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  • posted a message on MOCS Championship Spoilers Complete
    snow lands look like ass and i'm not even sure why you're all so excited over them.

    that new counterspell is nifty, pretty much confirms no force of will in this set

    some of these are going to be artificially expensive due to the premium nature of this set, and thats very frustrating.
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  • posted a message on Just how powerful is Urza?
    the dude almost died to a phyrxian negator.
    phyrexia itself made him so sick he almost died.
    gix almost killed him.
    he had his eyes torn out by radiant.
    yawgmoth was able to corrupt him.

    he wasn't anywhere near as strong as people make him out to be. that's those pesky rose-tinted glasses. he was a storyline emphasis for like a decade and that pushes him into nostalgic godhood. reread the novels sometime, he's fallible, thats his schtick even.

    he was however; intelligent, immoral, and more than anything else able to rely on his inventions. those aspects of his character, combined with his tendency to plan long term gave him an advantage over every other walker out there. not necessarily his magical prowess.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] The Top 50 List (Indefinite Hiatus)
    Quote from 3drinks »
    Wtf at people suggesting Bob is bad in commander. Smh. It's a two drop, attacks, blocks, not colour intensive, and draws more cards for 0 after. I guess it doesn't tap to spawn a trio of 6/6 bodies and threaten a two turn clock though................................................................ Rolleyes

    I don't get you guys sometimes. It's like saying Jitte isn't a strong enough card. What more can you ask for, it races, it removes, it's devoid of colour identity. Only thing it doesn't do is serve you breakfast in bed but okay.

    edit: Oh. Didn't see the last comment was in February. Really need to start looking at the dates more often..........or maybe the mods should just unsticky old threads that have gone inactive.

    while i agree i also don't.

    in a competitive build, yeah bob is just fine, he's beyond fine. he's fantastic. the life loss tends to be nothing especially if you're digging for a combo piece and can off him at any time... the part that's trickier is that a lot of people aren't playing competitive builds, so getting hit for 8 when terastodon is on top kinda sucks. i have seen bob in builds with a high density of higher cmc spells resulting in losses because they beat themselves to death. i think that's where most people are coming from when they say he's bad here.

    if my curve is low or i'm going fast and hard into combo? **** it he's in all day every day.
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  • posted a message on Anyone else just want a Release Date instead of PreRelease and Release a week apart?
    its a mechanism to drive hype

    but yeah, i would definitely like to see prereleases go away. just release the product, and make kits for the release weekend events the same as the prerelease events. itll never happen, but it should.

    when there were only a few shops in the country, and even fewer that could hold events, sure the prerelease concept was great. it was a way to get everyone together and have a big event. now that a shop exists in every town there's no point.

    even more so now that they have the preorders for pickup early thing. especially since some shops try to scum you into only giving you your product by attending their prerelease event at a specific time. then there's the whole thing where a shop may have heaps of product/cards but can't even sell them for a week. it makes for a very frustrating shopping experience at an lgs level.

    but hey that's their thing lately. dick the lgs because amazon and ebay exist.
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  • posted a message on What Was Your Favorite Block?
    mirage visions weatherlight. all time favorite.

    runner up is actually going to be invasion block.
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  • posted a message on Storm scale doesn’t apply to Modern horizons
    okay cool, but since its not a standard legal set anyway i kinda figured they'd let loose a little bit.

    i mean, the standard is already there for it with just about everything that they've ever printed that hasn't been standard legal. so... water is wet
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  • posted a message on Ugin and yawgmoth....
    or maybe its just an honorific bestowed to ugin without any bearing on phyrexia or yawgmoth at all.

    nah couldn't be that

    karn and teferi team up to send ugin back in time to build a weapon to stop the new phyrexians, but they send him too far back and that weapon turns out to be the actual phyrexia. he dies at its heart realizing he's no better than his brother. we all finally move on with our lives.
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  • posted a message on When your deck is perfect and you realize it is terribly unfun for opponents
    it has to do with your level of reflection, skill in building, and ability to adapt.

    if your decks are what you feel is perfect, and end up oppressive to everyone else, it means that no one else is adapting to deal with you. any deck you build is going to end up this way.

    don't purposely nerf yourself

    educate your opponents on how to beat you, or better cards to replace sub optimal ones in their builds
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  • posted a message on Please help! Attempting to buy a gift for a (new) MTG fan.
    don't get him boosters or cards, do get him accessories. especially things like playmats or art books. basically the best mtg gifts are the ones that won't become added to a box somewhere
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  • posted a message on Talk - It is conceading fair play to you?
    personally i feel its a dick move unless you have to bounce for the night (or i guess poop)

    over the past like 10 years of playing commander the only time i've seen people concede is when they have to leave (or i guess poop) or when they're just salty. this actually happened about two weeks ago with a missed rhystic study trigger no one would rewind, guy got so salty he waited to tactically scoop. we ignored that (as in the person dealing lethal got to attack someone else instead). it made him saltier.

    i mean i get it, when you're in a losing spot or didn't get your way you get bored on top of salty. generally when i've been in the same situation i'll just ignore everything unless its my turn and dick around on my phone or play a sub game at the table behind me. no big deal, but i do get it. i just don't agree with it.

    then again, i played monogreen during the black summer and kept sticking with it rather than changing playstyle/deck sooooo i'm just a stubborn ****
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  • posted a message on Bioessence Hydra
    i'm not impressed with it.

    its neat, but its just another kalonian hydra. tons of initial hype, tons of casual appeal, but in the end it kinda just sucks and dies.
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  • posted a message on Tyrant's Scorn and Prison Realm ( leak from reddit, HUGE story spoilers)
    what a ******* cop out. god forbid a villain succeed for more than half a set.

    not only that but herpaderp lets just seal him away like we did emrakul is really *****ty storytelling considering we did that just a few sets ago.

    you seriously mean to weave a story where a dragon planeswalker that's millenia old, could come up with a way to harvest sparks, enslave an entire plane, invade another plane, turn walkers against each other... but somehow coulnd't see he could get possibly get sealed away somewhere?

    okay sure wizards, jerkingoffmotion

    talk about story with zero pay off.

    maybe we'll get lucky and it'll be a doublebluff where he's only temporarily sealed away and a card tomorrow shows he broke free and succeeded with his plans. doubtful because they're clearly a bunch of hacks.
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  • posted a message on Finale of Eternity
    why is bolas picking his nose in front of such a lovely lady?

    also this card is terrible.
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  • posted a message on Finale of Revelation ( preview)
    bulk mythic hooray!

    if i've got the ability to spend 12+ mana on this i was already winning and there are plenty of other things i could've cast.

    if i don't have the 12+ mana to put into this... there are a lot of other spells that draw me cards for cheaper that don't exile themselves, especially in an environment where mission briefing exists.
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  • posted a message on Casulties of War (channel Fireball preview
    neato keen. not sure i'd actually run it. i like its versatility though.
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