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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from DanzBorin »

    Fetch Lands for Lavamancer and a Single Taiga for sideboard options that hit artifacts and enchantments. Have to have an out against Laylines.

    In my experience, we don't need to care about leylines. No well-designed legacy deck (the ones that will do well at GP's and such) is actually running them. Even if we do come across some scrub that does run Leylines in the board, we can still probably get there with our creatures and non-targeted burn.

    In conclusion, we lose more win % to decks that run Wasteland than we gain against decks that run Leyline of Sanctity.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Lol death's shadow. Seems pretty easy to wreck with burn if they're going out of the way to power out a big Death's Shadow. Miracles seems a lot easier to play against now that they can't countertop lock us. The only deck I've been having trouble with is DNT and it's mostly just because I can't draw enough answers for their threats most of the time despite running 4 Smash and 3 Searing Blood in the SB.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    So I'm curious, how does burn now stack up in the current meta since Deathrite was banned? Since delver and elves have been neutered and I've already been stomped by DNT enough times, I guess the deck I'm most curious about is Mono red prison, but I'd still love a look at the overall field.
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  • posted a message on Teferi, Temporal Archmage: Chain Veil Combo & Stax Master
    I've been playing at this store close to my new house with Tatyova, Benthic Druid and it seems like the meta at my new store is a solid 50/50 split right now for both types of aggro with a good dose of combo mixed in and one prison style enchantment deck that ended up winning in points tonight. I haven't fully assembled this deck and thus haven't played it yet, but I get the impression that decks here can switch between going big or going wide. Tonight I went through several pods and played decks like Kaalia, Maelstrom wanderer, The Ur-Dragon, Tasigur, Marath, and Estrid among other things. I think my decision to have cards that work against either type of aggro works well here.
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  • posted a message on Teferi, Temporal Archmage: Chain Veil Combo & Stax Master
    Quote from benjameenbear »
    Indeed. Those cards are all pretty satisfactory in my opinion for your meta. For the Maze of Ith vs. Silent Arbiter, I think that this particular selection goes to which type of Aggro you're facing: wide or tall. Tall Aggro decks (decks that are Voltron or pump up a single creature to massive proportions) can kill you quickly and the Maze will be great in turning those decks off. For Wide Aggro decks (decks that swarm the field with creatures), the Arbiter will be better. The same argument would be made for the Karn Liberated vs. Propaganda choice as well. And since you're facing mostly green decks, which typically swarm the battlefield rather than generate Tall creatures, I think that Propaganda and the Arbiter are better choices for you.

    I think for an unknown/new meta it might just do me well to include Ith and Propaganda/arbiter. I'm leaning more towards arbiter because it can be tutored. This way I'll have something for either type of aggro deck.
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  • posted a message on Teferi, Temporal Archmage: Chain Veil Combo & Stax Master
    So here's my substitutions list so far for cards I don't have/can't afford at the moment thanks to yalls inputs:

    Timetwister -> Propaganda or Karn Liberated
    Copy artifact -> Phyrexian Metamorph
    Power Artifact -> Worn Powerstone
    Tabernacle -> Silent Arbiter or maybe Maze of Ith??
    Mox Diamond -> Lotus Petal

    Seems decent enough right?
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  • posted a message on Teferi, Temporal Archmage: Chain Veil Combo & Stax Master
    I already own Time Spiral, so as of right now the only big money cards I don't have are Timetwister, Tabernacle, Candelabra, Power artifact, and Grim monolith (that card spiked up way too much recently omg). I also don't have Mox Diamond, but I'll substitute a Lotus petal for it instead. I chose to run Silent Arbiter and Propaganda because I already own those cards, and I think I'll just end up splurging for Grim Monolith. I could probably also run City of Traitors since I have 2 copies, and I think I'm gonna run Karn Liberated too since he's good removal.

    There's numerous creature strategies I've play against, ranging from Omnath (both versions), Animar, elf tribal, Krenko, Zur, Muldrotha (this guy's been really popular as just a goodstuff deck recently), dino tribal, and a lot of other ones I can't remember off top. All I remember is they can either combo or just swing with big boards, and I kind of want it to be more generalized anyway since I just moved into a new area.

    I guess I could consider evacuation, but I'm not sure if I have a free slot for that card as of right now.
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  • posted a message on Teferi, Temporal Archmage: Chain Veil Combo & Stax Master
    I see more decks going wide, not so much focusing on buffing 1 dude because removal is very popular here. Both boardwipes and targeted removal get played, but players here figure they might as well go wide and reduce the value of targeted removal rather than losing a big dude to both targeted removal and boardwipes. Out of my collection I have both Silent Arbiter and Propaganda. I don't feel like dropping 20 dollars on what's essentially a 4cmc tabernacle. Maybe I can just run either one or maybe both of those cards.

    You'd rather run windfall and not re-use the graveyard than pay 2 extra mana in Time Reversal? Is the 2 extra that big a difference in a scenario where you need to play the card? I know twister is 1000x more expensive than Time reversal for a good reason, but still, it's maybe $2 versus $2000.
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  • posted a message on Teferi, Temporal Archmage: Chain Veil Combo & Stax Master
    Question, what would be some good substitutes for the most expensive cards in this list such as Timetwister, Tabernacle, and power artifact? The most I'm willing to splurge for this deck right now is a Mana crypt and maybe grim monolith. I don't have Mox diamond either but I think I can either trade an extra city of traitors for it or get a Lotus petal to run instead.

    If it helps focus the suggestions a bit, what cards could help tune this deck to better fight aggro strategies? I know they're probably not the most competitive strategies to fight but they are the most dominant locally.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    I came back into the game after a short hiatus to play in a local team tournament last Saturday. I decided to play Burn over Grixis Delver because I knew I'd be much less likely to make mistakes with burn. Despite going 1-3 with the rest of my team, I ended up only having 3 real misplays that day, and none of them really made a difference as to the outcome of the games. I changed up my list from usual, going completely fetchless, and consolidating my sideboard into 5 different cards under 4 distinct matchup categories.

    This is the 75 I chose to run:

    Round 1: Lands (0-2)
    This was an interesting round as I ended up playing against Jody Keith; a player who's top 8'd multiple GP's and Opens with Lands, and is probably one of the best Lands players in the world currently. Game 1, he attempts to Crop Rotate on turn 3, sacrificing a Tabernacle and leaving up a Taiga and Wasteland; I respond with a Price of Progress. After that resolves, he gets a Glacial Chasm and stabilizes at 10 life. The following turn, he follows up by manabonding the dark depths combo and I don't have enough instant speed burn to win before he attacks with Marit Lage. Game 2 is the same thing, he gets out a Marit Lage while at 8 life and I don't have enough burn to close the gap (double fireblast definitely would have gotten me there). I will say that after playing against him, I've realized that the Lands matchup is definitely less favorable than it looks on paper. Also I was surprised at his sideboard strategy; he only brought in 2 Krosan Grip against me just in case I brought in Blood Moon or Ensnaring Bridge. He's the first lands player I've seen not to board in Sphere of Resistance or other artifact-based hate against me.

    Round 2: Elves (2-1)
    This matchup was pretty straightforward. Game 1, I keep my opponent off of enough creatures to stop him from doing anything. Game 2, my opponent manages to Natural Order into Ruric Thar, the Unbowed. I manage to remove it, but at the cost of all my lands and going to 2 life. The end result is that my board is now 2 Eidolon and 0 land. My opponent manages to follow up with a Scavanging Ooze to recover. Game 3, my opponent stumbles and I hit multiple Searing cards.

    Round 3: Burn Mirror (0-2)
    My opponent straight up drew way better than I did this round. Game 1, I stabilize at 8, and I have the lead in life total with double Eidolon out (he's at 4), but my opponent manages to come back and win with double Fireblast. Game 2, my opponent gets off a late game Swiftspear+2 bolts to put me at 3 life out of nowhere.

    Round 4: Grixis Delver (1-2)
    Game 1, I play around most of his counters and burn him out while he stumbles with ponders. Game 2, he counters my attempt to remove his turn 1 Deathrite Shaman and then proceeds to power out a turn 2 True-name Nemesis, which ends up beating me in a race. Game 3, we both have slow starts, but he manages to win after getting out a Gurmag Angler and double Flusterstorming my Price of Progress (It would have been for 10 if it had resolved) when I had 3 mana up.

    Overall despite the bad record I had a lot of fun and I feel like I still haven't lost my touch actually playing the deck. The only real bummer was that I originally wanted to name our team the Crimson Tide (as all 3 of us were playing burn decks) just to get reactions out of people (I live in Louisiana), but the people running the tournament decided to rename our team as well as a few others. I was so close to living the dream.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from ox4 »
    Ok....i confess...i have no idea how to play eidolon in this deck. Really. Ive been playing magic since 1994 and i just dont get it.
    So i play this card in my second turn? Then what? Every spell i cast for the rest of the game costs me 2 life? I play lightning bolt to do 3 damage to you and 2 damage to me?
    Do i wait till later in the game to cast it?
    Do i cast it then do nothing until i have lethal damage in my hand?

    I get it, im wrong. Everyone who has ever played magic sees how awesome this card is in a burn deck but me.

    Can someone tell me how to play this card?
    As in:
    When do i want to cast it in a ideal situation?
    What am i trying to do before i cast it?
    What am i trying to do after i cast it?
    What 4 cards should i cut to fit it in?

    Im really looking forward to your answers.

    I know I'm kind of late to this discussion, but I haven't noticed anyone bring this up so I thought I might mention it. The reason Eidolon is good is because of how Legacy is as a format: The vast majority of cards that are playable in Legacy are 3cmc or less, with most cards that cost more being either super value control cards (Jace, the Mind Sculptor), has a cost reduction clause (Gurmag Angler) or cheated onto the field (Batterskull, Emrakul, Griselbrand). So if you're on the play and jam this card turn 2 against most decks in the format and it resolves, literally anything your opponent will play effectively has "This card deals 2 damage to you" written on it. If they want to advance their gameplan or even just remove Eidolon, they have to help yours as well. Another benefit is that you can lock your opponents out of the game if they are are 2 or less life, so you only really need to deal 18 damage to win. The only real outs to Eidolon at such a low life total are JTMS, Murderous Cut, or Fireblast.

    Sure you take damage playing your own spells, but between Eidolon being an attacker and your opponent taking damage from playing their spells, it usually turns out asymmetric most of the time. The only time I won't jam him out on turn 2 is if I'm against a blue deck and I suspect they have a Daze. Obviously don't play him if you're far behind in life total, but that's usually much later in the game.

    I also feel like this may have been covered earlier, but don't run Flame Rift and Eidolon in the same list. Flame Rift was what burn mages ran before Eidolon was printed, and obviously now it's just not good to deal yourself 6 while dealing your opponent 4.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from SSquirrel »

    Only reason to really consider keeping in Firecraft is that it's great to kill off Batterskull. Of course, it's only D&T and *Blade decks that runs that card, so probably fine to let them go. The question is what to replace it with? Harsh Mentor, Pyroblast, Tormod's Crypt, Ashen Rider, Volcanic Fallout, Searing Blaze are the things I am considering for the Firecraft replacement.

    Honestly, you'll probably want more copies of Smash to Smithereens. It's basically a Searing Blaze that kills Batterskull, and it can also hit their Vials early on if you think it will make them stumble. I used to run 3 but I'm about to go up to a full playset in my board because the effect is just that good against them. It's also good against Chalice decks like your Eldrazi matchup because those decks tend to play Chalice on one against you since it shuts out over 1/3 of your deck.

    Beyond Smash I feel like Red Elemental Blast might also be good in your sideboard considering the meta. There's better things to run than Sudden Shock.

    This is currently the board I'm considering running:

    I might play around with the numbers just to try and squeeze a third blast but I feel like it's our best option against Show and Tell. Alternatively I could just run 2 copies of Pyroclasm in that slot if I feel like Elves or DNT is more dominant in my local meta. However, I feel Searing Blood might actually be enough against those decks given my build. If that's the case, I could run 3 Blood and 4 Smash and have the last slot reserved for Grafdigger's Cage. It would look like this:

    Also this note isn't really directed at you but it's more of a general observation. Harsh Mentor is actually pretty useless as a SB card. Whenever I'd play him, my opponent would simply just cast a removal spell, then proceed to crack the fetch or activate the ability Harsh Mentor was supposed to punish without taking any damage.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Your one of Fallout, 2 of Ashen Rider, and 2 of Tormod's Crypt are really 2-ofs though in your list which is what I was focusing on. I prefer Mindbreak Trap over Pillar because it prevents turn 1 combo from beating us before we can play Eidolon, which is what I'm really worried about with this matchup. Sure, they can duress the trap out of our hand, but if they play a turn 1 Duress, they're not comboing off on turn 1 anyway.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    I have been digging a bit into older tournament results and top decklists. Seems like the Omnitell player does well fairly regularly and there are 1-2 ANT Storm players.

    I have adjusted my Sideboard now to this:

    Fallout seems like a somewhat decent card considering the D&T decks and Shardless BUG so i would like to keep it as a 1-of. I do not have access to a 4th Exquisite Firecraft unfortunately, if i had i would play it in that slot....

    DNT can play around Fallout with Mother of Runes and Flickerwisp, and Smashes are better in that matchup anyway. I'd probably suggest siding in 1-2 Smashes or Searing Blaze against Shardless BUG to remove blockers to be honest. Again, you have a lot of 2 of's in your board which isn't ideal given that you have no library manipulation. Given the information you've given me about your meta (namely that there's only one Show and Tell player, you have DNT/shardless BUG/Storm, and you don't seem to have any decks that rely on graveyards), I'd suggest a sideboard like this:

    I've given you 2 flex slots that can be 2 copies of any one card based on your needs. For example, if you really want to keep Ashen Rider, run 2 of him and also board in 4 Red Blast, so you can bring in a total of 6 cards against the Show and Tell player instead of 2. I feel like this board gives you the most coverage (these cards can almost always be brought in against multiple matchups except maybe Mindbreak Trap), and gives you these cards in enough quantities so you have the best chance of drawing your sideboard cards in games 2 and 3. Nothing sucks more than boarding in answers for a deck and losing game 2 anyway because you didn't draw your answer. I'm also surprised you have access to records like these on a local level, most local stores don't keep records like this unless it's a GP trial, PTQ, or SCG IQ.

    Keep in mind, this board is created on the premise that there aren't any graveyard decks in your meta. If this isn't the case or GY decks start cropping up later, I would adjust the board so you can run 4 copies of Tormod's Crypt.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Hey guys,

    I am going to a legacy tournament on 22.01. and want to take my Burn deck there. I have not played legacy there yet so i don't know much about the meta except for the winning decks which were for November and December:
    Shardless BUG
    Death & Taxes
    2x Omnitell
    Some Goblin/Red Control Homebrew (2. place of this list:
    4c Control (3. place of the link above)

    What would you suggest in such a meta? The list i play currently looks like this:

    Do you think this has a reasonable shot at not failing completely? Any sideboard tech i am overlooking here?

    If there's a lot of Show and Tell in your local meta (I don't know the size of it), you might just want to up the number of Ashen Rider in your board. One copy isn't going to show up in your hand frequently enough to be a good answer to the deck. If there's just one or 2 players who consistently do well with the deck, I'd suggest running 2-3 copies of Red Elemental Blast instead. It's still a card that can answer the SNT deck as well as other blue-based decks, so it's relevant in more matchups. My philosophy is that since there are so many different decks played in Legacy, I choose sideboard cards that have the versatility to be used against multiple different decks. I'd probably cut your one and 2-ofs in your board since you're not a brainstorm deck and sometimes all it takes is to not draw your sideboard card to lose games 2 and 3.
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