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  • posted a message on haste enabler for Alela/Esper
    idk man, you're in blue, you can easily up your counter count to help you survive to next turn, without relying on that...

    i assume you're using cost reducers like etherium sculptor helm of awakening etc?

    if that's true...

    once you start generating infinite tokens you could also run things to do with those tokens once you start looping. blasting station or like phyrexian altar ashnod's altar plus a mana dump like walking ballista or there's always aetherflux reservoir

    you're also in black, so you could dump them into a sac outlet and bitter ordeal

    since that combo also nets you card draws you can also just run labman

    your options for haste are pretty limited in these colors, but your options for on the spot wins are pretty huge

    i suppose if you're not using the tools to go infinite you could just run cathars' crusade to make a few stupid fat faeries that just roll over opponents or gruesome fate to just blow people out
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Playmat Bundle
    not sure why they're sold as a bundle. who really needs 8 playmats. i see its sold out, i'm betting the majority went to shops looking to flip them, or people who really really really want 1 of bunch and will flip the rest. really lame either way.
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  • posted a message on Muldrotha EDH Advice
    there's also stuff like regrowth to pop it back into your hand
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  • posted a message on New info about ikoria
    We officially know more about Ikoria than we do Theros. That’s some garbage right there. Wow Wizards. Way to seriously fail. I can’t even get an answer about whether or not Theros will have a story. Remarkable

    i agree completely. i'm really sick of their approach to spoilers. its not the first time they've given us almost nothing on an upcoming set in favor of dropping hints for the set after it. it makes me wonder how confident they are in their own product. if they can't or won't drive hype for the next product released in favor of the one after that, how strong of a product is it?

    i mean, is it so strong that it doesn't need spoilers or information leaked, or is it so weak that they have no faith in it and are just skipping it to focus on the next one?

    given the track record, it's so weak they're focusing on the next one.
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  • posted a message on Two headed giant commander competitive ?
    we use to play a lot of two headed giant commander. it was ridiculously busted.

    time warp effects are amazing here. if the two of you can just alternate extra turn effects you're going to win every time. easily. they're also helpful if your partner just needs a turn to combo. it got so bad at one point we just said if you take an extra turn only you get one, not your partner, because almost every deck would jam as many extra turn effects that they could get away with

    luminarch ascension gets two counters, so it can come online in just two turns. you'll get into a bunch of arguments that it doesn't, but it has a ruling that specifies just this case. it wins tons of games.

    purphoros can end a game practically on the spot. slap down a siege gang commander right after for 16 damage. impact tremors and effects like that go the distance very quickly. these effects also won a ****ton of games just by existing. like luminarch ascension you'll get into arguments, but those people would be wrong.

    one other beneficial thing is the ability to untap your partners lands. turn about, palinchron effects, earthcraft, things like that, they can mean that your guy goes off with just a handful of lands. it was great to untap my partners ***** and watch them go ham with 12 mana instead of 6.

    avoid propaganda type stuff, its basically useless. they just don't attack you and instead attack your partner.

    avoid cards that skip phases. neither of you end up getting it. so if say you plop down a necropotence sure you might make use of it, but your friend is going to sit there with his thumb up his ass and hate you. in general avoid spells that turn off something for your teammate. the number of times i've seen one person cast something like rest in peace, and their partner do nothing as their deck relies entirely on the graveyard is really mind blowing.

    if your partner is playing aggro, you can lend him a hand by playing control. it becomes really potent protecting his threats.

    control in general gets obnoxious, because with a well built deck you're laying threats while controlling the board, and now you've got your buddy for backup meaning that your opponents have to contend with double control, or increased pressure. some of the worst pairs were double aggro decks, they essentially would vomit out pressure and lose to a board wipe - which had double the frequency given that there's two decks.

    pacts also kind of suck. more than once i've seen someone pact of negation or slaughter pact, and because you're contending with 2 decks the chance of being strip mined is higher and oops both players lose.
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  • posted a message on My friend is addicted to playing blue
    first, well... no you don't really need him to, you want him to.

    what parts of blue are you having trouble with? i assume thats why you'd like him to play other colors
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  • posted a message on Seven Secret Lairs in 2019
    Quote from WizardMN »
    Quote from Blair Phoenix »
    Quote from Simto »
    Those basic lands are ******* amazing looking... can't believe you only get one of each for ******* $30
    They're snow lands. It's on par with how much you'd be spending on the open market, if not a bit less.
    That is a problem though.

    Wizards has a number of ways to go about rectifying the high prices of cards. They can do what they have said they have been doing and print cards they think people want or cards that fit with whatever set they are making but realize people who already have the cards don't want to lose value. This doesn't seem to work because it doesn't do anything. In order to really make things accessible, they need to print more copies or put the packs of cards at a reasonable price point. Something they are not willing to do. Plus, there are too many cards people want and not enough avenues to print them.

    Or, they can ignore the secondary market, and the value of people's collections entirely, and just print these supplemental sets to demand. No more limited print runs. No more high cost packs. They seem reluctant to do this to because they don't want people to lose focus of the "cheaper" format of Standard so getting reprint sets always command a premium. But this would arguably be a pretty decent route for accessibility.

    Or, they do what they have done here with these "Secret Lair" boxes: they print cards and price them based on the secondary market. That is, they have given us sets that are priced based on the individual cards' values on the secondary market. This is Wizards saying "we don't pay attention to the secondary market (wink, wink)". This is especially egregious with Bitterblossom as they are selling us a Single for lower than, but still close to, current market value. There is a reason this card is the only one included in that box.

    This is why I think arguing that these boxes are a "good deal" misses the point of people's complaints entirely. This product, if successful, creates a conflict of interest within Wizards. There will now be a reason not to reprint cards to make them accessible. They are better off *not* making things accessible so the prices jump. With this product, they could cease major reprints going forward. Instead, and the fetchlands are a good example for this right now, they could simply allow prices to skyrocket out of control and then come in with their own product for cheaper.

    If they neglect to reprint a Pioneer staple and it gets to $100 over the course of the next 3 years. And then they come out with a product that gives us a single, "special edition" copy of that card for $50. That is certainly a "good deal" but why is that card $100 to begin with? At what point do we no longer accept their excuse not to reprint as simply "we couldn't find room for it in a set" and start seeing it as "we wanted it to get high enough where we could make money selling that same card direct to players".

    Now, as this is the beginning of this product line, it is difficult to go too far down the rabbit hole on what they will do. This is only speculation but this opens the doors to some pretty scummy stuff Wizards could do.

    So, no, I don't think getting 5 foil basic lands is a deal since there should have been more than 2 reprints of snow basics in the last 20 years (and definitely should not have been in a limited, overpriced product). I don't believe getting a Single, Alt-Art Bitterblossom for $30 is a good thing just because the current version in $40.

    There is a way to do these products right. Releasing the basic land pack with 2 of each would have been more acceptable. 3 of each I think would have been the sweet spot. Perhaps more than that is giving a bit too much, but they are still basics that are only expensive because of scarcity. This product doesn't change that and only exacerbates it by setting an artificial floor on these lands right out of the gate.

    The kaleidoscope box is a good way to do this too. Overlord was $30+ before this box and they gave us a couple other good cards with it. It won't drastically reduce the buy in, but it does a lot to lower existing prices. Overloard is already down about 50% from where it started. That is a good thing for accessibility.

    We can enjoy these products for what they are and buy the ones we want to buy. Overall, while I don't feel any but two of them are worth it (and I am being very generous with the Cats one since the cards themselves are worth less than half what they are charging) others may like certain ones for different reasons. But the Basic Land box is the most damning of them all. There is nothing special about them and there is nothing that dictates that price beyond what the current market says because of lack of supply. These could have arguably been in a Holiday Gift Box and would make perfect sense (in NA anyway) as Winter = Snow. But Wizards chose to put them in this product, where people need to spend hundreds to get enough for a deck when they could have done so much more with them. If only they would truly ignore the secondary market like they want us to think they do.

    you're pretty much spot on.

    there's also the issue of cards reprinted in with those premium cards being obliterated in value too, reducing the overall value of the product, yet we still gobble it up because we might miss out on those promo lands, or we feel that a precon with a bitterblossom for 30 bucks is a good deal.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair
    i'm not sure i fully understand the intent of this product.

    precons that have had the cards turned cute?

    what... why name it secret lair and dedicate development time to this? i guess that makes me pretty far from the target audience but honestly, if they include good reprints no one will care anyway. personally not seeing the point when there are SO many better ways to send the players a "love letter"

    edit: also what the hell? only buyable in a 24 hour window? FOMO much? this shouldn't have been called secret lair, this should have been called how much cash can we pump out of our players. how many people, and more importantly STORES, are going to buy these in droves just to flip because they're limited in window of purchase?
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair
    Probably just a new game mode they wont support

    Like planechase or archenemy.

    Maybe something to simulate exploring a dungeon somehow, maybe like a mix of archenemy and planechase, where youre exploring the lair and fighting its denizens

    Either way it wont be supported past this for sure
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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    at that many cards... this product is a total gamble. just call it magic the gathering lotto edition because those are your odds of opening anything valuable.
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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    Quote from Melkor »
    Quote from SonofaBith75 »
    Quote from Xcric »

    the packs themselves are kind of boring without the test cards but meh

    Mana Crypt $190
    Kolaghan’s Command $23
    Elesh Norn $18
    Sliver Hivelord $20
    Demonic Tutor $24
    Rhystic Study $16
    Teferi’s Protection $37
    Aura Shards $13
    Bloom Tender $47
    Kiki-Jiki $13
    Teferi, TA $15
    Alhamarrett’s Archive $12
    Animar $13
    Tireless Tracker $13
    Defense of the Heart $16
    Grave Titan $13
    Soren Markov $11
    Recruiter of the Guard $18
    Rhys the Redeemed $30
    Mishra’s Bauble $10
    Phyrexian Arena $10

    $4-$10 cards like Manamorphose, Sol Ring, Caged Sun, Kruphix, Lightning Greaves, Birds, Chromatic Star, Toxin Sliver, Solemn Simulacrum, PHyrexian Metamorph, Lotus Petal, Asceticism, Chromatic Lantern, Hedron Crab, Dictate of Erebos, Basilisk Collar, Baleful Strix, Temporal Mastery...

    Sub-$4 format All Stars like Thran Dynamo, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Helix, Rune-scarred Demon, Skullclamp...

    That’s “meh”? Seriously, get better at evaluating, you’re terrible at it.

    Other then fetches, what more kind of things are people looking for in a reprint set? And the list I compiled was with about 400 cards spoiled, with anywhere from 600 to 1600 more cards to come.

    He said boring, not bad. There looks to be some good stuff (although at 2000 cards, every rare is basically a mythic, and a mythic is basically a Masterpiece in terms of how many packs need to be cracked for a specific one). I don't care about the test cards either way, but it was neat that they had a gimmick. It's not great for the first card we saw on stream to be something we can't get at the LGS. It still looks decent.

    As far as prices, you know those won't age well. There are certainly some excellent picks, and a lot of things I will be glad to see reprinted, but of the cards you listed, there are quite a few that are expensive because of scarcity, not play. They are welcome sights for EDH players, but like Defense of the Heart and Bloom Tender would not break $5 if as many copies as a rare in just one core set existed in the world

    you get it.

    meh definitely does not mean bad.

    it means... its not doing anything all that exciting. once you remove the test card aspect of it all its just a huge set with the chance to open value, a diminished chance, but a chance. that's nothing we haven't seen before, and when we have seen it its been done in less bloated sets so you can open them with more consistency with less of a lotto feeling. note that i said less.

    pricing will also dictate a lot of the appeal. price them too high and no thanks, price them just right and sure. lets open them every time. the minute mana crypt became an option, i anticipate a lot of gouging.

    how fun of a draft environment will these create is another important question. if you're cracking them just to crack them, again, kinda meh whats so great here other than the thrill of a diluted lotto? it has a bunch of neat reprints, great. do they appear at a consistency that makes a difference? is this product available enough to make a difference to pricing? if the answers are no, then yeah, total meh. that can all be mitigated with a better limited environment... but with so many cards jammed into it is that environment going to be any good? who knows! the people testing it so far probably, but i'm seeing more hype over trying to figure out exactly whats in it than the strategies created. so... meh

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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    test cards is a neat idea. they're worthless and all, but i think the possibility of the players giving feedback on them and influencing future design has a lot of potential.

    the packs themselves are kind of boring without the test cards but meh

    anyway, there's a part of me that would very much like to see future retail packs have the possibility of replacing the token/ad insert with a test card. it wouldn't be legal in any official capacity, but would allow players to see the design process, and be able to give more feedback on potential cards. the future future league is clearly broken somewhere. either the league isn't great at magic, or r&d doesn't listen to them. it might be worth it to push this idea of real world feedback on experimental or troublesome designs so that we can get stronger, fairer, more interesting cards in the long run, instead of turning every card into an elk.
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  • posted a message on What are some commanders that might be good for beginners to play?
    if you guys are just playing each other, pick up the precons. they're not super broken, super expensive, or super terrible, so they're a good place to start as long as everyone is on the same page.

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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    i'd love to see a gix and an ashnod. maybe a revisited orim since most of the weatherlight saga has been getting redos and she is just terrible.
    i'd like to see more love for fallen empires, so a few throwback cards to that, maybe a reod dai, ailis connaut or a taurach. nods to homelands would be great too, there's a lot of speculation on a new baron sengir so that'd be neat.

    titania would be great, since her price has slowly crept up and we could finally get a foil option

    i'd like to see: sylvan library, oracle of mul daya, rhystic study, cyclonic rift, exploration, scroll rack, any of the tutors, and sensei's divining top all get reprints. we'll be lucky to get just 1 of those cards, but they all need it.

    prismatic vista could easily get a reprint here, or a complete battlebond cycle of lands.

    things i don't want to see: sol ring. seedborn muse. high market. lightning greaves.
    give them a rest.
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  • posted a message on Fists of Flame, or "why developing specifically for EDH is making the format worse"
    while i don't think the card was made specifically for zada... feather is much more likely, i do agree that designing for commander hurts the format.

    a lot of the more busted cards that have become staples in every single deck of whatever color(s) were designed with edh in mind. it turned the format into a nuclear arms race and i think thats actually where the problem lies as a whole. why its shifted so heavily away from battlecruiser style magic. at the same time there are members of the rules committee that publish articles at odds with this. they push the tools that exist to combat the problem as being 'unfun' and 'not in the spirit of edh' or 'you just shouldn't play these'. it means that if someone sits down at the table with a honed deck, running a lot of these cards, its going to feel oppressive to the guy who bought into that agenda and didn't pack any of the tools to deal with the abundance of 'great in edh' style cards being vomit out of every set.

    personally, i do really miss the days where nothing was designed with commander in mind. where we had to scour databases and collections to find neat synergies and old cards rather than just shove whatever new hotness from whatever new set into every deck.

    but then again, i also run spot removal so... its much less of a problem dealing with these things.
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