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  • posted a message on What do you guys think of the 404'd Resrved list?
    this is funny, but wouldn't it be that if a referenced rl doesn't exist at this time, that the RL for the time being doesn't exist itself? (at least temporarily) lol
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  • posted a message on Anyone else find Oath of the Gatewatch bland/boring?
    it feels as if wizards is on limbo how to continue. they alter a few cards. go in directions that take away from interesting play, and toss in the expeditions to sell the set ho hum...
    I do like OGW better than BFZ, but even the Surge mechanic isn't really anything new. they're playing it too safe with card interaction.
    afa broken cards, they'd rather ban than come up with an answer? probably there already is one in many cases, just needs a reprint haha.
    eldrazi ramp is really the only viable archetype to make a showing from this block, so that's plus for Modern. Standard will have to suck at least until BFZ is gone, then it can be better when SOI and then the next one
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  • posted a message on "combo winter"
    but many of us like myself, really keened their interest in collecting and playing because the powerful cards we saw and wanted badly. couldn't go online to just buy a playset of this or that. you had to trade or hope you could find the pieces of your deck in LGS.
    i remember playing Hatred and mono green Stompy, trying to trade for Cursed Scrolls, trading a Gaea's Cradle for Serra Avatar (sheesh). so much fun even tho FNM was inevitably facing 4 or 5 Tinker and Opalescence decks. no doubt 1 of each was pimped.
    those were the days. im glad i can play standard and not lose before getting a 3rd land now, but the game is different in so many ways since (and because of) the Urza block
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  • posted a message on Fat Packs
    no fatpacks at the WM I work at. we put out couple dozen OGW boosters.
    BFZ we only had 3 fatpacks that sold in 2 days. still 3 or 4 gift boxes on the shelf and gobs of Origins and BFZ products. no room for more so I don't think we'll have them.
    LGS for me even tho it's slightly higher without my wm associate discount
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  • posted a message on January 18th Banned and Restricted list
    I really see more impetus now for a 3rd party organizer/sanctioning body. they are banning the wrong cards when answers exist to put a stop to combos that will always be around. ie counterspell, etc.
    I'm so losing faith in wotc to manage their own product and it's play
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  • posted a message on Kozilek, the Great Distortion
    but when you have 8-10 mana, you're probably gonna tap out to drop either, and you can maybe counter removal but Ulie helps right now taking out 2 threats that might be swinging next turn.
    comparatively they are different situation beatsticks. Ulie kills 2 ways vs. Kozi can fill your hand being a supportive club.

    im gonna try 1 of each in standard eldrazi ramp but having both in main is 1 too many
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  • posted a message on Warping Wail
    this thread should move to New Card Discussion

    seems the tide turned against the card. main argument is what archetypes would play it, when there are at least a couple incarnations of eldrazi and ramp decks.
    a card thst can do 4 things is not one to ignore. not a 4 of but 2of since you can exile, counter, chumpblock, or ramp. too flexible for decks already going to include a couple eldrazi to pass up.

    i don't think of splashing for colorless; think splashing B or whatever in a colorless deck. a standard midrange C deck with hangarbacks, kozi and company, newlamog, reality smasher, a dork and some colored removal/goodstuff can work...
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  • posted a message on WPN Crackdown?
    I had a novel idea that could gain wotc a huge amount of sales and help the limited supply of expensive cards in vintage/legacy.
    what if they randomly put a chase reprint in boosters. limited printing, but making crazy sales of the current set. the expeditions in boosters aren't standard legal, and this would be no different.

    on the other hand. WPN will stop being attractive to LGS and who knows another ssnctioning body is born. just as in any sport. there are leagues and tournaments organized by different orgs with slightly different rules.
    I do think MTG will outlive wizards. its unique in tcg's. it will be collectible as long as there is a fan base. magic is bigger than wotc and they are alienating too many in love with the game.

    Im not up on the law, but isn't it 7 years after a copyright isn't renewed it falls into public domain? ha. a new company takes over printing cards and life is good haha
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  • posted a message on How does OGW fare in comparison to BFZ?
    Quote from Trivmvirate »

    to not actually have to do many new things, and thus save tons of design space in the process.

    yeah, , look like they are trying to put less effort in to make a set so they can save time and labor. not necessarily to make interesting cards, tho there are a small handful in OGW.
    that one card, when it exists in all zones is a wincon, is different. but its the only card that cares about multiple zones. wizards does something. but then there's very little or anything at all to fill out the idea.
    overall, OGW is uninspiring but "better" then BFZ. I do think limited/draft was mostly on their mind for this set
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  • posted a message on How to refer to "requires colorless" cards?
    "I'm splashing C" in print and I would say colorless when talking. we'll get used to it...
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  • posted a message on inverter of truth
    playing this, you'd have 2 piles of exiled cards = more clutter on the table.
    very odd card, not just any B deck can play this tho a cheap, evasive beatstick is cool.
    side vs. mill _maybe_ and yeah if it's killed, you're sunk.
    too much downside for a possible 3turn clock
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  • posted a message on The current state of the game
    from a store view. any way they can get players in they'll do. those players buy snacks, mats, dice and whatever. helping mtg in a general way. uncool if wotc snubs their nose at the store just because they allow proxy play?? wizards doesn't even support legacy. what should they care?
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  • posted a message on [OGW] Surge - Crush of Tentacles
    if any X card can be played for 0, a situation might be that you'd dump a hangarback to play this for 5. ramp can play this sooner than t5. you'd probably only have 1 of in any case.

    but I agree with above posts, this won't see much play outside of casual. it's not real removal,, not like a wrath.
    I wonder if any surge cards will actually be very good for constructed
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  • posted a message on [OGW] Huge Batch of Spoilers Including Basically All Oath Expeditions, SOI Duel Decks
    Although wizard's actions may be heavy-handed, it's really a fault of their spoiler policy. They should sooner spoil cards for upcoming sets. Give us an SOI spoiler or 2, Future cards we don't know what set they'll appear in. Just upcoming cards and mechanics to feed the curiosity and build hype in a more general way. and like movies have previews months ahead of time.
    I think the reason many of us enjoy spoilers is that we can start thinking about archetypes. When I saw the cards this thread announced. I thought wotc should've embraced it and confirmed and tried to salvage what was let out. I do think these were the most notable cards from the set and the rest will be ho hum and bleh.
    Instead of 100% spoiling this card or that. how about COMING SOON: card name/2(?)(?) T: do something, you get This effect ?/5. pieces of the card's stats would be missing. do it every month. a small handful of partial spoilers.
    this'd reduce cards leaked since we'd get a preview, ongoing, and might create actually more hype and discussion on a longer term
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  • posted a message on [OGW] Goblin Darkdwellers (Buy-A-Box Promo)
    so do we like Redcaster or Fatcaster as a nick for this guy?
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