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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ironworks Combo
    For playing vs KCI, I have a hard time choosing between countering or let KCI resolve then shatter. If resolved, how likely does it fizzle? I know with scrawler+kci, it almost cannot fizzle. If only 3-4 artifacts in play, can you just let kci resolve and just pray they don't go off?
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Quote from DeFish »
    It is easier for them to interact with sphere, but they can only board in so many cards, and then they need to draw them. We tend to run out of targets for Inquisition anyway, so I could see having the extra discard spells to remove something like a Nature's Claim. Which would be a very annoying card, specifically, to invite them to play. I think we're on the same page here, though.

    This is the list I've been running for the past couple days:

    I wanted access to more 1 mana removal spells that aren't Fatal Push (thank you Meddling Mage), which led me to include 2 Bolts (I've also been messing with Tarfire in that slot, and a 1/1 split). I think that Bolt is better than Stub against the general meta right now, and that the matchups where I want my countermagic are so much better post-board (Burn, Tron, combo) that I can afford a shakier game 1. I've liked having access to the third TBR, because there are a lot of games where that's the only card you want to draw.

    I haven't actually played against any decks where I would board in Bitterblossom, but there was a list a while back that 5-0ed with 4 in the sideboard and it's a pet card of mine, so I wanted to give it a whirl. It's a hard to answer, proactive threat that can run away with the game if played early on, and also provides two uncommon card types for Goyf/Delirium. I've also felt like I want to be conservative with my life total early on against midrange/Jeskai decks so I don't get punked out, but that sometimes makes it hard to deploy Death's Shadow later. Bitterblossom lets me be conservative early while also helping me get to the point where Death's Shadow is powerful. I know that it's not great late in the game or when behind, but the aggressive nature of the Manamorphose builds already dictate that your late game isn't super great.

    Would you consider just siding out all death shadows vs Control/BGx decks and just bring in the bitter blossoms? Is this a legit plan vs them?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Blue Moon: UR Blood Moon/Shackles Control
    I played the TITI version of UR to a 9-6 at GP Hartford.


    Matchups were as the following:
    R1: UWR control 2-1
    R2: Burn 2-1
    R3: RG Eldrazi 2-1
    R4: Mardu Pyro 2-1
    R5: Eggs 0-2
    R6: Hollowed One 1-2
    R7: Grixis Shadow 2-1
    R8: BTL Shift 2-1
    R9: Bant Company 2-0
    R10: Jund 0-2
    R11: Soul Sisters 0-2
    R12: Elves 2-0
    R13: BTL Shift 2-0
    R14: Jund 1-2
    R15: Jund 1-2

    I only ran 21 lands, am considering running 22, cutting the 4th titi, 2 soh for 1 jtms , 1 clique

    I felt I rushed trying to flip titi sometimes and that really costed me close games.

    Overall I tried my best to played tight and I felt the other blue decks were basically a bye. Non-creature combo decks and BGx can be difficult match ups.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Quote from Halfie44 »
    Hi all! (apologies first, I'm super tired so hopefully this makes sense)

    I just got back from GP Lyon where I managed to finish 33rd and have realized that left us with no decklist from GP lyon so I thought id jump in here and post my list to show that we didn't get completely stomped at the GP haha the disdainful stroke ended up as the 15th card.

    Was super happy all weekend with the list and I only lost the rounds where I played badly (round 3 and rounds 9/10 the early rounds of each day), I think humans is still a rough matchup for us and thats my next area to improve on but I went a comfortable 4-0 vs burn in the event.

    Had a few interesting games the main one being where I played draw go vs raph levy and managed to sneak out the win thanks to not believing he had a 3rd clique when he faked it draw step (turns out he did have a third in his deck)

    Happy to cover any questions on my list (I also tried out shadow of doubt for the GP which after going 5-0 meant it was odd enough for wotc to post it haha SOD is not good)

    Moving forward I believe this deck will still be great but will need to be tuned, I also want to try sb a jace haha (turn 4 jace from control is just as scary as any of their other big mana plays vs our delve threats so I think it will be ok)

    hey congrats on the finish,

    regarding the shadow mu vs control (UW, UWR or UB) how do you play the matchup? I try to discard and take their answers, but it seems like they have too many. Is it better to play draw go until you accumulate discard before playing the threats? I'm struggling with the MU. Our deck is threat light and if they answer it, it could be a few turns before we get another
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Anyone think about doing what Turtenwald did in GP Vegas?
    Where he played 3 dismembers and 3 SW.

    Basically stock list, with dismembers, TBR

    Add 3rd dismember (so have 3 dismember 4 push)
    Cutting 1 SW (so its only 3)
    Moving a SB card (like Kcommand) back into the main
    Freeing up a SB slot for another card (in my case kreturn)
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    Has there been a lack of ppl playing the deck, from the various lgs im going to, im the only one playing the deck. Seems after the meta was adjusted for it, its not nearly as dominant as ppl thought
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    So I was told that the mirror is draw dependent. However, I seem to have trouble playing the mirror, I am currently playing a list that has extra removal.

    There are also people posting they are 60% in the mirror, playing a near stock version of the deck, How do they do this?.
    I am playing this list with extra removal (dismember main and dreadbore sb).


    In general I am sb like this in the mirror. SB: -3 stubborn denial, -2 streetwraiths, + 2 nilil spellbomb, + 1 dreadbore, + 1 liliana, the last hope, + 1 kolaghan's command.

    Some things I notice in the mirror.

    1. Snap into serum / discard is actually quite good.
    2. There are only a few removal spells in the deck for the delve creatures. Other options are blocking with a delve creature or a shadow.
    3. Losing life with fetches and sw is not always necessary, the game is gonna be played out slower so you dont want to shock too aggressively.
    4. land flooding / drawing the denials (only in g1) makes you have a much greater chance of losing.
    5. opponents holding up cards can mean a few things (holding up bolt snap bolt, waiting for discard before playing a shadow, have all removal in hand and no threat, bluffing with lands)

    Any other tips people got for playing the mirror.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver

    That was actually me, debating if i should actually write a report for it. I only lurk this forum, but if you want to talk list just pm me on reddit jon_cli.
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  • posted a message on U/W Control
    Why arnt ppl running more secure the wastes and gideon? They are solid win cons and also speeds up abbey's ability to flip.
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  • posted a message on UR Twin (2/2015 - 1/2016)
    Pia and Kiran Nalaar was mentioned before as a sideboard card, honestly why isn't it talked about more. Its a 4 mana Lingersouls type affect, the downside vs souls is that it's not technical 2 cards, so vulerable to counter/discard. I'd treat it like comparing roast to terminate, its much weaker but given its Red only, you get the best out of what you got. This card would be absolute beast against Jund, and holds up vs infect, affinity, zoo. Unless amulet/tron/grisolbrand are overtaking our meta, the slow and steady pia should be valued over cards like Clique, izzet staticaster, extra negates (always have 1) in the side.
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  • posted a message on GWx Vizier Company
    So regarding the sideboard vs unfair decks, most ppl are running 4 ful mage and 2 thoughtseize. Would running 3/3 or even 2/4 help? I mean, a lot of these unfair decks have a big part of their combo by turn 2-3, and sometimes we arnt fast enough to blow up land with mage. I know thoughtseize cant be companied, while mage can. But at that point, turn 4-5 when you company, would these unfair decks have alrdy had their important spells resolved, like bloom, silyvan scrying or gros vengence
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