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  • posted a message on BW Superfriends
    Quote from deaddrift »
    Hey, awesome, thanks for posting! Glad someone's keeping the dream alive (and testing Bontu's). I've been on 5C Humans for a little while but am thinking about coming bak to my Orzhov roots... I appreciate your perspective. Did you ever find GQ a problem for WW or BB, at 4 copies?

    Nah, the color balance of the deck felt right. The only mana troubles I had were due to mana screw or mana flood from variance.

    My analysis on Bontu's Last Reckoning and other mass removal in this deck:

    I think this deck is very well set up to take advantage of mass removal, even mass removal with a drawback like Bontu's. For a wrath to be effective, it has to generate card advantage, i.e. one wrath has to take out at least two creatures. Bontu complicates things since it stalls our tempo for a turn. Its cheaper to cast, but its drawback means that we might want to spend a few turns to properly set it up. So even though it costs three, we're incentivized to wait beyond turn three to actually pull the trigger.

    To obtain card advantage from Bontu, we either need a permanent that can act as a spell even when our lands are tapped or we need the opponent to overextend so badly that the card advantage generated by casting Bontu is overpowering. The former is created by our planeswalkers - even when we're tapped for a turn, a Gideon or a Liliana in play can still act as spells even if we can't use the cards in our hand.

    As for the latter, the deck greatly encourages our opponents to overextend: Our discard encourages our opponents to play their best cards or risk losing them. Spot removal, tokens, Gideon of the Trials first ability, and Liliana of the Veil second ability means that our opponents can't just cast one creature and expect it to win the game for them. They have to play at least two creatures to overcome everything we have. And if they do, our mass removal will generate the card advantage required to be game winning cards.
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  • posted a message on BW Superfriends
    Decided to build this deck for GP Santa Clara. Played six scheduled events and about six turbo events (1 match each). The weekend was a blur, so I only have minimal notes. Here's my list:

    Modern 1:

    Match 1: Ad Nauseam
    Game 1 - He mulled to five and my discard knocked him off balance until the Gideons killed him.
    Game 2 - He combos out.
    Game 3 - He gets laboratory maniac and "wins." I realized I had actually won the game after because I had a Gideon of the Trials with an emblem and he couldn't have won with maniac. Oh well :/


    Match 2: Death's Shadow
    I don't remember either game, but it was a one-sided affair in my favor. This probably is our best match-up. 2-0

    Match 3: Storm
    Game 1 - He mulls and I remove his hand with discard. A timely LOTV ultimate keeps him from the lands he needs to past in flames from his graveyard. He dies to a Gideon.

    Game 2 - My removal kills off all of his creatures. He gets a blood moon into play, but surgical extraction on his grapeshot is the game. He concedes because he didn't side in empty the warrens after seeing me discard mass removal game 1.


    Turbo Game 1: Burn
    Easy match up as I drew a collective brutality and a gideon of the trials both games. 2-0

    Turbo Game 2: Affinity
    Game 1 - my spot removal holds the line until I surprise her with a wrath. That wins me the game.
    Game 2 - Blood moon prevents me from playing magic.
    Game 3 - A turn 2 stony silence and a wrath effect are enough to win the match.


    Modern 2:
    Match 1: Affinity
    Game 1 - A one-sided affair with all my removal.
    Game 2- He drops a blood moon. I fetch for a plains in response, but draw 3 fatal pushes. I die shortly after.
    Game 3 - I keep a risky one land hand with 3 paths, 1 push, and a stony silence. I never draw my second land.


    Match 2: Bye

    Match 3: My opponent and I split so that we can play in the next event.

    Modern 3:

    Match 1: Eldrazi and Taxes
    Game 1 - Bitterblossom tokens overwhelm him.
    Game 2 - His mana denial plan shuts me down.
    Game 3 - We play a long game of attrition as my removal slowly withes his creatures away until my planeswalkers give me the advantage.


    Match 2: Tropical Merfolk
    Game 1 - He's flooded for a few turns, allowing me to play 3 'walkers and take control of the game.
    Game 2 - A timely spreading seas and island walking lord wins him the game.
    Game 3 - Spot and mass removal prevent him from getting the critical mass of fish people he needed to win. I keep a ghost quarter up
    the whole game to prevent spreading seas from being a factor.


    Match 3: My opponent and I split so I can play the next event.

    Modern 4

    Match 1: Affinity
    She's not running blood moon and I don't have mana issues. The games were super easy as a result. 2-0

    Match 2: Eldrazi Tron
    Game 1: He mulls to five, but he still has a chalice on one. Lucky for me, I kept a hand with a Gideon of the Trials and a Liliana. Still, he gets enough
    Eldrazi on the board that he gets me down to five. He's at 8. I decline to block with any of my spirit tokens. I draw a Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. I pop him for his anthem emblem and win.
    Game 2: Chalices and All is Dust beat me down.
    Game 3: Despite an All is Dust, I play enough creatures on the board to win. A couple of wrath effects keep his eldrazi army at bay (drawing two cards from two dead thought-knot seers certainty helps!)


    Match 3: We split.

    Turbo Game 3: Kiki-Cord
    Game 1 - This is a long war of attrition, but he's not prepared for a wrath game 1.
    Game 2 - Orzhov Pontiff kills my spirit tokens and then his creatures kill me.
    Game 3 - I path his Kiki-Jiki when he tries to combo out and Gideon my way to victory.


    Turbo Game 4: Esper Gifts with Thopter Foundry Combo
    Game 1 - He combos out.
    Game 2/Game 3 - Rest in peace stalls his deck long enough for my deck to finish him.

    Modern 5:

    Match 1: Eldrazi Tron
    I lose terribly despite an easy game 1 because he mulls to five. 1-2.

    Match 2: G/B Rock
    Game 1: Lingering souls is really good against G/B decks.
    Game 2: A timely night of souls betrayal cripples my token army.
    Game 3: Nissa, Vital Force emblem lets him draw 20 cards and I'm buried by his card advantage.


    Match 3: Jund
    Both games were long wars of attrition, but I have more removal for his creatures than he has for my 'walkers. He make's a mistake in sacrificing his LOTV to use her ultimate instead ticking up to 7 to keep her in play. I go from 8 to 4 lands, but the deck only needs 4 lands to function.


    Modern 6:

    Match 1: Simic Goodstuff
    He looked like he wandered in from an EDH game, with prophet of kruphix and venser in his deck. It was odd. 2-1.

    Match 2: Collected Company
    He stomped me, as collected company is really good against mass removal, as are selfless spirits after boarding. 0-2.

    Turbo Game 5: Eldrazi Tron
    Chalices and All is Dust are hard to beat. 0-2.

    Turbo Game 6: Tropical Merfolk
    He's unprepared for all the removal I have. As long as they don't have too many spreading seas early, this feels like an easy matchup. 2-0.

    Bontu's last reckoning was worth it as long as the opponent didn't see it coming (most game 1s). If they prepare for it, the drawback can hurt us badly. I think the cmc of 3 instead of 4 is very useful, but the drawback requires more careful play than a 4 cmc wrath would. Tombstalker was a way of avoiding pithing needles and token hosers, but it never felt necessary. I consider it a flex spot for alternative finishers like Heart of Kiran.

    The only matchup where the deck really struggled was Eldrazi Tron. Death's Shadow, Jund, Storm, Tropical Merfolk and Affinity are all favorable matchups (minus the blood moons). I think practice against Collected Company might improve the match up, so it might not be as hopeless as it feels at first. Overall, the deck did very well and the format was very diverse. I won a foil tarmogoyf and a booster box of Hour of Devastation, so the deck is worth it in GP side events at least Kekeke
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  • posted a message on Mummies Don't Care.
    If they're the same as before, what's the flavor for them having one extra toughness?
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  • posted a message on Hour Patch for MWS?
    Anyone have a patch of Hour of Devastation (the set) for Magic Workstation? Thanks! Grin
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    alright i did two modern events at GP San Jose. I'm making this brief since I'm super tired:

    Modern 1

    Match 1 Sultai

    Game 1 - Had a double relic hand. He discarded one of them, but the other kept his monsters in check until I dropped a couple of reality smashers to overpower him.
    Game 2 - Much of the same.

    Board: In - 2 Celestial Purge 1 Wrath of God Out - 3 Thoughtseize.
    Outcome: 1-0

    Match 2 Affinity
    Game 1- I drew four reality smasher. Got two into play. Got him down to 1, but he won the race with plating.
    Game 2- Overloaded him with removal. Lingering souls did its job and blocked the fliers that I didn't pick off.
    Game 3- He mulled to five. Tried to kill me with inkmoth attached to plating. Disenchant the plating and chumped the inkmoth for the win.

    Board: In - 2 Disenchant, 2 Stony Silence, 1 Zealous Persecution, 1 Wrath of God, 1 Pithing Needle, 2 Blessed Alliance.
    Out - 3 Thoughtseize, 3 Relic, 2 Reality Smasher, 1 Matter Reshaper
    Outcome: 2-0

    Match 3 Junk
    Game 1 - I had the perfect hand with mind stone, thought-knot, smasher, and eldrazi temple. He had double thoughtseize and then topdecked triple lingering souls.
    Game 2 - I had double lingering souls and thought-knot seer. He had liliana, the last hope and path.

    Board: In - 2 Celestial Purge - 1 Zealous Persecution - 1 Wrath of God
    Out: -3 Thoughtseize - 1

    Outcome: 2-1

    Match 4- Draw with Titan Breach.

    Modern 2

    Match 1 Izzet Control
    Game 1- I grind him with eldrazi and spirit tokens.
    Game 2- I thoughtseize the blood moon he boarded in. He's stuck on two lands for awhile, which is a death sentence for him.
    Board In - 2 Celestial Purge Out - 2 Fatal Push
    Outcome: 1-0

    Match 2 Soul Sisters
    Game 1 - I remove many of his critters, but I'm over zealous with my tokens and he uses elspeth to give his 17/17 flying. I'm exactly at 0.
    Game 2 - He's at 4 with an Archangel of Thune to block my spirit tokens. I use collective brutality drain him for two and to kill a sculler holding my other collective brutality. Having that extra reach helped.
    Game 3 - I honestly don't remember this game, but I lose nevertheless.
    Board In - 1 Zealous Persecution 1 Wrath of God Out - 2 Thoughtseize
    Outcome: 1-1

    Match 3 Eldrazi Tron
    Game 1- We trade eldrazi, but he has more eldrazi than I do.
    Game 2 - He mulls to five. I'm stuck on colorless lands for 10 turns and die as he draws enough cards to get back into the game.
    Board In - 1 Crucible of Worlds, 1 Wrath of God, 2 Blessed Alliance, Out - 2 Fatal Push - 2 Relic
    Outcome: 1-2

    Match 4 Bant Eldrazi
    Game 1 - Drowner of hope does its thing and taps my guys.
    Game 2 - He has me at one with five creatures on the board and me with nothing. I topdeck wrath. I have one land for white mana only, but I ghost quarter one of my own lands to get my basic plains and cast the wrath. I claw back in and take the game.
    Game 3 - I kill three thought-knot seers in one turn with blessed alliance, path, and fatal push. He has worship and a drowner.
    Board In - 1 Wrath of God, - 2 Blessed Alliance. -3 Thoughtseize
    Outcome: 1-3

    The deck put up a pretty impressive fight if I lived long enough, even in matchups that are otherwise bad. But I also got got quite a few hands that forced me to mull. Oh well, variance is magic. I'll probably draft all day Saturday and maybe play modern again Sunday. Cheers Kekeke
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    Decided to continue with BW over Tron. I don't know what the meta at the GP will be like, so I want to be as flexible as possible. However, given the recent bans and Fatal Push being printed, I've made my list as anti-tron as possible without sacrificing points in other matchups. Would collective brutality be a good fit given its versatility? I tested anguished unmaking, but the three life really hurts. Oblivion ring as a singleton accomplishes the same thing, but without that annoying three life loss. I just hope not to run into any abrupt decays or esper charms.

    Any comments would be great.

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  • posted a message on Colorless EldraziTron (1/2016 - 1/2017)
    Hey guys, I'm heading to GP San Jose next week. Should I pick up this deck or BW Processors? What are the strengths and weaknesses compared to each other? How does Eldrazi Tron do in the current meta? I played BW when Eye was still legal, but the format has changed a lot since then XD
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    Hey guys, I'm heading to GP San Jose next week. Should I pick up this deck or Eldrazi Tron? What are the strengths and weaknesses compared to each other?

    I was initially an early proponent of this deck, back when Eye was still legal (I posted in this very forum!), but its changed so much since, so I want to see which is doing better before I spend the $$ to upgrade my old deck in one direction or another.
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  • posted a message on MWS AER Patch?
    It works, awesome thank you! Smile
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Hi guys,

    I'll be doing modern side events at GP San Jose in 2 weeks. BW Eldrazi processors or Dredge with Golgari Thug? The former was my original deck choice, but the last few weeks indicate there might be a window where Dredge can win. My logic:

    1. Fatal Push does nothing to dredge, but encourages the type of decks that Dredge preys on. Less aggro because Black-based midrange will be running push, which means more decks like Tron. The meta should be friendly for dredge.
    2. The GGT ban will lure everyone into a false sense of security, encouraging them to take out their SB graveyard hate.

    Thanks Smile
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  • posted a message on MWS AER Patch?
    Does anyone have the patch for Aether Revolt? Much appreciated, thanks! Smile
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    Quote from D90Dennis14 »
    No, it just goes to the GY.

    Has anyone tried a B/G version of the deck ?
    I'm in process of trying different color combinations and having access to Ancient Stirrings and Abrupt Decay seems very good.

    Here is my idea:

    Dryad Militant is both decent as early pressure and provides more fodder for proccessing.

    What do you think ?

    I swapped out the Militant for Scavenging Ooze and Decay for Go For the Throat (I don't own any decays). I'm only on initial testing, but it's surprisingly solid. It plays closer to Bant Eldrazi than BW. Might want to consider some Noble Hierarch or Birds of Paradise for Bant's speed.

    Of course, if we do that, why not just go Bant Eldrazi at that point? I think the discard of black makes it worthwhile. Discard alone makes the deck feel more proactive. Plus we can experiment with Lilianas (both LOTV and LLH). And collective brutality is still a beating for burn and infect.
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  • posted a message on US Election Day and results thread 2016
    Quote from Glamdring804 »
    Quote from magickware99 »

    Actually not trying to be cute; just finding it difficult to believe that 4 years of business as usual will mean death. I think you're being overly dramatic.

    Trump has already said he is going to ignore the Paris Climate Accords, which are a comprehensive start to the work we need to do to save the ecosystem. The Paris Accords need to be adhered to by every nation with any industrial development for them to actually be effective. If an economic powerhouse and supposed "world leader" decides it's not going to pull its weight, then every other nation on the planet has the grounds to pull out of the accords as well. Once Trump gets out of office, it won't be as simple as just "Okay, he's gone, let's reinstate the accords." He will have already done irreparable damage to the agreement, and put us back at square one. He has the potential to not just delay the desperately needed mitigation of the climate catastrophe, but actually set us back several years or even decades.

    Trump came out to CA once back in March or April. His visit drew two different reactions (just hearsay from people I know):

    Liberals - He says there's no drought here, what an idiot!
    Conservatives - He's right, Democrats value fish over people.

    That's the problem with the climate change argument. If you focus on polar bears, coral reefs and endangered species, the blue collar workers in Wisconsin and Ohio don't care. They think you value fish over them. Instead, connect the environment to things the average Joe can relate to. Hammer home what lack of regulation can do to clean water, like Flint Michigan.
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  • posted a message on The Modern Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from Stoogeslap »
    Scrying Sheets is on the rise... is there some deck using it from a recent event? Or is it just speculation or a deck article?

    Skred Red won GP Dallas. It runs two.
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  • posted a message on Donald Trump's Presidency
    Quote from Surging Chaos »
    Quote from magickware99 »
    I think this current election cycle is proof that-

    1- The overall system works.
    2- The Republican Party needs to die and rise from the ashes to form a new party that will shed itself of its white nationalist elements, accept that social conservatism is dying, and attempt to take from the Democrats its more moderate parts and prevent the rapidly strengthening liberal elements of the Democratic Party from eventually hijacking the Democratic Party in the same manner that the white nationalists hijacked the Republican Party.
    Quote from Xeruh »
    Number 2 is what my political science teacher was predicting. Basically everything would lurch left soon in the political arena, although his prediction was more that the Republicans would basically collapse, Democrats take up the new right wing position, and a new left party would emerge. I'm honestly looking forward to a big shake up, the political system feels like it could use a hefty reform, this will help to accomplish that. I guess we will see what happens after the presidential election, but it seems likely something major will happen from here on out with our current parties.

    I've been thinking about this more and more, and I'm considering a situation where the Republican party doesn't collapse, but simply becomes a party that largely abandons presidential runs and focuses exclusively on congressional, governor, and other state races. Despite the dire straits the GOP is in right now, they still have a very firm grasp on governors, the House, and state legislatures.

    I do not see the Republicans winning another presidential election, ever. They are already at a huge disadvantage in the electoral college due to the blue wall to begin with, but the latest fallout from this year and last year in 2012 has shown they are going to be locked out of the White House for good. Consider states like Virginia and North Carolina; both of which used to be easy wins for the GOP, are no longer safe. The former has been cemented as a permanent Democratic stronghold and the latter is a now a swing state that is probably going to lean Democrat once the state urbanizes more. Colorado is the same issue as well; massive urbanization in this century turned the state solidly blue.

    And it just gets worse for them. Georgia is in danger of turning blue now. If that ever happens, the GOP is finished in the electoral college for good. Then you throw in TEXAS of all states, which Trump is just barely holding onto right now. I can definitely see a future where Texas becomes a swing state due to the increasing minority population and the amount of urbanization going on down there (see the pattern here?).

    Even if the GOP tries to make a concerted effort to purge the racist and social conservative elements of the party, they are going to have a massive push back from their voting base. "Trumpists" may not make up a majority of the GOP, but they make up a sizeable chunk of the GOP base that they simply cannot ignore for risk of losing elections left and right. These people reliably vote every election cycle (which includes midterms). Evangelicals also reliably vote every election cycle in addition to the Trump supporters. In the end, it's all about votes. That's why the GOP brought these people into the party after they signed a deal with the devil to implement the Southern strategy.

    The GOP is completely boxed in. They already can't win the presidency yet they feel complacent with winning downticket races. The underbelly of the party is harming them on the national stage, yet it is in their best interest to not completely cut loose those people because they need the votes. That's why the party is dying but also "not dying" at the same time if you can believe it.

    Losing Virginia and North Carolina this election isn't crippling, as Iowa and Ohio are leaning Republican more. Not a good trade, but the party can survive it. The real danger would be losing Georgia, Arizona, or Texas. Especially Texas.

    The simplest solution would be to find new or reclaim old voters. Muslims were once solid Republicans, but the anti-Muslim rhetoric has scared them away. Asians used to lean Republican, but the racism and the Putin love has scared them away. Hispanics could easily be part of the Evangelical bloc, but all the anti-immigration stuff is a line in the sand. The problem is, with the Trumpists, they've pushed away every minority voting group that would normally have voted GOP, but were driven away by the racism. If the party can eject the racists and begin marketing to the minority groups that are more conservative, they could pick up those groups again.
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