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    posted a message on [UNF] Mothership 11/29 — Unfinity sneak peek
    eh, not doing anything for me at all.

    the lands are pretty enough, but they just feel... off. idk maybe its the whole space scifi thing, or maybe its that they depict whole planets, i'm just not into them. its kind of the same with the shocklands, they're neat, but i just have no desire to collect them and they don't really evoke the feeling of lands in some cases.

    i'm also not super keen on the whole rope-a-doped into buying into the set just to get singles playable in other formats, and that acorn symbol better be ******* huge and obvious or its going to cause a whole lot of casual problems
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    posted a message on [MID] [VOW] Innistrad: Double Feature
    i love the black and white treatments, i really do, that said i'm just not interested in spending 6+ on a pack which i'd be surprised if they clock in under that

    singles ahoy!
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    posted a message on Secret Lair MSCHF
    What in the **** are these abominations
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    posted a message on [VOW] Grolnok, Wedding Announcement // Wedding Festivities, and more— Weekly MTG previews
    Why would i ever want that white enchantment to flip?
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    posted a message on [VOW] By Invitation Only— Good Morning Magic preview
    why is this white?

    define this ******* color's identity

    its decent but it feels more black than white and its in a color thats bloated with board wipes so its hard to care about anything other than how jarring it is to see in white
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    posted a message on Innistrad Double Feature and Commander Collection Black
    Quote from MrMoustacheMM »
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from MrMoustacheMM »

    Seriously question who exactly buys into these products, somebody clearly does

    Drafters. It's a draft product. The whole point of it existing is to try drafting both sets together.

    That option will exist when Innistrad 3-2 comes out, just like it used to when blocks were a thing. Didn't need a new product to do it.

    Which set do you draft 2 packs of? Then your draft is skewed one way or the other.

    i mean the obvious solution to that is to go back to more structured blocks rather than this one shot nonsense, but this ends up being a really nice middle ground too. its a solution to the problem of binding two sets together for limited without making one of those sets the emphasis. i'm all for this kind of block design moving forward but i'm betting this is the exception to the norm no matter how popular it proves.
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    posted a message on Innistrad Double Feature and Commander Collection Black
    Quote from Mystic_X »
    This subpar redundant grayscale product should be boycotted completely. Honestly, just leave it on store shelves for the next two decades and send an important message, because obviously, Wizards just wants to save on printing costs by reducing their consumption of color toner, and if these packs aren't cheaper to buy than their colored counterparts (regardless of the print run which we won't know anyway), they're essentially profiting even more than usual (excessively by any metric) at the consumer's expense. This is insulting, unacceptable, and functionality notwithstanding, at best, these cards art artificial collectibles, perhaps even more gimmicky and unattractive to me as full-text basic lands which so far is the frontrunner of terrible marketing ideas.

    They should've just reprinted Dark Ascension, given the planeswalkers alternate art, and called the product Spark Ascension instead

    Is this a thing we're doing as a community now? Wild conspiracy theories with no real basis in reality to back them up? Everything is some grand secret effort to kill paper magic and cut costs?

    Personally, i absolutely love the black and white treatments. Ive hated everything else so far, but this one looks great on physical cards.

    Ill take this over any number of *****ty styles theyve pushed out the past year.
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    posted a message on MTG Pre-Release Kit Purchase Required QR Code Scan?
    I've actually talked to one of the managers at my LGS In-Person and she told me that the store isn't following any directive that would be discriminatory toward the players and customers within our local community. She understands that not everyone owns a smartphone for downloading free mobile apps regardless of whether or not If they're Paper Magic players. Besides, Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro couldn't really force this on any LGS regardless of how big they are as a corporate conglomerate but it's times like these that makes me feel grateful for sticking to the Casual side of Paper Magic more than Competitive with everything that's been happening in the last 18+ months up to this point. The company is so out of touch with the Competitive side of Paper Magic that all they're really doing is pushing more power creep to sell more new cards to EDH / Commander players.

    Haven't been keeping up too much with Arena and Standard bans as of late especially Modern but it's not as bad as it was in previous years. At least this situation I've been through will make me think twice before purchasing another Pre-Release Kit without having to attend an event If this is the way Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro wants this to be. Since the Companion mobile app isn't what's keeping Paper Magic players at my LGS from playing in Standard events then it's most likely due to other factors with players having to work more hours due to staff shortages with more Americans quitting their jobs as of late. We did have a turnout of over 30 players in our last In-Person Pre-Release Event for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Other than that, Organized Play isn't really what it once was Pre-COVID as you can already tell. Were not quite at the finish line just yet but we're getting really close.

    huh? i think this is making an issue where none exists for the sake of making an issue.

    i walked in, bought a kit by paying with money, and that was it. transaction done. i got my kit, the store got its money. everyone else did the same. no scanning of anything required by anyone.

    like, what qr code are you even talking about? are you sure you aren't mistakenly thinking of the key to unlock the 6 free boosters on arena? your story also doesn't seem to add up since even the clerks seem to have been confused by what you were asking and didn't issue you a refund.

    there is no required qr code scanning for purchase. you get a prerelease kit of boosters in exchange for money. no extra steps. same as always.

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    posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    I seriously don't understand all the noise about an announcement for a *checks notes* casual, unsanctioned format. Why would Commander of all formats need a banlist? If somebody lames your playgroup to death with Golos, just tell the person to stop running that deck. Bans make sense in sanctioned, competitive formats where asking people to pretty please stop playing 4x Oko,Thief of Crowns is obviously not gonna work if there are prizes on the line. I think Commander should have a let's say, advisory list of potentially troublesome cards, but leave the decision up to individual playgroups.

    Youre aware there are commander events and its played in environments where consistency needs to be a thing right?

    Imagine for a moment you roll up and find out the store has banned xyz and now you have to cut all those cards without a backup plan.

    It also works the same if they allow xyz and youre ill equipped to deal with it.

    Some things are also incredibly toxic to the format. Without a banned list you can turn your game night into a hellscape and it makes new players not want to come back.

    One personal example is when my local group was doing 2v2 a lot on edh night. We had to house rule time warps didnt effect both players because thats all that was dominating the meta. This caused several people to not come back as they felt their deck concept was wrecked and they had no replacements.

    Rule 0 is not a magical catch all.

    No banned list works fine at home, but not in public
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    posted a message on [MID] Unnatural Growth— Limited Resources preview
    Ill take 30 thanks.

    Thats also probably what ill be saying in every edh game where someone plays green now too
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