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  • posted a message on Dredge
    Managed to Day GP 2 Toronto with a little different version of dredge.

    Like many of you, I got frustrated by some of the inconsistencies, especially how unreliable neonate has become after the GGT ban.

    So I decided to play Time Scour. I’ve top 4 a US WMCQ in the past with tome scour, before reunion was printed. I posted a report explaining how it helps reduce mulligan variance (you don’t need a dredger in hand).

    The cost is that you have to have blue early, and I couldn’t make the fetch manabase work anymore. So we’re playing just fastlands and all rainbow lands. Still manage to beat all anger and cryptic decks, so maybe that’s not too costly.

    Here is the list for reference, there are some flex slots and I wanted to try a few things for the GP so it’s not set in stone:

    Modern blue dredge

    4 bloodghast
    4 narcomeaba
    4 prized amalgam

    4 golgari thug
    4 stinkweed imp
    3 life from the loam
    1 darkblast

    4 faithless lootings
    4 tome scour
    4 cathartic reunion
    1 isolent neonate
    1 shriekhorn

    2 conflagrate
    1 rally the peasants

    1 dakmore salvage
    3 spirebuff canal
    2 copperline gorge
    1 mountain
    4 city of brass
    4 gemstone mine
    4 mana confluence


    4 ancient grudge
    4 lightning axe
    2 darkblast
    2 failure // comply
    1 gnaw to the bone
    1 scrapheap scrounger
    1 haunted dead

    Started day 0-2 after some bad draws and a blood moon + R.I.P. lock vs affinity. Ended the day 6-2, finished 9-6 overall.

    I can post more details about matchups and deck construction philosophy if people are interested.

    This version plays a bit differently, so I encourage anyone looking for a alternative to the traditional jund loam version to try it. It’s more explosive and consistent on turns 1-2 but less consistent for turns 3-4. Depending on the meta, it can be a better choice but it’s not strictly better I’d say. Depends on what you’re looking for.

    Thanks for reading this threads is great!

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    Played Jund,Jund,Abzan, Jeskai yesterday, after losing to mono-red chalice/moons... was a rough day Smile

    Out of curiosity, if you had complete free choice to pick your starting 60 against BGx, what would play?

    I know these are hard MUs, but I’m trying to see what people think are the best paths to victory, and key/bad cards, I.e how much to like mutagenic growth, distortion strike, Jace, Spell Pierce, spellskite, etc...

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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    I also found this thread to be too conservative at times. Criticism is great, but being nice at all time and with everybody is important.

    The mere fact that someone feels not welcome should be a warning sign for anyone who loves this thread.

    Let's rectify and act as school going forward Smile
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    DeMars mentioned Thorn of Amethyst in eldrazi tron. Would that be crazy to try in merfolk? Maybe even main deck in a lean simic version?

    That probably mean reducing the number of spreading seas, and that sounds like heresy. However I was curious if anyone had any thought on this.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    I going to try a 4 visions 4 sleight of hand version, to both enable quick become immense and help with consistency in grinder came.

    Thanks for the report!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    Tezzeret's gambit also counteracts chalice on one, correct?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    How does the 4 spellskite list look like?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    Hi all,

    Just to try a new direction, Im going to test this version with traverse, as soon as I get my cards in the mail.

    It's a bit out there, but I'd like to try it. Any comment appreciated thanks!

    UG Modern Infect

    4 glistener elf
    4 blighted agent
    4 noble hierarch

    4 serum visions
    4 traverse the ulvenwald
    4 thought scour

    4 become immense
    4 vines of vastwood
    4 might of old krosa
    4 blossoming defense
    1 rancor

    4 inkmoth nexus
    3 breeding pool
    1 forest
    1 pendelhaven
    4 windswept Heath
    4 wooded foothills
    2 verdant catacombs


    3 tormods crypt
    3 hooting mandrills
    2 dissenters deliverance
    2 viridian corrupter
    2 spell pierce
    2 dispel
    1 forest
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Any thoughts on disdainful stroke as an addition to the counters mix in the board? Useful in different matchups than negate (Eldrazi, titan shift) but is it reliable enough?
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk

    I played a 25-players EE trial event last weekend, playing Legacy for the first time this year (I have just moved to a NYC).

    I played a very streamlined list, with Copters and Harbinger filling in the flex spots. I didn't want try to predict the meta for an event of this size, so I preferred not to play any 1-ofs.

    I squeezed in the top 8 at 8th place, lost to Infect in the quarterfinals. In the swiss, I beat Grixis Delver, Big Red and BR reanimator, losing to Aluren and Grixis Delver. Overall, I thought the deck was well positioned, althouhg I could have played some games better.

    Not sure how good the sideboard was, of course I only played 6 matches.

    Copters were good at beating down, I was happy enough with them that I'll keep playing them. Given the match-ups I faced, Harbinger were very solid, I will keep them in for now.

    The list:

    4 Cursecatcher
    4 Silvergil adept
    4 Lord of Atlantis
    4 Master of the Pearl Trident
    4 True Name Nemesis
    3 Phantasmal Image
    3 Harbinger of the tide

    4 Aether vial
    4 Force of will
    3 Chalice of the Void
    3 Smugglers's Copter

    4 Mutavault
    3 Cavern of Souls
    13 Islands

    SB: 2 Relic, 2 cage, 2 dismember, 1 echoing truth, 2 vendilion clique, 2 wasteland, 1 surgical extraction, 2 umezawa's jitte, 1 pithing needle

    I was very happy with playing so many islands (to fight wasteland and blood moon) and keeping wasteland in the SB was fine. I would add a fourth cavern though, was one of the cards I wanted to see most. Personally, I really want a manabase that can ensure a turn 3 TNN as often as possible.

    Thanks, this thread is great!
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  • posted a message on Dredge
    Thanks! I was just curions, haven't played against them in a while.

    I'm not sure we want ancient grudge against bant Eldrazi, do we? How good is thoughtseize there?

    Yes I'm still playing blue. The lack of fetches do come up sometimes, but tome scour has become better than neonate with the banning of Ggt. I've seen many turning to shriekhorn, its in the same logic.

    Playing in a GPT this weekend I'll report if it fires.

    Many thanks again!

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  • posted a message on Dredge
    Matchup question: how difficult are Gx TRON, Eldrazi tron and bant Eldrazi in your opinion ?

    How would you sideboard against? I'm not entirely convinced by takahashi sb guide.

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  • posted a message on Dredge
    With the full rainbow mana base, you can play both tome scour and fragmentize (wear and tear is also a possible option, although I'm not sure it's better).
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  • posted a message on Dredge
    I really like GQ in the SB as well. Let us know how it goes. Do you still like pharaoh enough even as temur battle rage is seeing less play?
    I would personally also play a haunted dead in the board for anger and ugin decks.
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  • posted a message on Dredge
    I'm thinking of ingot chewer, as was suggested a few pages back. It's efficient when drawn naturally and I'm less concerned with enchantments at the moment.
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