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    Quote from Cyan

    You are MY hero.

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    Disconnected images. A clearing with a long road stretching before it. A stand-off and shoot-out between some kind of law enforcement and/or vigilantes. One of them betrayed the others? Me fleeing the scene on a pathetically small tricycle, then trading with a child for a larger one. I can't remember this one very well.
    Feeling: Fear

    Sex dream. I don't generally like Asian girls but I'm pretty sure she was Asian. Weird.
    Feeling: Lust

    My parents and I are living in a dystopian version of the apartment complex in which I grew up (which has since been demolished). I am late for class (or possibly work). As I lock the door and go to unlock my bike, my father is outside the apartment facing me, shielding me in a way from the mob outside that is growing increasingly agitated. I worry that they are going to hurt him. I realize that I forgot to pack a snack so I unlock the door to get one. With eyes on the back of my head and self-fulfilling foresight, I see the mob crush my father's head like a grape and his ruined body crumple to the ground. I hastily lock the door and return to my mother. Unsure of whether I believe my own words, I tell her not to watch dad's latest film, as if it was too gruesome for me, there was no chance that she would find it palatable.
    Feeling: Anxiety

    There was some kind of disturbance in the playground at my old elementary school followed by a sleepover in the [north portion of] building. I was cognizant of being adult-sized and needing to find enough floor-space for my sleeping bag. It must have been raining because the carpet was wet in spots and was littered with tiny yellow leaves. Despite being surrounded by signs of human life (other people's things, my shoe being moved, etc.) the few people (mostly teachers) I encountered kept to themselves, hurriedly going about their business of locking down the premises. There was more to the beginning of this dream that I can't remember.
    Feeling: Anxiety

    I was fading in and out of sleep this morning so I only remember a piece of a dream. It was a semi-lucid dream set in a dystopian future. (probably heavily influenced by me reading Netrunner stuff before bed). I was a spy lurking at the end of a hallway in my old high school, lying in wait for my mark, a young woman of mixed ethnicity who was accompanied by two school officials/guides. I ran my hand over my face and willed myself to be invisible, and it was so. (Hence "semi-lucid.") A swift jab later, and my mission was a success, my mark and her party none the wiser. Instead of fleeing the scene, I took advantage of the semi-lucid nature of the dream, and it was on its way to becoming a sex dream when my alarm went off.
    Feelings: Power, lust

    I am visiting my grandparents and cousin in China. I want to be left alone and sit in bed, which my cousin accepts, but my grandparents persistently follow me around, trying to get me to eat. My grandmother hooks a bowl of porridge onto the bed frame sideways. I express concern that it is going to spill out. She says that it is thick enough that it won't. Instead, it sticks to the wall. The porridge is full of frozen strawberries. My grandparents make me add cabbage and carrots to it. It ends up tasting surprisingly good.
    Feeling: Nostalgia

    I am in gym class in my old elementary school, though it is filled with people my age. We are involved in a competitive exercise, a sort of cross between Follow the Leader and Mother May I. My team is picking up steam when we take a break. At the end of the break, the other group leader tells the teacher that her team is tired so they are going to have to call it a day. The teacher accepts this and dismisses the class. In my frustration, I vent by shadowboxing in the corner. The teacher berates me for this behavior, and in my anger I remove my borrowed fingerless gloves and fling them at her chair. One lands in the seat while the other falls on the floor. I storm out along the south corridor. As I walk through it and toward the east corridor, I ponder my time in high school, time in college, and current state of re-attending high school (as if I were in enrolled in high school in the old elementary school building).
    Feeling: Anger

    There is a zombie apocalypse. I am dating Taylor Swift. We are bunkered down in a house fortified with machine gun turrets at the windows. I can't remember much else.
    Feelings: Power, lust

    This dream was weird, as I had it while semi-awake. Some blend of ongoing Mafia games, zombie apocalypse, and Diablo III ran through my head. Hard to make sense of it all. I watched Life of Pi last night, so some of that movie was probably in there too.
    Feelings: Jumbled

    I had several dreams this morning. The one I remember most vividly was in the middle; it felt so real that, even after waking, I thought I might still be in that world. I was on vacation to some tropical destination with a lady friend and several others. The one image that really stood out was a spectacular sunset that was more like the splendor of the cosmos laid out before me, followed by a magnificent fireworks show. This was almost definitely influenced by Life of Pi. I tried taking pictures of it with my phone (as absurd as that sounds).
    Feelings: Awe

    I had several dreams, but the one that was the most memorable involved leaving my friend's house after a party in the evening. (The mutual friend who was driving me home had her license suspended IRL.) As we were driving, I noticed that the car was floating off the ground. I asked if it was a flying car. Apparently, it was. In what was now broad daylight, we soared high over a city that looked oddly like Guangzhou, China (which has a light rail system that I used last December). And that's when we started taking our exhilarating plunge. As we hurtled toward the water, I adjusted my cap and marveled at the sheer thrill of the experience, as if it were merely a roller coaster or other park ride. Time seemed to slow almost to a halt as we drew closer to the water below, and I was able to simultaneously watch and feel the moment of impact. As I drew up for air in the surprisingly shallow pool (maybe 10ft), I teased my companion, who had morphed into a different friend (a guy I knew from middle school and high school) regarding his inability to tread water and breathe at the same time, an affliction I inexplicably shared. A truly remarkable dream.
    Feeling: Awe

    A brief sex dream, followed by an intense dream that was a blend between a Tolkien work and a horror film. I was simultaneously following and embodying the "Gandalf" role, leading others through a desolate wasteland that was actively trying to taunt, maim, and/or kill the party. The most dramatic event was when I warned the others that the ground was going to give in, and to grab onto one of the two leylines criss-crossing the field. As soon as I said that, an X-shaped crack appeared in the ground right underneath the invisible, but quite sturdy, leylines. I kept my eyes on my party as we slid down the leylines toward solid ground, not daring to look at whatever twisted evil lay below.
    Feelings: Power, anxiety

    Bonus Naptime Dream:
    This dream was the ending (serially and content-wise) to a group of dreams, but I can't recall any of the earlier ones. It was organized like a TV drama, and it was dark and brooding. From a third-person perspective, a man and his co-conspirator (the main character from an earlier dream, possibly embodied by me) burst into an apartment where the man's aunt lives. She confronts the man's companion on bringing alcohol into her home, but is knocked to the floor. It is unclear who injured her, but she lies unresponsive throughout the scene. After the man's companion leaves, the man begins to feel guilty about his aunt, and has the impression that she is speaking to him in his mind. On the verge of a breakdown, the man works furiously at the tiny desk opposite the hallway, stealing furtive glances at the body between him and door. By the end of the scene, the man forgives himself for allowing his mother to die (as his aunt reminded him of her). This cathartic moment is mirrored by an acknowledgement from his aunt's spirit and the sudden disappearance of her body. Not stopping to wonder if the recent events were real or imagined, the man leaves the apartment with a sense of peace.
    Feelings: Power, anxiety

    No entries in a while; I've been too busy to have a steady sleep schedule! I had this dream during naptime:
    I was a contestant/enforcer in a weird competition that was like a cross between Calvinball and the Amazing Race. I remember pummeling various competitors, including Gary Oak (Emocakes?) and other high-profile characters, in and around the playground from the apartment complex where I grew up, only for an announcement to air that some upstart was about to cross the finish line. In desperation, I rush back to the center of the playground and try to kick a toy (beach ball?) at my foe, but in extreme slow-motion/panoramic vision, I see my attempt foiled by the breaking of the ribbon. Blast. As I wallow in my failure, Gary Oak comes by and offers me good-natured jokes to comfort me (which is so unlike Gary Oak).
    Feeling: Power, anxiety

    Despite only ever reading the Wikipedia article for Ender's Game, I had a dream that was eerily similar to its premise. I am an exceptional recruit/conscript of a shadowy organization that had collected me and my fellows and is operating a ship or station currently somewhere in outer space. Due to my performance, I had received additional supplies (clothes, mostly) others had not. A recruit who enters the main cabin area late seems to have been punished for poor performance and is in a pitiful state, with very few clothes in his bag. He picks up some clothing that had escaped my bag, and looks at me mournfully. Feeling sorry for him, I allow him to take my clothes. He then reaches between two couch cushions and extracts more of my clothes. Realizing that I've been duped, I demand that he return my clothes. Instead, he draws a razor and holds it to my throat, drawing blood, a sinister grin spreading across his face. I pull away and throw a blade of my own, ricocheting it off the ceiling before it lands squarely in his neck, killing him. I wake soon thereafter.
    Feelings: Power, empathy, justice
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    jdski made this for me but I don't smoke. It's the thought that counts!

    Well, now 420'd is named for kpaca, which is much more fitting...but I'll have it on record that I was the inspiration for the emote. :p


    2008 [CMB] T2

    2010 [CMB] BYOS

    Win Record: 20-13-1
    Win % as Town|Mafia|Other: 54%|75%|100%
    Town Rating|Mafia Rating|Other Rating: 2.82/5|1.88/5|5/5
    MVPs: 4 (3x Town, 1x Serial Killer)

    Currently Hosting:
    [Mini] The Hobbit Mafia: An Unexpected Journey

    Currently In:
    [FTQ] Survival Horror Mafia

    [Basic #67] The Hunger Games Mafia [Mafia Victory]
    [Mini] Smalltown Animaniacs (replacement host) [Serial Killer Victory]
    [Clan Contest Mafia V] Planeswalkers vs. Phyrexia [Mafia Victory]
    [Basic #48] 300 Mafia [Mafia Victory]
    [Normal] Neon Genesis Evangelion Mafia [Mafia Victory]
    [Basic #36] Touhou Mafia (Replaced Zajnet) [Town Victory]]
    [Basic #29] Magic 2011 Mafia [Mafia Victory]
    [Basic #23] 5CB Mafia (Replaced ced395) [Town Victory]
    [Special] Guildpact Mafia [Mafia Victory]

    [Mini] Cross-Town Showdown #2
    [Town Victory]

    [Mini] Presidential Mafia

    [Mini] Smalltown Animaniacs Mafia
    [Serial Killer Victory]
    [Normal] Gotham Underground Mafia [Town Victory]
    [Mini] Star Trek: Voyager Mafia [Cult Victory]
    [Special] Club Flamingo Mafia [Mafia Victory]
    [Basic #59] Modern Family Mafia [Mafia Victory]
    [Basic #55] The Office Mafia [Mafia Victory]
    [Basic #46] Minecraft Mafia [Mafia Victory]
    [Basic #36] Touhou Mafia [Town Victory]
    [Normal] Conflux Mafia [Town Victory]

    [Basic #39] Smilies Mafia (Silent Prophet) [Town Victory]

    Was In:
    [FTQ] Ataghan Mafia (Replaced Charm_Master3125) - W - The Believer (Town Bodyguard|Bulletproof) - Survived - 3/5
    [Clan Contest] CCMVI: Damsels In Distress - W - Lois Lane (Town Vanilla) - Survived - 3/5
    [Specialty] Magic Girl Mafia - W - Yukishiro Honoka (Town Wanderer|Investigator) - Survived - 4/5
    [Mini] Avatar Mafia: The Legend of Aang - L - Earthbending Master Toph Beifong (Town Earthbender/Limited Doctor/Metalbender) - Killed in Endgame - 1/5
    [Specialty] Seasons Mafia - W - Vheraphon, Capricious Cloud-Lord, Elemental of the Clouds (Mafia Untargetable/Vanillafier Mason) - Killed by SK N1 - 1/5
    Cyberpunk Mafia - W - Craven Keys (Town Hacker) - Killed by Vig N2 - 3/5
    Peso del Grande Mafia - W - U.S. Marshall Robert Morrison (Mafia One-Shot Godfather) - Survived - 5/5
    [Mini] Ender's Mafia - W - Crazy Tom (Town Commander-Immune|Redirector) - Lynched D1 - 2/5
    [FTQ] Hetalia Mafia - L - Austria (Town Ability & Vote Redirector) - Killed by [Community Chosen Ability Defense] N3 - 3/5
    [PCQ] World of Warcraft Mafia: Secrets of Grim Batol - W - Baleflame, Town Cop (Red Dragon) - Killed by Serial Killer N7 - 5/5 [Town MVP]
    [Specialty] Final Fantasy Mafia - W - Lv4 Warrior (Fiend of Darkness) - Killed by Serial Killer N1 - 4/5
    [FTQ] Hecatea Mafia - W - The Senator : (Town Zone-Doubler) - Killed by Vig N4 - 3/5
    [Normal] Return to Amistaria Mafia - W - Royce (Townie Traitor/Name Cop) - Survived - 3/5
    [PCQ] Ogre Mafia (Replaced Gigas1) - W - Vorshan Darganth (Town Item Tracker/Destroyer) - Survived - 3/5
    [Specialty] Doha Mafia - L - Indonesian Delegate (Town Roleblocker/Interrogator) - Killed by Serial Killer N2 - 3/5
    [FTQ] Gabriel High School Mafia - W - Julian Godel (Neutral Symbiotic Cop) - Survived - 5/5
    [Normal] Powerful Wizard Mafia (Replaced ProphetKing) - L - Frau Totenkinder (Town Vanilla) - Killed in Endgame - 0/5
    [CCMIV] A Play For 22 In A Pentagonal Room Of Quaint & Appropriate Charm - L - John Edgar Hoover, Town Cop - Killed by Mafia N4 - 3/5
    [FTQ] Goo Mafia - L - Azure|Lime|Orange Goo (The ImperGoonator) - Killed in Endgame - 2/5
    [Normal] South Park Mafia - N/A - Jimmy (Town Lyncher) - Killed by Serial Killer N1 - 3/5
    [Normal] Heroes Mafia - W - Sylar (Rogue Serial Killer) - Survived - 5/5 [Shared Game MVP]
    [Specialty] Symbiote Mafia - W - Alessandra de Medici (Terran Mafia Tracker) - Lynched D1 - 0/5 [I Sucked]
    [Normal] Duel Monsters Mafia - W - Queen's Knight (Town Mason) - Killed by Serial Killer N2 - 5/5 [Shared Town MVP]
    [Mini] Indiana Jones Mafia (Replaced Archon Kamigawa) - L - Major Arnold Toht (Mafia Redirector) - Killed by Serial Killer N1 - 2/5
    [Basic #17] Demonata Mafia - L - Grubbs Grady (Town One-Shot Vig) - Killed by Mafia N3 - 5/5 [Town MVP]
    [Normal] Lord of the Rings II Mafia - W - Gandalf, Heroic Protector (Mafia Doctor/Balrog's Bane) - Lynched D2 - 1/5
    [Basic #13] Afterlife Mafia (Replaced by Toastboy) – R - John Gotti (Mafia Roleblocker) – Replaced D1 - 0/5
    [Basic #12] Normalville Mafia (Replaced Archon Kamigawa) - W - Town One-Shot Vig - Survived - 5/5
    [Basic #10] Space Station Mafia (Replaced Alvarian) - W - David Cromwell (Town Watcher) - Killed by Mafia N2 - 3/5
    [Basic #9] Romeo and Juliet Mafia - W - Friar Lawrence (Town Doctor) - Survived - 5/5
    [Basic #7] Paranoia Mafia - L - Infrared Citizen 4E53EAC4 (Town Vanilla) - Killed by Vig N1 - 0/5
    [Basic #5] Oregon Trail Mafia - DQ - The Boyd Family, Family of Farmers (Town Vanilla) - Modkilled D2 (Edited a Post) - 3/5
    [Basic #2] Balloon Debate Mafia - L - Richard Garfield (Town Vanilla) - Lynched D2 - 1/5
    [Newb #30] Hip-Hop Mafia - L - Eminem, the Real Slim Shady (Mafia Goon) - Lynched D3 (Endgame) - 1/5
    Quote from wamyc
    Dredge isn't a deck, it's public masturbation with graveyard triggers.

    Quote from Azrael
    Quote from Nai
    This I can understand, since I play mafia myself (just not on this website, yet). However, something that only says "Bah" without anything else involved is pretty much spam, regardless. In this case, I actually consulted with Lesurgo to see what he said. Since posts count here, and all that, he said it's probably good to use a warning.

    Spam just for the sake of spam and disregarding a Moderator. Infraction given.

    Quote from loran16


    Quote from Cyan
    I dislike gimmicks more than..pretty much anything.

    Except joboman.


    And DV


    And Tilde.

    Quote from Bilbroxain
    Quote from shibui
    The way people talk about kpaca sometimes makes him sound like he is a poo-flinging crazy.

    [I]He's seppel. Except not amusing.[/I]

    Quote from joboman
    Quote from ZeDorkSlipeur
    Isn't Evangelion this mind☺☺☺☺ing anime with giant cannibal robots piloted by depressive, suicidal twelve years old?

    ... I guess I'll pass.

    No, you're thinking of Yu-gi-oh the mind☺☺☺☺ing anime with giant duel monsters piloted by depressive, suicidal twelve year olds.

    Quote from Alpha Werewolf
    And I can totally see jobo rushing the Queen out. It's just like his mafia style Kekeke

    Quote from Cyan
    Quote from kpaca
    The only players I don't want to play against are Azrael and Cyan, because they are just as if not more charismatic than I am. And therefore I can't just say "hey I'm charismatic, lets all wagon this guy!" and have it work.
    I want to say 'it's not all that easy'.

    But..well, it really is.

    Quote from ZeDorkSlipeur
    I have an idea for a mafia game : MMO Mafia : Every player can do a set of menial tasks over and over, every time they accomplish one of these they have a 0,1% chance to obtain a certain item. By combining items according to a predetermined recipe (that they have to discover on their own), they have a 10% chance of obtaining a one-time right to perform a given action, such as : vote, send a PM to one of your scumbuddies, use a special night action. Players must be careful with their experiments, since items will disappear after combination no matter if the operation was successful or not!

    This could be the greatest concept for a mafia game ever. The mother of all great concepts for mafia games, even!

    Quote from ZeDorkSlipeur
    Quote from Skander
    Quote from ZeDorkSlipeur
    A "nice guy" who joins a Basic, delivers some semi-helpful Mafia theory and lays at the back while the newbies do all the actual work, is arguably worse than a "bastard" who manipulates them like puppets and teaches them useful practical lessons.
    So is that how you get to sleep at night? Tell yourself that everything you've done is for the purpose of "teaching"?
    Of course not. That would give me nightmares.

    Quote from ZeDorkSlipeur
    Thank you Dagger for making me realise Mafia = *****. They both have 5 letters in their words, they are both long, they are both hard, and they are both sources of fun, of disputes and of embarrassment.

    [I]It all makes so much sense now.[/I]

    Quote from red_0mega
    Quote from ZeDorkSlipeur
    Quote from red_0mega
    Waffles do not scare me, I eat those for breakfast.

    Now that's a manly man. Nothing can scare him. I imagine he's 7 foot tall and 220 lb of pure hard-as-steel muscle, with a growly voice and a scar over one eye for good measure.

    The waffles don't stand a chance.

    Yeah, you got me. Just imagine if I were french too:
    I would have a beret, a wispy little moustache, and be out rioting.
    Then I would really be a badass.

    Quote from ZeDorkSlipeur
    Quote from MandersHex
    On another note, I heard somewhere that Reya Cookiebringer was your wife. Any truth to that?

    I'd love to have a wife nicknamed "cookiebringer". Or a wife with a different nickname for different times of the day: "sandwichbringer", "stewbringer", "cheesebringer", etc.

    Quote from Emo_Pinata
    I am the only one entertained that Nakamura revealed his identity much like it was a mafia member giving up on a game?

    Quote from Dagger
    Quote from atlseal
    Quote from lrd
    I'll stop at nothing to avoid using negative numbers.

    Are you positive?

    That's a negative.

    Quote from Seppel
    Quote from Infinis
    Asking if the people who read this board if they know math is like asking a porn star if she was ever molested.

    People here get paid to do math?

    [00:21] step 1: ask DRey for advice
    [00:21] step 2: do the opposite
    [00:21] step 3: win all the Mafias
    Quote from loran16
    SIDENOTE: I strongly advise against eating shoes.
    Quote from mystic1110
    Holy ****, AI if these are your posts during the random stage, how long will they get later on :eek:.


    holy **** your a dude! EEK!

    My mind is blown
    Quote from Toastboy
    I really can't decide whether you're the newbiest town I've ever seen, or just awful, awful scum.

    Quote from Toastboy
    If the flak on me (not much admittedly) is entirely from the length of my posts, I am very tempted to replace out of this game. That should not be found scummy. If it was, AsianInvasion and Nai would be dead men.
    Quote from Guardman
    Just because you are confirmed town and kpaca does not make you God. At best it makes you Morgan Freeman.
    Quote from ZeDorkSlipeur
    Learn to play this game. [I]Please[/I]. Your terribleness is insulting.

    Quote from ZeDorkSlipeur
    I claim Exodia the Forbidden One, my ability is that I can stop the game at any time and be the only winner.
    Quote from Cyan
    Quote from DYH
    Quote from Cyan
    So, someone gave me a posting restriction. All of my posts have to rhyme. I get 3 strikes a day, after which I lose my vote for the day.

    Pretty sure I'll just end up not having a vote today, because I despise posting restrictions and don't think that they have any place in the game of mafia.

    It seems likely that the person that did this to me is one of the people that has posted in the thread already, though I suppose it's possible that someone just snuck in, submitted an action against me, and didn't actually post to the thread(this doesn't seem likely to me, but it is at least possible).

    Anyway. Obviously this post was Strike 1. Either I'll be voteless today, or, I'll post almost none. What an exciting choice for me.

    So, someone gave me a posting restriction, you ho. All of my posts have to rhyme, you know?. I get 3 strikes a day you mod ho, after which I lose my vote for the day, you know?

    Pretty sure I'll just end up not having a vote today you know, because I despise posting restrictions you ho and don't think that they have any place in the game of mafia you know?

    It seems likely that the person that did this to me, you ho, is one of the people that has posted in the thread already you know? Though I suppose it's possible that someone just snuck in you know, submitted an action against me, and didn't actually post to the thread you ho.(this doesn't seem likely to me you know, but it is at least possible you ho).

    Anyway. Obviously this post was Strike 1 you know. Either I'll be voteless today you ho, or, I'll post almost none you know. What an exciting choice for me, you ho.

    That is quite possibly one of the funniest posts I've ever read, MMOD.

    I wasn't the one who did that to you, Cyan; although I'm not sure whomever did would pipe up and claim it anyway, because the side effect (lost vote) strikes me as something more beneficial to scum than town.

    You know, I already thought it was DYH, but now I'm really convinced..you ho.

    Quote from Seppel
    Do you have a symbiote yet? Once I'm done with Gigas (he takes forever to finish), I can cuddle up with you. Love is in the air


    Wow, I never imagined a mafia game would legitimately make me feel like a promiscuous lover.

    Quote from ZeDorkSlipeur
    OMGUS is to scumtells what Miley Cyrus is to music.

    Quote from Seppel

    Quote from Wrath_of_DoG
    Oh yeah, herfderf. I am a garaman.

    You are a dog

    Quote from Seppel
    Unlynchable, unkillable Garaman townie teleporter.

    This is like my favorite role ever. Grin

    Quote from Axelrod
    Quote from ~Tilde~
    This was a bluff.

    If you are town I hope you die in a fire.

    If you are scum...carry on, I guess.

    Quote from ~Tilde~
    I just [I]single-handedly[/I] got the town doc mislynched off a (poorly-conceived in retrospect) gambit!

    Quote from Azrael
    I think he's Tilde, and understanding Tilde is like understanding the drunken meanderings of a chimp writing in ancient greek with a quill pen onto a stone tablet.

    Quote from Axelrod
    Oh God, do I not want to be voting for the same person as Tilde ever again.

    Help me.

    Quote from Azrael

    Quote from joboman
    My name is Ash Ketchup

    I am very happy with a Growlith lynch.

    I think that Tilde is probbably a Sheldon pokemans.

    I think that we should lynch either Sheldon or Growlith. They're both mean pokemans.
    Quote from Seppel
    Playing with creampuffeater in a game of Mafia is like playing a game without creampuffeater in the game, except from time to time, creampuffeater might post in the thread.
    Quote from nacho wizard
    Is it me, or did AI seriously just change his av to Sylar?

    im [I]so[/I] glad i joined this game. its been [I]so[/I] much fun. you guys are all just [I]great[/I] lets be friends [I]forever[/I]
    Quote from Ged
    bateleur is in this game? And I reviewed it? CRAP

    Quote from burboy

    Quote from AlphaInsidious
    Also your second conclusion is like saying, "The sky is green, THUS monkeys ride motorbikes."

    Quote from Emo_Pinata
    Quote from Seppel





    Quote from burboy

    Quote from burboy
    Watching you post is like watching a man try to eat something that is too hot, burn his mouth, spit it out, wait a few seconds, and then take another bite of it.

    Quote from bateleur
    And after nacho wizard has finished kicking the poo out of you I'll growl "Finish Him!" and then he'll grab you by the ears, stuff your head up your butt and drop kick you into a jacuzzi with Seppel's mom in it. At which point I'll declare "Fatality!" (trust me, it's fatal) and everyone else will clap.

    Nothing personal. It's a special service we provide to anyone who screws up that badly. Wink
    Quote from Seppel
    Quote from vezokpiraka
    This thread is full if fun.
    Let's lynch someone and have more fun.
    Preferably don't lynch me or sepel.
    Make love to me, Vezok, so that I may learn your turgid ways.

    Quote from Kraj
    Seppel is like South Park. The first time you see it you think, "Wtf is this? I can't understand a word they're saying. This is annoying and stupid." And then you get used to the show's style and it's brilliant and hilarious.

    Quote from Sepiriel
    Your posting, to me, seemed to indicate or give the idea that we should just stop, crank up the Barry White and start the romantic dinner with AI...

    Quote from Zionite
    oh i see.
    That's like:
    "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!"
    VibeBox: "Oh yeah? Well it just so happens I have a horse here for you, prepared for eating."
    Quote from Toastboy
    Someone told me the other day that if you sleep outside during March, elm trees will eat yoursrelf soul. and THAT'S wehy they call March 'the month of raisinssssssss'

    heh. You all lost the GAME.

    Well, I've clearly had too much gin.

    But how much gin is too much?
    I DON'T KNOW, MYSTERY MAN, how much is too mccuh?


    Quote from Zionite
    Quote from Seppel
    Eh, true. I didn't think it was the same because you can't do anything until night, whereas my needs are immediate.
    Taken out of context, this is an amazing quote.
    Quote from Zionite
    Well, obviously we have a RAPIST at Gabriel High School.

    He’s climbin' in your windowsHe’s snatchin' your people up
    Trying rape 'em so y’all need toHide your kids, Hide your wife and hide your husband
    Cause they’re rapin' everbody out hereYou don’t have to come and confessWe’re lookin' for you,We gon' find youSo you can run and tell that, homeboyWe got your t-shirt,you done left fingerprints and allYou are so dumb,you are really dumb–for real

    Quote from poggydude
    Poggydude:let's policy lynch malcolm
    Most people:THATS' THE DUMB
    Lost Profit: Let's policy lynch falkonn

    Quote from Cyan
    I can understand liking to kill people alot. I would love to be the Vig all of the time.

    Quote from Keifru
    "Kpaca can you shoot me so I don't have to deal with this insanity?"

    Quote from poggydude
    Quote from atlseal
    [I]Oh yay[/I], poggy and vez in the same game. toot I say you should attack each other until one or the other is the victor.

    In my defense, your avatar is a female, as is your name, and you bring cookies, and you use smilies and in a few posts you spelt things like a young teenager.

    The first thing that pops to mind is a 13 year old white girl with braces.
    Quote from Cyan
    I hate this game.

    Quote from AsianInvasion
    Quote from Seppel
    We have performed a fusion dance and now we are one player.

    We have a double vote.

    We have two lives. Players can target the miller life or the normal life for a kill.

    If we lose a life, we lose our double-vote.

    Quote from Azrael
    ITT, Poggy > Seppel.

    Quote from poggydude
    Quote from atlseal
    You seem hellbent on convincing me that you're not town.
    isnt this how you are supposed to play jester?

    Quote from zindabad
    Quote from TheFooFish
    That's because I plunged my dagger into his chest. I made sure it was slow and painful. The expression of horror and agony on his face was priceless. I savored every moment.

    -Oh, and good job protecting your leader. Your days are numbered Red Faction.
    I see.

    And how did that make you feel?

    Quote from Azrael
    Quote from AsianInvasion
    Why do you think you'd be the NK over me?
    Only because everyone loves to mount Az on their wall.

    ...You know what I mean.
    Quote from Cyan
    Quote from vezokpiraka
    Quote from AsianInvasion
    Quote from Cyan
    Also, I don't find Fenris' behavior to be that similar to Zajnet. Fenris seems to be more unintentionally scummy, whereas Zajnet is just like..really bad. Mostly, I feel like if Zajnet were scum, we would have seen another 'I'm an Azzyrian' claim.

    "Azzyrian?" I only know about Bronzebeards and Wildhammers. Is that a new Dwarven clan? Stupid

    I was an azzyrian. Now I'm dead.
    Wit is so lost on you Vezok.
    think a early mass claim would have been helpful.

    Yeah, I wonder how the game would have gone if we had done that. Confused
    I am finding it irritating that the latin near you avatar (rerum cognoscere causas) means "to know the causes of things" yet you offer no opinion of substance.

    Quote from kpaca
    Quote from Artifice 101
    Quote from kpaca
    Quote from Artifice 101
    Quote from kpaca
    I just frankly can't believe these wagons.
    What can you believe? (before Muffin Man comes in and says you haven't said anything....)
    I believe we are doomed.
    Doomed, like... how doomed? What flavor of doomed?
    Doomed to run around like chickens with our heads cut off until it is time to turn us into soup.

    Quote from Chibi C"thulhu
    The last time I checked, I had a *****. It might have switched around on me.

    Quote from kpaca
    Quote from DigicoolDad

    Quote from kpaca
    Sometimes I wish I had machine gun vig powers.
    @kpaca, why is that?
    So I could just shoot like six of you tonight.

    Protip: you are on the list!

    Quote from Shalako
    (╬ノಠ益ಠ)ノ ==== ┻━━┻

    This must be what Cyan feels like all the time.

    Quote from kpaca
    This is the worst Day 1 I've ever experienced.

    Quote from Chibi C"thulhu
    What I love about playing with you is just how friendly you are. Some people are condescending, and think that they are just the bees's knees, but you sir are quite different.
    Every moment of playtime I am able to engage with you is equivalent to years of bliss. There is no doubt that the sheer physical pleasure gained from reading one of your posts is greater than that of sex.

    Quote from Shalako
    I'm so turned on for lynching Horseshoe_Hermit I'm typing this with my *****.
    Quote from pinkfloyd
    Quote from Macius
    well, it is traditional to lynch [Yanni] day one.....
    but PF got rid of his good avatar pic, so thts why we must lynch him.

    The girlfriend lynched me in real life. Turns out she was scum anyway.

    Quote from Archmage Eternal
    Quote from Yanni
    And I live in Rural Maine

    That explains it. :p

    Quote from tezzeret12
    You missed my point.

    The people who play mafia here also play magic.

    We have no lives. Hammering Manders could be the most action some people have gotten in months. (no offense R_0, no offense)
    Quote from AsianInvasion
    Quote from kpaca
    He's not kissing my feet, he's polishing my gun.

    Quote from wamyc
    Quote from Archon Kamigawa
    also can some one please explain to me why Hypervolt Grasp has grull insignia on it.
    It's a misprint.

    EDIT: Actually, it's because it sucks so bad we gave it to those savages cause they don't know the difference. Using leaves for toilet paper...

    Quote from wamyc
    The benefits of mind rape: unintentionally becoming pregnant with ideas.

    Quote from Edghyatt »

    The level of awesomeness in front of me is directly correlated to the level of rigidness.

    It's too bad I can't think of a standard unit of measurement for which 20,000 would be a reasonable size.

    Quote from Edjeha »
    Psi's dick is a global effect. So that's why it gets around my protection...

    Quote from Daftmouse »
    Is that a joke or are you another 12 yo who thinks the internet is srs business?

    Quote from Atobe »
    I am a 21 year old who thinks the internet is serious business btw

    Quote from Edghyatt »
    tech =/= reading


    Quote from Daftmouse »
    We love you AI.


    Quote from Daftmouse »
    I'm not a balla like you, I can't just go up to ladies and be all "***** you my ho now."

    Quote from Psi »
    Ravus is like AI's little brother.....you know, the sketchy brother that always gets into trouble and trys to act like his older brother.

    Quote from Archbounds »

    If anyone else feels the need to spam the forums with stupid jokes, I will personally fly to your house and punch you in the ☺☺☺☺ing dick. That is all.

    Quote from Man in grocery store, to wife, regarding money »
    You've been holding out on me, woman!

    'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
    All mimsy were the borogoves,
    And the mome raths outgrabe.

    "Beware the joboman, my son!
    The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
    Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
    The frumious Bandersnatch!"

    He took his vorpal sword in hand:
    Long time the manxome foe he sought—
    So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
    And stood awhile in thought.

    And as in uffish thought he stood,
    The joboman, with eyes of flame,
    Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
    And burbled as it came!

    One, two! One, two! and through and through
    The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
    He left it dead, and with its head
    He went galumphing back.

    "And hast thou slain the joboman?
    Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
    He chortled in his joy.

    'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
    All mimsy were the borogoves,
    And the mome raths outgrabe.

    ("Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll)
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