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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Card Sleeves and Protectors Discussion
    been using ultra pro since they were first released way way back when. occasionally you get a bad batch where every time you shuffle they split, but thats been pretty rare.

    i have one set of them thats 15 years old and still works just fine. have a bunch of the newer ones that i've been using for about a year now, and they've been working out just fine. no real tearing except when theres a bad batch and you can tell when you get one of those by the first shuffle. what little dirt, if any, makes it into the tops of the older sleeves is easily wiped away without damage to the card.

    i stay away from those crappy metallic sleeves though.
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  • posted a message on [M10] Official Rule Change Discussion Thread
    Quote from silvercut
    and eliminating post combat Pyroclasms/Inflames for extra damage.

    i keep seeing this mentioned, but i don't recall seeing anything in the new rules that stop you from doing this, can someone point it out somewhere?
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  • posted a message on OHMYGOSH M10 Duals
    Quote from Maokun
    Utter and despicable trash. That's what these lands are. As uncommons in an expansion set, I'd greatly approve. As the rare replacement for the painlands, I cannot help but despise them. Wizards is mostly at fault for the way they announcing them. Supposedly "awesome".

    But probably, the worst thing is that they acknowledged that the players were expecting the return of the shocklands, but because the whiny imbecile cry babies that cannot wrap their tiny brains around the concept of trading a long-term scarce resource for immediate fixing and estability valuable new players didn't like to pay life for their fixing, they created something that could replace them. In other words, we could expect something at the same power level of the shocklands. And how not!? They would be the replacement of the painlands as the standard mana fixing lands for the next few years, so at the very least you could expect them to be better than the painlands. But they are not under any point of view!! What were they thinking? These are only glorified taplands that are only decent (not good) randomly, when you happen to have drawn and played a basic land before. With the shocklands and painlands you were given the choice of cost-benefit, you were in charge. But with this, it's all the luck of the draw. Got 2 of those in your starting hand? Well I hope you like the idea of a free, one-sided Root Maze, because that's how you will play because these little suckers do not even have the decency of having basic land types to trigger one another or at least to make them searchable reducing a bit the suck.

    And some people say that's ok, because it shows a move away from multicolor madness and the such. The thing is that "multicolor madness" is our standard. Will you leave me unable to play with most of the cards of Alara block in the new standard? How in the hell will I be supposed to play a turn 3 Wolly Thoctar or Rhox War-Monk when the only mana fixing available post Lorwyn rotation will be these craplands and the trilands? Either I'll need to get real lucky with my draws or I'll spend turns 1 and 2 playing CIPT (ETBT? ugh) lands instead, you know, spells.

    Why the hell did they reprint Birds of Paradise if the decks that will most need them will only be able to play them in turn 2, barring a lucky turn 1 forest? I wanted to make a deck around Maelstrom Nexus, but now it looks totally unrealistic. I guess I'm glad i didnt spend that much money in Alara because so many cards will become totally unplayable. Not to mention that it seems they didn't make the enemy pairs. Though, at that, I guess it was good they didn't waste other 5 rare slots in this pieces of waste.

    I won't be wasting my money in this when I can play borderposts which are just negligibly worse and only $50c.

    you're blowing it way out of proportion. dropping a first turn forest to play a birds and then playing the new dual land on turn 2 isn't difficult at all. if you're thinking in terms of designing a deck around maelstrom nexus, of course having lots of basic lands is a difficult concept to grasp.

    really, the only way these are as bad as everyone is making them out to be is in decks that use more than 3 colors, which is pretty clearly what they're shifting the game away from anyway.

    also borderposts always come into play tapped. these don't. borderposts are artifacts, easily destroyed. lands are more difficult.

    really, everyone needs to calm down and try using them before they get all uppity, and i don't know, maybe try something other than the most popular deck archtypes in standard right now? the majority of them will have the bulk of their power rotated out in october anyway, whereas these new lands have to stick around for awhile..
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  • posted a message on The Great M10 Rules Change Discussion Thread (Rules, Not Opinion)
    Quote from Turbo164
    rofl, so thus we have the following scenario.

    A Scaled Wurm is lurching toward a player, the only thing between it and a tasty planeswalker snack is a Mogg Fanatic.

    Mogg: "Heh, you're too big for my normal explosion, so check out this bad boy: GOBLIN GRENADE! RAAAWR!"

    The mogg leaps toward the massive wurm, a rusty knife in one hand and a lit grenade in the other.

    The goblin freezes in midair, and looks around, confused.

    M10 rules: "Um, yeeeaaah, about that...you see, you can't do that anymore. I'll send you another copy of the memo...see you on Saturday, Peter."

    Mogg: "So um, basically, if I stab him with my knife, I'm not allowed to do my normal explosion, OR the grenade explosion, because it's not realistic for me to do a final heroic act with my dying breath...but I DO have time to stab the wurm AND THEN SNUFF OUT THE FUSE ON THIS LIT GRENADE as opposed to, you know, having it sit on my corpse until it explodes?"

    M10 rules: "Yeaaaahhh..."

    Mogg: "What if you Guided Strike me?"

    M10 rules: "Yeaaahhh, that would be greeeat. Your holy enchanted blade would magically have the power to cause your corpse to not sever the flaming magnesium strip connected to the hunk of metal and gunpowder in your lifeless hand. Be sure to put that in your TPS report."

    Mogg: "...I'm getting too old for this ****."

    The same applies to Shock Troops (if they whack someone with their barrel, it doesn't explode unless they're carrying a Fyndhorn Bow), Bloodfire Colossus (doesn't bleed lava unless he's riding a Noble Steeds), etc.

    Sorry if this lapses into good/bad territory, I'm honestly trying to see if this is indeed how it works now, and trying to picture having to explain this to the people I'm teaching to play. What used to be "final act" or "Scotty beamed him up just in time" is going to become..."Dead men tell no tales."

    when posted like that its easy to spin the opposite way too. you could say the wurm is crushing the goblin before it can light the grenade.
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  • posted a message on [M10] Rules changes finally explained! MANY PREVIEWS
    as someone thats been playing since 4th, the only changes i mind are battlefield and exile. they sound ridiculously childish and just add more needless crap that has to be explained. i can understand changing it to battlefield to avoid confusion, but exile was needless. even after they explained why, it still seems unnecessary. is the removed from game zone really that common and confusing? not really.

    the not using the stack for combat damage thing is fine by me. thats the way it use to be, it was simple. there was still a high level of strategy. i remember when they first changed it so that it did utilize the stack and everyone was like why? this is dumb and makes absolutely no sense in terms of anything, but people adapted, and now no one wants to give that up. funny how that works...
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  • posted a message on Card Shop Speculation: Damnation and... Lightning bolt?!?
    Quote from flaming infinity
    What? The last time Lightning Bolt was standard legal, Raging Bull was a reasonable option for a competitive sligh deck. Wink Of course, standard was also a weird format where you had to play at least one card from every tournament legal set.

    this part is just flat out wrong in every aspect. raging bull was always terrible and lightning bolt was legal up until the printing of 5th edition which was well after raging bull rotated out of standard. it was a staple of any deck using red, and eliminated just about any creature you could throw out onto the field with zero drawback.

    also i have my doubts on them reprinting bolt. its just too powerful at one red mana. in standard you have limited options in terms of creatures, and ways to deal with removal. the majority of the creatures out there have a toughness of 3 or less. the reason you don't see it as more powerful in other formats is because you have a greater card pool to choose from in terms of ways to deal with things like cheap removal.
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  • posted a message on Alara Unbroken Discussion (links to summary in first post)
    Quote from GrevenIl-Vec
    I just feel you should be grateful for what was done for the book, Im not saying the book is bomb diggity the best in years im just saying its not absolutely terrible. Its like a "Meh" on a scale from Suck to Whoa.

    I haven't read Ari Mammels yet as I find the people in that storyline unappealing but as stated before and from your comments I prolly will buy it now Cool

    In short im not saying this book is awesome im saying give the guy a break hes been writing flavor text all his life =P

    Im sure he will learn from this and Yea, I hope he dosent write another one either.

    why give anyone a break when they write something uninteresting and boring? all other entertainment is held to a high standard, why treat this book differently? bad tv shows are canceled, bad games aren't played, etc. terrible books don't get published all the time for no other reason that they're terrible.

    i hate how wizards stopped caring about their product and just throw out a novel to make a quick buck without even editing it properly in most cases, let alone forcing the author to write an engaging story.
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  • posted a message on [ARB] Madrush Cyclops
    Quote from Seth Dracovitch
    And I know this, but there is one big difference, the enviroment has changed a hell of a lot. I did take that into consideration. Trust me, if we still had a "fires" enviroment in standard, I'd be calling this card drap in every post I made in this thread.

    theres too much removal in the environment today to make it viable its a neat concept, but this was the wrong set to print it in. theres a multitude of ways for any competent deck, even in limited, to deal with this thing. what makes it even worse is that at minimum its coming out on turn 3. that gives ample opportunity for just about any deck to set up a way to keep it from staying in play long enough to be beneficial.

    fires worked because it was so fast and the card was an enchantment which is considerably harder to get rid of when compared to a creature. this thing is just too slow and too easily dealt with. i want to like it, i use to play a fires deck, but i just can't see it being worth it.
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  • posted a message on Alara Unbroken Discussion (links to summary in first post)
    that excerpt definitely doesn't grab my attention at all. just makes me roll my eyes and think 'another typical magic book'. i've been holding out the hope for years that they'd return to the quality they once were...everything just seems so cliche now.
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  • posted a message on Possibly not done with Alara after ARB
    Quote from Maybe Eid
    You could get around the Homelands-hate. I guarantee if you did a set built around the Ulgrothan invasion of Ravnica, you would have so much win on your hands you wouldn't know what to do with it all. You'd literally have to give win away daily, you'd just have too much of it.

    yeah but they did an ivasion of a plane thing already...and it was win...
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  • posted a message on Just started playing again; a few questions
    perfect. thanks a ton.

    i figured the mycoloth thing was different counters but someone was telling me i was wrong, so why not ask.

    with fact or fiction i'd always played it so that i got to see what was in each pile, as did most of my friends, but the last game i used it in my opponent kept insisting that they were hidden despite reveal being clearly stated on the card.

    edit: and as for the unearth thing, the dude was trying to counter it with a powersink, definite difference from stifle.
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  • posted a message on Just started playing again; a few questions
    So I played the game for a long time, roughly 9 years. I quit with the release of Mirrodin and didn't really keep up with the rules at all during that time. The other day I saw some people playing and so I put together a deck. I had a few questions that came up in the course of the day that I was hoping could be clarified.

    1. If I'm at 1 life, have Worship in play, control a creature, and my opponent casts Banefire for 5 making it uncounterable/unpreventable, and targets me, do I die or am I reduced to 1 health?

    2. When I cast Fact or Fiction and my opponent seperates the drawn cards into 2 piles, do I get to see whats in each pile before I make my choice? If I don't get to see them, why not?

    3. When I have a Creakwood Liege in play giving my green creatures +1/+1 and I play a Mycoloth; devouring 1 creature giving it +2/+2, do I get 2 saprolings during my next upkeep or 3?

    4. When my opponent announces that he's casting a spell during his main phase, can I respond by casting Orim's Chant to keep that spell from being able to resolve and enter play?

    5. When I use a creature's Unearth ability, can that creature be countered? (I said that its not counterable, but he said it was.)
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  • posted a message on Planar Chaos - Blob
    Quote from Maybe Eid
    Yeah, but that's not that unusual. I'm more interested in filing my taxes than in the Time Spiral plot. "What is that?! My God, a tax empt status? And a notable contribution to my 401k? Wow, twist ending on that one!"

    hahahahaha, that just made my day a lot less sucky.
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  • posted a message on So, besides MtG books what are you reading right now?
    guns germs and steel
    the ceren site
    my anatomy text book
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  • posted a message on How Well Are the Books Doing - Then and Now
    which novels are which on the graph?

    and wow did you put a lot of time into that

    edit: i suppose i should not be lazy and actually download the spreadsheet to see for myself
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