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  • posted a message on Where are you now?
    Now that MTGS is no longer as big as it used to be, I pose the question: Where are you now?

    Have you joined other communities? Play new games? Personally, I started playing Hearthstone and I go to Twitch, Reddit, and Hearthpwn.
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  • posted a message on Windows 10
    The Start menu doesn't really work like in Windows 7. It just lists your modern apps and not your x86 ones (so no "Paint", "Notepad", etc.). This is an improvement over Windows 8 for me; but, I guess for some people they don't mind as long as the Start Menu was in some sort of list form.
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  • posted a message on MTGS, the Reunion
    Quote from Rodyle »
    To be honest, I miss some of the old gang. I fondly remember TFE's shenanigans.
    I love all the legendary personas MTGS had.

    The mods were always suspicious that so-and-so was KingCobWeb/Mike-something-Flores. TheInfamousBearAssassin was well respected in debate. And who could forget the big Sakura scandal? It feels like all the interesting people were banned.
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  • posted a message on MTGS, the Reunion
    Since activity on WCT is pretty much dead, I thought it would be a little fun to have a "reunion" for those of us who are still here.

    Here are some examples of questions/topics to discuss:
    What is your original username?
    How long have you been on MTGS?
    What is your fondest memory of Water Cooler Talk/MTGS/etc.?

    I guess I'll start
    Original username: sentimentGX4
    Time on MTGS: 8+ years

    My fondest memory of MTGS was my thread about Kim Kardashian's butt. I found the thread hilarious; though, I'm sure a lot of this board never understood my sense of humor.
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  • posted a message on President Ted Cruz and Natural Born Citizenship
    Quote from Taylor »
    Quote from resonance »
    Ted Cruz is like Obama/Hillary but Republican. Some things you just can't say about them or you'll be labeled "racist"/"misogynist"/etc.
    What are those things you want to say but can't because you'll be labeled "racist"/"misogynist"?

    Things like the topic of this thread. "Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen." I'm not talking about in Debate or any moderated, educated discussion, BTW. The general public will throw the "racism" card often without bothering to hear or understand explanations.

    My point is that this is the denominator of people politicians have to deal with and when some of these individuals happen to be your biggest proponents you would be careful not to say anything that could be misconstrued.
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  • posted a message on How to get Congress working together again?
    Does the partisan Congressional problem really need to be resolved? Aside from possibly national debt, I don't see many issues in need of urgent resolution. Anyway, Congress isn't really dysfunctional. I don't recall which Congressman or woman said this but it was something along the lines of 'Most bills before us are boring and don't garner much debate. Only a small fraction are political hot topics that we fight over.'

    In twenty years or so, when the GOP can't win an election anyway due to demographic shifts, that's when we may start to see a real reinvention process.
    All the GOP has to do is scrap their anti-immigration agenda and that may be resolved and not even be an issue in 20 years. Many Latino voters will shift Republican. Also, consider that in 20 years the GOP may not need to cater to the Tea Party anymore due to the "demographic shift" that you speak of.
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  • posted a message on President Ted Cruz and Natural Born Citizenship
    Quote from bitterroot »
    Obviously there are a lot of insane birthers, but I always imagined that some fraction of them were just people like me who felt that a president should establish his qualifications for the office. So it blows me away that no one is out there shouting "Ted Cruz is ineligible to run."

    I guess it's just me, then: I think Ted Cruz is ineligible to run.
    I don't think Democrats/liberals want to go there and it's not necessarily because they want to take the high ground. It would offend a large portion of their Latino supporters and may be able to tied back to hurt their "undocumented worker" agenda.

    Ted Cruz is like Obama/Hillary but Republican. Some things you just can't say about them or you'll be labeled "racist"/"misogynist"/etc.
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  • posted a message on Oklahoma bans AP US History
    Quote from bitterroot »

    That said, from everything I've seen this doesn't appear to be the thrust of their objection. It looks like what's happening in OK is basically a manifestation of fringe religious and nationalist ideologies.

    As a conservative with awareness of potential media bias, I am not going to be quick to judge regarding the propriety of the campaign against AP US History without more facts/details than what is in the linked article alone.

    There is already enough America hating in the US with the antagonism toward the NSA, heroism of Snowden, distrust of police, etc. etc. I certainly would not hope for the education system to espouse more of these ideals that may have dangerous future repercussions.
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  • posted a message on RadioShack goes bankrupt
    Quote from Hamm81 »
    I dont think JCP will be going anywhere. I shop there all the time.... online. Their online presence is pretty good and the clothes buying experience on Amazon or the like is pretty abysmal.

    I love JCPenney's sales. I would be sad to see it go. Hate Sears, though.

    JCPenney's not actually comparable to Sears, Bestbuy, or Radioshack. Those are businesses where their entire business models are showing weakness. There is still a place for department stores like Macy's or Kohl's, however.

    JCPenney can still survive. It just needs to revamp its image and merchandise.
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  • posted a message on Is this fair? (Regarding friendship and initiating conversations)
    Eh, friendships are by nature uneven and this is just something I have come to accept. I have friends where they initiate almost every single conversation and there are friends where I initiate almost every conversation. I think there has only been like two or three friendships where we initiated conversations 50-50 for me.

    As a person that sits on both sides of the fence, my perspective from when I don't initiate conversations are because 1/it doesn't feel "right" even when I'm waiting on your message, 2/ you're horrible about returning texts/messages, 3/ we talk too much, and 4/ I just don't like you that much.

    For 2/, you should make yourself more easily accessible. Don't expect your friends to message you a lot if you only respond to texts 9 - 5 on weekdays.

    3/ usually means that I may eventually contact you if you cease contact for long enough. I just don't have the energy to deal with you at that frequency or maybe we just have nothing to talk about. Don't appear too desperate for social interaction even if you are, OP. It may be taxing for the other person

    For 4/, you should consider why your friends may dislike you. Is it your appearance? Your personality? Socioecononic differences? Popularity kind of ends in high school but people never actually stop judging you even if its on a personal level.

    I guess 1/ is the hardest to explain. Usually the reason I don't engage the conversation even though I like them is because I have a deep seated, subconscious issue I have with the friend. It's like I like 90% of them but I really dislike 10% of them. Usually, they play on my insecurities so it's not an issue I want to tackle and it's not like 4/ where I dislike the friend and I clearly know why.

    Some examples of insecurities may be "He/she's too good for me", "The friendship doesn't feel balanced", "He/she is too nice (insincere)", "He/she doesn't really like/care for me", and "I am very expendable to the person so I don't want to get attached".
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  • posted a message on Random Things You've Noticed About the English Language
    Quote from Jay13x »
    White and Black don't have the same connotations, and Brown is actually used quite frequently. I usually refer to my wife (and Indian woman) as 'Brown', and it tends to be a descriptor for Middle East/South Asians to identify themselves as a group.
    Middle Easterners are "White" at least historically by the US census. They are no darker than some Italians and Greeks. Not sure what I'd call Indians. They are "Caucasian" and sometimes "White".

    "Brown" refers to Hispanic individuals, IMO. Middle Easterners and Indians have attempted to dissociate themselves with being "White" in the past couple decades to emphasize their minority status; but, even by that convention, calling them "Brown" feel more unnatural than "White" considering they don't actually share that close of an ancestry with Hispanic "Brown" individuals.
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  • posted a message on CIA Torture
    Quote from Hackworth »
    Yeah that's why I put this in watercooler. I'm honestly shocked that anyone still thinks torture/enhanced interrogation is possibly a good idea for anything other than causing suffering, and I'd be particularly shocked if anyone on this forum came out in support of it.
    Ethical grounds aside, I think I have never actually seen hard evidence that "enhanced interrogation" techniques don't work.

    I do not see the reasoning behind the CIA and other international spy agencies resorting to torture if it, in fact, results in misinformation more often than correct information. Furthermore, how many actually know and have replicated the exact protocol of the CIA interrogation procedures? How can one generalize all "enhanced interrogation" into one umbrella when there are so many different techniques, often involving a variety of drugs that can alter the mental state?

    The argument against the efficacy of torture, the way I see it, is propaganda. The argument cannot ever be credible due to the unknowns and gross generalization. It's well meaning propaganda against terrifying violation of human rights; but, 100% propaganda nonetheless.
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  • posted a message on Are Previous Relationships Any Business of One's Current Partner?
    I'm in the camp where your past relationships are entirely the business of your current ones. If it ever comes down to there being something you're not willing to tell your partner, then you two should probably not be together.

    Quote from Void »
    Here's the thing, I never did anything to make her question my faithfulness. I was loyal, considerate, respectful and, above all, showed my love to her everyday so that there would be no reason to worry. That didn't mean anything for her.

    This is a opinionated topic... And my experience has taught me this. It's not to say it won't change in the future (although I doubt it), but this is how I feel on the subject.
    When did you start being "open" with your wife?

    Unless you talked about the relationships before you were married, I would argue that this would be case of your not being open enough. In this instance, if you had been open with her since the beginning then the mistrust would have emerged earlier and the two of you should have never married.

    Also, even if you had not been open, the secret may have inadvertently got out through a friend, ex-girlfriend, or family member. It could be through casual conversation or your partner could be sneaky about it and talk to them behind your back. Do you really want to have relationships that hinge on keeping a secret shut?

    The best approach is to have everything out in the open early in the relationship so that if the other person feels uncomfortable, they can feel free to walk away.
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  • posted a message on Feminism is a Bad Name for Gender Equality
    Quote from Roboplodicus »
    What percent of feminists do you believe are bitter man haters? In my opinion its 2% of feminists that have any genuine hatred for men.
    What percentage of "misogynists" do you believe literally hate women? Many individuals accuse feminists of being "bitter man haters" in the pretty much the same way.
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  • posted a message on No one gets my humor
    Quote from ajprokos »

    Example: at work, we use to do presentations about our work activity - like going further into depth on the accounting behind the scenes when processing sending/receiving funds. In a small team meeting, I asked if we are going to start this back up, as we have alot of new teammembers. Comments back were, this isnt college and other related things. I retorted with it helps with public speaking....no one wanted that (I didnt say anything further regarding my agenda on saying it is helpful as you move up).
    I don't get your humor either. I don't see why that couldn't be a serious suggestion.
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