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  • posted a message on [RGW]The Realm of Grimworks: [8/275- New Mechanic and New Card]

    Sorry for the delay, real life happened and MSE was being a problem. More cards to come this upcoming week as I finally got it back up and running and continued the work!
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  • posted a message on [RGW]The Realm of Grimworks: [8/275- New Mechanic and New Card]
    Quote from DJK3654 »
    Mystify is workable, so it's fine to keep it. It's just that for most mechanics, there are specific, major areas of weakness that need to be avoided. Commonly, this is things like being overly parasitic, as is true for mystify. Other concerns are often related to development (i.e. balancing).
    Scorch is also workable, it's just that I don't see why to have it in this set, it seems more like a faction mechanic.

    Ok, seeing the mechanics again, I'm going to rework "Wander" as I like the premise of it, but it is a bit clumsy in the end. "Lotus" will be worked on solely because to get a piece of paradise, you'll need to taste hell. Scorch is actually going to be outright removed because I don't see a huge need at this time. BUT, I plan on creating another keyword in time... This week, I'll be working the drawing board there.

    Again, thanks for the insight.
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  • posted a message on [RGW]The Realm of Grimworks: [8/275- New Mechanic and New Card]
    Quote from DJK3654 »
    Wander is essentially remaking the mistake that was Landwalk. Nothing really to say other than immediately bin it- it won't play well. The problem with this sort of mechanic is that it is an opponent matters mechanic- it's better or worse depending on what the opponent is doing and rarely what you are doing. Mechanics need to be controllable- it's a major part of the strategy in each- to figure out how to make the best use of the set's mechanics.
    Mystify: I can see several concerns but none of them are fatal for this mechanic, so this may well be doable. However, these concerns- the use of a unique counter type on crestures precenting the use of +1/+1 counters, it being perhaps too open ended, and it being parasitic- need to be taken into account.
    Plague: what's the point? What role does this mechanic serve. It does something, but why? The previous two have obvious themes that can explored using them, but the only example here would be in Hellbent territory, which has proven to be an area that isn't very fun.
    Lotus: the 'end the turn' part is clearly too complex for common, given that such an effect is not clear in how it works. This also doesn't seem to fill a concrete role.
    Scorch: I would definitely rename to work in black mana and/or green mana , as the current name is very red mana . Also no clear role.

    posting a clear design goal is useful as a reference.
    Develop a more clear set of themes mechanically. What makes this set play differently- including thematic feel? Reference the general idea here in your design goal as well as any broad world ideas that are important (which you seem to have).

    As I see it right this moment, I can redo a few of the mechanics and cards more or less. Mystify, I'm keeping as is and you'll see why with the next card reveal. Other than that, I can redo the mechanics and maybe redo some of the cards as well. Thanks for the insight.
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  • posted a message on [RGW]The Realm of Grimworks: [8/275- New Mechanic and New Card]
    Quote from Rogalissimus »
    Well done mechanics, I must say. I look forward to see more cards from this set and offer my help with making of these, if you want any.

    Thanks. Any feedback on cards would be greatly appreciated.
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  • posted a message on [RGW]The Realm of Grimworks: [8/275- New Mechanic and New Card]
    To everyone on the forum, I want to apologize for not being able to finish past ideas I've had. BUT, in that being said and the long hiatus, I've now begun my masterpiece and I would like to share it with you. I'm open to suggestions and as I get to adding more cards, please comment concerns as I will observe and take note if any changes would be necessary or wise. If so, I'll credit the user who made the suggestion as I'm human and I can take critique.

    Update 2-13-16: Ok, new card is going up and a new mechanic is revealed after some, setbacks in design. Sorry for the wait as I got about 1/3 of the set complete now!

    Raziel X


    Backstory on creating Grimworks: I was looking through some of my books and I found the Brother's Grimm. After reading through several pages, I figured "If the characters all coexisted in the Multiverse in the corners of oblivion, then maybe I can rewrite history." Thus Grimworks was born.

    The Story of Grimworks:

    The Realm of Grimworks is without shapers and walkers with sparks in the beginning. But where a spark wasn't kindling, ideas shaped the land, evil fought good and history began anew with five territories that would be changed, forever...


    The Desert Kingdom of Kunari (W): The Kunari Desert (also referred to as "The Ivory Sands") was the home of the great Sultana, Jazmine and her loyal and trusted royal vizier, Jorda. Jorda was a humble man with little ambition of displeasing Jazmine or causing trouble for her. He did everything he could to make her happy and in time, become one of the most trusted men she ever knew. She even considered him a suitable marriage partner. But that was before he ventured into the sands to investigate a group of nomadic bandits known only to the locals as "The Ebony Runners".

    As he chased them all over the Kunari Desert, he was led into a trap and was engulfed into the lower bowels of the desert via sandworm. As he discovered an underworld of mystery and allure, he wandered and wandered until he found a tome with the number "I" on it. As he read the tome, Jazmine began to make moves herself to keep the peace and keep the "Ebony Runners" as bay. With some steady decisions and following the guidance of Jorda before he left for hunt them down, she became stronger, wiser, stoic and unrelenting in her efforts of order.


    The Seas of Goldine (U): Goldine is a troubled land (or seas, your choice) that is filled with mystcal and ancient magic that is rewarded to the foolhardy and the bold. Nepta, the youngest daughter and one of two remaining survivors of the throne took the reigns of her fathers kingdom after Neptune himself was killed by Ursula in a freak accident and Ariel abandoned her position to live a foreign life above the Seas of Goldine. Ursula, who was supposedly left for dead by Ariel's hands lurked the dark depths of Goldine, allowing herself to regain what little strength remained and began to orchestrate a series of events that would put Goldine in a state of civil unrest.

    But to do that, she would need to regain a forgotten magic art that would allow her to enslave and corrupt the feeble minds of the mermaids and merfolk of the deep. She knew where it was at and she didn't need assistance from anyone to get there. All that was left was to make the pilgrimage to what the mermaids call "Blacksea Depths". Wind of Ursula's possible escape from death put Nepta on edge and she began researching her father's life work to keep Ursula and any other bane away from Goldine.


    Blightmarsh (B): A devilsh land that was once the envy of all of Grimworks. It was a beautiful and peaceful land, until Wendella entered the land. Within a span of two short years, she transformed Terra's Point into the hellish abomination that is, Blightmarsh. The fae were enslaved; the hag, hagravens, and witches took control of the lands they can grab under the guidance and blessing of Wendella herself. Within the few places uncorrupted by Wendella, a small resistance led by her stepdaughter, Freya, would plan, execute, and reclaim some of the lands and ultimately attempt to resurrect Terra's Point.

    That was until Wendella got tipped off from a traitor among the resistance that Freya was going to take her life with the use of a spell she recently learned. With time running out, Freya must take full advantage of the spell, lest she becomes Wendella's latest victim of malice.


    Iceju Peak (R): Not much is known of Iceju Peak before the dwarves inhabited the mountainside. They expanded the knowledge they brought from wherever they started from and built the city fortress, Heidiyard. The peaks continued to be explored and expanded with little in the way of opposition. That as until Doc Steamwater, pioneer of the dwarven expansion discovered them, the Giants of Iceju Peak, led by the elder, Siege.

    Without so much as greetings or warning, the two races were engaged in combat with neither side conceding or relenting. After years of fighting and conflict, Doc Steamwater developed new weaponry to put an end to the war. But that isn't to say that Siege wasn't prepared....


    Jerekwood, the Forest of Dawn and Dusk (G): Jerekwood is understandable mysterious. One minute the dawn and sun give way to safe passage and the next, dusk consumes the trees and moon reveals dangers around every corner. The hamlet of Greenhelm knew the dangers that Jerekwood presented and throughout time, steady themselves to protect their own. But that changed when the "Five Fangs" appeared: The Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Psi pack of wolves. Each one of the packs were dangerous, but it was the Alpha pack that everyone feared. The reason: Wesley, leader of the all the packs. By his hands alone, he unified all the packs under his control, murdered Marietta R. Hood and disabled Robin Hood for good.

    Seeing that enough was enough, Redda R. Hood (late mother of Marietta R. Hood, wife of Robin Hood) took arms and learned to hunt to predators from the hunters of old and the poachers of yore. She knew enough to not only seek vengeance for her family, but to take a bigger role, protect not only Greenhelm, but all of Jerekwood.


    WU: Jazmine, Sultana of Kunari

    Jazmine's beginnings were of a simple and peaceful origin. She was the only daughter of the Sultan at the time, Sultan Amhad Juit. Not knowing her mother for her life, Amhad raised her to become one day, the Sulatana of Kunari. Her lessons varied from simple language to advanced tactics of war and even courtesies of foreign policies. She was put to a much higher standard than the rest of the kingdom.

    That peaceful standard was ruined on her 19th birthday. Amhad held a banquet and the most powerful rulers came to partake in the festivities. He went away to talk to Wendella (At this time, the adviser to Queen Julie of Terra's Point) about future meetings and a possible alliance. The night continued and Jazmine met up with a stunning young man by the name of Jorga. Jorga was well versed with Kunari and studied hard to be invited to the banquet. They danced, laughed and in all fair game, enjoyed the night.

    But, just as Jazmine found some happiness, the guards stormed the main lobby and ordered everyone visiting Kunari to leave. Much to her dismay, Jazmine asked Jorga to follow her and they were on their way to see what would be, her father's corpse. She was overwhelmed with sadness and grief as she just cried into Jorga's chest. A week later, she would assume the position of Sultana by a final decree left by Amhad just in case the worst happened. After what happened, she also decided to reintroduce an old law that was abolished by Amhad himself: the service of a royal vizier. She appointed Jorga to become not only her mentor, but the royal vizier as well as he wasn't a stranger to combat and danger.

    Weeks of training ensued until on that fateful day, Jorga got wind of a band of nomads calling themselves "The Ebony Runners" causing mayhem in the outskirts of Kunari. He quickly left to pursue the troublemakers while Jazmine attended to her work and office. But, that was weeks ago and still no sign of Jorga. She took matters into her own hands and took absolute control and locked down Kunari until Jorga returned.


    (Land) Wander- When this creature enters the battlefield, it gets +1/+1 until the end of turn. As long as any player controls a (Land), put a +1/+1 counter or a mystic counter on this creature at the beginning of your upkeep.

    (Land) Wander is a compound static ability.

    The creature with this ability gets the bonus as long as one player has said [land].

    Multiple instances of [Land] Wander is redundant.

    Mystify: Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, put a mystic counter on that player or any creature that player controls.

    Mystify is a triggered ability.

    Whenever a creature with this ability deals combat damage to a player, this ability activates. It can target that player or any creature that it can target (Abilities such as Hexproof and Shroud may apply).

    Any player can have multiple mystic counters on them. The same can be said for any creature with mystic counters.

    Unless stated, mystic counters are there as a "mystified" state. They don't achieve anything alone and will only be relevant once a card that interacts with them is present.

    Multiple instances of Mystify are redundant.

    Cloak: This creature is unblockable.

    Cloak is a static ability.

    Creatures with this ability can't be blocked at all.

    If an ability or card would remove this ability, the creature is no longer "Cloaked" and can be blocked as normal.

    Multiple instances of Cloak is redundant.

    Plague (Cost): At the beginning of target player’s upkeep, you may pay (Cost) instead of it’s mana cost. If you do, put a mystic counter on you and you lose two life.

    Plague is a replacement ability.

    During any player's upkeep, you can play this spell as if it were an instant.

    At any other phase of the turn, you can't play it for it's Plague cost the turn.

    If the upkeep phase is skipped or bypassed, you can't cast the spell for the plague cost.

    If the card has Flashback and Plague on it, you can play it for the Plague cost during the upkeep phase. Also, it is has Flashback, it gets exiled as per the ruling on Flashback.

    Multiple instances of Plague is redundant.

    Lotus (Mana): When this creature enters the battlefield, you may add (Mana) to your mana pool. If you do, end the turn after this phase.

    Lotus is a ETB ability.

    You have the option to add the mana to your mana pool or not. If you do, the turn will end upon the end of the phase. If you don't elect to take the mana, the turn will continue as normal.

    Multiple instances of Lotus is redundant.

    Murder Whenever this creature deals damage to a creature, exile that creature and this creature becomes a copy of that creature. Exile this creature at the end of your next turn.

    Murder is a triggered ability.

    As long as the creature was dealt damage, the effect of murder takes place.

    If Murder's end of turn ability is countered at the end of your next turn, the creature remains on the battlefield and no further ability checks is required.

    Multiple instances of Murder is redundant.

    Cards: 7/275 (Color breakdown is to be determined at a later date)

    White: 3/??

    Blanc Mastiff- W
    Creature- Hound (C)
    Mountain Wander- ( (When this creature enters the battlefield, it gets +1/+1 until the end of turn. As long as any player controls a Mountain, put a +1/+1 counter or a mystic counter on this creature at the beginning of your upkeep.))
    “The hounds of Kunari are loyal, but underwhelming to say the least.” Jafar, Sands Explorer

    Blinding Mirage- 8W
    Sorcery- Plague (R)
    Exile all creatures and put X 1/1 white hornets with flying and lifelink onto the battlefield where X is half the total number of creatures exiled this way rounded down.
    Plague 3WW (At the beginning of target player’s upkeep, you may pay 3WW instead of it’s mana cost. If you do, put a mystic counter on you and you lose two life.))

    Jazmine, Diligent Leader- 4WW
    Legendary Creature- Human Adviser (MR)
    Whenever you detain more than four creatures during the combat phase, transform Jazmine, Diligent Leader.
    WW: Detain target attacking creature.
    W/Jazmine, Sultana Absolute
    Legendary Creature- Human Adviser (MR)
    Flying, Vigilance
    Creatures with mystic counters can’t attack or block unless that creature’s control pays 2 for each mystic counter on that creature.

    Red: 1/??

    Ember Igniters- RR
    Creature- Dwarf Soldier (C)
    Choose one:
    - Creatures with mystic counters get +2/-1
    - Creatures without mystic counters gain first strike.
    “Fan the flames! We’re building for the fight!” Doc Steamwater, Hybrid Master

    Green: 1/??

    Alpha Wolf Gang- 2G
    Creature- Werewolf Warrior (C)
    6G: Target creature with a mystic counter fights another target creature.
    “INSTIGATE THE FIGHT! I want to see BLOOD before dusk!” Wesley, Jerekwood Hoodlum

    Black: 2/??

    Quick Demise- B
    Instant (R)
    Destroy target creature and lose two life. If the creature was legendary, lose six life instead.
    “Vengeance will be mine. Marietta will not go unavenged, Wesley!” Redda Hood, Protector of the Forest

    Blindeye Stalker- 3B
    Creature- Octopus Witch (C)
    Whenever this creature gets a mystic counter on it, transform Blindeye Stalker.
    B,T: Put a mystic counter on Blindeye Stalker. You may activate this ability only if this creature killed another creature this turn.
    Mystic Covenant- (U/B)
    Creature- Octopus Witch

    Murder (Whenever this creature deals damage to a creature, exile that creature and this creature becomes a copy of that creature. Exile this creature at the end of your next turn.)

    U,T: Counter target activated or triggered ability. You may activate this ability if this creature killed another creature this turn. Remove a mystic counter from Mystic Covenant and transform it.

    Blue: 1/??

    Ursula's Branding- 2U
    Enchantment- Aura (U)
    Enchant Creature
    Enchanted creature gains Island Wander
    ( (When this creature enters the battlefield, it gets +1/+1 until the end of turn. As long as any player controls a Island, put a +1/+1 counter or a mystic counter on this creature at the beginning of your upkeep.))
    “My gifts always come at a price, you poor unfortunate soul.” Ursula to Nepta

    Multicolored: 0/??

    Artifact: 0/??

    Lands: 0/?? (Basics to be added)




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  • posted a message on New Kamigawa Set- Help Wanted!
    If you want, in between my work and my set, I would be honored to join the team.
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  • posted a message on The Color + Type Game
    Sand Behemoth 5WWW
    Creature- Leviathan
    Plainswalk, Trample, Lifelink
    Sand Behemoth can't attack unless you control four plains.

    Next: A U Elf
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  • posted a message on Returning to Salvation
    Man, I've missed being here. I have to remember to favorite this site this time..

    Long time player and creator, back from the depths of Fatherhood for a little fun and more creating.

    Now with 75% more creation with a brand new set....

    But, I'll post that bad boy in the right spot. I'm just glad to get back here!!!
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  • posted a message on [Game] Bits and Pieces
    Agnus Dei- 2URW
    Legendary Creature- Human Lord
    Creatures you control have Double Strike and Haste
    Whenever you cast a spell, ~ deals X damage to each player where X is that spell's converted mana cost.


    • Card Name- Ivory Sword
    • Mana Cost- 4(G/B)(W/B)
    • Illustration: The MtGS-Angel from the Banner above
    • Illustration: A black orb with immense power emanating a white aura of light that banishes all
    • Rules Text: "Whenever you gain life, ..."
    • Rules Text: "...horsemanship..."
    • P/T: 0/0
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  • posted a message on [Daily Card Contest] January 30, 2014
    Netherworld Strangler-1BG
    Creature- Plant Horror (R)
    Reach, Deathtouch
    1(G/B): This creature gains Shadow until the end of turn.
    1GB, T: Creatures you control gain shadow until the end of turn.

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  • posted a message on [Daily Card Contest] January 29, 2014
    Chromatic Door- 2
    Whenever ~ enters the battlefield, chose a color.
    All spells casted are the chosen color.
    Whenever a land produces mana of the chosen color, it produces one additional mana of that color.

    The door glowed with a vibrance of the rainbow.
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  • posted a message on New Challenge Everyday (1/28/14): A card with two alternate costs
    My Second Vote didn't register.. Koopa has my vote...

    Blantant Demise- 9BBB

    If three creatures died this turn, you may pay 2BB instead of it's casting cost.

    Destroy all creatures, then exile all graveyards. For each card exiled, put a 2/2 black harpy with flying onto the battlefield.

    Madness- 3BBB

    IIW: Giant Chimeras with Fire!
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  • posted a message on MTG Variant: Sell Swords
    Wrong Subforum.... But great idea though...
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  • posted a message on [Daily Card Contest] January 28, 2014
    Concentrated Fire- 2(P/R)(P/R)
    Instant (R)

    Kicker (P/R)(P/R)

    ~ deals 4 damage to target creature or player. If the kicker was paid, ~ deals 8 damage to target creature and that creature's controller.
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Flame-Wreathed Pheonix
    To everyone here, I'll put this as easy as possible:


    Ok, now that I got that out, I will explain why:

    Gods- We have a couple of exile enchantment spells running around in Nayan colors and Bounce potential in Blue. Black is the only thing that can't immediately deal with Gods, but by the time the gods come out, if mono-black is playing, it should have been over. Also, not a single god has Hexproof. Easy answers I say for the sideboard.

    Fatties- Black effectively deals with them without the hassle of dealing damage. Blue can just bounce them and white has some ways to exile them, though they are a bit situational. Red can fire spells at them, but WHY DO THAT if you can aim for the face and have a damage race you know you can win 70% of the time. Green will just answer fatties with bigger fatties.

    The Rest- Unless you have creatures with Hexproof or Shroud (Been a minute since I've seen on of them), EVERY COLOR CAN DEAL WITH THEM ACCORDINGLY!!! Red has cheap and easy burn, blue can as always bounce them back, black can do the whole die or wither thing, white can exile, and green just muscles them in the form of creatures.

    To say that this Phoenix is bad because it can be removed is the same reason why every creature in this set and most of modern is bad. It's baseless to say the least.

    Now, if you were to say that with the current meta, it has competition for a spot or because of "Smarter" players choosing this bird's fate, then I wouldn't be so incline to yell.

    That said, the bird can be killed easily, but if you don't have that answer, what will you do.

    RDW and Red-Devotion is nice for this card, though I picture this more as a sideboard answer card rather than maindeck.
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