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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Hey Slafer,

    1.) Force of Negation: I see your points and think they are right, but our sb is so tight and the meta is so diverse, that i prefer other answers in it. actually i prefer sin collector or gaddock teeg in the slot, because the deploy pressure and disrupt. Im also not a fan of card disadvantage in tempo/aggro/midrange decks like humans.

    2.) Unsettled Mariner: In my tests i have come to the result, that Thalia is just better. 4 of them i the right number, cause the first one often get bolted in the matchup where she shines. In the right meta i would see mariner as thalia no5, but never would waste a sb slot for him.

    3.) Gy hate: I prefer Grafidders Cage over Leyline or Surgical, cause it stops also Neobrand. Without the old Hogaak meta i dont see leyline in a deck like Humans. Dredge is also winable just with multible Auriok Champ and Lieutenants.

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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Hey Guys Smile

    i play humans for about an year and im testing and practice for gp barcelona in two weeks right now.

    im very happy with the stock list, including 5-6 canopy lands and 2 deputy of detention or 2 militia bugler in the flexslots.
    After the bridge from below ban im very unsure about my sideboard, so i have a few questions and would be thankful for you advice.

    1.) whats your boarding plan against the new jund with w&6? ive lost often against discard, w&6, lilli start and i dont have many answers in my sb. Do you guys bring in the auriok champion?

    2.) whats your thoughts about chalice of the void. i seen it often in the past, but i don’t own them, would you recommend to buy and use them?

    3.) do you bring graveyardhate in your sb? my experience is, that we have enough other tools to deal with dredge (auriok champ, deputy, plague engi) or neobrand (kitesail, meddling on allosaurus rider) combined with a good clock.

    My Sb right now:
    3 auriok champion
    2 dismember
    1 kambal, consul of allocation
    2 plague engineer
    1 militia bugler
    2 collector ouphe
    2 deputy of detention
    2 gaddock teeg

    with 2 militia bugler in the mainboard. Would you change something?

    My record is 35:25 right now, and i guess it could be better Grin

    Thanks for your advice :)!
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