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  • posted a message on Identities of Shards
    Quote from KarnTerrier »
    I'd say Phyrexia definitely still has some of that White/Black tribalism. Also, it's only the Red faction of New Phyrexia that was forced into hiding, the Black faction submitted to the White faction's rule. That's why Atraxa is every color but Red, she was created by all four of the remaining Praetors after they'd forged their alliance. I actually see New Phyrexia as being four-colored, you can basically view it as combining Esper-style technocracy with Bant-style collectivism with Sultai-style expansionism.

    My apologies. I was under the impression that Ataraxa was formed during the five colours period, with red declining to involve themselves, with red and black's factions subsequently being conquered by Elesh Norn. That was just what the story Wiki had led me to believe.

    And it just fitted so nicely with the vision of those three Phyrexian factions, as red allowed the refugees to be and Black was only interested in making itself perfect, with all others as servants.

    Quote from KarnTerrier »
    On a semi-related note, I originally thought about listing the Borg Collective as an example of a Bant-colored organization, but I wasn't sure whether it should be considered White/Blue/Green (because it seeks to incorporate everyone into its 'perfect' society) or Blue/Black/Green (because it seeks to consume and absorb everyone else that exists, making everything into a part of itself). Mark Rosewater originally listed them as typical Blue/Black expansionist conquerors, but later considered them an example of the Green/Black plague-bearer archetype, and admitted that they could be seen as White/Green collectivists if you assumed their motives were benevolent (i.e. if they genuinely believed that the people and species they assimilated were better off as part of the Collective). Ultimately I'd say that, like the New Phyrexians, they're White/Blue/Black/Green. Given that the Borg's defining trait is that they completely lack individuality, I'd say that having them be Non-Red fits perfectly.

    Oh I totally agree Phyrexia's callous selfishness is still heavily an underlying black trait, but if it's true upon our return that the two colours most valuing of individualism and expression have been destroyed within Phyrexia, or at least play our protagonists then you're description would be a fantastic description on the way the new villainous antagonist would play out.

    Plus it would just be such a beautiful inversion considering Phyrexia was previously black/red. Just so fitting a narrative. Also you do amazing work, I applaud your articles and eagerly await the rest, hopefully you'll do the guilds when you've finished with these lol
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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    Quote from Onering »
    That's all well and good but nature is defined as not human or of human creation. In fantasy settings, expand human to sapient. The kind of drastic alterations the Simic make don't preserve nature, because by definition nothing they create is natural. Just like a Chihuahua is not natural, though canines more generally are.

    I'd take a different view if the Simic were about preserving LIFE rather than nature, as it's easily argued that their actions can preserve life, both through their medical advances and by creating new life that can survive in Ravnica, but nature has nothing to do with it.

    But as stated, preserving something doesn't exclude artificiality, as you're talking about maintaining in a stasis. For instance, mutation (Vigean Simic) would be unnatural and would be warping from native Ravnican life. Artificially accelerated evolution would not be however, as you're just speeding up the time it takes for something to happen.

    After all, the Simic's job is to help the natural lifeforms survive on their own terms in the Ravnican cityscape. That could be vaccines, medical aid, accelerated evolution, domestication, breeding (Panda's are a real word analogy).

    Quote from Onering »
    And remaining natural doesn't mean remaining in it's original form and stagnating. Life can evolve naturally, it does all the time, it probably did on Ravnica, and we can probably see plenty of red, white and black creatures that the Simic haven't touched that have adapted naturally to the city scape. No, remaining natural means that any of this happens without directed intervention from a sapient source. Once that happens, there's a creator, and the result is artificial. Once a sapient starts to force evolution in a certain direction, it ceases to be natural. If somehow a Ravncan crab evolved to be half frog, that would be natural (yes, magic would be involved, but the ambient magic of the plane or inherintly magical nature of the creature, a natural magic free from the direction of an intelligent actor). If some Simic merfolk sees a crab and a frog and says "Great Scott, I should make these **** and use magic to make mutant crab frog babies for science!" That isn't natural. If the Simic merfolk injects the frog with radioactive crab blood to make a crab frog, that isn't natural. They might release their creations into the wild, and this may all be for the best, and it's certainly bitchin, but it's not natural, and does not preserve nature.

    This mostly repeats what I just said, however it has a few logic holes I'm afraid. For instance, by your own terms, if the tree was planted: then it's unnatural evolution. If the ambient magic was created from an Izzet experiment years ago? Unnatural. Slug ingests some demonic blood from a Rakdos party gone right, and turns into giant demon-slug? Unnatural.

    It can only be 100% purely natural if sentient beings didn't exist at all. As influencing something doesn't require a specific direction or end goal, it can be done completely by accident. For instance, compare the Simic to New Phryexia: Original Simic would of loved NP's Glue and Green factions, as both of them alter beings very nature to pursue a specific end goal. Newer Simic (to my understanding) wouldn't do that, instead just accelerating the natural evolution of things, speeding them up alike being inside a time bubble.

    Quote from Onering »
    I'll retract everything if it turns out the Simic don't give a ***** about nature and are only interested in preserving life, because artificial life fits that just fine.

    But again, neither preserve or conserve mean to leave unaltered. From my perspective the Simic aren't hypocrites in their recent incarnation because they've not done anything hypocritical, as their actions literally do what they've said they intend to. And also from my perspective, I feel you argue from a very Seslenya point of view, conflating their two goals: Simic seek to protect natural life and assist it in surviving in the modern Ravnica, where as Selsenya wish to protect natural life and see it unaltered by modern Ravnica.

    I just wish these guilds could discuss their philosophical differences as pleasantlyas we can... Nar I don't, there'd be no interesting magic sets without the conflict XD
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  • posted a message on (GRN) Guilds of Ravnica General Discussion
    • Preserve: verb (used with object), pre·served, pre·serv·ing.
    • to keep alive or in existence; make lasting: to preserve our liberties as free citizens.
    • to keep safe from harm or injury; protect or spare.
    • to keep up; maintain:

    And related to...

    • Conserve: verb (used with object), con·served, con·serv·ing.
    • to prevent injury, decay, waste, or loss of: Conserve your strength for the race.
    • to use or manage (natural resources) wisely; preserve; save: Conserve the woodlands.
    • Physics , Chemistry . to hold (a property) constant during an interaction or process: the interaction conserved linear momentum.

    I bring this up because neither of those words means to lack change, adaptation or evolution, wether artificial or natural.

    As long as they're preventing the extinction of native Ravnican life, wether it remains in it's original form is largely irrelevant unless it was the specific goal given or stated, but then that would be Blue's anathema...

    • Stagnation: noun
    • the state or condition of stagnating, or having stopped, as by ceasing to run or flow: Meteorologists forecast ozone and air stagnation.
    • a foulness or staleness, as one emanating from a standing pool of water.
    • a failure to develop, progress, or advance: periods of economic stagnation followed by bursts of growth.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but depending on the kind of stagnation, we'd be talking either more the Golari (rot, death), or Selsenya (uniformity, torpidity), which better represent those aspects of Green.

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  • posted a message on Identities of Shards
    "White/Black/Green is also highly insular, seeking to preserve only its own tribe/nation, while White/Blue/Green takes a universalist approach – similar to White/Blue/Black, but even more so, since it lacks any semblance of White/Black tribalism. It ultimately seeks to spread peace and order everywhere, and to bring perfection to everyone." - KarnTerrier.

    Ironically, also the only three Phyrexian factions that still exist are White, Blue and Green, who coincidenatlly wish to spread their version of peace and harmony to every other plane, and bring perfection (compleation) to all beings.

    Just was like literally the first thing that came into my head when I read that excerpt. Like literally, how odd that I associate those colours with Phyrexia now XD
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  • posted a message on Draft the above person's cube
    Drafting Jamis' 360 blind.

    P1P1 - Sneak Attack. Let's hope I get some good weapons =D

    Well didn't get much in the sense of big things, so started taking plenty of aggro and removal. Then got some graveyard tricks from nowhere, so ended up with a Rakdos aggro deck that has GY tricks.

    Considering some of the other stuff in the cube not sure it will race well, but hopefully it can pull a few games out of nowhere XD

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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    Sorry I've fallen rather poorly after my local pharmacy screwed up my medicine order. So fun ¬¬

    It's sort of hard to concentrate on much at the minute and my daughter is a full time whirlwind. But some basic advice from the nonsense is:

    1) Keep your guild cards at different mana costs. Which you've done for every guild except Simic and Boros. But switching Skyrider Patrol to something like Coiling Oracle/Shardless Agent or Deafening Clarion/Justice Strike for Heroic Reinforcements won't be hard.
    2) At 360 try to keep your guild cards to a max of 3 per guild. Most 360 cards use 2 gold guild cards (cards that have 2+ diff colours in their mana cost). Where they move to three the third is usually a hybrid card. Your cube works fine with 3 gold cards per guild due to it's lower ceiling for broken insanity, which brings me to...
    3) For now, you're best keeping to a single card for each shard and ommiting the wedges. The cards you have for each shard are fine, but if you need suggestions then Tamiyo, Field Researcher, Jenara, Asura of War and Treva, the Renewer would be examples that work across the various archetypes in Bant colours. Similarly in Jund you could use Gyrus, Waker of Corpses, Hellkite Overlord or Wasitora, Nekoru Queen.

    I'm sorry I can't do much more. Grandma turned up has taken my kid while I was writing this, so ill use the time to rest. I'll try to contribute where I can, but illness and busy week is going to leave me with next to no time =(
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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    Thoughts since the cube got to 360:

    The curves are so much better! They feel right on point for where your cube wants to be. It's a great base for you to work from, and the cards that you've chosen for yourself really give it some personality and are well thought out. Great job.

    Also, the first draft I did with it at 360 was awesome. P1P1 (Pick 1, Pack 1) I took Glimpse The Unthinkable. I then proceeded to take every mill card I could reasonably take, hate drafting Gaea's Blessing and Fastbond in case I could splash it. Then in pack 3 the God-Pharoah showed up (Nicol Bolas, the Ravager), with me having red splash lands. It resulted in this monstrosity.

    The God-Pharoah predicted this day would come. Let his will be known. Bow to your master Bolas, all hail the God-Pharoah.

    You've done a fantastic job. Your cube's foundations are now truly solid, and the only thing left to do is balance up your multicolour section to match your needs. I'll help with this if you wish. From there, just swap in and out cards as you discover them or wish to test them, and enjoy many games of fantastic drafting.

    Welcome to cubing! It's been a pleasure helping you learn the basics and get your first cube started, and I hope your playgroup appreciates all your hard work =)
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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    So in the interest of helping you fix your curves, I figured a list of changes you could make and why maybe useful. I'll try to list multiple suggestions of cards you could use that either support the archtypes present, or ones you want to pursue, while moving cards across CMC slots occasionally (smoothing the curve) and suggesting variants to power up or power down errant troubles (balancing). Cards of the same colour and CMC can be used across suggestions, as they would all work fine in your cube.

    Tried to do all the curves in one go, so sorry if some colours seem extreme and others benign.


    2 CMC > 1 CMC: Waste Not > Gravecrawler, Snuff Out, Thoughtseize
    2 CMC > 1 CMC: Revive The Fallen or Macabre Waltz > Fatal Push, Bloodchief Ascension, Unearth
    5 CMC > 4 CMC: Living Death > Zombify, Oblivion Strike, Grisly Spectacle

    One too many 5 drops that disrupts the curve. Slimming the twos down to get early 1's will help mill, control and aggro all.


    X CMC > 1 CMC: Condescend or Selective Snare or Repeal > Hedron Crab, Flusterstorm, Clutch of Currents
    - CMC: Glimmer of Genius > Chemister's Insight, Deep Analysis, Plea for Power
    * Move Ancestral Vision from Colourless to Blue (it's a strong 1 CMC).

    This give's blue a slightly better curve, letting it borrow pieces from a paired colour (red/black) to shore up it's own gaps. Also removes redundancy on some cards for better interactivity (flashback/jump start work well with mill and spells matters).


    6 CMC > 1 CMC: Light of the Legion or Serra's Guardian > Mother of Runes, Path to Exile, Authority of the Consuls
    - CMC: Fumigate or Cleansing Nova > Thalia's Lancers, Archangel Avacyn, Elspeth Tirel
    - CMC: Settle The Wreckage > Wrath of God, Day of Judgement, Divine Reckoning
    - CMC: Benalish Marshal > Glorious Anthem, Ghostly Prison, Thalia, Heretic Cathar

    Moving a card from the top to the bottom helps the consistency of the curve, and some minor changes you could make (one less wrath at 5 CMC so it's less cluttered).


    7+ CMC > 1 CMC: Worldspine Wurm > Enter the Unknown, Narnam Renegade, Essence Warden
    5 CMC > 4 CMC: Declare Dominance > Oracle of Mul Daya, Hunting Triad, Erhnam Djinn

    Smoothing the curve. Suggestions all support Aggro, Warriors, Ramp or Elves (or multiple).


    5 CMC > 4 CMC: Eron the Relentless > Volley Veteran, Two-Headed Giant, Beetleback Chief
    - CMC: Flamebreak > Fight with Fire, Firecannon Blast, Wheel of Fortune

    Flamebreak is ok, but Pyroclasm effects are often more placed at 2 CMC. Bringing the 5 down to a 4 keeps the pressure on, and there is lots of warrior and goblin options.


    ? CMC: Wort, Boggart Auntie > Grave Upheavel, Rakdos's Return, Mogis, God of Slaughter

    Generally, you'd want the guild cards each at a different CMC.


    ? CMC: Congregation at Dawn > Trostani Discordant, Glare of Subdual, Huatli, Radiant Champion

    This guild has a hidden token theme. Elf Knight cards also unite the two colours. These suggestions all support that.


    ? CMC: Adeliz, the Cinder Wind > Keranos, God of Storms, Thousand-Year Storm, Prophetic Bolt

    Adeliz doesn't do much in this cube, so just some base suggestions until further testing reveals what this guild wants.

    I need to sleep, so will go over this more next time. But for now this will help smoothe your curves and put you on a foothold for swapping car4ds in and out. Also all my suggestions were chosen to work with the cards already in the cube, only presenting multiple options so that the choice of include is yours. Sorry I couldn't do more, I truly am tired. Hope this helps though!
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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    Quote from MTGNewcomer »

    I agree that some of those cards can be abused and Channel is most likely too OP. Eldrazi or similar fatties on turn 2/3 is game breaking to be honest. I've also been unsure about the swords as i mentioned in a previous post further back. It also made me try to look at including more artifact/permanent removal in the cube.

    With that being said both Waste Not and Wort, Boggart Auntie can be swapped out for better cards. The big Eldrazi are something I'd like to keep, but I'll keep an eye on how fast they come out and look at "downgrading" cards that make them come out too fast.

    The colour i'm least happy with is Green. I'm thinking a Ramp/Elf(-warrior)/Warrior theme would work out well in there. So that's what I'm going to be looking at in the next few days when i get time.

    What I'm more uncertain about is when you all mention "Curve". At the moment most of the colours are around or under 3 CMC with Blue, Red and green between 3.1 and 3.2 (CMC is 5.6 in the multi coloured cards). The average for the whole cube without lands is 3.12 CMC.

    When you mention "getting the curves right" is that implying that the colours over 3 CMC are too high, for example?

    I'm just unsure about that bit, so please explain :)?

    As a side note, my group (4 people) is very new to drafting. We began drafting FNM about 6 months ago and go along maybe 1/2 times a month at best. So building the cube has really given me a better insight into the world of magic which is great fun :). So learning the archtypes, guilds and all this has been a great learning experience for me.

    We all played while in high school maybe 15 years ago and only started picking it up again recently. So seeing the cards from Mirage, Tempest, Stronghold, Urza's Legacy and so on has all been a great trip down memory lane :). A bit annoyed i didn't keep all my old cards considering prices today. Thankfully I kept my Black Lotus (CE), Yawgmoth's Will, Juzam Djinn and a few others (which are also in the cube) and it's surprising to see how much they are now worth.

    Ok, so in regards to what we mean by 'curves'. Curves are the number of slots (cards) at each CMC, that ensures that each archetype should usually be able to play cards in each of their turns in a reasonable manner. Unfortunatly, due to my autism I am unable to explain math. However, this article does so in a way that may help you understand.

    Using our reference cube, we can compare how many cards you have at each CMC in each colour. For instance, your curve in blue is deadened at 2 CMC and lacks 1 CMC cards. So you would 'cut' (remove) X many cards from 2 CMC Blue and replace them with 1 CMC Blue equivalants.

    Certain colours have different curves. For instance, Red may peak and then decline at a higher CMC than Blue, which may peak at a lower CMC due to wanting to be more controlling. By having the right amount of slots at each CMC in each colour, you'll find your overall CMC begins to decline.

    You can use the Analysis tab on your cubes page to find several useful data sets about your curve. For instance, here is your curve's in graph form (Analysis > Curve Charts), compared to Emetic's curves and the Nonsense curves.

    You'll notice that despite the Nonsense being 4 times larger than Emetic's cube, it's curves are very similar. That's because proportionally the Nonsense takes the average number of slots for each CMC in each colour and multiplies it by 4. Even so, the colours have a clear ascent to their main CMC and then decline after. Your white does this, only requiring what we call 'smoothing the curve', which is where you remove a single slot from one CMC to another, to make sure you don't have too many cards in the same cost.

    The larger the difference in number of cards in a CMC leading up to the peak for a colour the more missed plays in the early game it has. However the steps down as it declines tend to be steeper, as on those turns decks will often play multiple smaller CMC spells in place of one of their big deck toppers. If you reference the article and Emetic's cube, they will provide guidance from how many cards each colour should have at each CMC.

    I can provide a more direct analysis as I've done this far if necessary, offering suggestions to alternate cards for your current ones that move up or down in CMC (moving up or down the curve) as necessary.

    Sorry if that's not much help. Math is my autism's eternal enemy.

    Edit: This article may also help reiterate much of what I have said, such as placing the archetype feature cards in the guilds and using cards that can go in multiple decks rather than being overly parasitic.

    Double Edit: Your Red curve is really quite good. It ascends and descends nicely. I'm a stickler, so I'd probally remove a single 5 CMC card for a 4 CMC one and be happy with the curve, but that's just me.
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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    Quote from emeticLunch »
    Checked in on the cube again, and it looks like it's getting structured well.

    Just keep in mind that expanding our cube with "Top 360" sorts of cards is going to turn the weird archetype additions into blanks - cards like Doorkeeper/Doomed Dissenter/Wolf-Skull Shaman/Waste Not/Wort, the Broodmother could have homes somewhere, but it's not in a world with turn 2 Grave Titan/Wurmcoil Engine/Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre

    I'd keep an eye on these cards, which I think could corner out your Tribal/Mill/etc plans:
    Balance, Armageddon, Mana Drain, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Reanimate, Exhume, Recurring Nightmare, Channel, Rofellos and the Swords

    While I have five minutes: This is sage advice too. I was going to wait to mention this until the curves were a bit more structured, but Emetic razes a good point.

    Many unpowered cubes esque the use of the original Eldrazi titans because of their Ainnhilator ability being so utterly one sided. Cards like Sneak Attack, Show And Tell, Channel, Fastbond are all examples of ways these cards come out fast with no answers for your opponent. Slots occupired by parasitic cards that don't support any of the archetypes (Waste Not/Wort, Boggart Auntie) are better used for cards that keep in check the turbo speed, or enhance the ganeplan of existing archetypes

    If your group enjoys at least one person having a blowout turbo deck, that's cool. But mileage may vary. If you find your group doesn't like that, moving the Eldrazi titans into their newer versions works well. As does using slower versions of those power cards: Fastbond > Azusa, Lost But Seeking and Balance > Magus of The Balance.

    I feel it's good to have these type of effects in your cube, but during testing if you find Emetic is correct and these cards or others are too OP, look for cards with the same type of effect but on a lower scale.

    Similarly, the quality of your removal will heavily define the format's speed. It will also be especially important in making sure that reanimator can't get too silly on turn 2/3, and mill can survive aggro. But take each thing one step at a time. Get your curves and archetypes down first, then follow Emetic's advice on balancing the overall power and sliding effects up and down on the curves =)

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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    Looked at your cube after recent updates. It looks a lot more healthy.

    Figured with the recent experience of designing the Zombie, Reanimator, and Mill decks for U and B it may be worthwhile if I listed the archetypes I see for the different colours at moment, as leaving things to reference later seems to be useful. Do note this is only what I see though, and other players may see things differently.

    • RED: Primary - Goblin Aggro, Secondary - RDW, Incidental - Warriors.
    • (Curve adjustments to help RDW. Goblins is stupidly solid).

    • GREEN: Primary - Ramp, Secondary - Elves.
    • (This colour lacks cohesion now, but should be easy to develop along current themes, A few too many ramp cards at the moment in place of good aggro cards, but easily adjusted, especially if supporting elves).

    • WHITE: Primary - Knights, Secondary - Tokens.
    • (Strong colour. Great base to build from. Love the knights + tokens theme).

    • BLUE: Primary - Mill, Secondary - Control.
    • (Looks good, solid base to work from. Minor curve adjustment needed).

    • BLACK: Primary - Zombies, Secondary - Reanimator.
    • (Great base to build from. Minor curve shifting, but really solid to draft).

    • AZORIUS: Primary - UW Control.
    • (Standard archetype for this colour. Seems fine).

    • DIMIR: Primary - Zombies/Mill.
    • (Zombies is black led and Mill is blue led, but this guild accomodates both. Welcome to the House... what's the password?)

    • RAKDOS: Primary - Midrange, Secondary - Aggro.
    • (Simply down to curves, and based on signalling of what others are drafting).

    • GRUUL: Primary - Aggro with Ovverun, Secondary - Warriors.
    • (With a little adjustment, it would be possible to make a Red/Green warrior deck possible using cards from Battlebond with almost no impact on other things).

    • SELSENYA: Primary - Elf/Knight Token Pump?
    • (Selsenya recently got a whole bunch of Elf and Knight support. With these being two possible archetypes in your cube, this section seems fine, and likely will come together naturally as the other colours take shape).

    • ORZHOV: Primary - Knights, Secondary - Life Tax?
    • (B/W Knights also recently got a bunch of support. You have a natural Knight theme in White. With minimal adjustment to black, this seems fine. The Life Tax deck however I'm not sure of without Extort cards).

    • GOLGARI: Primary - Midrange.
    • (There's not quite the support for dredge in green cards, nor the support for aggro, but this is a combination better retried once Green has been refined).

    • SIMIC: Primary - Gas 'N' Go, Secondary - Midrange.
    • (Combination is just pure value. Green's ramp and Blue's draw is just mad in any cube, so this guild you can just pretty much put whatever in).

    • IZZET: Primary - Spells Matter, Secondary - Counter Burn.
    • (It wants to support Wizards but doesn't have nearly enough to make it doable regularly. However, when the two colours come together as they are now there's easily spells between them to only need a spells matter finisher. This guild could provide that).

    • BOROS: Primary - Power Matters Aggro, Secondary - Tokens with Pump.
    • (Aggro is the favourite here. Tokens are supported in both colours, and can become a theme for the deck from time to time, but it seems fine as it is, only as slow as it's slowest components).

    These are the archetypes I see at the moment. All pretty good and a good enough balance of playstyles. Smoothing out drafting at the end will be easy, as there's plenty of cross archetypes cards (Zombie Knights like Phyrexian Crusader and Warrior supporting Elf cards like Decorated Champion and Bramblewood Paragon) that can help when the time comes.

    Heck, when you do the Wedges/Shards, you only need one card for each, so finding one that binds two archetypes together shouldn't be too bad either (Kess, Dissident Mage is a good example, as she fits naturally with U/R Spells Matter and U/B Mill).

    To help refine things though you may wish to join this thread. By drafting the cube in the signature of the most recent poster (and posting your deck list after), you will find people will then draft yours and list what they did well with and what they struggled with. Those blind drafting are useful for evaluating your cube, as they see things differently to the cube designer. (Remember though to link your cube in your sig so people can find it!)

    I'm likely to be busy through to the end of next week now so might not be able to stop by and reply much, but heck, gives you a week or so to test the adjustments you've made, use the reference cube to adjust your curve, and look around at cards that might fit into the archetypes you're building, have built or incidentally occur. (Free card suggestion: Generous Patron. Would sit alongside Beast Whisperer as one of your best green cards).

    (This was done with the last update being the removal of signets, so if you've changed anything since then and now this post doesn't make sense, then disregard that part of the post!)
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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    Finally my last piece of advice for the evening.

    I know you're having trouble getting down the curves for your cube. So this cube is the most drafted 360 Unpowered cube this week. It's curves are very well planned and would serve as a good model for your own cube, so you've a guideline to work from. They however don't have any tri-colour cards, so that's unfortunate. They do however have 2 cards per guild, much alike your own cube.

    It would be good to emulate. If you want still use tri-colour cards, then take one card away from each monocolour for the shards, and one away from each monocolour for the wedges. I'd suggest doing this for highest CMC or most parasitic cards for each colour. IE: Avacyn in white, Lathliss in red. That way the big flashy things often come down with force in longer, grindy games, without interfering in the core archetypes viability. Alternatly, you can always take away the five biggest artifacts, which would force people into tri-colour at their top end, which is also viable.

    Experiment and find what's right for you of course, but better for me to post things here now for reference later than I mind scour myself from toddler trauma =)
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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    So my bean has passed out after nursery. Huzzah! Daddy has free time!

    So, there's a lot of zombies ad zombie related cards. The tribe has been supported for a long time in the game, so there is a multitude of options. So I whittled it down to the most often picked, mixed with most often featured in cubes. Some of these are cards you're either already using, or I already pointed out would compliment your current cube. Still though be prepared, this list gets extensive...


    1 CMC - Carnophage, Cryptbreaker, Stitcher's Supplier, Sarcomancy,
    2 CMC - Rancid Rats, Doomed Dissenter, Khenra Eternal, Ghoulcaller's Accomplice, Wight of Precinct Six, Rotting Rats,
    3 CMC - Fleshbag Marauder, Feast or Famine, Merciless Eternal, Phyrexian Crusader, Midnight Reaper,
    4 CMC - Moan of the Unhallowed, Skinrender, Gravedigger, Viscera Dragger, Liliana's Reaver, Boneyard Scourge, Gisa's Bidding
    5 CMC - Cruel Revival, Rise from the Grave, Phyrexian Delver,
    6 CMC - Ever After, Geth, Lord of the Vault,
    7 CMC - Scourge of Nel Toth,


    2 CMC - Compelling Deterrence, Spellweaver Eternal,
    3 CMC - Stitched Mangler, Eternal of Harsh Truths


    5 CMC - The Scarab God


    Known For Replacing:

    Ulcerate and Vicious Rumors > Any of the 1 CMC cards listed. Ulcerate is now being debated by my group as aggro support. So really these two slots are yours to mold based on taste.
    Wrench Mind > Rancid Rats or Rotting Rats. One discards and the other aggros.
    Clinging Darkness > Khenra Eternal or Wight of Precinct Six.
    Fevered Convulsions > Doomed Dissenter or Ghoulcaller's Accomplice.


    Living Death > Rise From The Grave. Living Death has a slight tendency to backfire.
    Ritual of Soot > Damnation (expensive though. Don't rush to get it).
    Pulse of the Dross > Midnight Reaper. The creature has a body and will generate more card advantage.
    Recover > Recurring Nightmare. Hahahaha, don't ask me how stupid this card gets XD
    Ambassador Laquatus > Eternal of Harsh Truths.
    Thief of Sanity > Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver or Nemesis of Reason (mill slot)
    Etrata, the Silencer > The Scarab God or Lich Lord of Unx (Zombie slot)
    Waste Not/Walking Corpse (whichever was kept) > Bitterblossom. One of the best cards you can get in black for sacrificers, and provides so much value <3

    There are all my suggestions and listings for Zombies that are relevant. Of course, balance it as you find most fun and is best matched to your budget. Don't rush for the most expensive cards, get the most first so you have stability and increase power over time =)
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  • posted a message on Need a nudge in the right direction..
    By all means. If a card is too OP in your cube then you either remove the card or adjust your cube to accomodate.

    Only the Un-Sword exists in the nonsense because the other Swords are sadly a little too powerful in a vacuum at the minute. The same happens to us for various pieces of power, so we have to deal with increased variability and inconsistency. You will have more consistency, which makes it easier to remove problem cards and harder to adjust around them - the inverse of the Nonsense.

    I do hope my suggestions are useful to you though. For instance, if the Mill deck doesn't work out, at least you'll still have good cards that provide a solid foundation to build up from in the future. Another thing I've found useful is to place highly parasitic cards into the guilds - that way the strategy is naturally supported and it semi-encourages their use to bind two colours together in the draft.

    Mileage may vary however. Your experience and group are likely to be different to mine in some way, so always remember to apply a filter to advice so that your cube and game time is the most fun and exciting it can be =)

    I'll do Zombies for you when I've got the time, likely when my terror tot passes out next XD
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    Tribal decks by their nature are parasitic, as they require the creature type their based around. The trick is to find creatures of that type that can work on their own, but benefit in a group. Our Vampire section in the Nonsense is an example of that.

    There is actually a lot of overlap in Zombies and Reanimator. Several Zombies have recursion abilities, and many reanimation spells grant the creature type. So essentially you'd have a situation where you 'could' go zombies if you pick up a lord, or you'd just have a suite of good creatures that happen to be zombies. That choice is obviously yours to make though.

    As with your mill deck, it's your choice to make. I will only offer suggestions of what you 'can' do, not what you 'should' do. For instance, here are some suggestions for cards you 'could' switch them into that enable mill while not being overly parasitic. I've put in brackets the cards I'd likely switch out in their place, such as the parasitic Waste Not. I've also done this specifically for mill cards, so that you can see.


    Thoughtpicker Witch > Horrifying Revelation
    Walking Corpse (Waste Not) > Returned Reveler,
    Dread Shade > Undercity Informer
    Demon of Catastrophes > Balustrade Spy or Returned Centaur. If you're supporting zombies, the Centaur, if you drop zombies, then Spy.
    Ulcerate > N/A (use for zombies/reanimator?)
    Vicious Rumors > N/A (Rumours itself mills for 1).
    Wrench Mind > N/A (use for zombies/reanimator?)
    Clinging Darkness > N/A (use for zombies/reanimator?)
    Fevered Convulsions > N/A (use for zombies/reanimator?)


    Merfolk Trickster > Mindshrieker
    Mystic Archaeologist > Crosstown Courier,
    Aven Wind Mage > Sage's Row Denizen
    Tempest Djinn > Selhoff Occultist
    Frost Lynx > Jace Beleren
    Glyph Keeper (Omnispell Adept) > Stitcher Geralf. Glyph is better than Adept in my book. Geralf makes zombies.
    Ghostform > Chronic Flooding. I can't say this is better, but if I had to swap out Ghostform, it'd be for this (because I find punishment mechanics funny).
    Quasiduplicate > Riddlekeeper
    One with the Machine > Undead Alchemist if zombies. If not, then Stolen Goods.
    Psychic Corrosion > Sphinx's Tutelage. Direct upgrade.
    Sleep > Exhaustion. Direct Upgrade.
    Bone to Ash > Countermand or Induce Paranoia. Not restricted by spell type.

    Fountain of Renewal > Altar of the Brood. Passive, works on it's own.
    Sorcerer's Wand > Cellar Door. It mills and can make zombies.
    Angel's Trumpet + Tower of Fortunes > Any 2 out of Trepeaation Blade, Grindstone or Sword of Body and Mind

    Those are all cards that mill likes that can still be used in other decks and archtypes. For the most part XD
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