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    posted a message on Pauper Cube - Custom Dreamcard Topic
    because why not?
    I refer to it for years now, so i made a dreamcard of it.

    and while im at it

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    posted a message on Timespiral Remastered Spoiler /Setdiscussion
    yeah unfortunately original tsp block cards got outruled to be timeshifted. originally i thought all the cards become an old border treatment. but well, as hyped as people are right now, it certainly isnt the last time they print the old frame. if magic survives MUB that is Wink
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    posted a message on [ELD] Mothership spoilers 9/16— Queen Linden and her retinue
    the famous black queen of medieval european tales and her all female knights army. yeah, sure wotc..
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    posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Silumgar Scavenger borderline thouggh imo
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    posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    so "inspired" by the latest discussions and because im bored, but also because it helps me keeping track of fringe archetypes and potential cards for my T2, I proudly present The Tier3 Cube Grin

    Features slivers, artifact matters, +1+1 counter theme, sacrifice and whatever else was left over from my other cubes. as always higher cube cards are excluded.

    I discovererd pretty neat interaction between the Kor damage redirection and creatures that trigger upon damage like Spirit en-Kor + Overgrown Armasaur

    its untested as of yet, but most cards have been played at some point already.
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    posted a message on Archetypes
    the problem with too specialized archetypes is that drafting becomes too railroading then. in my earlier versions of my cube i basically included preconstructed decks which pretty much assembled themselves during the draft after you got youve been into it in the first packs. this is fun for only so long, though. the upside it helps unexperienced drafters because they have it much easier then, but after a while you know all the decks and it becomes boring. while my cube still has certain "decks" its much more open now. pretty much also because we got tons of prints for the missing spots. red, black and blue has gotten playable 5+ creatures pretty recently for example.
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    posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    none of us cares whats going on in pauper constructed and im not even interested in the online only commons. there are no set regulations on cube building, its up to everyone himself. Al does even run a rarecard in his which is quite a stretch, but usually as long as its somwhere in the realm of common its accepted. Although Id never consider a cube pauper that runs the common-sheet hack.

    That said, pretty much all those cards are only strong in either constructed or with the right amount of support. Since you dont support them and anyways have you own definition of fun its pretty much useless to comment on them.
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    posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Multicolor: I've been happy with 2 nonbasics per color. Tapped lands are not that much of an issue, but trying to support more than 2 colors without fixing surely is. The gain lands also have something, that differentiates them from the other lands.

    Running 2 sets of duals (bounce and lifelands) is pretty much the standard. I only run 1 set and the signets, because tapped lands are pretty bad in aggro and there are quite a few cards that care for basic lands. Kird Ape, Fireblast and so on

    Hexproof: My impression was, that not all decks actually need to answer hexproof. Hexproof creatures are below curve and you can beat them by playing more mana efficient creatures and simply race them. Especially the Swarm decks have shown to be crushing the aura/hexproof decks pretty hard.

    Depends on the amount of hexproof. First turn Bogle into 2 turn Winds is above curve and will race you. If you only run the finisher like Benthic Giant I agree.

    Desert is really strong, but there are ways around like either trying not to play too many X/1s or going so wide with tokens, that killing one of them doesn't matter.

    Desert is pretty bonkers and is one of the cards that warps the whole meta. In addition with some other x/1 hoser like Serrated Arrows it renders a lot of those pretty weak. Its funny to hear its not pauper legal, because we are playing paper here and I consider the online commons not being legal.

    Charger/Pegasus are way better than the WW guys. There is simply no way to guarantee WW on turn two and the value loss of not being able to play them on turn 2, especially in a low land aggro deck, is a huge downside.

    Which ones are better is determined by the question how many x/1 answers your cube run. See above. With some amount of pinger in my cube, the 2/2s are much better and monowhite is usually the best way to build the aggro deck anyway.

    The problem with the soldiers is, that only about half of your creatures are white, which means, that unless you specifically focus on picking them there are only about 1/4 soldiers, which is not enough, IMO.

    I run them since I support mono/heavy white and a lot of them are soldiers. 3/2 for 3 is not the worst aggrocard anyway and the falcon usually dont need a build around, because basically everything is either knight or soldier.

    Run Amok: Red doesn't need, nor want combat tricks, IMO. There is a huge amount of playable burn spells, that are mostly superior, IMO.

    I run it, because combat tricks are much stronger in aggrodecks than burn. Especially if they give trample. Burn is too slow and too reactive. Attacking all in every turn and trample through any blocker will deal more damage faster and also kills stuff that has higher toughness. It can also save you guy from removal. Its probably only an inclusion if you want to support turbo aggro.

    Keldon Raider/Keldon Berserker: I don't think red aggressive decks need 4 drops and I would rather play more powerful cards, rather than mediocre ones.

    I dont think CC4 for a 5/3 is mediocre. Its pretty much as good as it gets, besides Gorehorn Minotaurs. It doesnt usually hurt to have some curve topper. The problem comes with double R, since thats often a problem in fast decks. Thats why although I think the Raider are also better than mediocre theyre better played with some additional synergies like madness.

    Lash Out is certainly playable, but I think there are better options. The aggressive red decks that are interested in this usually have a low curve so you usually only win if you have a spell and your opponent has a land, because your spell will often cost less than theirs.

    Considering the average deck runs 17 lands and aggro 15-16 I didnt made the math on it, but it burns for additional 3 often enough to make it a fantastic card. Its also a burnspell with a twist, so more interesting than the next plain bolt and often enough you want to kill a creature anyway. Definitely better than Volcanic Hammer

    Deprive is a card I've played for a long time, but control decks really don't want to miss land drops and the downside simply hurts them too much. The XU counters are usually just better.

    yeah, pretty meh card

    I don't like the Exalted creatures, because they are really bad when you don't want to attack with just one creature. They also work really badly with my Swarm theme.

    Exalted is pretty bonkers but indeed, you either want exalted or swarm. Exalted has the strong upside that it allows you to attack into blockers that would usually roadblock (Augur of Bolas anyone ;))

    Razorfin Hunter would obviously be good as a monocolored card, but Fire // Ice is just more powerful.

    If red wouldnt have Fireslinger already Id consider running it. As is Izzet can do more with spells.

    Grasping Scoundrel is basically a black Jungle Lion, which is still a fine card, but green simply has way more powerful options nowadays, while black has by far the weakest creatures. Compared to the average powerlevel of black creatures it's a good 1-drop. Other than the Lion it can also block X/1s. You can cut Divest for it. Divest only most likely only deals with creatures, which is a card type black has problems dealing with anyway. Different than removal discard is a terrible topdeck against a hellbent opponent.

    not a big fan. x/1 *coughs* A fine addition for a black aggro archetype though

    Dauthi Marauder: The toughness doesn't really matter, since it doesn't interact in combat, but 3 unblockable power for 3 mana is a great deal and makes this actually way better in the offense than something like Shu Cavalry. Being fragile and kind of all in is ok for a hyper aggressive black card. You can cut Skittering Horror is an easy cut, IMO.

    x/1, but races quite fast if unchecked. Probably one of the cards that demand a certain amount of x/1 hosers to not be broken. Skittering Horror is a RB removal.dec card

    Snuff Out: Compare this to Dismember, which is a very powerful removal. The difference is, that Snuff Out costs 1 less and kills a creature regardless of size. Skittering Skirge or Paralyze are easy cuts, IMO.

    I did run Snuff for a while and it turned out to be a horrible card in my T1. Against aggro its either too slow to cast or doesnt help at all because you burn yourself for 4. Its better in aggro to remove a blocker for free, so basically it comes back to black aggro support or not. I dedicated my Black mostly to control, because its the only color able to and has all the roleplayer with pestilence and so on. No need to turn every color into aggro WRG are better for it anyway.
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    posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Spoiler
    what a weird bunch of cards. kinda hard to wrap my head around them because nothing stands out really.

    I think the only card I consider for my T1 is the Frenzied Arynx. As said I have to cheat on the guildslot then though, but somehow I want to replace Ill-Tempered Cyclops. oh and Skewer the Critics ofc


    Ill-Gotten Inheritance is a interesting card for the grindgames, but i dont think it does enough. Sanitarium Skeleton seems better for those

    Plague Wight pretty good if you want to support black aggro and are not shy to run x/1s.

    Wrecking Beast really good, but 7 is too much for the powered cube. For ramp it seems nice.

    Impassioned Orator finally a playable soul warden

    Justiciar's Portal a blink effect that also works as combat trick

    Summary Judgment semi decent removal

    Pyredreams list:

    Knight of Sorrows doenst even have a big butt. Pretty meh

    Tenth District Veteran indeed seems interesting. but beside 2 exterts there is not much payoff and i think we already have a similar card. *the aven right.

    phantom monster cost 4, much better

    Sage's Row Savant I really like it. blues 2 drops are lacking for bigger cubes and this one is very solid. i like it better than omenspeaker since it trade better

    Undercity Scavenger seems reasonable for sac

    Ghor-Clan Wrecker overcosted by 1. meh

    Storm Strike those cc1 combat tricks that give first strike are really good, but red can just play burn

    Rampaging Rendhorn its okay. cc5 slot is pretty tight though

    Lawmage's Binding dont need more enchantment based removal that also occupies a guild slot tbh, but its good

    Im not hyped to add anything tbh, but thats what i expected since the last set was pretty mediocre as well. the final set of the 3 might get a higher powerlevel again. there are quite a bunch of cards for the medieval cube though, which is very nice

    known but considered
    Burning-Tree Vandal
    Sauroform Hybrid
    Blade Juggler

    Estimated changes:
    Ill-Tempered Cyclops < Frenzied Arynx
    Sign in Blood < Blade Juggler
    Thriving Grubs < Skewer the Critics
    Omenspeaker < Sage's Row Savant
    Wall of Heat < Burning-Tree Vandal
    Scorned Villager < Sauroform Hybrid
    Coiling Oracle < Aeromunculus
    Grim Harvest < Plague Wight
    Momentary Blink < Lawmage's Binding

    Boggart Brute < Thriving Grubs
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    posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    The problem with Banding creatures is their horrible mana cost to body ratio. Sometimes the effect can be useful, but usually you want to have the cards do enough on their own. Reading paragraphs during the games isnt too great either, since the creatures lack the tooltip. Thats only a problem on the firsts drafts though.

    Maybe its because you play jut for a short period, but mana cost becomes never irrelevant, you want to have more plays a turn or bluff answers. Paying 5 for a 2/2 is huge tempoloss. You also want to have a reasonable mana curve in your deck.

    I also doubt the games go that long, unless your playgroup is as unexperienced. RG Beatz for example looks pretty fast to me. http://www.cubetutor.com/cubedeck/1042880

    Rot Wolf doesnt draw you cards, it gets ignored until you have 6-8 poison counters and then gets removed or chumped.

    Peregrine Drake is pretty mediocre. And as said, it sends wrong signals.

    A card can be nostalgic without being around at that time. Its just the flavor of the yesterdays that makes them interesting. We are playing paupercube and magic in general for a while here now and playtested a lot of cards. Many of the cards you run dont work, at least not in the general poweroriented and not even neccessarily in the archetype driven ones. As you see in my sig, i have both approaches.

    That said, I think its always cool to see something different, but right now your cube looks quite unbalanced. You run a lot of the powerful cards as well as the packfiller. Maybe you want to try to build an old school pauper cube with only the old frame? Or start there and then add more modern cards on the same powerlevel and bring more depths into some mechanics like morph. I dont think it works well the other way around (starting with a modern powerlevel and water it down with the old school stuff)
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