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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
  • posted a message on RNA Guildkits
    The teysa art while not that great and certainly different from her other renditions enough to not even look like her is still a tremendously welcome change from the original art where she... was not the focus

    The zegana art is trash, but at least feels menacing which is more in line with the card

    Isperia is gorgeous

    The deck lists are totally uninspired, and why shouldnt they be? These were going to sell anyway
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  • posted a message on Cards Most Needing a C19 Reprint
    i could come up with a list of 20 or 30 cards desperately in need of reprints.

    will any of them get reprinted? hell no. not here. over the past 3 releases or so they've proven they'll include a few new cards that are meant to attract legacy players and as a result fetch a high price, but anything commander actually benefits from? nope. expect another printing of high market instead.
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  • posted a message on What SCG Con Taught Sheldon About Commander And Its Players
    Quote from Grisly_Bear »
    He really needs to have his head surgically removed from his ass. Every time I see an article by him it seems so out of touch, like he is living in some kind of secluded dream world where people should only play cards he thinks are fun.

    i agree with this completely.

    his stances on different cards, and even more so on certain strategies are very... well they're suited to craw wurm style magic where no one does anything but poop out a generic creature and march it into someone. almost every article i read of his demonstrates just how out of touch he is with the common edh group, and i disagree with the majority of his assessments.

    i mean i get it, there are a lot of casual players that echo his sentiments of thats not fair, or thats against the spirit of edh. honestly though, when you start moving down that road... well the majority of those players just want to win their way, they don't want to adapt, they don't want to change their decks, they don't want to do anything but have the game played their way. throwing competitive decks into a pod can be unfair, but it can also encourage sloppy players to hone their skills and play better cards. in doing so the game becomes far, far, far more interactive as everyone is not only trying to win, but trying to stop wins. i see it constantly with newer players that show up to our edh night, they either start getting better, start winning, or they whine about how they cant' compete but won't bother to change a single card while their decks interact with nothing and do nothing. the player that wins every game through 'goldfishing' isn't aiming to. they're aiming to win and they want someone to step up and stop them. they burn out just as hard as the player that plays 99 craw wurms for the exact opposite reasons, but they're not obligated to play a bad deck just because you do.

    for a guy on the rules committee, for a guy who is basically the face of edh, it always feels like he needs to be exposed to more games of edh, with different players, who have different goals.

    i'm not a fan of his writings because of the elitism and disconnection from the every day edh group.t his article is yet another that solidifies my feelings.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition
    only reason to get this is for karn and they clearly know it.

    the arts are bland. the choices for walkers are bland. hard pass. next money grab product please.
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  • posted a message on New Quick Draft paper format modeled after Arena
    i can dig it.

    i tend to lose interest in draft if it makes it to game 3
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  • posted a message on United Stand
    neat i guess

    i mean heroic intervention sees some edh play and makes for blowouts

    not so sure white benefits from the effect the same way though given its lack of ability to dig for it. i guess if you're in g/w it's helpful... but then you're just running heroic intervention anyway. all the other color pairs for white in edh don't typically go wide enough to make this that great, or they do and can't dig this thing up easily

    its not exactly a bad card, its just REALLY boring
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  • posted a message on Combine Guildmage PureMTGO
    i really like this one. its simple in what it does, but what it does is fairly strong. the art is real good too.
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  • posted a message on ChannelFireball Preview - Kaya's Wrath
    i like it, its not really what b/w needs, but its definitely another good wrath... for two colors with an abundance of good wraths
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  • posted a message on preview - Mesmerizing Benthid (Blue mythic)
    feels more like a commander precon reject that should've been rare

    also illusions that don't pop when targetted?

    i mean, i get that its put at mythic because of the ass and bodies it brings which... well lets be real here, it wouldn't warp limited because the chances of opening more than 1 in a pod is already pretty low but whatever i guess, every set needs a mythic thats put there just because of limited i guess
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  • posted a message on Tolarian Community College spoiler: Domri, Chaos Bringer
    he's okay i guess. he doesn't make me scream this is great, and he doesn't make me go this is garbage. entirely forgettable, and thats not necessarily a bad thing.
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  • posted a message on Nikya of the Old Ways
    i kind of like her

    its a very simple set of abilities, that completely change deck building
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  • posted a message on Verity Circle
    amazing with opposition
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  • posted a message on Rampage of the Clans
    Its *****.

    No really.

    Its *****.

    This is only a card that could be played to any real degree in edh.

    Where it will backfire and smash you in the face. Yes it stops combomcdurdlepants if it resolves, but so do the billions of other ways to do this IN GREEN AT INSTANT SPEED that dont make centaurs to wreck your day. This backfires on all fronts. The entire table hates you, and now they have the tools to smash you or combo off.

    This is a bad card. Dont play it. Any other option is better.
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  • posted a message on Commandering preview Wilderness Reclamation
    This seems like it will help against stax in EDH. We need more though, stax is probably too good in EDH.

    God forbid stax be a valid strategy somewhere. Its so difficult to set up and difficult to maintain. Run more disruption and most kitchen table stax builds crumple like tissue paper.

    This card however, itll help you against winter orbs, but thats about it.

    That said, i would jam it in any g/x deck designed to lock down lands. Its going to do more to help me there
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  • posted a message on Teysa Karlov
    Does it get 2 enchantments if i sac an academy rector?
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