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  • posted a message on Secret Lair
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from Druki »

    Seeing Visions is a set of Serum Visions, each with new/trippy/cool art
    Quote from Druki »

    Seeing Visions is a set of Serum Visions, each with new/trippy/cool art

    that one is just a playset of serum vision each one with different art

    There’s something wrong with them on this product commander 2020 is more promising for the fans (or the year of commander is more exciting)

    Regulars are just 3$ But foils are 14$ though I will give them that

    This is almost comical at this point.
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  • posted a message on Seven Secret Lairs in 2019
    For somebody who hasn't owned cards in a while when I saw 7 different products, I got excited because the themes seemed cool and it would have been a good way to get cards to get back into the game. The more I'm seeing though, this is a huge turnoff and feels like another scheme for wizards to drain the pockets of their customers without actually giving them much value. Sadly this is a hard pass for me.
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  • posted a message on The Pioneer Format
    Quote from Squall »
    Quote from Xcric »
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    Quote from Xcric »

    as long as modern exists, this is a dead format.

    they can't have both, they need to sacrifice one of them. it's just going to be another tiny leaders, or brawl, or whatever that other one was where a walker could be your commander with a signature spell, its great in theory but without support it'll go nowhere fast and to get support you have to pull away from modern. that's a difficult balance. there is actually a point where there are TOO many ways to play.

    i mean, it happens often enough already where a legacy event doesn't fire because people want to play modern that night, but that doesn't fire because some want standard, but no maybe half of them want to draft, oh whatever **** it lets all play commander. it was brawl night anyway.

    Except Pioneer is necessary because Modern is gradually pricing itself out of playability for new/newer players. Or even some older ones. It's a necessary step. I imagine in another ten years or so, they'll do it again.

    Thats a reprint policy issue not a format issue

    1000000% this. WotC got the exact wrong answer to the Modern problem. Just reprint the damn cards, it's FREE MONEY.

    Basically this. The ultimate goal of the modern format was to establish a non-rotating format where no cards are on the reserve list to reprint them. The problem though is that they aren't reprinting much of their cards unless they're in $10-$15 product which in my honest opinion defeats the purpose of a reprint set, but that's entirely a different conversation.

    So this is basically going to be modern lite where many of the $ cards are gone for the time being. If the format takes off, then you'll have cards increase in price. So essentially this feels like a band-aid to a problem that inevitably will come creeping again. Will WotC fix their reprint problems by then? Maybe.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] - Deluxe Edition

    That being said, $450 is a monstrous price. It isn't hurting anybody for existing, though, so I don't see much need to get worked up over a product I'll never buy.

    I disagree with it not hurting anybody. Maybe not today but I tell you with the direction of the "specialty" products that it could be harmful later on. Just like loot boxes in video games, they weren't hurting anybody at first but eventually it became a necessity to play games to compete. I could see WoTC sneaking in playable cards only obtainable in these specialty products. I hope not but with how much WoTC is digging into the pockets, it wouldn't surprise me.
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  • posted a message on Ayara, First of Locthwain
    Quote from ccc1522 »
    interesting that the royalty are females with feminine males, the knights are females, the nobles are females. Basically any masculine role is given to a female. What. the. ****.

    I think im going to quit playing this game. I cant stand this stupid ***** theyre doing. Its really dumb and doesnt make any sense not to mention its killing us as a society.

    This is literal fiction. Are you really that bent out of shape?
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons/Art Series
    Quote from SonofaBith75 »
    Quote from Kman »
    And you didnt read the points on why its a premium type set.
    Modern Horizons - 24 cards over $7.00
    War of the Spark - 13 cards over $5.00
    Modern Horizons - approx set value $575
    War of the Spark - approx set value $287
    Plus you get the Bonuses (Tokens, Art series, Full Art Snow Land) NOT included in the value adjustment

    Either buy it or don't

    Comparing pre-release prices to that of a set that’s been out for 5 weeks is an invalid comparison. Pre-sale prices always run high, this is common knowledge.

    Exactly this. How much can be attributed to cards being heavily sought after vs the where they will be after the set has enough supply to meet demand.

    And I hate this whole premium vs non premium denotion. Usually when you pay a premium on something you expect something more. For 7 a pack, I would expect more than a full art snow land and an art card. What's the difference between this set and say conspiracy or battle bond that warrants a price spike?

    I think wizards needs to stop throwing around the word premium when something is not what most would consider premium.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons/Art Series
    Quote from Kman »
    Well geez Wizards. I hope you learned your lesson. Don't you ever put in a pack a Bonus Card with glossy full art pictures. We will not stand for this Bonus.

    As much as I was against the way the set was shaping up, I have to say I think I may have turned the corner.
    Does it have more of a Commander feel - Yes
    Does it cost more - Yes About Double

    Okay but.....
    Does it contain quite a few Mythics and Rares that are worth over or even double the price of the pack - Why yes, yes it does (nothing super Chasey, but a lot of value) - Better than standard edition packs, not quite as good as Masters
    Does it have "Cool" new cards that can be brewed with in multiple formats - SURE
    It has either a Double Sided or Foil Token - Well that's better than a standard pack
    It has a BONUS, let me repeat, a BONUS card. With a new style of printing. FULL Art Landscape style of some of the nice cards in the set that can be used to Collect or Proxy around with in EVERY PACK.
    It has a FULL ART SNOW LAND in EACH pack. Something people apparently want really bad. The art sucks but hey.

    So all in all is it worth 6.99, 7.99 /pck……….. It seems kinda like it is. Narrowly but its a pretty good deal.

    And this is how WoTC can sucker people into thinking they got value. It's not a bonus if you're nearly paying double. The set should be 4 dollars unless they do something truly special and including a full art card does not truly justify those cards imho.
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  • posted a message on MPL weekly stream preview card - Sword of sinew and Steel (Rakdos sword)
    This may have the worst of all swords triggers but let's not forget that it also has arguably the best protection being black and red have the most removal bar none.
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  • posted a message on Command the Dreadhorde (Carlos Romao Spoiler, fully revealed)
    So this plus the new pariah instant seems completely bonkers
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  • posted a message on Most Silver Border Cards are now Legal in Commander until January 15th
    Look at me, I'm R&D + Mana Screw = unlimited mana. I could see that potentially being a problem in commander considering that that R&D is only 3 mana and after that screw would be free.
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  • posted a message on WPN Crackdown?
    Quote from remathilis »
    Quote from BauerBoss »
    You may think you know what is best for their game, but they support the tournaments. Why you think you know better than them, but also think that $2000 is a lot of money baffles me. If your life is in a direction where $2000 is too much money, but you think you have time for an intensive hobby, your judgment is probably a bit skewed.

    If $2000 isn't a lot of money, surely you won't mind writing me a check for that amount. I'll pm you with my contact info.

    I have a pretty good paying engineering job and while 2000 can be done, it's not exactly cheap by any means.
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  • posted a message on WPN Crackdown?
    Quote from WeezingPipes »
    In this thread lots of free riders who don't know they are free riders.

    The "I don't have money for these decks" isn't a valid excuse. Magic cards have TONS of value in them, and with a modicum of effort it is not difficult to trade for cards you want, circumventing the need for cash in hand. You can then play these real cards at WPN events, and all is right in the world. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere, the internet has made card accessibility trivial via Pucatrade, various Facebook/Twitter/Reddit trading groups. Certainly, you all have access to a mailbox, and again, there are a ton of ways to insulate yourself from being defrauded by trading in the mail - thousands of players do it daily.

    The proxy problem is this: people who don't have to play with real cards in an event will just play not real cards, because why wouldn't you other than some social pressures or some personal feeling that you should? They aren't buying singles at their store in all likelihood. A lot of LGS really have a problem where a player is in their store 52+ days a year but spends next to nothing. They won't say it to your face, but store owners have to eat too, and events in and of themselves are not meaningfully profitable. They really just want you to buy their product. You aren't doing them any favors by just being present.

    So, we come to the Vintage/Legacy issue. Wizards has blatantly acknowledged they aren't going to actively support the formats because their hands are tied with the Reserved list. You can be mad on the internet that the Reserved List exists, but it isn't a moral argument - it just is. WoTC is not going back on it. They have had ample opportunity to do so and have chosen not to, so unless you want to pony up a lot of card board to trade into Power (which, again, you can certainly do using the methods outlined above), coupled with the low frequency of those events, you may just have to accept this is how it is, and play Legacy/vintage online if you want your fix. Failing that, well, being mad about the injustice of it all is not terribly productive.

    I can't afford a Jaguar, but I am not screaming at the Jaguar dealership either. If this sounds silly to you, that is what it sounds like when people complain about card prices and accessibility for something that is not a necessity.

    Apparently not wanting to spend 2900 on a black lotus makes you a free loader.

    And all these analogies are terrible. The best real world example I can give you is real diamonds vs fake diamonds. They both serve the same purpose.
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  • posted a message on WPN Crackdown?
    Quote from Truth »
    Quote from Truth »
    The amount of hate people give to others this thread is disgusting.

    My shop runs full proxy Modern tournaments (already unsanctioned, mind you). They're there so people without enough money to buy a modern deck and attend the modern FNMs, but still want to play a different kind/flavor of Magic than draft or Pauper.

    Yes, we could spend a ****ton of money onto Modern. But guess what, we don't want to because we got other hobbies too. So someone telling us we don't deserve to play modern in this case is just disgusting.

    They don't deserve to play any more than I deserve to play Warhammer - another potential hobby that looks cool, but, because I already have a hobby in Magic, I can't afford. They don't deserve anything. Magic is a hobby, a luxury, and not an entitlement. It's a shame they're interested in something they can't afford. That's just life. If they can find a way to play high stakes poker without paying for it, they might be able to leverage this cheapskate spirit to fund their collecting.

    This is the level of elitism I'm talking about.

    I buy a lot of singles for my EDH at my LGS, I buy sealed products like Duel Decks to play with friends from them, occasional fat packs, I attend a prerelease for every single set that comes out, encourage people to come there.

    And yet I shouldn't play proxy Modern. Because apparently I'm not already spending enough money on Magic and I'n a cheapskate.

    I spend hundreds of dollars, probably thousands over time, on gas for my truck. I get oil changes. I take it to the dealership for maintenance whenever the check engine light comes on. Apparently I'm not spending enough for them to give me a sports car.

    I spend hundreds of dollars on my cable bill, and yet I apparently don't deserve free HBO.

    This argument is ludicrous if you swap out Magic terminology for any other. It's ludicrous here, too.

    Not having a sports car doesn't prevent you from driving on the road.
    Not having race car will prevent you from driving in a race track though.

    The race track in my analogy would be top tier tournaments not smaller ones.

    If WOTC really gave damn they would get rid of the reserved list. It's gotten to the point where this game isn't what it was then. The cards that are useful cannot be printed anymore and the remaining cards are just slowly dwindling over time. By making a print run of these cards, the originals would be lightly affected by the value as usually first prints retain value. It's just not worth spending that much money on cards that can be destroyed if something were to happen to them. It would grow the audience since playing with 2000+ decks wouldn't be an issue.
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  • posted a message on WPN Crackdown?
    Magic is successful, at least in part, because there's no pretense that everyone deserves to play every format -- that everyone is entitled to be able to afford every card.

    That's a pretentious attitude if I ever saw one. No one is calling for them to make legacy pre constructed decks with the best vintage staples. People are asking for better availability than there currently is. I think every format should be accessible to everyone. You might not be able to build the best deck, but definitely something serviceable.

    Essentially you're putting classism into magic cards. Which for a tcg is just so utterly stupid. It's supposed to be a hobby. It should be up to the player based off preference not money on whether or not they can play in a format.
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  • posted a message on WPN Crackdown?
    Quote from Anteaterking »
    Quote from HunterEste »
    Oh look, WOTC is making another stupid decision that alienates more of their fans and customers, why am I not surprised?

    Can you answer why WotC would allow proxies? Like in what way that would benefit them as a business or anything?

    Well considering that they don't print many legacy/vintage staples anymore and many are on the reserved list they aren't hurt or benefited in any way. If they printed the cards still it may be an issue. All sales are on a secondary market and WOTC doesn't make any money from the format.

    So they need to address the issue that these formats are very difficult to get into because cards have low supply and the only current way is to make proxies.
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