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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Number One - Hands Posted!
    4) xStormaggedonx
    Mental Misstep / Mental Misstep / Mistcutter Hydra

    4 | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 |
    X | 2 0 6 X 6 2 0 | 16 | 225

    I really thought mental misstep would be played a lot more, whoops

    v1: 2/2 - I'll keep the counters for Figure of Destiny and Wurmcalling, and make a 5/5 hydra on turn 6, at which point neither of us can attack because we'll lose.
    v2: 0/6 - I dont event want to try to think of all the avenues of play this could go down but I'm pretty sure I'm screwed lol
    v3: 6/0 - I counter the slippery bogle.
    v4: X
    v5: 6/0 - You only have two threats so I counter them both. Why would I counter exploration?
    v6: 2/2 - I can counter Helix Pinnacle, but you get me with the Isolate
    v7: 0/6 - Well, Devil's Play is really good
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Sapphire Blue - Hands Posted!
    1) xStormaggedonx
    Swan Song / Sphinx of the Final Word / Gainsay

    Damn, not a great week for me lol. shoulda gone sphinx and two counterspells maybe

    V1: X
    V2: 0/6: ow
    v3: 0/6 you get the bird from my having to counter your gainsaying my gainsay
    v4: 6/0 I think i outrace you
    v5: 0/6 swan song not performing for me

    edit: v4 is probably 3/3
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  • posted a message on 3C LR Flame Fusillade - Hands Posted!
    4) xStormaggedonx
    Exploration / Root Maze / Winter Orb

    4 | 4 3 3 X 6 | 16 | 400

    v1: 4/1; OTP I can lock down and kill you t4 before you get the combo, OTD you can combo but not kill me, it's a draw cus you repeat forever
    v2: 3/3; just as you said
    v3: 3/3; OTP we both end up with 3 damage every turn, but I got a head start and I win the race. OTD if you drop root maze t1 it's game over for me
    v4: X
    v5: 6/0; I do only kill you t4, but because of root maze you can't play an orb till t5, even if you go first
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Horrors - Hands Posted!
    Did no one submit any hands or something? I, personally, decided this week that horrors didn't particularly appeal to me, but it is two days post the submission deadline and I am curious about next week's format, which also hasn't been posted yet. Is something going on?

    Just curious Smile
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  • posted a message on 2CH LR Helm of the Host - Hands Posted!
    3) xStormaggedonx :: M a x i m u m S p e e d
    Goblin Guide / Goblin Chainwhirler

    3 | 6 6 X 6 3 3 | 24 | 480

    V1: 6/0 - I won't let you build creatures up to your wincon.
    V2: 6/0 - I can clear out the hope of ghirapur's and they have no effect on me. The reflector mage doesn't do a lot once I have a token to copy.
    V3: X
    V4: 6/0 - :^)
    V5: 3/3 - OTP I clear out mayor before he can do anything. OTD, those guys get way too big and I'm screwed.
    V6: 3/3 - This one is really close, but I'm pretty sure I can get enough damage in on the play to kill you before you have a chance to respond too much?
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  • posted a message on 4CH LR Incremental Omniscience - Hands Posted!
    3) xStormaggedonx
    Dispel /Aethersnatch / Decree of Silence / Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger


    V1: 6/0 - OTD, If you chromium turn 1, I try to aethersnatch and it gets nix'd. I slam Ulamog and if you commandeer then I get to dispel it and can cast my other spells so it's to your advantage not to. It lands, I try to exile chromium and you can discard commandeer to give it hexproof. From here on, I can outrace you. OTP, I get my mana first and drop Decree. If you try to respond, I can Dispel Nix or Commandeer, so it lands and all you can play is Chromium, I outrace you again.
    V2: 6/0 - You can't retrace Spitting Image because you can't get lands into your hand and omniscience only works on stuff in your hand, not graveyard. I can wait till turn 2 to land ulamog around nix via dispel. tldr; you're kinda screwed.

    3 | 6 6 X | 12 | 600
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Dragons - Hands Posted!
    8) xStormaggedonx
    Icefall Regent / Dragonlord Silumgar / Spawn of Thraxes

    I forgot about changelings. I'm super pissed right now
    V1: 6/0; You can't kill me before my removal drops and you're screwed. I suppose you could try to hold on to mirror entity and skithiryx for an otk but I can land mine at about the same time, and have blockers up anyways.
    V2: 6/0; Icefall beats Spellbound.
    V3: 6/0; Steal Deathfang, tap down Preyseizer with Icefall.
    V4: 0/6; This is disgusting.
    V5: 6/0; Ghostly Changeling prevents you from being able to kill me before I can stop you.
    V6: 0/6; Still disgusting.
    V7: 6/0; Whoever plays Silumgar first loses. As long as I play reactionary and keep silumgar to take silumgar, I'm fine.

    Total: 8 | 6 6 6 0 6 0 6 X | 30 | 429
    (rounded the final score, 30/7 doesn't come out even)
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Dragons - Hands Posted!
    How about similar to this one but goblins instead?
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR - Hands Posted
    6) xStormaggedonx
    Eternal Scourge / Volrath's Stronghold / Necrotic Sliver

    v1: 0/6, can't deal with blightsteel
    v2: 6/0 yeah what you said
    v3: 6/0 recursion too heavy
    v4: 4/1 OTP I play sliver to dodge the vessel and im golden. OTD you exile it and we have 2 recurring creatures in a stalemate.
    v5: 2/2 stupid protection from black got me man that is surprising

    6 | 0 6 6 4 2 X | 18 | 360
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR - Hands Posted
    Does that mean only dragon creature cards will be accepted at all or just all creature cards must be dragons?
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  • posted a message on 2CH LR Lore - Superbajt and NTheo Win! (480 Points)
    Okay I misread the way the rules work >_< my bad. oh well

    6) xStormaggedonx :: The Goblin-Wizard's Fury
    Mizzix of the Izmagnus / Aurelia's Fury

    v1: half n half, yeah otp i kill both lynxes in time but otd i can only get one of them.
    v2: I can just spare a couple points of damage from each fury to kill the looters and I dont think you can get enough lightning bolts to finish me off before I can kill you.
    v3: abrupt decay can't touch me, I can lock you out of using dark salvation for a while and finish you off pretty quick.
    v4: kindle too fast. I'm dead before I run my clock out to kill you.
    v5: delaying solemnity isnt really going to be effective for me, you're right, so it is better to draw what i can before it drops and then sit on two counters for the cost decreasing. That way, I can play mizzixes on turns 4 and 5, then kill you with 4 mana cheaper by dealing 10 then 11 damage with the two furys on turns 8 and 9 at the latest, and I can tap some of your creatures to attack and kill you sooner, but only if you leave few enough up, but if you leave too many up it'll just give me more time to build up mana to kill you with. It's actually pretty complicated, but I think it comes out to one each? this should be looked into more I feel, though I could be wrong. I dunno. oof. yep.

    tentative score so far:
    6 | 3 6 6 0 0 X | 15 | 300
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  • posted a message on Perfect Hand Magic League - Dubious Challenge - Hands posted - score your entries now
    wait okay uhm I misread dubious challenge I missed the last part on it there. oops. sorry guys
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  • posted a message on Perfect Hand Magic League 50:04 - 1 Card Gifts Ungiven - hands posted
    Just a couple format suggestions

    One Card Full Hand:
    Pick one card and start with seven of it in your hand. Basic land rule. Not sure about any additional things to ban yet.

    Hand Lock:
    If a card would leave your hand, instead it doesn't. Not sure yet how many cards to use for this or even any idea how the meta would be I just think it might be cool, but there might not be enough things to do. Maybe change it to you can't play cards from your hand? So things can pull them out, or whatever idk.

    These are just some things I thought of if there could be some changes to make them more interesting or... doable then that would be awesome Grin
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  • posted a message on Perfect Hand Magic League 50:03 - 5 Card Manaless - Hands Posted
    I fail to see how Tabernacle draws the game for me when my only creature is a memnite and I have an island to pay the upkeep cost with. Especially in the case against Whamme, since there's nothing for me to daze I'm never losing my island and not having it during my upkeep, so... How does Tabernacle draw the game? I seriously fail to understand why it's so broken. Just running any one mana-producing land counters it completely.

    v1 CalvinSchwa: 4/1 You're right that I win one and we draw the other, but you calculated it wrong. It should be 1 point each for a draw if I'm not mistaken.

    v2 Convoy_Avenger: 2/2 tabernacle and crypt draw it

    v3 NemataGG: 6/0 lmao why didn't anyone else play Tormod's Crypt

    v4 tomsloger: 0/6 yeah nothing I can do about this one

    v5 WhammeWhamme: 2/2 tabernacle draws game

    | 4 2 6 0 2 X | 14 |

    someone please explain Tabernacle to me is there some ruling I missed or something???? I thought I checked I'm so confused

    edit: alright thanks, I can't believe I overlooked that. Changed scores
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  • posted a message on Perfect Hand Magic League 50:02 - 3 Card Proliferate - Submit your hands by December 5th
    #6, xStormaggedonx : poison wall
    Inkmoth Nexus / Gut Shot / Ensnaring Bridge

    vs. 1 CalvinSchwa: 6/0, gut shot aegis immediately (or block it after attacking once) and you can't do anything about nexus and the poison

    vs. 2 Convoy_Avenger: 3/3 I think, it gets pretty complicated

    vs. 3 NemataGG: 2/2 Yeah ensnaring bridge and your anti-infect tools make it a draw

    vs. 4 tomsloger: 6/0 I think? I can gut shot your elf as soon as you play it, then you can shuffle it back, but by the time you get it back and can attack again I can get ensnaring bridge down and will already have infect counters ticking.

    vs. 5 Whammewhamme: 0/6 Good god this one is annoying. Orim's Chant combined with parallax nexus might screw me out of casting ensnaring bridge? and I can delay the angels by casting gut shot but that only works for 1 turn and then it takes about 5 turns for me to die I think.

    | 6 3 2 6 0 X | 17

    This did better than I thought it would! Cool creative ideas like always, nice to see things other than just poison haha
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