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  • posted a message on [New Info] Cogwork Librarian (Conspiracy)
    Quote from palanthas
    Do you think there's any way Cogwork Librarian could work on MTGO, v3 or v4? I don't see how it could work in v3, which suggests to me that Conspiracy won't make it online (unless v3 goes dark first).

    It doesn't actually have to work on MTGO the way it would in real life. The only reason it's drafted face up is to prevent cheating by swapping cards into a pack when you don't have a Cogwork Librarian but the pack has one. So on MTGO this isn't an issue because the software moderates the swapping itself.

    Yes, you miss out on some information/signaling, but it still functions correctly.
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  • posted a message on The Commander Hype finally dying down?
    Quote from DrWorm
    The real question is who on earth do you regularly play Vintage with? There cannot be that many people in a given area that have the cards to play that format, unless you are playing with illegal pretend cards.

    I live in the North East, we actually have Sanctioned Vintage here at least once or twice a month that gets an ok turn out. The proxy events aren't bad either, we get a good 40+ people for those and the last one offered a Beta Time Vault for first, an Unlimited Mox Ruby for second and then cash for the other top 8 people, with only a 30$ entry. Realistically if I was willing to travel a bit more in my region I'd be able to play a Vintage tournament every weekend.

    Who knows, maybe we're just more affluent around here, but I get to play plenty of Vintage and own some of the power that I play with. It's kind of funny though, since you do get the guys with fully powered decks playing with like proxied Wastelands or in my case my side board hard 3 proxied Propagandas.

    Heck, you know what, here, watch me get owned on camera in some good old Sanctioned Vintage top 8: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ6uMTGVfWk&feature=youtu.be
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  • posted a message on What are some of the smartest plays you've seen?
    The reason I love Vintage and why it's probably the most complicated format, fast forward to 27 minutes in, and watch how one line of play is a loss and the other is a win for Eric: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O59e9JDOdpU
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  • posted a message on Ideology of Green should change
    Quote from SuperHappyTime
    Except Green would be that guy who doesn't go to college and thrives by getting on a career path straight away. Or he goes into athletics, leaving early to go play pro-ball

    No, not really. I'd say people like George R. R. Martin and J. R. R. Tolkien are both Green mages.

    Look at what they did, they took history, tradition, and culture, and used that to create fictional worlds. Both of their works are actually deeply seeded in those things which are all green.

    Green also has a lot of people who enjoy how to read, such as Reki, the History of Kamigawa who has the entire history tattooed on his body, he's a living book. Magus of the Library is also incredibly well read.

    Why would theater and English not be red?

    Well English is much more about lore and story telling, and I'd generally view a bard or storyteller as a Green character.

    Theater on the other hand could go either way, it can be a very raw expression of emotion but it can also be more structured and about conveying a lesson than an expression. I'd say it could be in either camp, where Red gets the more energetic and performance based theater and Green gets the more story based theater.
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] What would you first pick? (#6)
    Quote from BMillz1341
    I get what you're attempting to say. Black and white terms it isn't a strict 2 for 1 if you don't put any value on the aura. I don't evaluate in strict black and white and I place a nonzero value on the aura effect.

    No duh, the aura is a what makes the 1/1 and costs you a card... If the aura didn't have a value, or they could kill your guy without you getting any benefit, it would be a strict 1 for 2 in their favour. You get your benefits, you get your 1/1, but it's at the cost of a card, you're basically casting a better Bond Beetle. That still doesn't make it a 2 for 1.
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] What would you first pick? (#6)
    Quote from BMillz1341
    In black and white terms, it is not a 2 for 1 so long as you do not count the value that the card grants as an aura as being worth anything.

    However, in real application you can not count on the creature being killed immediately and you need to grant some value to the aura in question. Was having the +1/+1 counter on the creature and/or heroic triggers worth the 2 mana you spent to cast it? If yes, then it should have been worth at least "a card" even if it is removed.

    You are discounting any and all benefits the card might serve as an aura as if the card you've played it on has already been removed, in which case it would simply be a 1/1 for 1R and thus a 1 for 1. In practice, that is not the case if you assign value to the effect it had as an aura.

    Ok, so let's say I cast my 1WW flier, it's a 2/2... Next turn, I use it's monstrous Dragon Breath ability that makes me discard a card and pay 1R to make it have four power, my opponent kills it that turn or at some point later and it makes a 1/1 when it dies, have I achieved a 2 for 1?

    Though realistically, let's face it, this card isn't just a 1R, for a 1/1, it's going to often times be a 1R for a 1/1 that has some ability. Is 1R for a 1/1 that says "Tap target creature, it doesn't untap during it's next untap phase" or "Target player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life" or "You get a 1/1 red human token" a bad thing? No... Is it a 2 for 1... No...

    Yes, I get it's not a 1 for 1 directly, but it's only marginally better than one, and since when did we start classifying a Ghost Warden as a 2 for 1 because it pumped your dude?

    Oh no! Better watch out, I played a Forest, now my Kird Ape gets +1/+2, and if you kill it, that's a 2 for 1 because I get to keep my Forest.
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  • posted a message on What did you think of Avacyn Restored?
    This was the format that made me, and many other people sit out on drafts. For all the issues other formats had over the years, I never stopped playing limited without taking a break from Magic as a whole, but this set was god awful. It had a good amount of interesting constructed cards, but it was ****, and I know I down talked Scars, but this was amazingly worse in every way possible... I did a couple limited events and then just stopped and played Cube.

    Don't believe me, look at what Jackie Lee wrote about this train wreck of a set: http://magic.tcgplayer.com/db/article.asp?ID=10530

    Zack Hill is a moron of the highest degree for making this vomit stain of a set...

    Please don't flame people from within the Magic community, even if they might not be active users here.
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] What would you first pick? (#6)
    Ok, can we please stop this 2 for 1 discussion? this is not a 2 for 1, if you kill the creature it's enchanting it's a 1 for 1, if you kill the Rollicker it's a 1 for 1. There's no 2 for 1 here. At best it's a 1 for 1.5 if the heroic trigger did anything beyond give +1/+1 triggers or scry.

    That being said, yes Rollicker is a very powerful bestow spell, it has a place in draft and it should be a decently high pick if you plan on going into that strategy.
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  • posted a message on How can we constructively pressure WotC to value MTGO?
    MTGO is actually a pretty good product... Ok, I know there are a lot of issues and I don't play it as a result, but every time I've had a significant issue I've sent them an email and I've gotten a full refund for the event. They even gave me a refund the first time because I didn't understand the interface and it resulted in a loss for me, but they stated they wouldn't do it again.

    That being said, it's really the best they could do, and until we perfect the Occulus Rift along with virtual reality, the online version of Magic will continue to be clunky.
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  • posted a message on Surviving Pre-release discussion
    Maybe I'm just a grizzled veteran, but I don't get this thread. It's a prerelease and really the biggest thing about a prerelease isn't surviving, it's enjoying it on your own terms. So there really isn't a reason to fuss, but rather play the day out as a holiday and enjoy all the fun things the event, as well as your day, has to offer.

    This being said, I think I'll go to the FNM draft, after which someone bought a box for the players he enjoys drafting with the most as a holiday gift to draft for free and I'm one of those players, and then I'll do a Midnight prerelease. I have a fun night of endurance planned for me and I hope to get a few games of Vintage in between those draft/sealed events.
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  • posted a message on What's your color of choice?
    I'm a very heavy Blue player, but I do like Black, White, and Red too, they all have awesome removal which is a facet of control. Red also has one of my favourite cards next to Tinker, which is Goblin Welder. I would have said green too, but it's just the colour I care for least outside for a handful of cards. I'm also a Vintage player, so there's that.

    Also, Jhoira of the Ghitu is my waifu D:
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  • posted a message on What did you think of Scars of Mirrodin?
    Honestly, I should have loved SoM, but I just hated it... I think most of that had to do with the mechanics as Infect is god awful, and while Metal Craft isn't as bad it's pretty insular and doesn't play with mechanics of other blocks around it well. At least Metal Craft is good in formats outside of Standard since there have been other artifact heavy sets, but Infect, jesus, Infect. It wasn't that it was too good, it just sucked, it would have been better as Wither and ruined so many awesome cards like Phyrexian Crusader.

    In short, I don't want to play Magic where there's a life total A and a life total B. If Infect wasn't in the set, I'd probably love it completely.
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] What would you first pick? (#6)
    Quote from BigGrizzy
    Rollicker is most certainly playable but not first pick worthy. Epiphany Storm is the only one I would call unplayable. I honestly don't see why the griffin is being debated at P1P1. My pick is Ornitharch, but it isn't a windmill slam.

    I agree, Rollicker is pretty good if you get the deck for him, but I'd only first pick him if I was going to try to go for a very aggressive Heroic deck. I can see him being a fourth pick in some packs though.

    The Griffin discussion is more about the card as a whole, seeing as I said I'd pick the Ornitharch over it, but I believed it was a closer than most suggested.
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  • posted a message on Ideology of Green should change
    Quote from DrWorm
    You are all getting it wrong. Green does not "study" anything in the academic sense of the word. Green knows what it knows through the passing down of lore and by living so close to nature and paying attention. Hedge Doctors, lay midwives, herbalists, trackers, rangers, druids, and shaman all have an ass-ton of knowledge about the natural world, and in an archaic society they probably have way more (at least practical) proficiency than the most ardent university student, but none of them are "studying" biology.

    Witches can make a dang potent potion or salve that might put to shame anything a alchemist could create, but they have no formal training in chemistry.

    While I agree with you, and why I said Biology would be Green-Blue, as in the case of the Simic, if Green at all, I don't agree that Green doesn't study at all in a formal sense at times. Now and then Green does get a studious one like Magus of the Library probably studied a lot at what is formally a place of learning. He of course did it to learn history and preserve, not to innovate exactly.
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] What would you first pick? (#6)
    Quote from Kryptnyt

    Getting enchantments into the graveyard in order to get value from this guy isn't always going to pan out. A lot of enchantment creatures technically have to die twice due to the nature of Bestow. I'd be more inclined to take it if we had Seal of Fire and the like in this set, but as is, I think its a fine common but not a star. Compare to Razor Hippogriff, which has a better body, gains you life, and was printed into a draft format where many artifacts could be sacrificed for card advantage, and artifact creatures were highly drafted for Metalcraft. Compare to good old Gravedigger, who can nearly always fulfill his duty because you have 13-17 creatures in your deck. Both cards are very good, but not necessarily worth taking over a bomb like 5 power in the air on turn 5

    Well that's not really true. Let's look at a few things, the first being that while the body is smaller than Hippogriff as a whole, the four toughness is actually relevant, seeing as it can now block a lot of cards without dying, such as the 3/4 Scry flier or even the Ornitharch. Additionally, Hipphogriff existed in a much faster format, with infect, and bounce wasn't as relevant as it is here where both Helix and Journey's End are rather good cards.

    As for the enchantment creatures, are you telling me you've never hard cast a Nimbus Naiad, Leafcrown Dryad, or any other bestow card, without bestowing it? There are also just non-bestow Enchantment creatures now.

    Also, am I just really misreading this card, but can't it bring back echantments that aren't creatures? In which case the Ordeals do exist, along with other enchantments like Viper's Kiss which aren't bad targets and I've Mendered up a Kiss every now and then. I don't know but Weight of the Underworld turn four into Dreamfinder turn five could really be back breaking for your opponent.

    Edit: It's also usually going to be a divided five power, unless they have an obvious answer to a 5/5 flier. That's a pretty big difference seeing as all of a sudden a lot more card road block it or answer it. It's still a very solid card, and a high pick, but it's not just a 5/5 flier for 5.
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