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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    Elruy - how has Rabblemaster been playing out for you? Your curve overall is substantially higher than most of the other decks here, have you had any issues with it? Is your meta lightning bolt heavy?

    so far so Good i think of it as Piledriver's faraway cousin if unchecked it can take the game on its own. Also is one of the most tricky cards to play with, some times rather cast on Second main to represent a better treat or a lethal hit next turn (turn 3 on 3-4 damage representing 8-10 next turn sounds like a plan)
    About the land count i think I've lost more games from mana flood than Mana screw now that I've changed to Mogg warmarshal two lands is What is needed most of the times (one land hand some times it's Good if the hand lets you pilot that way)
    Yes as is heavy in form such as pyroclasm Anger of the gods whip flare.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    Hello Forum, I played a 4 rounds fnm last night
    And end up 2-1-1 just got beaten by R/G Tron. The other matchups whent relatively smooth.

    Land (18)
    4x Arid Mesa
    2x Copperline Gorge
    2x Rootbound Crag
    4x Mountain
    2x Stomping Ground
    4x Wooded Foothills

    Round 1 r/G Tron 3/1
    Game 1 (draw) 1 land hand with 2 Guides 1 Loyalist 1 Growth tree turns to find that Second land. Guides start hiting (he gets a Tron piece on a the Second attack trigger) then cast board wipe turn 3 save one of the Guides with a Mutagenic Growth I continued attacking Left him in 1 live (no burn in hand) turn 3 Tron ends me with wurmcoil (have four lands that game)

    Side in 3x bloodmoon 2x Ancient Grudge
    2x Mutagenic Side out 4x Atarka's Command
    3x warmarshal

    game 2 (play) (mulligan to 6) he couldn,t assamble Tron I beat him with a Foundry a Guide and a Piledriver with 2 lands in play and 2 blood moon in hand. (just saw 2 lands that game)

    game 3 (draw) he board wipe me twice assamble Tron cast a wurmcoil at 8 Life I have 1 Fanatic in the battlefield 2 lands and a Stoke the Flames and another Fanatic in hand i block twice the wurmcoil leaving him at 6 Life but the land or the burn never gets there i conceed. (2 lands)

    Round 2 pox 2/1

    Game 1 (on the draw) I run him over on turn 4 with Foundry and quicked Bushwhacker (3 lands)

    Side in 1xrabblemaster Side out
    1x Mutagenic

    Game 2 (play) (mulligan 6) smallpox me twice he takes control I conced shortly (3 lands)

    Game 3 (draw) smallpox takes down my Guide and a Stoke and a Mountain, two Side by Side kicked Bushwhacker with warmarshals tokens put him on burn range I finish him with a 5 damage worth atarkas' Command (5 lands)

    Round 3 (mardu home brew)

    game 1 (play) Foundry Street into Guide into Loyalist into Warmarshal into kicked Bushwhacker end the game fast (lands 3)

    No Side

    game 2 (draw) Is a race 2 Swift Spears and seeker of the way with 2 boros Charm hit me Hard leaving me at 1 life can't fetch for my fourth land to get Piledriver and Bushwhacker on the battlefield a crakling doom finished me of next turn

    Side in 2 Mutagenic Side out 2 Stoke the Flames.

    Game 3 (play) turn 1 fanatic turn one swiftspear he attacks me spectting no blocks I block and pay 2 for a Mutagenic taking down the swiftspear. Turn 2 Piledriver attack with Fanatic Bolt the Piledriver responded with another Mutagenic he drop a land passed the turn back, turn 3 draw cast Guide and a Legion Loyalist spectting a Path or a Bolt on Piledriver no respons attack with my 7/2 and the team passes the turn draws watches the board and helix the Piledriver and drop swiftspear passes back I attacked again and attarka's Command for the win. (3 land)

    Round 4 (abazan) it,s too late and we split


    Marshalls performed excelent it's smother than Hordeling for sure a turn 3
    Bushwhacker for 9 damage is not that uncommon.

    R/G Tron is a Hard matchups even more if unprepared. (Game 1 I almost got him) I think trading 2 lifes and a card in hand to avvoid a Full board wipe and keep your best green man alive is worth it. The other approach on that match could be going all in on the hyperagressive burn to end it as fast

    Quote from Need_More_DPS »
    as i mentioned before a few pages ago, i finished plenty of games on turn 3 with Stoke the Flames + Goblin Grenade + Lightning Bolt when your 1/1 goblins cannot push any damage through with chum blockers in the way.
    however, that is for the more traditional all goblins only deck. you can't really run it in the dedicated T3 variants discussed lately.

    This is one of the best Goblin advantages do obscen amounts of damage out of nowhere maybe could it be possible to adapt in part such advantage against unfavorable matchups on Sideboards?

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    Hello, Glad you like it Smile

    I recommend you to stay in 18 lands. Maybe 19.

    Yes that is the range, I'll keep on 18 lands and keep track of my mana ratio per game

    Question about Stoke the Flames:
    in most scenarios we're always attacking with all creatures, so can't pay with Convoke. You're using it against creature decks? May even be better to SB this card for only certain matchups?

    Yes i use it against some creature decks About Stoke the Flames I like the versatility it has, it can be a "defensive" card or a finishing burn all at instant speed (some times for 1 or 0 mana), I decide using it against midrange (play group, is mostly of midrange decks) when the gobs can't effectively attack when they start facing 4/4, 4/5 and 5/5 and goblin grenade can't be use in their turn, also at some points I use Convoke after assigning blockers to trade as best as posible and get some extra turns (not the best situation but some times it happens you trade Stoke and a gob token for the rhino of an unexpected opponent). Also helps as a safety valve when a rabblemaster is on the battlefield but you want to keep board pressence by Delaying the attack (normally when you have 4 gobs) but still doing some damage to a creature or a opponent while keeping the Command or a Bushwhacker for next turn.

    So far i need to test it more maybe change it for some goblins warmarshals in the fastes aggro matchups.

    Hope i've answer your question

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  • posted a message on Dredgevine
    Thanks for the information on flamewake! I used to play it and it was really good but I only played one, I'll try and free up more space for two more

    Yes they are quite good in the late game they work wonderful (2 to 6 evasive damage a turn piles up)as the offensive to get the last points down and you can stay back with blockers if needed, I wish the list could hold four but the spots and mana are restrictive.

    I feel like dredgevine has potential to be tier 2 we just lack the playerbase so seeing new players here is awesome!

    I think so too it is a very synergistic deck, But it is really tough to master, has lots and lots of synergy that can take your opponent off guard, and I love that. I will keep posting results of the games. So far I keep try to find ways to outmaneuver scavenging ooze and Anafenza which are public enemy number one, worst than rest in peace or noncreature graveyard hate in my opinion, (At least rest in peace doesn't hit you for 4 or 5 )
    A wild idea I am thinking to apply is from Rafael Levy dredge deck is having a one of Conflagrate in the side or another one, is to have some form of removal in a creature that can be searched with salvage like Shriekmaw (Solves Ooze problem) or as posted earlier Big Game Hunter But as you say feedback is needed, to know what works and what doesn't.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    Hello forum, I played in a small modern side-event last Saturday, four rounds ended up 2-2 (could be 3-1 but mana flood end up destroying me on roud 2)
    The list was as follow. Thanks for the info and advice i can read on this forum, this a inspired nolord goblin list not as fast as other list but so far it works and works fine (it is the bane of my playgroup), sorry for the wall of text.

    Round 1 W/B tokens (2-1)

    Game 1 was no biggie she thoughtseize me taking down a loyalist that i redraw on the next turn I flooded her with goblins she tapped out to put 4 lingering souls in play with a intangible virtue i run over her with the legion loyalist that I have kept in my hand for the final blow.

    Side in the 3x Destructive Revelry side out 2 stoke 1 growth

    Game two i got spirit flooded 2 intangible not much to do against that.

    Game 3 i started aggressive i take her down two 8 last board state was rabblemaster 2 tokens and a 2 loyalist a bushwacker, fanatic, foundry Street. She patted my piledriver last turns casted sorin attacked with a total of 5 spirits 3/2 lifelink flying vigilance has intangible virtue in the field damage goes down two 4 back to 23 life she is tapped out I attacked for 19 damage unblockable (rabble master can get beasty with loyalist and a bunch of goblins end her up with the fanatic and a bolt. Judge ask me how i could win that match if she hit me with 15 lifelink i just responded just hitting harder.

    Round 2 Five Colors slivers (1-2)

    Game 1 Piledriver and 2 guides run over its blue sliver. convoked stoke and fanatic finished the job
    Side in 3x Blood Moon and 3x Revelry 1x forest Sideout 3x Rabble 1x growth 3X hordeling

    Game 2 Got runned over by sea of 6/6 lord flying regenerative slivers (Collected company is so good)

    Game 3 Tricky hand revelry moon and 2 Burns 3 lands 1 of them fetch i kept destroyed its vial, turn 3 moon he has 2 blur slivers in hand, (opponent life at 10) i kept drawing lands ended up dying to two collected Company back to back from a natural draw of a forest.

    Round 3 Little kid (2-1)

    Game 1 win with no much problem two guides, bushwhacker and burn are enough to end the game before the rhinos appears
    Side in 3x Blood Moon 3x Rendering Volley 1x forest Side out 1x Rootbound Crag 3x Rablemaster 1x Mutagenic Growth 2x Hordeling Outburst.

    Game 2 Got run over by liege and a pack of rhinos, a pair of voices slowed me down and maelstrom pulse destroyed me.

    Game 3 opponent gets mana screwed (1 land hand) bolt the bird on turn 1 takes down the the game quickly before he could stabilized with voice.

    Round 4 Small zoo (0-2)

    Game 1 trade and burn creatures but in the end i get mana flooded (with 18 lands) got run over by wild nacatl loam lions and experiment ones with atarka's command
    Side in 3x Blood moon 2x Mutagenic Growth 1x Forest Side Out 2x Stoke 2x Rablemaster 1x Rootbound Crag 1x Hordeling (which was a mistake should have kept stoke and side out the Hordeling Outburst

    Game 2 Natural blood moon turn 3 left it out of White, for a long time, trade creature for creature i thought i could out value his creatures with growths in the trading but they never showed up, in the end i got severely mana flooded (10 or so lands) with command 3 points of damage in hand waiting for more burn or a guide or a bushwhacker to finish him (he was on 6) in the end he out value me and won the game with a kitchen finks and and nacatl.

    Lessons learned
    • Beside the land flooded on 2 games 18-17 seems to be the perfect spot on land count. thought 18 was spot on but looks like maybe can go down 1 more, but watching the videos of hellakevin make you think was the correct choice.
    • Mutagenic growth looks like a good tech (I trade the mutagenic for some creatures in the blocks when tapped out the idea was to trade for bolts targeting rabblemaster piledriver and guide)
    • Mogg fanatic is MVP, burns opponents for the last point of damage or end a creature that survived combat this 1/1 is what you need on the board must of the time.
    • Piledriver and Rabblemaster can take the game on its own if unchecked, classic bolting rabblemaster or pildriver when tapped out paying 2 life to counter the bolt is priceless.
    • Hordeling outburst didn't show up this event, but in my experience after a boardwipe its and excellent card to start building up but not against and aggro deck like zoo your gobs tokens get outclassed offensively and defensively.
    • Bloodmoon is Bloodmoon. It is and excellent land hate but if you are unlucky in the draws it doesn't end your opponent.

    Hope this report helps out thanks to all posters for the feedbacks.
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  • posted a message on Dredgevine
    Hello forum, I've played this dredgevine list for a quite a while. This list is the result of a lot of advices I read on this forum, I thank you for that.

    My opinion about Flamewake phoenix is that is like an upgraded bloodghast (2/2 with evasion yes please!), but just as bloodghast it's lackluster if it's not in multiples, that's why adding just one felt like just fifth ghast with evasion, So I added two more and it worked quite well for me, it looks like three it's the magic number, and the landbase can support it, (a Set of Red/black Fast lands are a must to mitigate life lost). having at least two red sources can be attained in the first turns. Also I've considering swapping a number Golgari trolls for imps changing one dredge for a potential blocker on turn three it looks like a better choice.
    The sideboard is a work in progress

    Reading your advices it's most welcome.

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  • posted a message on Breaking Auratog
    Hello, I love the idea of an enchantment auratog deck, got me preatty excited. for the moment esper colors seems to be the a better option in my opinion, this is the idea of the deck,the land base is not optimal, and there is no sideboard yet. I will really apreciate the feedback.

    I am Ading Leyline of Singularity main helps to manage the number of creatures in the battlefield, so yo can survive alittle longer against agro or even the twin combo, seems counterproductive with the bitterblossom but in any case you can eat it with the tog, and chump block one creature every turn.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    Hello, long time lurker, I have played goblins since the start of Modern and long before that. I have tried a lot of variants and a lot of cards, this is so far the best brew I have played. Mr Piledriver seems to be the boost that was needed (I am happy I kept my playset). I want to share this list with you.

    I preferred Stoke the flames over grenade because of two mayor advantages I see in stoke; Convoke, and instant Speed it’s nice to convoke with one or more Mogg Fanatic in play then sacrifice the fanatics for the last points of damage all with tapped lands, or helping in Blocking situations.
    It also helps with the “Drawback” of Goblin Rabblemaster

    Also I like the idea of using Contested war zone as a fifth Bushwhacker

    Have a nice day
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