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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2022 (2X2) Spoiler discussion
    Mentor of the Meek is a great card and will replace Rumor Gatherer, which I didn't even order yet.

    Bounty of the Luxa will probably play well enough in a Simic ramp deck, but it's pretty boring so I won't add it.

    Oona's Prowler is clearly an uncommon. They only made a mistake. That's why it's in my cube already.

    Body Double requires too much work to be good, it's a bit like a bad Zombify if you just play it for face value.

    Lotleth Troll is a nice one. Since I have a spot open in Golgari I will most likely add it.

    Orzhov Pontiff is just bad any way too conditional to be good.

    I play Scion of Darkness as a fun card in my Premodern reanimator deck, but for cube it's just not good enough. The cycling cost is too high and it has no protection. I run Twisted Abomination and that's clearly better from my pov even though it has a lower ceiling. But you can put it into the yard on turn 2, it has regeneration and it is much more reasonable to hardcast.

    I like Graveyard Marauder as support for the Golgari self-mill archetype. It's a slow and grindy deck that benefits from a high toughness deathtouch blocker early and later on it can quite easily deal 5+ damage if it isn't blocked. It's probably not good enough for most other decks though, but I guess as card #23 it works well enough in any black midrange deck.
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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube

    3) Tainted Indulgence- I expected someone to talk this card up before now, but I suppose it is up to me. The lesson that Expressive Iteration taught me is that conditional two mana draw 2s are well worth considering. The condition here is much harder to obtain than on Iteration, but makes up for that by being an instant. I believe every one of my blue-black decks would happily pay UB for Catalog.

    I thought about Tainted Indulgence, but I think the 5 different mana values condition is very hard to fulfill in the average cube deck, harder than Threshold for example. I would still consider it as reanimator support, which is something that Dimir is lacking. A 2 mana Catalog isn't bad in reanimator and later on there is even a realistic chance to draw 2 without discarding. Plus reanimator is a control deck early on, so instant speed is an advantage.

    On the other hand there is a mono color card like Chart a Course, where you have the option to discard even if you fulfill the condition and where the condition is easier to achieve to begin with. It's sorcery speed, but I don't think the instant speed makes up that much. That's why I don't think Tainted Indulgence is a great card, but it can be serviceable in the right deck (which would be mainly reanimator, but probably any Dimir control deck with a bit of graveyard synergies).
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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube
    A relatively weak set and personally I don't like the flavor of it. I don't mind if they experiment a bit with settings, but the 30s Chicago gangster vibe feels a bit too much out of place in a Magic setting from my pov.

    Will add:

    Inspiring Overseer - The only no-brainer card of the set. A slightly better Cloudkin Seer in white should be a welcome addition to pretty much any CU/be.

    Rumor Gatherer - Card draw in white is always something to consider and while the cc mana cost and especially the single point of thoughness hurt I'm sure this can often do good work in go wide decks that don't normally have access to card draw.

    Witty Roastmaster - A 3/2 that can deal quite a lot of damage without attacking in go wide decks should be pretty good.


    A Little Chat - Good blue version of Village Rites and I don't think you need specific sacrifice synergies to play this because there is always the option to cast it without casualty, which isn't stellar, but good enough if you hold up the mana anyway. May be hard to find room for it in blue, but I will consider it.
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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube
    Jewel Thief is a mish mash of stuff that looks nice on paper, but it doesn't do anything well. Does a 3/3 really benefit much from vigilance and trample? Don't think so, not without a boost to toughness or power. The treasure token is also nice, but this is a green card that is played in a green deck. It is certainly a good amount of value for 3 mana, but without any boost to power or thoughness it's still just a 3/3 for 3 with a limited ramp built in. Don't think I will play this.

    The equip cost difference between Ancestral Blade and Citizen's Crowbar is pretty huge. Unless you are in dire need of more Disenchant effects I would definitely prefer Ancestral Blade.

    Patch Up looks nice, but it is probably too hard to get any real value out of it. A one drop that is relevant in the late game like Mother of Runes and a two drop would be great, but that won't happen often. Call of the Death-Dweller seems much better to me as added deathtouch and menace are worth much more than the possible fringe case of three one drops and I think I should actually run it as it can be worth it even if you only have a single two drop as a target.
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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube
    Illuminator Virtuoso is another playable Fencing Ace. The problem is that there are only very few cards that would trigger his ability and it's mostly an equipment matters card and equipment doesn't trigger the ability. Twinblade Geist is the most reliable card of this type, but I don't play flip cards. Kor Blademaster's ability can not be reliably triggered either, but overall I feel it's slightly easier to trigger and can have more upside - giving an Ahn-Crop Crasher double strike is not that bad after all. I think I will stick with Kor Blademaster for now.

    Raffine's Informant seems interesting, but a little weak to me. The days where a vanilla 3/2 for 2 was good are over and this will only be a valuable card to play if you are low on lands and really want to discard a nonland card, which is a rare for a deck that plays an aggressive two drop like that.

    Fatal Grudge is a bad version of Diabolic Edict for the most part, I don't understand the appeal. It's only slightly better if you have a crappy creature/permanent you really want to sacrifice in exchange for a new card, but for a guild card that's hardly enough reason to run it. Yes, you could theoretically remove enchantments of artifacts with it, but that is so unlikely to be worth it that I doubt it will ever matter. From my point of view this will be worse than Edict more often than it will be better and Edict is a mono color card that I don't run.

    Witty Insulter (ha! another possible name for it from mythicspoilers) looks like a nice payoff for go wide decks, which is something I support in red and mostly Boros. Will think about it.
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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube
    Rumor Gatherer is a powerful card draw engine for white go wide/token decks and is more interesting than the nth anthem effect. 1 toughness and the WW cost hurt a bit, but I'm pretty sure I will add this to my cube.

    Mage's Attendant looks...ok? Would obviously be far better if the wizard token didn't cost 1 to activate.

    An Offer you can't refuse is a really bad card from my pov, at least for cube. The cheap mana cost means you can cast it (relatively) early, but giving your opponent two Lotus Petals early on is pure madness. Maybe this is good enough for a fast constructed format sideboard, but this will not come close to my cube.

    The Skybridge Towers land cycle is better than nothing, but the upside is so overcosted that it hardly matters. Only interesting for people who play life gain lands or similar trash.

    I like A Little Chat as it's a nice combat/removal trick with a decent plan b option so you didn't hold up your mana for nothing.

    The other casuality cards are pretty bad from my pov. Light'em Up is a terrible spell on its own and you need to sac a 2 power creature to copy it at sorcery speed. This will almost never be a great deal and most of the time not even be a good deal. Grisly Sigil also has way too many coniditions to be good on average.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    I tried to get reanimator work in Rakdos and especially Golgari, but it never worked out well enough to justify support cards. Self-mill in Golgari is an archetype in my cube, but it's more a grindy midrange value deck and not a combo deck like Dimir reanimator (though occassionally you'll be able to reanimate a fatty early 'by accident'). In my opinion if you want a true reanimator deck there is no way around Dimir in peasant since reanimator is already a very fragile deck and self-mill can't reliably put big creatures into the graveyard.

    Stinkweed Imp is still a good card for any reanimator deck as reanimator deck are control decks when they're not reanimating, so a flying deathtouch blocker that has a high chance to put a big creature into the yard when you get him back to your hand is always welcome as a backup plan. It is not really needed though and I would cut him if I needed the slot for something else.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    I've been considering beefing up my reanimation suite for a while, maybe making it a full blown archetype rather than just minor support.

    Reanimator is probably my favorite archetype and I've always supported it.

    Striped Riverwinder and Twisted Abomination don't require a discard outlet and are generally playable outside of reanimator.

    Chart a Course is both good card draw for aggressive decks and a good discard outlet for reanimator.

    Frantic Search is one of the best discard outlets available and not as narrow as Careful Study. It's instant speed, doesn't cost anything if you have three lands on the battlefield and digs two cards deep. CU/be reanimator can never be Legacy reanimator where you want to reanimate turn 1 ideally. It's also playable in aggressive tempo decks.

    Diabolic Servitude is a playable reanimation spell that is great value in any midrange deck. It's slow for reanimator, but not as slow as Unburial Rites for example, which isn't even something I'd consider for a true reanimator deck.

    Psychatog is a fun card and it is an ok discard outlet for Dimir. It's not necessary by any means though.

    Obviously any fatty will work well in reanimator and you run pretty few compared to my cube. Some cards I run that you don't run: Warden of the Woods, Sifter Wurm, Archfiend of Sorrows, Jetting Glasskite, Trostani's Summoner.

    Any hexproof creature like Plated Crusher or Scaled Behemoth will also work well.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    Overall a pretty great set. Will add:

    Rabbit Battery - A Raging Goblin that is also a very reasonably priced equipment? Yes please. It won't feel bad to play this on turn 1 and it won't feel bad if you draw it on turn 5 either. Which is all you could ever want from a one drop.

    Reinforced Ronin - Another playable red one drop. Dash isn't always ideal in aggressive decks that need all the mana they can get in the early game, but if you can get in for 2 damage on the first turn and then either occassionally fill your curve with it or cycle it away that's great value. Just like Rabbit Battery it's a one drop that is good on turn 1 and good later in the game as well.

    Invigorating Hot Spring - Apart from fringe cases (like persist combo, which I don't care about even though it theoretically works in my cube) a mostly superior version of Rhythm of the Wild.

    Gravelighter - Imo the best Fleshbag Marauder variant available for CU/be. In an aristocrats deck you often have full control over the ability.

    Circuit Mender - A better Filigree Familiar. Familiar was always a bit too weak and there is no need for a 3 cmc filler in most decks, but Circuit Mender has a better body and can be abused with blink/bounce effects. I can see him do good work in any non-aggressive deck and especially in flicker decks, and not just as a filler.

    Twinshot Sniper - Another efficient kill creature with options. Red has plenty of similar cards already, but I will find room for it somewhere I guess - it's just too good and versatile to ignore it.

    Touch the Spirit Realm - I have enough room to remove one of the more boring Oblivion Ring variants for this. Even though it doesn't hit enchantments the option for a flicker effect makes the card really versatile and it's always fun to play with cards that give you a lot of options.

    Colossal Skyturtle - A lot of versatile Regrowth effects lately. When you consider that Regrowth used to be a somewhat broken card back in the day that's quite fascinating to see. This card is just what Simic wants and any big ramp target that is useful in the earlier game as well is always worth considering.

    Honorable mentions:

    Blossom Prancer - Efficient creature and the ability never whiffs. I still like Arborback Stomper a bit more against aggressive decks since it has a better body and gives +1 life, but this is certainly not worse, just different.

    Mirrorshell Crab - A useful finisher for control and midrange decks. The ward won't help that much though, if you play few creatures and have seven mana then it won't matter for your opponent whether he has to pay 3 mana more to get rid of it. Still a decent card.

    Greater Tanuki - Better creature, but weaker ability than Krosan Tusker. Since the 3 mana part is the main mode of either card I'll keep Krosan Tusker for now.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    Blooming Stag is pretty good, but I think I like Arborback Stomper more still. What I want from the card is mostly a way to deal with aggro and +5 life and a 5/4 trample is simply quite a bit better than +4 life and a 4/4 reach. It's another nice option for the 5 cmc slot though.

    Gravelighter is great, will add it.

    I like Invigorating Hotsprings. It can give up to 4 creatures a +1/+1 counter and haste and it will give any creature haste that is 'modified'. I like it more than Rhythm of the Wild, which gives either haste or a +1/+1 counter. 4 counters should be enough for a game and you can put counters on creatures that are already on the battlefield, which ensures it has a direct board impact when it comes down on turn 3. And you can even use it for tokens if you have to. Will most likely add it.

    EDIT: Rabbit Battery is also nice. A Raging Goblin that turns into a useful equipment later. Another red one drop I will add.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    Circuit Mender is a better Filigree Familiar. Familiar usually ended up as card #24 when it was in my cube and so I cut it, but Circuit Mender has a better body and can be abused with blink/bounce effects. Pretty sure I'll add it.

    Twinshot Sniper is pretty good, but it's not like red needed more cards like that. Will most likely find room for it anyway.

    Quote from ValhallaPDX »
    Krosan Tusker is much better. If you are already at 6 mana you shouldnt be worried about putting a land driectly into play. Id rather have the extra card in my hand for any possible synergies with other cards.

    Id think its safe to say, and card that costs more than 4 mana and puts lands directly into play isnt that big of a deal.

    I think you misunderstand how these cards work. You either use the 3 mana discard/cycling mode (which is what you do with Krosan Tusker 90% of the time I'd say) or you cast the creature. Greater Tanuki is an uncounterable 3 mana Rampant Growth that can be a big creature if you have a enough mana already. Krosan Tusker doesn't ramp, but it gives card advantage. As a creature it's worse than Tanuki though, even if it doesn't die to enchantment removal. Overall I think I like Krosan Tusker a wee bit more since the 3 mana mode is the main mode and I think card advantage is worth more than ramp.
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  • posted a message on Boros Equipment
    IMO Boros equipment isn't quite "there", especially if you run unrestricted removal. People love to hype up cards like Loxodon Warhammer but trading 6 mana and a creature for my opponents doom blade isn't something I'm excited to do.

    That said, the archetype is closer than it's ever been. If you're willing to run cards that are garbage if-not-equipped, bloodshot trainee is a classic.

    Also aura/equipment benefit a lot from having a coalition honor gaurd spellskite-ing removal away from the voltron.

    The equipment archetype doesn't work exactly like Voltron, that's why removal doesn't matter as much and that's why you don't need boring hexproof creatures, even though resilient creatures like Adanto Vanguard certainly don't hurt. You can easily run 10-14 creatures in your deck and token makers are also a good idea (both white and red have plenty of these) so you don't run out of creatures you can equip. It's not like (constructed) Voltron where you only have a really low amount of creatures. Obviously a cube with an excessive amount of removal would kill this archetype, but it would kill any other aggressive archetype as well. Removal quality is no problem if the rest of the cube is up to par.

    As for Loxodon Warhammer, the problem is that it can completely wreck aggressive decks. Yes, it costs mana and you can delay it for a turn with removal, but ultimately a single successful attack will buy you enough time to win the game 95% of the time against aggressive decks. It's like a Pelakka Wurm that comes down every turn. It's just boring and annoying if you bring someone down to 5 life with your aggro deck and then Loxodon Warhammer comes around and it's 100% game over unless you have artifact removal ready or a Doom Blade and a board state that allows you to win the next turn.

    I had Loxodon Warhammer in my cube twice and both times it was removed quickly after it saw play. And I don't have any depowered removal. It's not hyped up, it's just a card that has the typical 'rock, paper, scissors' gameplay of vintage cubes, and I don't want that.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Any of y'all done anything with an 180 card peasant cube? Considering rebuilding at that #, just so rarely have more than 4 players.

    I tried to build a small cube a long time ago, but the problem is that you can't get the density of cards needed for archetypes. For example aggro needs good one drops to work, but you if you add 5-6 aggro one drops in white you run out of cube space quickly @180. I believe it's not possible to build a proper cube at that size, unless you create one that is just full of generic midrange/goodstuff cards, which is rather boring from my pov.

    I also only play with four people usually and I strongly recommend using a different draft method instead of a smaller cube. We for example have 'burn draft' system. A pack has 15 cards like usual. First you pick one and burn one (to avoid that a lucky players gets two bombs immediately), then pick two, burn two until only five cards are left and then pick two, burn three. Six packs per player for a total of 360 cards and each player ends up with 42 cards, which are of higher quality than the 45 you get from a regular draft. This works really well with my 405 cube.
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  • posted a message on Boros Equipment
    Any double striker works really well with equipment and they're not as narrow as the Kor soldiers from Zendikar as they are better on their own already and they work just as well with auras/anthems/+1/+1 counters or pump spells. In white there is Kor Blademaster/Fencing Ace (one is usually enough and Blademaster has a minor upside over Ace), in red there is Scrapper Champion.

    I also run Guardian of the Guildpact, which naturally is great in combination with colorless equipment. On the other hand it doesn't work well with all the other cards mentioned above and some may think it can be unfun.

    Since equipment is a bit like a soft version of Voltron it's also always good to have creatures that don't die easily such as Adanto Vanguard or Seasoned Hallowblade for example.

    Unblockable creatures like creatures with shadow (Soltari Trooper, Soltari Champion) are also good.

    Equipment I run that wasn't mentioned yet is Mask of Memory and Specter's Shroud.

    There are generally a lot of creatures that are good on their own already and that work well in combination with equipment, so this doesn't have to be a parasitic archetype. I would say that the only cards I run that I would only very rarely play outside of a dedicated equipment deck are Danitha Capashen, Paragon and Kor Blademaster in white, Reyav, Master Smith in Boros and maybe Scrapper Champion in red (though she's pretty good on her own).
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    Quote from n00b1n8R »
    Dumped the top 360 into a Cubecobra cube so it's easy to use the compare lists feature.

    I don't run any of the top 360 cards you mention except for Mortarpod, which is mostly just a filler for the artifact section and if you need another outlet for the sacrifice deck. Will get cut as soon as I find something better.

    Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Ghor-Clan Rampager were cut not so long ago. Gray Merchant is great in mono black, but Vampire Sovereign is better anywhere else and I even cut that one for being boring. Gruul has tons of great options now so I don't feel the need to run the mediocre Rampager. Never had any of the others in my cube.


    Bastion of Remembrance is great for the sacrifice deck as it's very hard to remove. Easily worth the additional mana over Zulaport Cutthroat, but I run both and don't plan to cut one of them anytime soon.

    Sphinx of the Guildpact is from a limited set with lots of multicolor removal. In CU/be there is hardly any. A 5/5 flyer with hexproof would be good enough for a colored section easily, as a colorless creature it's just awesome as it can go into any deck.


    Gush is such a great card for any low curve deck that is 50%+ blue, no idea why this isn't more popular. And it's even playable in a higher curve deck as eventually you will run out of lands to play and then you can get a draw spell for free. Should be a cube staple from my pov.

    Cut Consul's Lieutenant because it's a WW card that wants to be cast on turn 2 if possible at all, which is pure luck outside of mono white. For 1W it would be a no-brainer obviously.

    I guess Soltari Champion isn't as popular because some people avoid shadow as a mechnic and because it's an online-only uncommon? Because other than that it's one of the best cards in white for sure and should also be a staple.

    To be honest I had no idea that Imperial Recruiter is so cheap now. I was never a huge fan of it, but this makes me reconsider it as it's a fun card at least. Will see if I can find room for it.

    Cut Gaea's Anthem because it's the wrong color and green has other ways to pump their creatures. Personally I allow up to one (reasonable) rare per color to fill holes I can't fill otherwise so I run Glorious Anthem in white instead where this effect fits much better.

    Fire Covenant can be a brutal removal card, I even cut it for some time because I felt in some games it was too unfair when you could get a 3 for 1 for a few points of life and 3 mana.

    Had Goblin Trenches in for a while, but it's a slow all-or-nothing card and I don't like that.
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