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  • posted a message on are ypu happy with the set so far?
    I feel kinda iffy about it. there are a few good things, but overall i just dont like it.

    Remember that green red legendary werewolf everyone wanted? You finally got it.

    i love emerge, except for the fact that there's very few actual emerge cards. and fewer still that's playable. it seems like wizards is just showing some mechanics lately, but not printing enough of it for them to be actually useful. I'd have loved to see more emerge, and spell mastery back in origins.

    bant tamiyo is neat.

    i don't like lili. i just don't. in standard i don't see her doing much, and in modern she just seems like a straight worse veil. it feels like they wanted to support zombies, but instead of actually supporting zombies, threw a planeswalker at it and called it good.

    another thing i don't like is how all the power is in one specific color again. White. white has a lot of the great stuff in standard right now. apparently things like go for the throat and doom blade are to powerful for kill spells that hit almost everything, but silkwrap is just fine because, ya know, logic. in terms of creatures avacyn is GREAT and so is the new gisela. if you happen to pla bruna with a gisela on the field, then you essentially pay 7 mana for a Brisela, Voice of Nightmares which is totes worth.

    im not saying this is bad. remember back in return to ravnica / theros blocks where the only decks were esper control and mono black? yeah me too. It seems like wizards has taken to making this color great (at that point black), then that color great, then this color great. it just feels like it shafts a lot of colors. and right now especially so since the printing of 1 cmc mana dorks is gone, and 2 mana kill spells is gone and....a lot of red that hits players is gone and any blue 2 cmc counter worth any kind of damn is gone. remember essence scatter? it just seems like everything but white has been nerfed into the ground to me. certain colors have been able to handle it better than others, like green, which is def #2 right now. but this set definitely hasn't restored any kind of balance. but i think im rambling, i can't really blame this set for that.

    flavorfully it's been kind of a hit and miss for me. i think the whole gothic horror thing is great on it's own. it didnt need lovecraftian eldrazi's too. i just think they're dragging it out to far, and taking story away from a potentially, really neat plane. instead of giving us the gothic story we love from innistrad, they just gave us eldrazi and put it in innistrad. at least it kind of gives it a dunwich horror feel? i guess? I don't know i think i'll just be happier when we're finally done with the eldrazi, as much as i'm loving innistrad/eldrazi art.
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  • posted a message on Eldritch Moon is an Enemy Colored set.
    I agree, we see so much Anger and so little of every other emotion from red it gets hella boring. At least they've started to add it with some cards (like chandra's parents) but I'm still hoping for a mechanic where anything other than anger is reds driving force
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  • posted a message on Eldritch Moon is an Enemy Colored set.
    Quote from 5colors »
    Quote from rangerwickett »
    Quote from 5colors »
    Quote from rangerwickett »

    Zombies add R, with more of a Modern Prometheus (aka Frankenstein) vibe.

    That's already what U zombies are.

    We haven't really had an erudite, intelligent reanimated corpse. Grimgrin's the closest, and he's a far cry from the Monster of Shelley's novel.

    And R is the color for that?

    ehh. Red does and doesn't thematically fit. Red and blue have always been like the crazy spellslingers like the Izzet, add some black necromancy i can see it work, plus there has always been Thraximundarwho's a zombie. A lot of the red cards in SOI have been some mad scientist doing something weird, like the flavor text in Vessel of Volatility or the card Harness the Stormas a whole. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they dabbled in necromancy. Red alone as a color isn't to fitting, but together with black and blue? It could work.

    i just don't think it'll happen at all to be honest. we just had a three color block like two blocks ago, hellthe tail end of it is still standard legal, and even until just recently had three color decks been dominant competitively. you might be able to make a good jund deck or something, but honestly i doubt that's what the block is going to be about.
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  • posted a message on Thing in the Ice - UB control
    You may want Jace, vryn's prodigy to search.
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  • posted a message on Need Ideas for Standard Deck
    Well i dont have a decklist yet, but im making a counterburn deck around brain in a jar. It allows for casting sorceries at instant speed, if I've got my rulings right, (days undoing at the end of their turn to refill your hand)

    But it does have a 1 turn tempo loss, just because of how brain is. It seems playable, but it depends how fast the meta is.

    Hope you find a deck you enjoy. Welcome back to magic
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  • posted a message on There's Too Few 'Cute' Magic Cards
    While i may or may not agree we need more "cute" cards, i do feel something is neglected. That would be an aspect of red.

    Any emotion that isn't directly tied to either anger or hatred seems to be thrown under the rug 90% of the time. Occasionally we'll get a card with a married couple on it like anax and cyamed or chandra's parents, but those few cards fsll way into the exception.
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  • posted a message on From the Vault silly ideas/wishes

    more like

    FTV: Go outside for once
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  • posted a message on Contagion Mechanic - I can't be the first to think of this...
    i could see this being a black/green ability with if the creature dies due to the -1/-1 counters on it you get it from the grave at the end step.

    really fits golgari's we are the ever growing dead type theme
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  • posted a message on Need some help deciding on a new general/deck/strategy
    Animar, Soul of Elementsmight be a fun commander to try for you, but only if you're willing to go three color. with pro two colors.

    Monocolor wise, i like Gisa best, unless your going tribal elves, goblins, merfolk or spirits. and even with gisa you can go zombie tribal. although for zombie tribal i would recommend grim-grin so you have access to blue for the card draw, counters and rooftop storm.

    i know he's not on the list like i like Melek, Izzet Paragon because he's a great instant / sorcery wincon commander which i don't see your circle having much of.But he is combo-y

    Glissa and vel-roz both are really good, but they lack built in protection.

    Lazav is a great mill commander, but be warned mill in EDH is really combo-y and inconsistent since you're going against multiple people.
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  • posted a message on The Nurse
    There's also Swords to Plowshares, and Devour Flesh for removal. Wall of Shardsfor their lifegain as well
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  • posted a message on Help finding a guild, character, or color combo
    the thing closest i think would be white blue red. White is a huge freedom color. red is all about passion and emotion, and blue is about knowledge, tact, and stealth (especially when paired with black.)

    the color combination is called jeskai and in the most recent black set they were monks.
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