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  • posted a message on [VOW][CUBE] Includes & Testing Results
    Quote from Visserdrix »
    First time I can say i'm not planning on testing anything. Very disappointing set for one of the best planes.

    I was really hoping for a good sacrifice outlet for my Melira deck. Very disappointed.
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  • posted a message on Aristocrats
    After playing a few more games, I found that aristocrats deck functions really well if it has two types of top ends:

    1. Suite of cards that can function as both removal and can churn out sacrifice fodder.

    The four cards that fit this narrative the best are:

    - Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast
    - Grist, the Hunger Tide
    - Oko, Thief of Crowns
    - Palace Jailer

    2. Cards that force both players to sacrifice resources, but the drawback is less punishing for the aristocrats player:

    - Braids, Cabal Minion
    - Smokestack
    - Rankle, Master of Pranks
    - Liliana of the Veil

    I feel Grist has really pushed this archetype to the top - It can be put into play a lot easier using cards like Birthing Pod, Collected Company in modern as well as providing an answer for the opponent's blockers/ fatties/ planeswalkers etc.

    Grist was enough to make modern sacrifice a deck - its interaction with Collected Company just pushed it over the top.

    I feel in order for aristocrats to function, we might need to find cards that can fit a similar role as Grist.

    Decently Strong:
    - Liliana, the Last Hope
    - Vraska, Golgari Queen

    Less interested:
    - Ob Nixilis Reignited - 5 CMC is a lot, but the removal + card advantage can be invaluable
    - Kaya, Ghost Assassin - This can function as a 4 CMC planeswalker with removal that becomes a Sulfuric Vortex.

    I'll be testing Ob Nixilis Reignited in my cube again - mostly to try to fill the Grist role

    Anyone has any thoughts?
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  • posted a message on [720][Powered][Alan Cube]
    I will be experimenting in the new few days with a 10th set of dual lands. This is an unusual choice given that most cubes run only 7-8 sets of dual lands at the 720 card pool.

    The main reason for this change is that Sealed/ Grid has become my primary go to format for cube given the new lockdown restrictions as it becomes difficult to assemble large groups exceeding even 4 people. In these formats, tri color decks are the norm and without adequate fixing, slower based control decks especially artifact.dec that can take full advantage of the talisman have an unfair advantage over the rest of the field.
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  • posted a message on Aristocrats
    I played some games with Melira Combo yesterday and I'm a bit disappointed to say that cards like Altar of Dementia and Blasting Station are a necessity for the archetype despite being super narrow. I wanted to avoid having this many super narrow cards for Melira, but it seems to be necessary in order for this archetype to thrive.

    The dream card is Goblin Bombardment, which is both an aristocrats payoff and a Melira win loop. I was really hoping for another such card in Crimson Vow, which did not materialize.

    The problem I found is Yawgmoth, Thran Physician, Viscera Seer, Woe Strider are great sacrifice outlets, but there needs to be something that they can scry/ draw into the following turn to win - Redcap, Blasting Station, Altar of Dementia.

    The other problem is Bloodthrone Vampire, Carrion Feeder, Spawning Pit are good in aristocrats but only okay in Melira - It needs to result in a win. Overwhelming advantage loops aren't really that great.

    I will be revisiting Spawning Pit in the upcoming days as it has been decent in Aristocrats.
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  • posted a message on Unga Bunga

    Thanks Matt for an awesome video.

    I seen this theory really caught on recently on MTG Salvation as an alternative for the green sections in Vintage Cube. I think its probably a good idea to open this as a thread for discussing Unga Bunga packages.

    In summary, the Unga Bunga theory aims to move the green section away from hyper ramp (ramp in Eldrazi or 7-10 drops) into a more midrange shell that curve ends at 4-6 CMC. The problem with hyper ramp is the deck is inconsistent as it could easily draw the wrong half of its deck, single threats as often too easy to answer etc.

    My personal thoughts on the theory:
    - I found hyper ramp to be inconsistent, but also very non-interactive. However, its ramp (mana dorks, Grim Monolith etc.) as well as its pay offs (Eldrazi/ Hornet Queen) are pretty good in other shells. There are good things about the hyper ramp decks. What I found is the primary game plan to revolve more around cards like Show and Tell, Channel, Shelldock Isle and often the backup plan is to hard cast the ramp targets. I have yet to see a successful hyper ramp deck that is entirely ramp and payoffs - Therefore, I would be interested in destroy hyper ramp in its entirety.

    - The problem I've complained extensively about is the difference in power level between 1-2 cmc mana dorks - I've thought about several ways to cut the 2 CMC dorks from my cube. I found cards like Kodama's Reach, Sylvan Cartaid are too slow but have been a necessity for supporting the necessary ramp for hyper ramp. I'm hoping introducing an Unga Bunga package can reduce the dependence on mana dorks - Green hyper ramp decks might need 8-10 ramp but Unga Bunga would play as low as 3-4.

    - The part I disagree with the video is there are examples of successful hyper ramp decks in modern/ legacy and that is Tron/ CloudPost. One of the reasons is they have uncounterable threats and utility lands. I think this could be replicated with cards like Maelstrom Wanderer, Shelldock Isle, Academy Ruins, Field of the Dead, Urza's Saga etc.

    I could see land tutors like Sylvan Scrying, Elvish Reclaimer, Knight of the Reliquary go up in value, especially if your cube naturally support Dark Depths already.

    - Questing Beast and Hexdrinker feels like the perfect cards for this archetype - the haste is incredibly good at racing combo/ rushing into planeswalkers and the level up is really good if the archetype does go into the late game/ also good in traditional ramp style decks. With this I like to give this set of cardsPrimal Adversary, ulvenwald oddity, Outland Liberator and Vengevine a try in the future.
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  • posted a message on [VOC][CUBE] Shadowgrange Archfiend
    I think this is good - especially with all the random discard outlets out there.

    The problem is who to cut.
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  • posted a message on [VOC][CUBE] Occult Epiphany
    This is pretty good.

    Its likely a 3 mana, draw 3 discard 2 create 2 spirits or 2 mana draw 2 discard 1 create 1 spirit.

    Great for Reanimator, Polymorph etc.
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  • posted a message on [MH2][CUBE] Unmarked Grave
    The part that's frustrating right now is what I refer to as the Goryo's Vengeance <-> Unmarked Grave - They both feel too narrow because they're missing half of the creature requirements.

    I would love to cube with Goryo's Vengeance to provide redundancy for the Instant speed reanimation, but not being able to hit stuff like Primeval Titan, Inferno Titan, Grave Titan, Archon of Cruelty is problematic.

    I would love to cube Unmarked grave, but its missing Elesh Norn/ Griselbrand might be too much of a drawback.

    I've cube entomb in decks with Echo of Eons, bloodghast and Life from the loam. Not being able to loam/ return bloodghast on turn 2 is the most problematic part for me.

    If this was 1 CMC, I prob would be happily playing this.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.

    1. DRC is fairly very good.

    2. I would like to try Cematary Gatekeeper - its ability to punish your opponent for playing lands/ storm decks feels invaluable. It feels like a "build around" as you do need a bit of a graveyard package to really get it going.

    3. Oust is very good - it did drop off a bit with this package of good white 1 CMC removal - On Thin ice, Portahole, Solitude, Prismatic Ending etc. It used to be really high on my picks, but its still fairly efficient.

    4. I would say Barrin is stronger. From my experience if you have two cards - one with a restricted CMC but is stronger and one with a less restrictive CMC but weaker, its usually the more restricted CMC card that wins. In general I found that cube decks often have more playables than they need (especially with cards like Ragavan/ Uro/ Rankle etc. that could literally be played in any deck), the more narrow, but stronger options is always the better choice.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Quote from armando.zuffi »
    1 - Endurance vs Briarbridge Tracker vs Cemetery Prowler ? What order ? Assuming I don't support much reaminate strategies

    2 - Hanweir Garrison vs Reckless Stormseeker vs Rampaging Ferocidon ? What order ?

    3 - Graf Reaver vs Wight ? For unpowered large cube that have lesser planeswalker density

    4 - Archmage's Charm vs Neutralize ?

    1. Endurance is pretty good - Flash + Ambush is great vs aggressive decks, great vs combo decks to play around sweepers.

    2. Menace has been an incredibly strong ability. However, I personally opted Garrison because I have an aristocrats/ Embercleave package in red.

    3. Wight's Life Drain feels mostly like favor text - I would give the edge to Graf Reaver. It can exploit itself to remove a planeswalker.

    4. I don't think a triple blue is playable in cube and on top of that, Archmage's Charm really doesn't feel that great. I would opt for a 2 CMC counter spell. I would almost never recommend playing a 3 CMC counter spell - Forbid is an exception. I'm not super onboard with it, but I could see it as a playable.
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  • posted a message on [VOW][CUBE] Includes & Testing Results
    I'm not too excited about any of these options - Planning no cuts/ additions

    Dread Fugue is on the watch list, but unlikely to make it in.
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  • posted a message on [VOW][CUBE] Concealing Curtains // Revealing Eye
    I think this is pretty bad - I first I read this as "discard a card online" and I already thought the mana investment is just a bit too high.

    The problem is compounded with not being able to flicker / pod.

    I think this is far off from Tourach, Dread Cantor, Grief, Rankle, Master of Pranks or even just straight up something like Hypnotic Specter / Plaguecrafter.

    I might be in the market for this 2 years ago, but with Tourach and Grief, I think this slot is already filled. Hypnotic Specter might make a re appearance if there a few good haste enablers but its unlikely to come back.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.

    From my experience, the 1 toughness on any creature has been very problematic - I would avoid it as much as possible.

    Quote from BlackWaltz3 »
    Cutting the multicolor section in my 450 down from 5 to 4 cards per section in order to add 5 slots for artifacts and an additional slot for each color. Want some opinions on a few of these guilds.

    Cube for Reference: https://www.cubecobra.com/cube/list/1028

    I'm cutting Soulherder for certain (Love the card - but just doesn't compete on power). Need help on Dream Trawler v. Supreme Verdict though. Dream Trawler is the bigger outlier I think, but I love the idea of Azorious having a classic control finisher. I'm not sure that I need another wrath, but including one could allow me to cut one of the weaker wrath variants (Doomskar) from my white section.

    Fallen Shinobi v. Ashiok, Nightmare Muse
    One is a fun though often unpredictable effect the other a fair and flexible PW.

    Saheeli, Sublime Artificer or Fire//Ice
    Mediocre spell or mediocre PW?

    Abrupt Decay vs. Life//Death
    I know Life//Death is the bigger outlier but reanimate even for one more is still very good. Decay is of course also a great card, but pretty redundant with other catch all multicolor removal (Pulse, Trophy).

    Boros Charm v. Lightning Helix v. Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice
    I used to run Isochron Scepter which I thought was pretty good w/ Boros Charm, but I have since cut the Scepter and I think that Boros Charm is probably worse than Lightning Helix so probably would leans towards cutting the charm. Could also cut Aurelia, but I think she's a strong draw to play a Boros deck and a nice top-end threat for a lot of R/W decks.

    Nissa, Steward of Elements v. Edric, Spymaster of Trest
    I love both of these but I think Uro, Oko, and Krasis are better than these so one must go.

    Hey sorry i completely missed this!

    1. Supreme Verdict - I rather cut Dream Trawler and play a blue or white finished instead.

    I think Linvala, the Preserver is a bit of a sleeper IMO

    2. Ashiok, Nightmare Muse. I like Recoil so I'm clearly biased.

    3. Both fairly good - But Fire // Ice is prob better. Saheeli is prob my cut when i need to cut to 9 guild cards in the coming days.

    4. This is hard - But since your list is unpowered, I opt for Life // Death

    5. Lightning Helix - Boros Charm might be on its way out for me.

    6. Traditionally I would recommend keeping Nissa as the number of cards that ramp the number lands you have on the field is fairly low in cube right now - but you don't have Entreat the Angels or any cards that cares about the specific number of lands on the field (Field of the Dead, Time Spiral, Treachery, Nissa Vastewood Seer etc.) So I would recommend Edric.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Quote from Grapefruit21 »
    I am supporting storm and I think that grapeshot is pretty unplayable outside the Underworld Breach. It's never been main decked into a non storm spellslinger deck that I can remember. I'm of the same opinion of Empty though. I think I'd go Empty first because of the chump blocking to buy time mode but would prefer to run cards like Smoldering Egg or other things that trigger off your repeated spells. Monastery Mentor, the Stx Witch, and things like that can't win on the turn but aren't as bad in any situation other than the Underworld Breaching for the win turn.

    I'm not a fan of either - I just don't want to have this situation where someone drafts a "storm deck" and has no win con.

    Maybe Tendrils, Brain Freeze, Thassa's Oracle, Thousand Year, Sharknado is enough?
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  • posted a message on [VOW][CUBE] Reckless Impulse
    You could make the argument that Night's Whisper and Opt are good enough for my cube - and I will likely agree with you.

    But the problem I have with cards like this is they don't really add any value and feels like playing a Pendelhaven/ Great Furance/ Flagstone of Torkir.
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