn he comes into play outside of +1/+1 decks and a 5 cmc card has no business in a super fast aggro deck either. I wouldn't cut Scaleguard, but mainly because I support counters as an archetype or at least as synergy. I think in a random midrange token/go wide deck Syr Allin is better as both the body and the anthem effect are stronger than Scaleguard and his ability. Only true downside is that Allin can get removed without doing anything, but at least he's burn proof.

    Scaleguard is a more interesting card and he's nuts with Relief Captain and similar cards, but on his own he's just ok and not better than Syr Allin.

    EDIT: Also, 'when you put it that way' then Cloudgoat Ranger, Custody Squire, Calciderm or Sentinel of the Eternal Watch also do actually nothing until your opponent gets a whole extra turn to stabilize. It's comparing apples with oranges.

    Seems mostly worse than pianna, nomad captain, if you want the anthem effect. I think the scaleguard tapping ability occupies an entirely different niche.

    How is he worse? A 3/3 is very easy to block and kill while a 4/4 first strike is extremely hard to block and kill. The whole point of this type of anthem ability on a body is that you can use it repeatedly. And casting a 1WW card on curve is hard outside of mono white decks, so it's not like Pianna has a big speed advantage either.

    I wouldn't cut Elite Scaleguard for Syr Allin, but I think he's very playable and one of the best anthem effects we have so far.
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  • posted a message on Is ___________ good in Peasant?
    Don't think there is a solution. You either play mono color or you don't treat the card as two drop while building your deck or you add rare lands/break the singleton rule to enable better mana fixing.
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  • posted a message on The Peasant plus idea
    Quote from BrownDog5117 »

    In all seriousness, I've never felt that fixing was THAT important outside of the 5-color value deck. I won our last cube with a U/B control deck running 9 swamps and 8 islands. If you muddle the cube with all this serious fixing, I think all you are really doing is enabling a 5-color valuetown deck. (which is a deck that I enjoy, but don't want to have come together ideally all the time).

    Less fixing = more random games. It's as simple as that, just read the manamath article in Leelue's signature or look at the mana base of constructed decks. There is a reason why people play all these fetches and duals in constructed even in two or three color decks and why Blood Moon is a powerful card.

    Of course you can have fun even if people win games more often because their opponent couldn't cast the spell they wanted to cast due to bad fixing, but to me that's less fun than it could be. Magic's biggest weakness is the random mana system and the least fun games I've played are the ones were me or my opponent couldn't do anything with the cards in our hands because of bad land draws. Good mana fixing prevents at least some of these games and that's why it's very important.

    Also, 5 color value decks aren't even a thing in cube. There are so many disadvantages and so many problems that come with these decks that even if you manage to somehow draft the 6-8 five color lands you need for such a deck it will almost certainly be way, way worse than any streamlined two color deck. It may be fun for the giggles to draft such a deck, but I'm very sure that no true 4 or 5 color deck (and not just a two color deck that splashes a third and fourth color for some high cmc single C cards) could ever be competitive in my cube environment despite all the 5c lands I run.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine for Peasant Cube
    The mill is rather useless in a cube that doesn't support mill as an archetype since you can't target yourself with it and I like a 1/1 flyer more than a 1/2 without flying. It's a nice card though.

    Syr Alin, the Lion's Claw is pretty good. I may replace Pianna, Nomad Captain with him since he can actually survive an attack and 1WW cost is hard to cast on curve anyway. But I really need more playable three drops in white...
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  • posted a message on The Peasant plus idea
    I also dislike dual color lands as the eat up so much cube space for such a little effect. I think many of the 5 color lands we have are perfectly adequate for what I expect from peasant. They have a noticeable drawback, but they can go into any deck. City of Brass, Gemstone Mine or Ash Barrens are perfect in that regard. That's why I run a playset of those and Evolving Wilds instead of messing around with other solutions.

    Despite plenty of 5c fixing in my cube I never had a problem with too many/too good 4-5 color decks. The drawbacks on these cards really hurt if you run a lot of them and it's not like you get them for free either. If you want to draft 5+ 5c lands you have to ignore other good cards and most of the time a 4-5 color deck ends up being worse and less reliable than a 2 or 3 color deck. You can't play any xCC cards either, which further limits the card choices you have so ultimately you don't really gain anything by playing more than 2.5 colors.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from PyreDream »

    It's weird that I don't see Nekrataal in almost any lists here. I'm curious about what peasant 187 cards are ahead of this guy that he can't crack a 450 list anymore. I'm also just imagining Hordeling Outburst paired with Skullclamp Grin

    Most people don't go purely for power and there are so many 187 creatures now that we like to remove the nonblack/nonartifact clause ones first, since this is sometimes a very arbitrary restriction.

    That's at least why I don't run Nekrataal anymore - Skinrender and Ravenous Chubacabra are good against any deck with creatures, Shriekmaw is simply more powerful and easier to abuse and Bone Shredder, while it's probably worse overall than Nekrataal, is more useful in specific archetypes like reanimator or sacrifice and generally a more interesting card to play. Plus I already have two 2BB creatures with basically the same effect.

    If you just want to play 'the best' cards then I think Nekrataal would still make it without problems into your list, even at 360.

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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine for Peasant Cube
    Clockwork Servant is a three drop you can't play on turn three ~65% of the time (with 9 mana sources in a single color) unless you want to play a creature that wouldn't even make it into a 720 pauper cube. And if you play him late the cantrip will hardly make up for the then almost useless creature. From my pov it's a terrible card.

    I agree that Henge Walker is even worse though, like already mentioned it's a really bad version of Cathodion, which is hardly a CU/be staple.
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