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  • posted a message on Harmless Offering Loading Ready Run
    Quote from Sphynx »
    Yeah I'm impressed by R&D's willingness to cut it this close, and I think it bodes very well for the future of the game.
    They could have very easily costed this thing 2RR or something to be safe, and we know they like playing safe. I don't think anyone was expecting this card after Soul Seperator.

    Nice going R&D =)

    Why exactly do you think this is strange with soul separator?
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Game
    no starting loyalty...

    Thor, God of Thunder 1RW

    +2 - Deal 2 damage to target creature. If your opponents control no creatures, you may target an opponent.

    -1 deal 3 damage split among up to 3 target creatures

    -4 deal 3 damage to target player. You may search your deck for a card called Thor's Hammer, reveal it and put it into your hand. if you do, shuffle your library

    -8 each creature deals damage to itself equal to its power. Destroy All Planeswalkers. Draw a card.

    - starting loyalty 2

    Thor's hammer 2RW
    deal 1 damage to target player
    If you have Thor, God of Thunder on the battlefield, add 1 loyalty.

    If you have ~ in your graveyard, you may skip your draw step and pay 2RRW to return Thor's Hammer to your hand.
    If Thor, God of Thunder is in your Graveyard, you may return up to 1 copy to your hand.

    Next - vision...
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Jund Midrange
    I;m afraid to test it, i just feel like the card is weird. How good is gitrog?

    Yes i know it depends on the decklist. I'm a bit afraid of Mina & Den too though lol.
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  • posted a message on [SOI] Angelic Purge
    easily playable with tokens obviously. Flagstones of trokair in older formats i think makes this playable too. The flexibility is nice.
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  • posted a message on @TrickMTG Preview - Harness the Storm
    Quote from Vorthospike »

    Quote from ThyLordQ »
    Can this stack?

    Can I have four on the battlefield, a lightning bolt in my bin, and cast bolt five times in a turn?

    I've never wanted to brew a Kitchen Table deck so badly.

    No, once Bolt goes on the stack its a new object.

    but cant they resolve separately?

    I cast lightning bolt.
    4 triggers go on the stack. I pay 1 for the first, it goes on top of the stack and resolves.
    The 3rd trigger goes off, i target the lightning bolt that is in the yard, it goes to the top of the stack and resolves...
    repeat for multiple copies?
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  • posted a message on @TrickMTG Preview - Harness the Storm
    jesus christ rite of flame.

    lightning bolt seems good, draconic roar seems good in standard, as 2rr 6 to the dome and kill a big creature or 2 others is awesome.

    seems ridiculous with brainstorm but off color.
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  • posted a message on Relentless Dead
    Quote from Hanmac »
    does it make sense to use Ashes of the Fallen with Type=Zombie, so you can return every creature with it?

    Yes that will work. Even grosser is that it gets past color restrictions, allowing you to pay colorless x to cast nephilim, tri color dragons and such.
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  • posted a message on If your group hates MLD, and combo, and stax... doesn't every deck turn into either GravePact.dec or BigStuff.dec?
    Quote from Spage »

    My Blue Black decks always have Memory Plunder, because nothing is more fun than killing a Tooth and Nail into Avenger of Zendikar + Craterhoof Behemoth than Memory Plundering for the Massacre Wurm in response.

    Are you able to pay for the entwine on the TaN when you plunder it? Rulings seem to indicate that you may.

    Otherwise this only works when you have massacre wurm in hand.
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  • posted a message on big web spoiler - uncommon colorless dissipate
    so what impact is there to playing a non-blue counterspell that costs blue mana? Besides red elemental blast lol
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  • posted a message on Expedite
    this right here is appropriately costed haste. I like it. I almost wish that it were an aura with a 1rr return to hand clause, but thats more of a rare design
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Cutthroat Aristocrats
    I really want to see Alesha + Catacomb Sifter work

    Also shes kind of amazing with Nantuko Husk.
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  • posted a message on StarCityGames Preview - Guul Draz Overseer
    seems strong with those annoying recurring black cards. like bloodghast and blood soaked champion. Gives late game reach. Also seems good with bitterblossom lingering souls and any token related cards. Heck maybe even with Endrek Sahr Master Breeder lol
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  • posted a message on Will Khans of Tarkir Fetchlands drop in price when they rotate?
    given the landfall environment we are going into in standard, there is no chance they are going down prior to standard rotation of the lands.
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  • posted a message on W/B Helm of the Gods aggro
    this looks a lot better than what i tested this morning. Im subbing in some oppressive rays, killing the spirit of the labyrinth, and putting that to sb for 4 archetype of courage.

    -1 underworld coinsmith
    -4 spiteful returned
    -1 banishing light
    -1 Pacifism
    -4 spirit of the labyrinth
    -1 gnarled scarhide

    +4 archetype of courage
    +3 Athreos, God of Passage
    +2 starfield of nyx
    +3 oppressive rays

    But im probably too control leaning. I wouldnt mind just using whip, and erebos himself in the deck, and i keep thinking of ways to add Liliana to this deck. Sorry im taking it away from aggro, but just some other possibilities.

    I think everything except starfield could still be applied to your deck though, i just dont know about the numbers.

    SB still to be deterined, but:
    4 spirit of the labyrinth
    3 brain maggot
    3 duress

    maybeboard (I hate that term)
    whip of erebos?
    odunos river trawler? (really wtf? lol)
    grisly transformation (seems good sb for aggro in non b or w matchups to push damage and replaces itself)
    Corpseweft (way cool but conflicts with whip which may be better until rotation?)

    super off the wall control strategy (warning, drunk post lol)

    +4 polluted delta and 3x island - some other lands
    +3x ojutai
    _3x deadly wanderings
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  • posted a message on W/B Helm of the Gods aggro
    archetype of courage seems like it would fit in well here.
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