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  • posted a message on Equipoise-Callix Enchantress Crumbs on their Jacketses (not the Visions one).dec

    Equipoise-Callix Enchantress Crumbs on their Jacketses (not the Visions one).dec


    Buried Ruin-Crucible-Tangle Wire version of no-spheres Stax. Has only 2 Wire, but no room for more. Helps that there is some bazork, fast, even better than Spheres sometimes play here.

    If you are careful to a low opportunity cost avoidance with dredge the other before casting a second, you can dodge Surgical Extractions on Loam with a simply fetchable Mistveil Plains with eleven 1 mana white cards fulfilling its enablement, and Abeyance can also counter it, being careful to interlock its availability with Deafening Silence. Hence, 3 Loam 1 Callix instead of 4 Loam.

    Sanctuary are greedy but help as virtual interlock wastelands that allow your 2 blast zones rather than a miser's blast zone.

    Trail of Crumbs doesn't care HOW you sacrificed the food, and can go usefully diggingly infinite with the overall Mistveil combo.

    Zuran Orb is just a time walk in the right situation, or an ancestral recall, and costs zero. What a card. Fastbond not needed, keep an eye out for this.

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  • posted a message on Red-Green Turbospeed Loam-Gods {New Implementation/Tech}
    Maybe still Assault-Loam but expensive and without indestructible. Here's one way that looks good to me. Keep in mind if metagame works for this.

    1 maindeck ? {MAYBE only third Legion Warboss for the full minicombo with Pyrewild/Purphoros justification?} But not; be doing something different, something fast, not just saying throw in an attackable Wrenn and Six or a Bonecrusher that only harms opponent without compound interest unless it's after turn 3, for example. You have 25 lands and it sloughs off its waste, spoiler season promising though. This shell promising for ALL future cards not just Theros/Devotion stuff.
    Possibly white/gold cards, with 1 Foundry, to taste.
    Edit: -1 Castle Embereth, +1 Prismatic Vista, but that seems like all

    There are some cool minicombos and overall interlocks here with cards that have not yet seen serious play but by far break through on wow hard to deal with plus synergistic. Loam can be dredged and then cast returning zero lands if you absolutely must do it this way, and is even, perfectly good.

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  • posted a message on [THB] The Commanders Brew Preview - Underworld Breach

    Could be REALLY good, key point: It BARELY matters that you go off for less than total if the cards are this good, and you just rebuy an Empty the Warrens for very nearly the same amount. If good to do for 10 copies, good to do for 5 copies twice.

    Modern Jeskai Stormbreach

    4 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy (control it exactly; keep going or get the walker; get both x4 mitigation)
    4 Underworld Breach // 4 Teferi, Time Raveler (keep it. oof; keep electromancer)
    4 Goblin Electromancer
    1 Intervention Pact (+1 storm x2, source: target land an opponent controls.)
    2 Force of Negation
    1 Expel from Orazca
    3 Izzet Charm
    3 Lightning Bolt
    4 Manamorphose
    2 Isochron Scepter
    3 Pyretic Ritual
    4 Empty the Warrens

    As long as you're sure. Participation trophy. Let it be known, they think much of themselves, total meltdown classic riff on topical blend.
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  • posted a message on Happily Ever After Snow-Covered Thopter Sword (not joke, works with blue Pact)
    This would surely change how many lands you can play though, and it changes how objectively absurd the deck is; it would be and instead of or, and instead of ripping into a core of identical stuff you are playing card pretty much strictly worse than Jace, the Mind Sculptor instead of effects for which this cannot be true because of CMC. Would die to creature removal and double up the hate-stoppage cards stopping either part of your general efficacy. The question is how you get the second Force of Negation in there. If the answer is that you do just run the 2-2, then there's no reason to get quippy about that, because you more or less definitely DO have one of the two, it's just a question of which one is best to "always" have, and also the question is how good the Censor is. If something helped this, this breaks far more horrendously and I would go with this already.
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  • posted a message on Happily Ever After Snow-Covered Thopter Sword (not joke, works with blue Pact)
    4 Firewild Borderpost
    2 Flower // Flourish
    4 Arcum's Astrolabe
    2 Sword of the Meek
    4 Thopter Foundry
    3 Serum Visions
    2 Compelling Argument
    4 Censor
    3 Hieroglyphic Illumination
    1 Force of Negation
    3 Pact of Negation
    3 Curator of Mysteries
    4 Glassdust Hulk
    4 Happily Ever After

    10 Snow-covered Island
    7 Snow-covered Plains

    Cycling is to defeat Chalice of the Void, but could not be. Seems like a thin margin of quickness not to.

    Hate effect like Pithing Needle does nothing versus cantrip into triggered ability win with stack them correctly Force protection, but threat of thopter sword still looms large.

    Thopter Sword greatly helps life cushion condition.

    Ability to use Pact greatly mitigates each player draw and even adds double-Force.

    Kind of same thing as original Depths-combo - BOTH is a problem!

    Hilarious Sideboard possibility:
    4 Hollow One?
    3 Force of Negation
    1 Pact of Negation


    I like seeing how quickly it can be done. Probably that. Fun tech.
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  • posted a message on The Official Cube Discussion Thread

    Because they should have done it right and/or they did give at least minimal thought to this spectrum of use since about the existence of planeswalkers. Therefore, if that one's too good there's another that's meant to be used with that set of preferences. The cards do what they do. It's a target audience bugaboo quality.
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  • posted a message on {Newly Enabled} Mono-Blue Wishing Well-Metalworker-Scepter-City's Blessing
    Legacy artifact nonsense to the point of new card spotlight on is old card at all fair?

    4 Metalworker
    4 Grim Monolith
    1 Welding Jar
    4 Wishing Well
    2 Retrofitter Foundry
    2 Walking Ballista
    4 Consecrated Sphinx
    4 Force of Will
    4 Counterspell
    2 Arcane Denial
    2 Expel from Orazca
    4 Isochron Scepter

    4 Seat of the Synod
    19 Island

    The idea being you could try but possibly fail to go all the way to an Eldrazi, but throwing down Sphinx with Scepter backup is cheaper and will also win, with the spare two to activate, or to just effective draw step lockdown at frightening speed. The one feeds into the other "backup" mana sinks, so leave the Sphinx alone loses hard. Plenty of sideboard room for extra Force of Negation and the missing maindeck Brainstorm.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] What's with all the creature creep?
    I also think this in part, but to be doing it while it is known to be a potential game-killer shows some kind of rhyme to the reason. You could divide this into eras I suppose to give some kind of answer. The band of how good they are doesn't come out of nowhere and with no context. At first, the such thing as creatures so good you more or less don't play the others (by full population analysis) are Kird Ape, Serendib Efreet, Hypnotic Specter. Then ones like Tradewind Rider and Mother of Runes come. Then Dark Confidant comes. Then Snapcaster Mage and Stoneforge Mystic come. They are pretty much invalidatingly strong to more Limited tier creatures by the same initial analysis, and in the midst of all of this, planeswalkers have come to be. If the considerations of doing it anyway line up in such a way as they are considering format-breaker relevance in the tier of already existing super nutso ones (the type of ones mentioned), that job is fairly "artist eyeball" in its difficulty, and Standard rotates. But I see what you are saying, and I thought it too for the first large stretch of time they had been doing it. The question it entails is, do they do that giant as a 5/3? Skillful work would suggest they do NOT, ever, not at that color pip sensitivity.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Irencrag Feat— Matthew Nass preview
    This seems really good.

    4 Boros Signet
    4 Azorius Signet
    4 Izzet Signet
    3 Gruul Signet
    1 Spreading Seas
    2 Izzet Boilerworks
    1 Boros Garrison
    4 Ancestral Vision
    1 Remand
    4 Rune Snag
    4 Force of Negation
    2 Detention Sphere
    2 Teferi, Hero of Dominaria
    3 Serum Visions
    3 Ghost Quarter
    4 Irencrag Feat
    3 Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
    2 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger

    If Amulet Bloom could work with those kinds of 1-to-1 dependencies, needing them EARLIER, this shell could also work. You get annihilator or card draw instead of multispam but that's pretty much scary in an over the top way that you get to anti-Tron while setting it up.
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  • posted a message on How to make a bear from any non -bear creature?
    Caller of the Claw would do this in a substitutional way if you didn't care about base power and toughness, and for any number of creatures, combined with Spawning Pit or Altar of Dementia.
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  • posted a message on Could Fastbond be Unrestricted?
    It seems like it truly is.

    The key is throwing gush out the window and thinking big picture broken no matter what.

    4 Fastbond
    4 Night's Whisper
    4 Sylvan Library
    4 Savor the Moment = draw 4 TAKE turn instead of meditate SKIP turn. Get enough of this and it's bazork
    4 Nature's Claim = to keep going
    2 Pongify
    4 Force of Will
    1 Mental Misstep
    2 Rapid Hybridization
    2 Chain of Vapor
    2 Fatal Push
    5 Moxen
    1 Sol Ring
    1 Mana Crypt
    1 Black Lotus
    1 Mox Opal
    8x on-color artifact land
    1 Gitaxian Probe
    1 Ancestral Recall
    1 Time Walk
    1 Merchant Scroll
    1 Timetwister
    1 Regrowth
    1 Memory Jar
    1 Tinker
    1 Tendrils of Agony
    1 Mind's Desire

    Like that or thereabout.
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  • posted a message on Echo of Eons (Andrea Mengucci)
    It seems really powerful, powerful enough for this:

    U/R Flashback-Dream Halls Storm

    3 Faithless Looting
    4 Careful Study
    2 Deep Analysis
    4 Echo of Eons
    4 Rite of Flame
    4 Desperate Ritual
    2 Manamorphose
    2 Dream Halls
    2 Pyretic Ritual
    2 Grapeshot
    1 Brain Freeze
    1 Vapor Snag
    1 Force of Negation
    4 Arcane Denial
    4 Force of Will

    Some key points here:
    Echo does not exile itself, so you literally go infinite
    Manamorphose is excellent with Dream Halls
    Dream Halls is discard, not exile
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  • posted a message on Kiln Fiend Deck Wins
    Thanks for pointing that out. That helps figure out the deck to its above 99th percentile version. Now it is a shell that could absorb a different printing that improves it, because the bad cards are clarified as being the worst ones that it plays. And the good one totally is the one that was more or less panned, except that induces thought process.
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  • posted a message on Kiln Fiend Deck Wins
    Yes, that would do that. It struck me that maybe 4 Slashes was a bit high, but maybe not, also. The point was that even though Red Zenith is not crazy amazing, it is something that fits the puzzle of using the iffier card economies of 1-damage ideas, for a combined improved output where you DO play up to the fourth land and do not hold every single one of them for Flame Jab. If Steam-Kin ramps up to three counters, this is a recurring damage source that is fairly scary and puts him back to 2/2. I would leave them in and create a sufficient interlock, but maybe swap 2 Gut Shot for the Pillars, they do seem good. A possible adjustment that holds to the idea of generalization and sanding down of the greedy berserkers type idea would then be that, -1 Flame Slash for 1 Faithless Looting, and 1 Fetchland to adjust by 1 slot the odds of redrawing Red Zenith in conjunction with it (the thing you're not supposed to do - but doing it anyway because why contstruct a deck at an initial ration in the first place? better than typically argued, even without lavamancer). To basically assemble a value package based only on basics where it can do that much for you was the idea; and that if you are going to pump an infect guy, you may as well also try casting Red Zenith for 0. And also yeah, Young Pyromancer could stand in for 1 of the Flame Jabs, which would simplify the decision of how Jab is to be used.
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  • posted a message on Kiln Fiend Deck Wins
    Kiln Fiend Deck Wins


    Version A:

    3 Goblin Guide
    3 Monastery Swiftspear
    4 Kiln Fiend
    4 Runaway Steam-Kin
    2 Red Sun's Zenith
    2 Lava Dart
    2 Flame Jab
    4 Gut Shot
    4 Lightning Bolt
    4 Flame Slash
    4 Lava Spike
    20 Mountain

    Improved Version B:

    3 Goblin Guide
    3 Monastery Swiftspear
    4 Kiln Fiend
    4 Runaway Steam-Kin
    2 Young Pyromancer
    2 Red Sun's Zenith
    1 Lava Dart
    1 Flame Jab
    1 Pillar of Flame
    1 Firebolt
    2 Gut Shot
    4 Lightning Bolt
    3 Flame Slash
    1 Faithless Looting
    4 Lava Spike
    1 Arid Mesa
    2 Sunbaked Canyon
    17 Mountain

    1 Wooded Foothills
    1 Bloodstained Mire
    1 Scalding Tarn
    2 Sacred Foundry
    1 Sunbaked Canyon
    4 Lightning Helix
    1 Flame Slash
    2 Relic of Progenitus
    2 Damping Sphere

    Edit: It would want a drawland, but considering all of the points, would want to do exactly this. It would want two, and one in the sideboard. This is slightly divergent from the first reconsideration, as actual brass tacks. The flame slash point was enough to the contrary that it eats up one of these. Went from barely would want to, to due consideration of how much value it could leave on the table/off the table.

    It seems like now there is enough to do this without any of it being a wrong, exploitable angle, as just a standard Red Deck Wins in the format. That the formula of Flame Slashes and Lava Spikes has its one exact missing angle, there, though none of this does much of anything in an adjust the shell way. You just race/strategic-parity Phoenix if they fail to do it on exactly the second turn, because you can use Red Sun's Zenith after taking the 3 or 6, you probably die if you take 9 as 3 of them, but reasonable. Green Sun's was good - good enough to ban. Some weird things like this can come up and it seems that this is now good. And it would not be good/at all possible without Lava Dart. You need the split, not 4 useless Flame Jabs; this just partially infect-kills the opponent but with strong cards rather than weak ones. A nice budget deck too, that would not be jank, so worth your time on that account alone, enjoy.
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