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  • posted a message on Variant Format: Pauper Manabases With Legacy's Entire Nonmana Cardpool
    This has been posted in several other areas. It belongs in the other homebrew formats section, and has a thread here.

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  • posted a message on Legacy Basic: A legacy variant format in which all rare/uncommon nonbasic lands are banned.
    This belongs in homebrew formats, of which it has a thread here.

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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    Quote from tronix »
    the existence of burn or other hyper aggro decks does far more curbing of greedy mana bases than blood moon ever has. in fact blood moon asks the opponent to play more basics AND fetches, its all the other duals that really suffer. its pretty easy to lose to BM just playing a 2 color deck; especially ones that arent playing red.

    ive never been a fan of blood moon, but ive accepted its place in the format (meaning ive never advocated for its ban). i just think its disingenuous to paint it in a light that is anything other than a free win generator that props up a lot of deck that would otherwise be underpowered.

    Speaking as someone who plays a lot of Blood Moon in this format, it's a rather oddball card. There are three color decks that operate just fine against it, and some two color decks that are shutdown by it. The card does demand playing more basics and fetches, which is something a lot of people don't realize initially. Decks like Humans, where their answers or Meddling Mage or Vialing in something to destroy Moon, will always struggle with it. That's just basic Magic: You played a 4-5c manabase against the deck with Blood Moon, that happens. The weird ones are when it's a two color deck that just doesn't do much with Moon in play. UW Control, of all decks, can be completely shutdown by a resolved Moon on t3 (good luck doing that, but when it happens it can be backbreaking). A lot of times, you aren't winning the game with Blood Moon. More often than not it's a disruption piece. The only time you're beating someone with Blood Moon is when they're already on a greedy manabase and you exploited that singular weakness. In the UW Control example, while it does happen on occasion, it's usually due to their hand, not a deck construction issue, and that deck plays more than enough basics to have a reasonable chance of drawing one shortly after Moon hits play. It's doable, but it's not like they can't come back from it. Most decks can beat this card, it's a matter of choosing how you're going to beat it and understanding what those choices imply.
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    I've been trying to retool my list, but honestly I'm seeing a lot of success. Hopefully I can head to an FNM or 1k type event soon and give this deck a real test.

    Honestly, I've really liked the Glorybringer in the sideboard. I don't think I can make from for it in the maindeck quite yet, but it'll probably end up in there at some point. It's absolutely nuts when you need it.
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  • posted a message on [MTG: Online v3.0] New Screenshots
    Alright, alright, we all had our fun with this necro. Locked.
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Eternal Scourge is now played over [/c]Boros Reckoner[/c]. You probably remember the Double Dragons list based on when you last played, which is now resurfacing with Sarkhan, Fireblood. We got some new toys with Pia and Kiran Nalaar and Chandra, Torch of Defiance. Hazoret, the Fervent also sees some play. Other than that, just new sideboard cards like Damping Sphere.

    RE: The validity of Dragon Skred
    I think the deck needs a specific meta and playstyle. Surprise, the updated variant of Double Dragon is a meta deck, just like the original version. If you aren't playing the deck right, it's going to really punish you... just like traditional Skred. I think we've gotten too comfortable with the deck and aren't remembering what picking up the archetype was like. Give the deck a chance to develop. I actually like Draconic Roar because the 3 damage + 1 from a fetch is one less attack step you have to go through to kill the opponent. I've been messing around with the deck, and we're right in that it's a lot clunkier and prone to mana screw/flood. However, I think we can refine the archetype to address this. Also, to those saying Anger and Ratchet Bomb shouldn't be played: Why? Anger's a mainstay in Skred and Ratchet Bomb is always a mainboardable option. It makes perfect sense to run them. Bomb is excellent utility removal and a wonderful option in your flex slots.
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Quote from lord_darkview »
    I think Sarkhan is overrated, but Dragon-Skred is totally playable.
    Spoiler alerts, he isn't. The card is just that good
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  • posted a message on [Primer] G/W Auras (Bogle)
    For those concerned about duplicate posts, we are aware. The dev team is working to fix it. The update to fix the runtime errors broke a lot of stuff. Don't worry about it, it's just the site being buggy.
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Quote from rick98511 »
    does anyone have a guide or match up sideboarding?
    I'm working on this, but I just moved and college is starting soon so this may take longer than I thought. What matchups do you have questions about?
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  • posted a message on "I Don't Like You" game.
    Ethereal Gates 2 mana white mana white mana
    Creatures cannot leave the battlefield.

    At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice an enchantment.
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  • posted a message on WINTER IS COMING!!!
    As a Skred player, can we please get some full art snow land kthxbai.
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  • posted a message on [Off-Topic] Brawl Community Thread
    Quote from Airithne »
    Ended up going with Odd Warrior (fatigue), because I hate fun. And people.

    Fat surprise there
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Stompy
    Let's try to keep banlist talk in the State of the Meta thread, please.
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  • posted a message on State of Brawl: Bans, format health, and more!
    Anyone doing some brewing with M19? I look for games whenever I'm at the shop, but it's getting difficult to find people to play with. Hopefully M19 starts generating interest in my LGS.
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Oh, wow, thanks for the thoughts, Cavalry! I hadn't considered that, and the only matchup where I really wanted the cycle over Anger was against Control, which isn't our worst matchups or anything to begin with. Given that setup, do you favor Kozi's Return or something else for extra sweepers in the Board?

    Sorry for the extremely late response, I've been busy. I actually run no other sweepers in the side, but I also play Magma Jet over Mind Stone, so ymmv.

    As for Dragon Skred, I've played a little bit of it, but I'm playing my own version. I won't share a list yet because I'm still really tinkering with it, but I think Draconic Roar is a lot better than we're giving it credit for. While it looks really odd, one thing I like about it is it burns the opponent incidentally. Keep in mind every creature in the deck has 4 power, translating to 5 hits from our creatures to kill the opponent. Dealing damage while killing something means we get to move the clock while also controlling the game. Combined with a fetch/shock or a Chandra plus, it's one less hit to worry about. The ability is more impactful than one would think. That said, I cut them to test maindeck Abrade, but this is more for experimentation than because I thought Roar was bad. I'm still messing with it, but I'll get back to y'all soon.

    One of these days I'll be more active here...
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