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    posted a message on [CMR] Hans Eriksson and Rootweaver Druid— r/magicTCG previews
    Quote from Reki762 »
    "Then, everything changed when the Lhurgoyf attacked."

    White. Blue. Black. Red. Green.

    Long ago, the five colors lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Lhurgoyf attacked.

    Only the Planeswalker, master of all five colors, could stop it. But when the world needed him most… he vanished.

    A hundred years passed, and my brother and I discovered the new Planeswalker: a Mind Sculptor named Jace. And although his mindbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone.

    But I believe… Jace can save the world!
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    posted a message on Trigger Warning - Potential $200 Booster Product
    I consider myself a leftist who spends all-too-much time bemoaning the greed of our capitalist overlords on the internet

    But I honestly think that "vote with your wallet" and "if you don't want to buy it, just don't ******* buy it" are applicable for things like alternate arts that by definition aren't necessary for tournament play
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    posted a message on [IKO] Colossification (+20/+20 Aura)
    Fling is Standard-legal.
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    posted a message on That “mutate” mechanic offical confirm for ikoria
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    And it would be a fun tease of a future mechanic, something we hadn't done before.

    *Tarmogoyf teasing tribal and planeswalkers cries in the corner*
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    posted a message on [THB] Ashiok's Erasure (it was leaked earlier)
    I kinda wish they'd put this in a multicolor set and cost it at WUU, but this is still awesome.
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    posted a message on [ELD] Mystical Dispute
    Quote from Manite »
    I will however point out that your statement is incredibly sexist, and demonstrates the problem I have with the feminist movement. They are basically trying to replace one kind of sexism with another.

    And yet, here you are, still as sexist as ever. They're clearly not doing a very good job.

    Feminists "overshoot" equality because truly pushing for mere equality has never been enough. If they shoot for femme superiority to counter backlash from people like you, maybe we'll end up in the middle. Men have been saying for thousands of years that they're superior. Maybe if women win the right to start saying that they're superior too, we'll all really be equal in our claim to superiority.

    Quote from Manite »
    *****es like Liliana are allowed to get away with their ***** because it's "subversive"?

    Right, because when someone calls you sexist, they're oppressing you, but when you call a woman a *****, you're just expressing your feelings.

    Quote from Manite »
    At what point will men have suffered enough?

    Unlike You Women, I'm Not Overly Emotional and Don't Care About the Drama of Identity Politics: a novella by Manite

    Really seems like this thread about Mystical Dispute has turned into… quite the dispute.

    Upset about the art in Magic? Aren't willing to play as Jaina in Hearthstone because you can't see her cleavage? Just go play Shadowverse! Plenty of cleavage there. For every piece of media that doesn't cater to your demographic specifically, there are 10 more that do. How's that for equality?
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    posted a message on The RC has an incredible opportunity to bring the game's fundamental fantasy to fruition by allowing Planeswalkers as Commanders
    Magic: the Gathering is a game about two all-powerful sorcerers coming together and battling it out on a cosmic stage. What better way to embody this fantasy than by allowing you to play as a Planeswalker? The Duel Decks tried to make this work, but a Commander deck with a Planeswalker at its helm would bring this idea to its logical conclusion. The rules are already there. All this format needs is a little push.

    I understand that many Planeswalkers would be broken in repeatable form, but even if almost half of them had to be banned, I think that going forward, allowing all Planeswalkers to be allowed as Commander as a default, and banned if they become problematic, would be spectacular for the depth of fun and capacity for innovation within this format.

    When I saw the preview of the new Domri today, my excitement was matched only by my disappointment that I would not be able to run him as a Commander.

    If, beyond a simple ban list, more global methods of reducing the toxicity of their recursion proved necessary, you could even alter the rules so that they, say, enter the battlefield with fewer loyalty counters each time. Or maybe the Commander tax could be increased from 2. There are ways around this. I believe the idea of playing as a Planeswalker is simply too amazing, and too intrinsically tied to what this game is all about, to reject the idea out-of-hand.

    Commander 2014 was proof-of-concept. I understand that many Planeswalkers—JtMS and Elspeth come to mind immediately—would have to be banned. But I think that cultivating a ban list that expands the format in this fashion without breaking the game is well within this community's purview, and that it would be a shame if such a culmination of everything Magic was envisioned as were never even explored.
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    posted a message on Can we please have an option to sort the Full Spoiler by how recently the card was spoiled?
    I usually check spoilers on my phone, and for whatever reason, on my browser (Android/Chrome fwiw), it's impossible to scroll right through the spoilers, so only the first card and the left half of the next one are visible. If the scrolling mechanic were fixed to work on mobile, this would be largely a non-issue, but in lieu of that, could we have an option to sort the full spoiler in the same order as the reveal feed? Basically the only option I have when I'm away from my computer is to click on each reveal manually from the list of links at the top of the spoiler, and that's quite the hassle.
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    posted a message on Full spoiler up
    The land kraken is the only thing in this whole set that interests me tbh
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    posted a message on Gatherer updated to include new Scry cards
    Here's to Opt being reprinted so that Modern decks finally have a better option than Serum Visions.
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