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  • posted a message on [MBS] PureMTGO: Gore Vassal
    Quote from MoxZero
    I know it is supposed to have the phyrexian symbol, but did you guys just mock up the card and that's why it doesn't?

    Anyways, I don't see this being good in limited. For 3 mana it kills a X/1. Kinda bad. I mean Instill Infection is played a lot in limited, but it's more of a suprise and nets you a card. But this has a lot of trouble taking down a big guy. I mean let's say your attacked with a 5/5. You block with a 4/4 and sac this guy. Whoops your opponent's creature regens. Of course you can sac to keep your creature alive, or use both to block, but I would think it would be better. Like do one or the other. Can save your Kemba or the like.

    It was provided that way from WotC (I got it from my editor like this), not sure if it was meant to have the symbol or not on the preview.
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  • posted a message on [MBS] PureMTGO: Gore Vassal
    Quote from Sinfire Titan
    Wickerbough Elder says "Thanks Phyrexia!"

    Nice! Pew-Pew-Pew!!! Hilarious in older formats. Grin
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  • posted a message on [MBS] PureMTGO: Gore Vassal
    Yeah, I just sat and looked at the card for about five minutes trying to grok it when I was trying to write that article. It just feels out of color/flavor, despite still kind of fitting in the world. I love and loathe the impact it's going to have on Red Zone combat though. Which side is it going to be used on and when... Fun and flavorful!
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  • posted a message on [ARC] Imprison this Insolent Wretch and Your Inescapable Doom are MBS gateway cards
    Sweet! Glad to see they're still support ARCH. I run gunslinging in my shop every week or so, if the folks beat me and my archenemy deck they each win a pack. Good times, and a crazy fun format! Smile
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  • posted a message on what are leagues?
    For not playing them, you got really close Leahcim! Smile

    Leagues had two flavors, release leagues and regular leagues.

    Release leagues were only run during the release of a new set. They ran for one week, and no packs could be added. Essentially it's a sealed deck with no limit of playing for the week. Very nice.

    Regular leagues ran one month and broke down like this:

    You started with six packs, they run for four weeks. Each week you'd play five 'points' matches and as many 'tiebreaker' matches as you wanted to. Each week you could add one more pack of product, or not, depending on if you wanted to keep throwing money at your original pool. This would go on for four weeks.

    As mentioned, they were a very economical way to handle sealed for players that just wanted to play a lot of sealed for a low price.
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  • posted a message on game record?
    Quote from CrimsonEclipse
    does anyone know if theres a way to track my game process?
    wins losses?
    draft wins?

    Nothing in the client. Excel, or Google Docs' Spreadsheet is often useful for this task.
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  • posted a message on Viewing games
    Quote from JKelly555
    I see people online saying that they watch lots of games from MTGO extended games. Can you watch games you didn't play in? How do you do it? Can you watch the PTQ matches?


    Can you watch games you didn't play in?

    How do you do it?
    • Go to start->play->Tournaments->Premier Events.
    • Double click on the event you want to watch matches from
    • Click the "View Round" button
    • Select a previous round
    • Double click the match you want
    • Watch the games
    Can you watch the PTQ matches?
    Yes, any round but the current round.
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  • posted a message on M11 to have fewer renamed 'new' cards than M10, and other tidbits!
    Quote from erimir
    I really don't believe that at all.

    They have to be concerned about the secondary market because if there aren't any (in-print) cards that are expensive on the secondary market, people don't have as much incentive to buy packs.

    Personally, I like drafting, so I'll buy some if there's a combination of fun in the draft format and cards I want. I even liked Coldsnap draft pretty alright (I think that there were a few balance issues, with for example the black ripple card - some strategies that are only occasionally good are fine, but the thing with that one is that if it worked, it could be "discard your hand" on turn 2, which is just no fun to lose to, even if it rarely it happens). But drafting a white-blue snow control deck with Sunscour, Heidar and a few Rimewind Taskmages was one of the most fun drafts I've ever done (and I went undefeated...). Unfortunately, Coldsnap didn't have much to offer for great rares beyond Ohran Viper and Dark Depths (and Dark Depths was a junk rare at the time, and when Kamigawa rotated, the Viper became less useful since it couldn't be part of a snake-tribal deck).

    Errr... but I digress. The point was that I could enjoy a set even if it didn't have big chase rares, but this clearly isn't the case for a lot of people. Coldsnap didn't have money rares, so people didn't buy it much.

    At any rate, they might not be concerned about it in the sense of "Well, if we reprint some random card that's mostly expensive now for being old, its value will go down if it's not playable (adding supply but not demand) or its value will go up a bit (demand from being played in standard)" but I think they are concerned with it insofar as it affects their bottom-line. Will they make or not make a decision based on whether it would cause Baneslayer's price to tank, and how this will affect the people who already own them? I doubt it. But the fact that Baneslayer is $50 is very relevant to them and I'm certain that they pay close attention to facts like that.

    And I wouldn't be at all surprised if they did make decisions based on how expensive chase rares are/might be because that can affect them. And I'm sure they're aware that too many "Walletslayers" can alienate some players (getting players into competitive play is good for business, making the cost of getting into competitive play prohibitively high might end up being bad for business, for example).

    I'm not sure I follow your logic on this, please help me out where I'm missing your point.

    WotC knows the secondary market exists (I said as much in the post you quoted). They know that cards have value. However, their official stance and policy is that cards are worth whatever they're worth, and a pack is worth 3.99 (MSRP) and products are worth whatever it is their worth, MSRP. Again, this is just their official policy. I'm not naive enough to think that they can't or don't utilize the structure they have in place to make money. That would be foolish the extreme. But there's a large difference between WotC saying "Baneslayer is worth 39.99 and that's what you can buy her for at the store" vs "Here's a card that completely dominates the Standard format."

    The former is being in the secondary market, the latter is acknowledging the secondary market.

    Flash back to Damnation. The format it was released into was lacking a black sweeper of any kind. It had all the other tools in it to be dominating force in Standard but it was missing a sweeper... lo and behold, Damnation was printed. And, amazingly, it was a high cost rare. WotC isn't stupid, they know full well that some cards are going to be very good in the format, and will become chase rares. That means that they will be expensive, but they will only get as high or as low as what the market deems them to be worth. They even go so far as to not acknowledge that certain packs are worth more or less on MTGO, just to avoid the implication that they are supporting one format more than another with 'more valuable' prizes.

    I'm hoping that clarified my position about "They acknowledge it exists but they don't do anything based on it". They know Baneslayer is expensive, and they know why, but they didn't set her price. We did, as we fought for the available copies.
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  • posted a message on M11 to have fewer renamed 'new' cards than M10, and other tidbits!
    Quote from Ibuki
    *Citation needed.

    I've spoken to WotC's several times about this exactly. The stance is:

    The secondary market exists, but they do not base any decisions on what it does or does not do. Also, packs, regardless of value are all equal to WotC, and individual cards are never ever commented on.

    WotC knows the secondary market exists, but they will never ever make a statement about it for legal reasons. They don't even want the possibility of perception of market influence.

    And having played games like poxnora, where the manufacturer also sold singles... It's a good idea to stay removed from that conflict.
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  • posted a message on M11 to have fewer renamed 'new' cards than M10, and other tidbits!
    I have fixed a lot of the typos, I'm sorry for the very sloppy transcription at first.

    @cyan; the interview was done for an MTGO centric site, during the MTGO Community Cup, which is why Lauer kept going back to MTGO related things. Despite the many MTGO things I figured that there was enough general stuff to post this here as well. I'm sorry to hear that the rest was irrelevent to your interests. Frown
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  • posted a message on M11 to have fewer renamed 'new' cards than M10, and other tidbits!
    I spent some time with Erik Lauer last week (the lead designer on M10) and he informed me that M11 will have less renamed 'new' cards than M10 did. Full interiew is here:
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  • posted a message on Why is nearly every card worthless?
    As drafter mentioned, supply and demand. But there's something he didn't directly state: drafters/sealed players outnumber constructed players by a wide margin. Which means that there's a LOT more new cards coming in than there are people who want them and, of course, the price falls fast and hard and stays low until something changes in that dynamic (like, say, a new card in demand or a new set taking away the limited events of the old one like M10 -> Zendikar).

    Also, regular rares are no longer as expensive as they used to be thanks to Mythic Rares and how Redemption works online.

    It used to be (before mythics) that when a set left the MTGO client it would leave behind excess commons and uncommons. Now a set leaves behind rares, commons and uncommons which build up a float of rares that didn't used to exist.
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  • posted a message on MODO UI redesign! will become browser based!
    Quote from Wrathchild

    The "notepad" function seems pretty useless to me right now. I have no problem remembering what card was just played 5 minutes or even 30 minutes ago. Hopefully, that will be a removable box.

    Two things:

    1) yes, you can slide the "notepad" section further right which ultimately hides it from view

    2) There's a lot more details new MTGO UI here from the lead deveolper Adriana (whom I interviewed) and more MTGO UI screen shots here.

    For anyone interested in the new UI stuff.
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  • posted a message on [Slivers] Packaging and 5 cards
    My only complaint with the one I got is that the deckbox isn't wide enough for sleeves.

    As if I'm going to shuffle this thing without them..
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  • posted a message on Community Cup Help!
    Okay! So as one of the members invited to join the first ever MTGO Community Cup in WotC HQ I need help. Namely, what decks should the MTGO team build to take down the WotC's in 100 Card Singleton Unified and 60 card Standard Unified constructed? Also, IPA and Zen drafting tips would be awesome as well! Any help from my fellow salvation posters would be greatly appreciated!

    Help Thread:

    Community Cup Details:
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