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  • posted a message on The PucaTrade Thread
    Has anyone noticed that as soon as a trade is initiated, some cards will immediately have a jump or a drop in value? This might only be noticeable on Gold Accounts, which have the benefit to see a cards gains and losses. I just find it odd that the jump happens immediately, like their algorithm changes that quickly from when your accept the trade. Anyone have any clue why this happens?
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces are missing from Master Sets or what WotC is missing out on
    I just had an interesting thought... why aren't there Masterpieces in the Master Sets?

    I have an idea about how they would look that is not only simple, but very iconic & would be a throwback:
    Why not have the Masterpieces be in the old, original borders, but as foils? I think it would be sicks to see Modern Staples in the old border, but all shiny with a mixture of new art and iconic old art. Just think about it, cards like Stoneforge Mystic or Fatal Push or Coalition Relic in the classic borders (btw, those are just Modern cards pulled out of thin air, any example would do).

    My next thought/question is:
    Would you be excited for this idea? And what if the exuberant price per pack did not increase? Would it be a great selling point? With the small print run that Master Sets already take on, these would be extreme chase cards. I'm talking only about 1,000 copies of each one circulating around the world. That's it.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Complications?
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  • posted a message on Is it just me, or are there almost no constructed playable Common cards in RNA?
    Might just be you and a few others... seams like a majority of posters here really like some of the commons... I mean just look at the attachment to this response. As a casual player who owns over 120 decks, about 40 Commander decks, 3 pauper decks, and about 15 Tiny Leaders, there is a lot of use for even the commons (not including Gates or Lockets).

    You know how I discovered that there were some great commons in GRN and DOM? Arena... 'nuff said *drops the mic* Jam

    But all seriousness, when you have free opportunities to draft online, you experiment; try out cards you never thought about using. Do you play Arena? If you do, you'll catch my drift after some time passes... and if you don't, download the open Beta: you have nothing to lose except a little free time.

    I challenge you to come back to this post in 1 month, 2 months, and then in three months. I bet you'll do a 180 at least in 3 months... join the Empire; travel to exotic planets; meet new races... and kill them...
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance: Gimme your Top 10's for R, UnC & C + Top 5 for Mythics
    Haven't looked over everyone's lists yet (so not to get influenced)... My list will now be in the OP.
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  • posted a message on The Standard Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from mahdogg »
    Glitch on MTGStocks? TCGP still shows realistic values. I only looked up Interloper, but TCGP shows Foil Market at $.10, with copies readily available at $.05.

    Nope, not a glitch... look at the foil market prices on TCGPlayer. I did the HW & checked it out before I posted here.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance: Gimme your Top 10's for R, UnC & C + Top 5 for Mythics
    Holy cow... So much good stuff. Still have another 108 to go... Maybe even change it to Top 10 for rares, uncommons & commons [3 categories] while having Top 5 for Mythics. Is there a new design team?!?!?! Things (overall, just MY opinion) have gotten so much juicier since Ixalan block. This is good time to play Magic.

    As more cards come in, feel free to change up your lists.

    I'm going to add my list near the end, but feel free to post whatever and whenever.

    Side note: these are opinions, not facts, so please refrain from insulting anothers choice. One man's trash is anothers treasure, right?

    My NEW, FUNKY FRESH list in no particular order - that's too much work, lol:

    1. Skarrgan Hellkite Another highly payable dragon. Always welcomed
    2. Biogenic Ooze Even though I said "no particular order" this would make my Top 3 of the set
    3. Captive Audience Downright mean... I'm never a bully, but cards like put in a bully's shoes for just a sec
    4. Domri, Chaos Bringer I have a good amount of RG creature heavy decks for him
    5. Emergency Power Wow... just wow... almost like a free Timetwister when you get a creature out of it
    Runner Ups - actually just about ties w/ above top 5 3 TOTAL:
    A) Hydroid Krasis So much love: card draw, life gain, +1/+1 counters, flaying, trample... it's mutant Superman
    B) Prime Speaker Vannifar I love making new decks, but the $$$ slow down the builds... making a UG "tool box" creature deck that takes advantage of Vannifar
    C) Ravager Wurm Goes commando to the Commander... doooes your wurm hang low, does it wobble to your toes...

    1. Judith, the Scourge Diva Great in so many ways: sacrifice effects, when my dude dies, board-wipe final slap
    2. Font of Agonies Auto-include in my Suicide Black deck
    3. Gutterbones Creatures that self-reanimate are awesome
    4. End-Raze Forerunners Have a deck of green, splashy massive creatures. This is an awesome finisher
    5. Incubation Druid... I love ramp, what else is there to say (oh, ramp that swing is better)
    6. Bedevil Amazing removal (probably a chase card for the set) & a lot of cards w/ costs of XXY are typically great
    7. Biomancer's Familiar Ways to reduce activated costs are too few & this one can do a lot to boot
    8. Cindervines Not just a cool constant effect, but targeted removal for pesky artifacts & enchantments
    9. Deputy of Detentions Removal on a stick will find a home in a few decks
    10. Ethereal Absolution can get meaner and meaner when more than 1 copy drop
    Funner-ups (3 total)
    I) Hero of Precinct One Love multi-color interactions and token generators
    II} Kaya's Wrath Cool board wipe, but color heavy so not really splashable. The life gain is a super upside though

    1. Forbidding Spirit Blinkable pillow fort!!!
    2. Essence Capture 2cc counter that makes a dude bigger?!?! I'm in!
    3. Bankrupt in Blood Card draw is very important to my decks, so a deck w/ sacrifice effects will love this
    4. Light Up the Stage Awesome card draw in an aggro deck
    5. Fireblade Artist haste, bear (2/2) body, a sac outlet, direct damage to a player - a lot in a small package
    6. Wilderness Reclamation It's almost like having twice as much as land as you actually see
    7. Frilled Mystic Tougher Mystic Snake, gives control in a creature-based deck
    8. Gyre Engineer As previously stated here, love mana dorks (called it "ramp" above)
    9. Macabre Mockery it's instant speed... Instant Speed... INSTANT SPEED... *a'chem* love combat tricks
    10. Rhythm of the wild Just hates on control deck - can be main-decked for Riot granting effect

    1. Expose to Daylight Instant removal w/ scry at common. Lovin' it.
    2. Justiciar's Portal Another white blink effect (gets out of binds) w/ 1st strike combat trick! Love it!
    3. Humongulus Fbhtht on steroids!!! (sorry, didn't bother to look up the correct spelling of it's name)
    4. Plague Wight Having all creatures block it while everything else sneaks by
    5. Cavalcade of Calamity Now I just have to build a Defender's deck w/ toughness damage
    6. Goblin Gathering Another deck idea... find ways to keep casting/copying it after the second one has been cast
    7. Skewer the Critics Always happy for a new Bolt-esque card
    8. Applied Biomancy Combat tricks!!! Get'em when they least expect it
    9. Final Payment Superb removal for a sacrifice deck, life-gain deck, or BW suicide deck
    10. Rubblebelt Runner so many times in limited (even in constructed) games get drawn out by too many tokens


    FINAL VERDICT: There is soooo much love and enjoyment in this set. I'm out of time right now, but will add some (possible) runner-ups for uncommons & commons later. And honestly, I could have gone w/ Top 15 or Top 20... there are some tough decisions to make here. I even left out 2 awesome Planeswalkers (Dovin and Kaya). Will be interesting to read (now) the responses of others and maybe hear some feedback on my choices.

    Thank you all (so far) for participating and for those who still haven't added a list, don't be shy!
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  • posted a message on Sunder Shaman Magic mics preview
    Talk about Beef Noodle Hardy... Gruul has another line backer on the field.
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  • posted a message on Tome of the Guildpact
    Quote from Dunharrow »
    It's too bad. I think it is a good idea, but a bad card.

    If this is for ramp, wouldn't you play Gilded Lotus?
    If this is for card draw, wouldn't you just play card draw?

    To me, it seems bad to cast this on turn 5 and wait for turn 6 to potentially draw one card.

    If this added 2 mana, it could be a card.
    If it cost 4 mana, it could potentially come down early enough to be played in Commander and limited.

    You only play this in limited if you have ambitious mana requirements. Should not be played in constructed.

    Why not play both? In Commander you can tell the men from the boys by the price [size] of their toys (as quote by Troy... 00:49 mark)

    I say, the more the merrier...
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  • posted a message on Biogenic Ooze
    Ooze tribal! Ooze tribal! OOZE TRIBAL!!! Jam Jam Jam Jam

    And I was just runnin' out of deck ideas... time to build some fun!!!

    This is what I have come up with:

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  • posted a message on Captive Audience
    Oh joy... lol... as The Joker would put it, where does he get such wonderful toys? This is brutal and nasty... especially if you keep bouncing it every 4th turn after it is cast. This will turn around any game in limited to your advantage.
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  • posted a message on "Vitrage of the Guildpact", Gates Ablaze
    Quite happy w/ the multi-color artifact-Lord-like-thingee... especially happen it isn't legendary. I run a lot of multi-colored decks, as well as multi-color Commander decks. Hell, it'll fill a slot (maybe) in a few Tiny Leaders decks.

    Funny how a card's design can be so darn simple; and you wonder why wasn't it thought up earlier. Believe me, w/ some of the designs for Magic cards I have made, I am in awe that some simple designs still haven't been implemented yet. Or maybe they're just in a "good ideas" bank, waiting for the right set to come along and claim them... anyhoo, back on topic: a great card for the casual crowd.
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  • posted a message on Loss of words for price jumps or not worth reporting anymore?
    That is why I jumped on the Puca Trade band wagon early... gave me access to cards that were rarely ever seen in trade binders or that you would have to cough up an arm and a deck for at a brick n' mortar... but w/ the spikes, it's now very difficult to get Reserved List cards sent for 2 reasons: 1) the prices are already insane & 2) fear of a ransom spike keeps the RL cards in their binders. I know I had made some mistakes sending out cards from the RL that weren't ABU or Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse because I didn't think there would be spikes that were harsh after The Dark. Learned my lesson (like many others did).
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  • posted a message on Mirror March
    Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Commander sez "Hello!" Unibrow Unibrow Unibrow
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  • posted a message on Font of Agonies
    Suicide Black has a shiny, new toy...
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  • posted a message on Sharktocrab
    What? Needs a nick name? I'm callin' it "Red Lobster" as it can make any carnivore drool...
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