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  • posted a message on [Official] Magic Workstation Thread
    Quote from Honoric »

    I have the following problem:

    Just installed the easyinstall of MWS and everything it's OK, except that when the lower bar bellow the chat in the online client doesn't have the quick answers like - "OK, OK?, EOT, Thinking..."

    How I can fix this?

    You could send me a print screen of the problem?
    Also, what is the option that you used when installing Beta or Stable?

    Quote from MWSprobs »
    Hi! sorry for poor langage.

    New Kozilek spoiler has published officially and new colorless mana symbol has come, however, we can't display new mana symbol on MWS if you goes on.
    We must add and make new mana symbol image and associate a strings of new mana symbol like phyrexian mana on your MWS(Theme).

    When we make new OGW spoiler, we need and decide common letter. (for example,red common phyrexian mana's letter is "^" also white is "!" on MWS.)

    Please make new OGW colorless mana simbol image and what new do we decide common letter of new mana symbol on MWS?
    Please tell us your opinion.
    ??? - New colorless OGW mana

    There are several symbols that are not yet in use, would be enough to choose one of them to include the new symbol of mana desired, to put down all the symbols used and unused.

    Symbol.W = "ManaIcons\W.gif"
    Symbol.U = "ManaIcons\U.gif"
    Symbol.B = "ManaIcons\B.gif"
    Symbol.R = "ManaIcons\R.gif"
    Symbol.G = "ManaIcons\G.gif"

    Symbol.! = "ManaIcons\PW.gif"
    Symbol.` = "ManaIcons\PU.gif"
    Symbol.$ = "ManaIcons\PB.gif"
    Symbol.^ = "ManaIcons\PR.gif"
    Symbol.@ = "ManaIcons\PG.gif"

    Symbol.Q = "ManaIcons\BG.gif"
    Symbol.A = "ManaIcons\GW.gif"
    Symbol.P = "ManaIcons\RW.gif"
    Symbol.V = "ManaIcons\UB.gif"
    Symbol.L = "ManaIcons\RG.gif"
    Symbol.I = "ManaIcons\UR.gif"
    Symbol.O = "ManaIcons\WB.gif"
    Symbol.D = "ManaIcons\WU.gif"
    Symbol.K = "ManaIcons\BR.gif"
    Symbol.S = "ManaIcons\GU.gif"
    Symbol.N = "ManaIcons\Snow.gif"

    Symbol.T = "ManaIcons\T.gif"
    Symbol.X = "ManaIcons\X.gif"
    Symbol.Y = "ManaIcons\Y.gif"
    Symbol.Z = "ManaIcons\Z.gif"

    Symbol.C = "ManaIcons\Q.gif"
    Symbol.E = "ManaIcons\2W.gif"
    Symbol.F = "ManaIcons\2U.gif"
    Symbol.H = "ManaIcons\2B.gif"
    Symbol.J = "ManaIcons\2R.gif"
    Symbol.M = "ManaIcons\2G.gif"

    Symbol.0 = "ManaIcons\0.gif"
    Symbol.1 = "ManaIcons\1.gif"
    Symbol.2 = "ManaIcons\2.gif"
    Symbol.3 = "ManaIcons\3.gif"
    Symbol.4 = "ManaIcons\4.gif"
    Symbol.5 = "ManaIcons\5.gif"
    Symbol.6 = "ManaIcons\6.gif"
    Symbol.7 = "ManaIcons\7.gif"
    Symbol.8 = "ManaIcons\8.gif"
    Symbol.9 = "ManaIcons\9.gif"
    Symbol.10 = "ManaIcons\10.gif"
    Symbol.11 = "ManaIcons\11.gif"
    Symbol.12 = "ManaIcons\12.gif"
    Symbol.13 = "ManaIcons\13.gif"
    Symbol.14 = "ManaIcons\14.gif"
    Symbol.15 = "ManaIcons\15.gif"
    Symbol.16 = "ManaIcons\16.gif"
    Symbol.17 = "ManaIcons\17.gif"
    Symbol.18 = "ManaIcons\18.gif"
    Symbol.19 = "ManaIcons\19.gif"
    Symbol.20 = "ManaIcons\20.gif"

    Symbol.¨ = "ManaIcons\100.gif"
    Symbol._ = "ManaIcons\INF.gif"
    Symbol.\ = "ManaIcons\0.5.gif"
    Symbol.¹ = "ManaIcons\HW.gif"
    Symbol.² = "ManaIcons\HU.gif"
    Symbol.³ = "ManaIcons\HB.gif"
    Symbol.£ = "ManaIcons\HR.gif"
    Symbol.¢ = "ManaIcons\HG.gif"
    Symbol.¬ = "ManaIcons\HS.gif"
    Symbol.§ = "ManaIcons\Mana_Chaos.gif"

    //Symbols Available
    Symbol." = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.' = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.& = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.* = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.( = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.) = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.- = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.+ = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.´ = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.{ = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.} = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.[ = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.] = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.~ = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.< = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.> = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol., = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.. = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.: = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.; = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol./ = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.? = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.º = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.ª = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"
    Symbol.| = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"

    My opinion is that the symbol "|" It should be used in this case ...
    Symbol.| = "SetIcons\Blank.gif"

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  • posted a message on MWS Card-display problem
    You could send a print screen?
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  • posted a message on [BNG] [MWS] Born of the Gods Spoiler List
    Re-reading this topic (looking for something else in the forum) I think I really expressed myself wrong, which caused a pretty big mess.

    The installation package does NOT delete any deck file or file that was created by the user (pictures, other databases etc).

    What it does (and that's a fact) is to exclude the DECKS PRE MOUNTED. In sequence it reinstalls the same decks. The package is for one simple reason, some users install these decks from other sites and they contain errors (in the files, the names of editions etc.). The same applies to the databases installed by him (they are excluded and recreated).

    I repeat, NO deck or user file (other than the MWS itself) is excluded in the installation or uninstallation process.

    Just to complement the package is WIDELY tested, however i recommend (just in case) to those who feel suspicious than just back up your files and prove for themselves that NOTHING is excluded.

    On the other hand, using custom editions may make it in many different ways. The united I do not really recommend is to include the custom edits directly in the Magic database because if this occurs when you do the installation of the package will lose the added cards.

    So the ideal in these cases very isolated, it is that the user must create a separate database, or even use the feature custom editions of MWS itself. Doing it ... these resources also will not be lost in the process.

    Anyway, nobody is forced to use the installer, but much research time was spent on it so people simply (without even test it, ie for pure pre-concept) ignore it and assign defects that do not exist .

    See you later
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  • posted a message on Commander 2015 MWS Update?
    Quote from Kovukono »
    This did work. Thank you.

    It's nothing!
    But i still think you should give a chance to the installer LoL
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  • posted a message on Commander 2015 MWS Update?
    Quote from Kovukono »

    And, as I've said in my original post, I do not want to use EasyInstall.

    Use the database without flavor text
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  • posted a message on Commander 2015 MWS Update?
    Quote from Kovukono »

    I've tried using the MWS EasyInstall database, and it causes a insufficient memory error. Your items seem to only work with EasyInstall.

    Do not place any database manually, use only the installer with no further action.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2015 MWS Update?
    Quote from Kovukono »
    Has anyone found a patch yet for Magic Workstation for Commander 2015? I'm not looking for MWS EasyInstall, I'm looking for a .txt file.

    On the website http://blog.mtgbr.com/mws below has a database that includes C15...

    If really want the TXT file, use the Gatherer Extractor (is also present in MWS EasyInstall):
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  • posted a message on Magic Workstation - EasyInstall
    Version 2.2.0 available for download:


    Questions? Read the FAQ:

    Version 2.2.0 (12-11-2015)

    * Optimization: Uninstallation process now excluding all files (except imagens and new decks) and registry keys
    installed/created and close aplications are runnig - {Uninstaller}
    * Optimization: Database of the games "BLC", "COF", "DBZ", "MTG", "NET", "PKM", "SPL", "VSS" and "WOW"
    + Update: Components to be installed "Decks", "Fonts" and "Prices" they are now linked to games - {Installer}
    + Update: Components to be installed "Languages" - {Installer}
    + Update: Allowing open "changelog" after instalation - {Installer}
    + Update: URL in "AllResources"
    + Update: Database and Themes of the game "MTG" [Added DD3, VMA, MD1 and C15] - {"Stable and Beta Versions"}
    + Update: Query filter "Modern - Format" in game "MTG" [to use press F8]
    + Add: "BLC", "DBZ" and "WOW" Fonts (bleach.ttf; saiyan-sans.ttf; saiyan-sans-left-oblique.ttf; saiyan-sans-right-oblique.ttf;
    + Add: "MWS Loader" (MWS Loader.exe), replacing extra components "MWS Game Changer" and "Version Checker" [more
    details see "\Data\_ExtendedInfo.txt"]
    - Fixed: AppPublisher and AppPublisherURL Add/Remove Programs
    - Fixed: Essential programs running with administrative privileges (Windows 8/8.1/10)
    - Fixed: Firewall rules to support installation on Windows 8/8.1/10
    - Fixed: New Sub-Folders Pics - Now allowing management multigame images
    - Fixed: Created "mwInventory" files - Now allowing management multigame inventory
    - Fixed: Renamed ".mwBase", ".dat" and ".mwTheme" files - {Games}
    - Fixed: Renamed components to be installed "Original Components" now is "Stable" and "Extended Components"
    now is "Beta"
    - Fixed: Mythics Cards (Rarity) in Database of the game "MTG" [C14, FRF, UGF, DDO, DTK, MM2, TPR, ORI, V15, DDP,
    BFZ and EXP] - {"Stable and Beta Versions"}
    - Removed: Extra - MWS Game Changer (Loader.exe;config.ini) and Version Checker (Autoupdater.exe;versao.ini) - {Installer}

    The MWS Library executable (MagicWorkstation.exe and magicworkstation.ini) executable will now set this as hidden and will
    run silently through the "MWS Loader"
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  • posted a message on [Official] Magic Workstation Thread
    Quote from rabbit-r12 »
    Hi mates,

    is anywhere on the internet place, where you can download (full or cropped) pictures for all editions at once, no edition by edition?

    Or is anybody willing to upload it somewhere?

    THX in advance,


    Use JDownloader ... you can make a "playlist" of the download you want to do and the program takes care of downloading them.
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  • posted a message on [Official] Magic Workstation Thread
    Thank you so much. It's installed and now all I have to do is copy some pics into my pics folder for the cards that I didn't have already BFZ, FTV Angels, etc.

    Quick question though. Every time I log in I get this window:

    Magic Workstation
    Thanks for trying Magic Workstation

    Purchase Benefits:
    -Time Limit Removed
    -Free and Priority Technical Support
    -Remove the trial limitations (for example, "nag" Message)
    -Free Upgrades for all minor versions

    You have 28 day(s) left in your evaluation
    Purchase Enter Key Okay
    Will this happen all month until the 28 days end and then will i have to purchase something? I've never had that pop up before in all the times i've downloaded the program. Can you guys explain?

    This message appears because you are using MWS without a registry. But stay calm, because at the end of the trial period, nothing happens. No limitation will be imposed on the program... and you will still can use it without any problem.

    Just this text appears only in the "beta" version of MWS. Which is an update made by the developer for some time, but not officially released.

    In "stable" version (the last officially released) another text is displayed, but also encouraging users to register/buy the activation key.

    The MWS has EasyInstall both versions, but encourage everyone to install the "beta" version.

    If you have further questions let us know! ;-)
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  • posted a message on [Official] Magic Workstation Thread
    Quote from KingAlanI »
    Alex, glad to say your masterbase is working fine for me, specifically through BFZ without flavortext.

    I am glad to hear that! If you want to use the database with flavortext you should use the MWS EasyInstall (link below) and, at the time of installation select "beta" version of MWS.

    Quote from KingAlanI »

    Also, you have most of the images I need. I'm still looking for Conspiracy, and Duel Decks after the 12th.

    We're working on it ... the site was delayed several editions, and we are reorganizing and putting the "new" links.I work with all languages, you can calculate the tremendous work that it gives us. So I'll just ask for a little more patience ... we are working hard so that by the end of the month it is updated with the missing editions.

    Quote from KingAlanI »

    Duel Decks - Izzet vs. Golgari is in the masterbase as DDJ but on the images page as IVG, so the images folder needs to be renamed for MWS to recognize it.

    I have a user who was placed on hand to review all image packs (in all languages) and he already warned me about some similar problems in other packs (issue acronym). This will be the last thing we will arrange, because we have to do reupload of each problematic packs.

    I'm putting it off for a while, because the idea for the coming months is widely update the acronyms editions (both in the database and in the images of packs), adopting the standard three letter and, if possible, the official acronyms of Wizards.

    Anyway, you can always report problems with packs, as well as help in the corrections to come in the coming months! ;-)

    Tks for reporting, see you anytime!
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  • posted a message on [Official] Magic Workstation Thread
    Hi guys, this is for anyone. I have an issue I'd like help with. I had MWS all set up on my old computer with all the pictures and everything was working great. I needed a new computer for school and saved the entire folder for MWS on my external hard drive. I am having a very difficult time transferring everything to the new computer. I've tried installing fresh and moving the other files into the same folder, I've tried moving the whole folder to the computer's hard drive and opening it and I've had problems.

    The reason I haven't started over is that I had all the sets up to Origins saved (and the last few sets, I created a txt file on my own with Magic Set Editor). I don't want to have to do all that work over again. In addition to that, I looked up promos and other random cards and had them inserted with Pics to go with them. Is there anyone who can help me with the computer transfer for MWS? I'd love to get back on there and play, but I can't seem to make it work on my own.

    Thanks in advance.


    Before any procedure, back up your files below, remembering that you must copy these files directly from the PC that was worked.

    - Master.mwBase and \ Data \ Sets.dat
    - Image Folder "\ Pics \ *"
    - Any other information that use nonstandard (.mwInventory / .mwDeck etc.)

    The new PC:
    - Download the installer MWS EasyInstall (link below)
    - Install on new PC

    Most likely the new update will satisfy your needs with all the updates and latest editions. If you feel a lack of something in the database you can:
    1. Retrieve the backup of the database you had before (Master.mwBase / Data \ Sets.dat) as well as their decks / images etc
    2- Report, right here which elements in the database are missing, to be included in the next update package.

    Not fully copy the old PC to the new folder, this will cause problems in the archive MWS on the new PC and it will stop working properly.

    Good luck ;-)
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  • posted a message on BFZ LQ pictures for MWS
    Quote from EasyLover »
    As you mention of problems. its not a problem, but its annoying. Everytime a game is about to start, a window appears that suggests me to purchase somethin.
    i dont actually know what it is XD but i would like to turn that off.
    Are you german by chance ? Your name & picture somehow implies that Smile

    The advertising window you mentioned. Is that the MWS?You could send a printscreen?

    I am not German, but my ancestry is Austrian. LoL
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  • posted a message on BFZ LQ pictures for MWS
    Quote from EasyLover »
    Hey Alex,
    Thanx it did really work somehow Smile

    Yes, it works! LoL

    My installation package offers not only updating the database... also offers a number of other things that makes the programming problems (or programming limitations) be "circumvented".

    Always insist for users to use it. A lot of work and research time to create this solution (and that always works, even after so long) and would take much longer to explain, step by step, how to solve each user's problems. Also the explanation could not be performed as expected and could cause damage to the user MWS installation.

    I hope you always enjoy the new updates MWS EasyInstall and recommend to others. Also, let me know of any possible problem that has, it always helps to make the package is better with each release.

    PS: I am preparing a new version a few weeks. It should be launched by the end of October and will contain a huge improvement in usability as well as corrections and small adjustments for those with Windows 8.1 / 10.

    See you later!
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  • posted a message on BFZ LQ pictures for MWS
    So...Try to download and install it:


    At the time of installation, select the "extended components" option.

    This will probably solve many MWS problems and limitations
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