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  • posted a message on Nephilim to Return in 3rd Ravnica Set?
    I was just thinking today that MaRo once said not making the Nephilim legendary was a major regret. The next Ravnica set to come on in January would be the perfect opportunity for there to be an emergence of legendary Nephilim. Isn't there chatter about keywords that intersect between guilds? That can be done in such a way to essentially combine two guild colors into the Nephilim, as mythics, w/ really strong synergies w/ 2 or more guild keywords.

    This (sort of) begs the questions:

    What reason(s) does R&D have to not bring legendary Nephilim into the fold? Sure, we can think of a ton of reasons why we want them, but the trickier thought process is guessing what will keep them down, keep them from being a nice thought to tangible cards and part of the Ravnica story & lore.
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  • posted a message on The PucaTrade Thread
    Something strange is happening w/ the new promotion system (at least on my end): When I put cards into my "wants" list, [non-promoted cards!!!] - I am still being charged the 3% Gold Members get. That 3% is supposed to be for promoted cards only!!! I'm already paying $10/mo. for my Gold status... I am not paying an additional 3% on top of that. Why are the PT admins trying to nickel & dime us.

    The promoted ones are easy to spot on your "wants" list, as they have the gold overtone.

    See attached image (w/ the date of last night as evidence of when the SS was taken).
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  • posted a message on The PucaTrade Thread
    Quote from cryogen »
    For anyone who is unaware, the new promotion system went live across the site. Now you only pay a promotion fee once the card is committed. They also cut the fees, so the fee will work out to be the same or less if you're promoting under 100% (although you'll end up paying more once you go above 100% bonus).

    So, wondering how it will go down if, let's say you promote a card to 1,000 points & you have exactly 1,000 points. Will the promotion not be visible or will one go into negative points (yes, it is a thing, I've gone into negative points twice, lol)... This feels like a Gremlins conundrum of the seed being stuck in the teeth & midnight just past, hehehe....
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  • posted a message on Need Help With eBay Listing
    Quote from KnickM »
    Hi Fyggs. Welcome to MTGS.

    In general, we don't allow solicitation here in the Café, but as it's pretty difficult to ask for help with an auction without linking to the auction, I'm going to allow this (for now). I have deleted your similar posts in the Legacy thread - no point in merging everything since it's all similar.

    The main issue that I see with your auction is that you're claiming "no damage" when I see white marks on the edges of the card. That's certainly minimal damage, but it does raise a red flag. And, as you've noted, you've not got a deep seller history. That may be enough to scare people off from making a multi-thousand-dollar purchase.

    I wouldn't necessarily call the lack of seller history too much of a red flag. It does show that the sales he does have are from over a year ago. Having 3 or less in the history is a horrible red flag. I have a seller's history of about 350 or so from a time frame of about 16 or 17 years on EBay. Te good news is that under the price EBay posted that you are a "long time member."

    I know EBay has an option to re-list and drop by 5% each month when the 28 day cycle ends for a sale. Did you opt in for that? Miht be wise, giving yourself a maximum window of a drop (say 15% off of the original listing price.

    When I sell I always mentions my turnaround time for shipping (for me it's 72 hours of payment) and the items sold come from a smoke-free home (really important in the case of Magic cards, as cards that come from a smokers home will have a yellowing and a smoke smell).

    Good luck. I'm curious to know how it goes, so for funsies, wanna let us know when it sells and for what amount.

    Last note: Do you have an auto-reject option for offers? Always good to have that, as it'll save messaging time.
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  • posted a message on The 12th Annual MTGS Holiday Card Exchange!
    Cut n' paste from the announcement page:

    This has been a lot of fun each year that I have participated. I'd like to re-emphasize a point: please make sure you chose a nice, playable card. As silly as Vizzerdrix is, this over-costed vanilla blue dude is not playable, no matter how much you dress him up as Santa. I am not naming names, but I have gotten some really meh cards in the past that are still collecting cob webs in my binder. The card(s) do not necessarily need to be valuable, but at the least playable. You know how stokes I would be if I got a Sign in Blood that is pimped out.

    Also (luckily I haven't seen this), please do not decorate HP or damaged cards. All the gorgeous artwork isn't going to make up for a crease from being bent in half or cover up the hole marks when your dog bit your Lightning Bolt.

    Please do not cover up the text box w/ art or anything else. We will have seasoned players as well as the novice players (possibly) participating. Most of us know how Counterspell or Swords to Plowshares works, but some newer players who might be starting off w/ Standard may not know these cards, no matter how classic they are.

    And lastly, this is important too, please takes photos of your cards before sending out because not everyone will post scans of what they got. I made this mistake last year and the lucky geek who got my alters still hasn't posted them (if you are reading this, it's never too late, lol).

    Look forward to a lot (I hope) of participants. Let's make this the best Holiday Card Exchange the best one yet!!!

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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters - common & uncommon wish-lists
    Wow, this wish-list was exactly that... a wish-list. Disappointed that a lot of legacy cards weren't added. I feel that, for the most part, WotC dropped the ball for the commons and uncommons. Don't get me wrong, there are some cool cards among the sludge, but there's this thing about "themes" that are put into the the Masters sets for limited purposes.

    So, let's all put in bold what we guessed right, just to see who was closest. (I got zero right *sigh*)
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  • posted a message on Upcoming Norse-Inspired Set
    Calling it now, the ever-so-long wait for a return of Snow-Lands... maybe as Dual lands that ARE NOT uncommon. Maybe they are only become snow permanents if snow basics are in play or something else wacky.
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  • posted a message on [Kitchen Table Finks]: By George, I Fink He's Got It!
    I'ma a lurkin'... and a jerkin' and a spurtin' all over the place, j/k. I'm usually found in other parts of the 'Salv, like Rumor mill or Market Street Cafe.

    News from Twilight of the Gods land:

    If anyone is at BGG Con (Board Game Geek) in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, or happen to live in that area of Texas (or are passing through), come visit me & Chris Kluwe at the Victory Point Games table in the dealer room. We'll be demoing Twilight of the Gods from Nov. 15th [Thurs.] (10am to 5pm) to Nove. 17th [Sat.] (10am to 5pm) and Nov. 18 [Sun.] (10am to 1pm).

    Drop by... say "hello" & introduce yourself as I would like to meet another Finker in real life & learn my game & get in some games & enjoy this run-on sentence...

    See you at the con (if possible!)!
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  • posted a message on Gold Bordered Cards - where to actually find prices & other absurd questions...
    KnickM, thanks for the answers. I do believe you are smarter than the average Grizzly Bears (Hey Boo Boo!!!), so your opinion is noted and listened to.

    I'd like read/hear what others think? Anyone looking through their collection to see what can be sold online? I do believe I might have a few gold bordered lurkers floating around somewhere.

    I just wish these were tradable on Puca Trade. That's the best way to turn gold into coal (if you follow, lol).

    Wayyyy off topic NickM... we're about neck & neck for posts ,lol...
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  • posted a message on Gold Bordered Cards - where to actually find prices & other absurd questions...
    I have no clue... nada, zip, zero that the gold bordered cards have value. I've been tossing them in the trash for years thinking there is no value (don't wory, I do not remember throwing away a Gaea's Cradle, heh), since they're not tournament legal- that's the tricky wording there: not tournament legal!!!! Yup, they are not considered "proxies" (in theory), but a strange Twilight Zone gray area. guess it depends on your playgroup.

    Who has two thumbs and feels like a Thanksgiving turkey? Yup, this guy... The article for this Friday's Weekly Winners on mtgdstocks talks about the gold border cards and their value. Did anyone know a gold bordered Gaea's Cradle is worth $59.09?!?!?! Hell, the basic forests have a sticker of $4... that's probably worth more than 80% of the known printed rares in Magic's history. This is all strange, scary news to me.

    My questions are these:
    1) Where does one find legit prices then for gold bordered cards?
    2) How would one go about selling/finding a buyer for said gold bordered cards?
    .... [Haven't checked... Ebay?]
    3) Opinion time: Is this just a phase? Are these prices sustainable? Or is there a cold chance in hell that some of the prices will increase?
    4) Will the printing of this in this highly read website jump the prices even more or add value to the ones that were already cheap? (I mean, now a lot of folks are going to be digging around, searching their binders and boxes, for the gold border and either trying to trade them away or sell them, I bet...)

    Link: https://www.mtgstocks.com/news/247

    Thoughts? Comments? Rants? Two-cents (don't expect change)?
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters - common & uncommon wish-lists
    Looks like a super fun, super mean Masters set is coming to overthrow the world... this one looks like a doozy.

    W/ so many killer rares/mythics already spoiled, what is your wish-list for commons & uncommons.

    I just hope WotC doesn't try for some themes, where a ton of duds appear. I know there will be some duds, it's inevitable, and cycles happen, BUT, remember, this is a wish-list.

    Actually, let's make a game out of it (for those who want to update their list w/o cheating), put in bold how many you get right when all is said and done.

    My List (I am an OG player, so my requests may be different):

    Etc., etc., etc.... I just realized I can go on and on and on and on... but I'll end it here just to see what "hits" I get.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Collector's Boosters
    Can you imagine a very expensive, totally insane draft with 3 of these (w/o commons, might be tough). Each one still has 15 cards, so a 40 card deck is possible. I don't think there would be enough cards for draft variations, but I can imagine the hilarity of a high chance of getting 2-of's and 3-of's for certain rares.

    Nothing is out of the possibility of reason. Think of it this way, one can split a box 3-ways w/ 2 friends, which would yield 12 rares each, or have a 3 player Rochester Draft, or bring in a 4 person (now it's $144+tax, waaayyy more than a single box) & have a pass-the-trash typical draft. A 3=person draft sounds like the middle ground between a regular set draft and a Masters Set draft (which is almost the same price).

    I just hope shops don't jump the prices the way the prices jumped on the Masters sets. There were shops selling Master Sets booster packs way above MSRP.

    Hold the phone... I thought product was moving out of the hands of the LGS and going to big box stores & Amazon... is this counter-productive to WotC's vision of distribution?
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  • posted a message on Holiday '18 card: Bog Humbugs
    When you squash (kill him) it's owner MUST squeal out a "B[ee] Flat"...


    Thank you folks... I'll be here all night.
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  • posted a message on The Legacy Price Discussion Thread
    Prices are beginning to level off. Rudy of Alpha Investments (like him or hate him, he does have some nuggets of truth) explains that the Revised duals (especially those that produce blue mana) have hit their apex for now. The high end buyers at a recent GP were paying as much as $700 for NM blue-partialed Revised Duals and around $600 for LP copies. Since that GP, those Buylist prices are gone. Rudy advises to ONLY buy Revised duals if you are finding a good deal or have a percentage off code for a large purchase on EBay.

    The time of Reserved List buy-outs may have just passed us. Prices are stabilizing, while some are dropping. You'll find spikes, but they're not like the crazy ones of the past. Cards that spike also cool down much more quickly.

    The singles Rudy advises to buy (if one can afford) are Alpha and Beta. Those prices should only go in one direction: UP.
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  • posted a message on Miscut Terror (Revised)
    I do not believe that is enough of a miscut to warrant any increased value. The miscut would need to be something like a 80-20 split (think percentages of border space). See the date at bottom, that means 4th Edition (if it says 1995, opposed to 5th Edition, which says 1997). 4th Ed. is much more bold in coloration, whereas Revised (3rd Ed.) is typically washed out in color.

    Now if you have one w/ ONLY a date at the bottom, it has a white border, AND is bold in color, you have yourself a "summer Magic" (or "Edgar") card... at that point get it PSA graded and watch the CHACHING'S!!! fly in on Ebay.
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