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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Gruul
    I'm always looking for a reason to cast Kird Apes, and seeing as how they are legal in modern along with an appropriate shock land, I went out and built myself a Gruul deck. I've tested it a bit against Jund, U/W, and Affinity, and it feels pretty good, though I'm still testing and tweaking little things here and there.

    First, here's the list:

    It's pretty straightforward, but I'm still playing as much as possible to figure out how aggressively I need to mull and how to handle the order in which I play my lands when I get awkward draws. So far it feels like more aggressive = better, so in the cases I kept 4-land hands, I lost about 75% of the time I was trying to keep track. Popping fetch lands early in order to just play what I can early game seems to work out best.

    The 3 Dismember started as three more creatures, but I kept losing to Tarmogoyf, so I turned it into Char, which was better, but I still lost too many games to 'Goyf. If there's a 'Goyf staring you down and you have the Dismember but no black mana, just kill the 'Goyf. Don't take a beating while waiting for the Cobra or Shaman. The earlier you pay the life to answer the thread, the better off you are in general.

    Deathrite Shaman or Lotus Cobra into Molten Rain or Magus of the Moon wins a lot of games without much backup, while playing a turn two Cobra + Fetchland into a Magus or Molten Rain is really rough for the other guy as well. Against Jund, a Molten Rain to blow up their Liliana of the Veil and a Raging Ravine generally negates the advantage she gives them in the first place.

    The sideboard is being shifted around a lot right now, and the 8 other cards are currently: 3 Ancient Grudge, 2 Obstinate Baloth, 3 Slaughter Games. I know the Games is iffy since it requires a Cobra or a Shaman, but the card is very powerful in the combo matchups, and might even be good in the U/W matchup to get rid of the Restoration Angels, which are a huge headache for this deck.
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  • posted a message on Post your pimp decks here!
    Quote from foily
    Hello I am new to this forum, but I would like to introduce my precious EDH deck. It is almost completely foiled out except for one card. You will see it in the last picture and know why I dont mind it not foil Smile I also have 4 cards in the process of getting altered art done.

    I also need to get this deck evaluated for insurance purposes. What is the best place/website to base value of these cards? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Well here it is: All cards are in NM/M Condition
    These are some of the generals that I like to switch arround with, 2 of them being more fun to play with.
    Some of the BIG hitters in my deck
    Some more

    There are 22 foil Snow-Covered Islands
    And finally the Creme dela Creme...

    I am always hesitant about bringing this deck to card stores and events but I love the reaction it gets from when I play or show it with people. I hope you enjoyed it.

    Oh, playing with Tabernacle is genius! I can't believe I never even considered it. Very nice deck by the way. =) Maybe I'll post some of the newer things I've picked up since I stopped posting on MTGS.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] NecroJund (Competitive Graveyard combo)
    Necrotic Ooze is one of my favorite cards, to the point where I own six foils, so I'd LOVE to see a viable deck in modern that uses it.

    I'm currently testing and developing a Gruul deck, but maybe once I feel content with that list I'll work on one of these. For now I'll leave my overall thoughts.

    Since the deck is a little slower than some combo decks and the combo can be disrupted by killing the Ooze or via graveyard hate, I'd probably built it as a mid-range Jund deck with combos built-in and a few copies of Jarad's Orders. That allows you to run many copies of the versatile combo creatures like Lotleth Troll and Mogg Fanatic, while running one or two of the combo-specific dudes like Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Devoted Druid. Focusing less on the combo win lets you run removal and discard, while running less tutors and letting you play the deck in a deceiving fashion, even if they know the deck. Keep sending dudes sideways, and they have to worry about everything you do. Also, Liliana of the Veil would be good in something like that.
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  • posted a message on [GTC] Domri Rade
    I've been testing a Modern Gruul deck and like it a lot so far, and have already picked out the slot to fit 3 of them and I think it'll be really strong. Gruul has issues with opposing Tarmogoyfs and with Wall of Omens and Restoration Angels. The -2 here gives you tools to answer all of this stuff, though with the 'Goyf you need a burn spell as well as a creature to fight with. Bloodbraid Elf into Domri Rade seems good, and as I run Magma Jet, the +1 also makes me excited.

    Edit: Oh, also I intially scoffed at the -7 ability until I realized it was probably designed to win against control decks, which Gruul should have issues with. It's still not ideal, but it seems less terrible now that I think about it that way.
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  • posted a message on Cards you hate to play against in EDH v.837938573
    The only card I hate playing against in EDH is Mindslaver. There are plenty of other cards that have hosed me in the past, but Mindslaver forced me to play islands so I could stop losing to my own cards.
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  • posted a message on Post your pimp decks here!
    I've sold my deck as of a few months ago, but I miss it, so the adventure of rebuilding/repimping Reaper King has begun. Step one is to deproxy, then step two is to pimp it more than before!
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  • posted a message on Most expensive vanilla rare in standard?
    What's the most expensive non-foil, non-mythic rare in standard?
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  • posted a message on [M11] Mystifying Maze
    Quote from ChrisRTaylor09
    Ok so proof that you dont know what youre talking about is you cant count or read... The second thing yall dont understand is if you get this card early or late game it doesnt matter. It seems like people dont remember combo winter... Even if players started around Lorwyn thats still no excuse. They had a control deck that ran 12+ counters in it and it was control and nuts... Its called Faeries...

    Quote me on saying this now... but they ushered in a new age of powerful cards that give you 2 & 3 for 1s and on top of that they came up with mechanics such as cascade.... You better believe that combo winter will be back in the next few sets. It wont be as bad as the 1st or the 2nd one but it will come back again.

    Quote from Madding
    I was with you on the first part of your post, but you lost me when you started reminiscing about combo winter. What does this card have to do with that?

    He's talking about the dominance of a certain archetype. Much like Jund/aggro until very recently.
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  • posted a message on Cards that don't see enough play.
    Quote from Doctor Question
    In time spiral? Borderline tier 1 I'd say.

    In todays meta with so much spot removal and wrath effects....naw.

    Uril can't be hit by spot removal.

    I'm wondering about Realms Uncharted. It fixes mana, and there are so many utility lands in the format, it feels like it should be good. I have a deck I'm working on that runs 4, but it's not tested yet.
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  • posted a message on What are your top 5-10 choices for "Sleeper Rare/Overhyped"?
    My sleepers.

    Sphinx of Magosi is fantastic. A 6/6 flyer for CMC 6 that also says draw cards somewhere on it is good. I couldn't believe how cheaply this is selling for. Don't give me the, "it dies to stuff" argument because it's lame.

    Lightmine Field is great, and it was given to us in the same set as a same-color Wall of Blossoms? This way they have to attack with more guys to get any damage through. Just makes it better.

    Training Grounds I feel will make some card or cards silly in the near future. I like the idea of a Sphinx of Magosi in play so I can U: Draw a card.
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  • posted a message on Why is Gideon Jura good?
    I'm planning on running Gideon in my U/W Defenders deck with Lightmine Field and Smite and he seems amazing. I'll be proxying up what I'm missing in the deck tomorrow and handing the deck off to the crew to test while I work. The more I look at the card, the more it seems to fit perfectly in a deck with 16 defenders. It seems like an ideal fit to me. Forcing my opponent to attack into my defenders with a Lightmine Field or two in play and then -2 to blow up something that survived seems like I should be able to control the board pretty well.
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  • posted a message on Mild rant - goodstuff.decs
    I own a comic shop and we used to organize our lists by relevance, but it's too confusing and not very precise. We would occasionally miss things because we'd check "X-Men" when it was in the "Wolverine" section or something silly like that. Now everything is alphabetical by publisher and it's so much easier. I think the poster above who said people should just be writing a short "primer" on the deck is a better solution.
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  • posted a message on Jund in Extended?
    Quote from MisterMind
    During Affinity's reign in Standard there were basically 3 kinds of people, people who played Affinity, people who played anti-Affinity, and people who didn't win games. Affinity is by leaps and bounds the most Dominate deck in the history of Standard.

    Faeires was the top deck for a full two years, its hard to argue with a run like that.

    Jund is dominate but not like those two titans.

    I don't know the numbers, but it seems like Tolarian Academy was probably the most dominant deck in standard because it even beat the anti-academy decks. Granted, it only lasted a month or so before the DCI banned half the deck...

    As far as Jund in extended goes, I think Engineered Explosives would have to be involved and it would have to be built a lot like a BRG rock deck. All of the answers for 20/20 are in black and involve the word "sacrifice," so you can run Smallpox and/or edict effects. Who knows if the deck would do well in any matches, but that's what testing is for. I don't really like to county out decks without actual testing.
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  • posted a message on Rhox War Monk or Kitchen Finks vs Zoo?
    Quote from AllSunday
    kitchen finks! And please, finks players, start adding those oran-reef, the vastvoods to your decks Smile

    Thanks for the reminder. Now to find the space...

    Quote from beebles
    Not really Zoo just plows through Bant's infererior creatures and then points burn at the dome. The Bant Zoo match up is heavily in zoo's favor even if the bant player has both finks and war monk.

    War Monk is an absolute blow out if you manage to be lucky if enough to go, turn 1 hiearch, turn 2 war monk, turn 3 jitte+equip, swining for 4, gain 4 gg if the zoo player does not have path.

    I am a little sour on kitchen finks yeah it is good power creep has already made him pseudo obsolete as his second coming as a 2/1 can't kill a single one of zoo's creatures. I think war monk is better, it lets you actually win whereas finks is more lose slower.

    Zoo vs Bant in my experience is about board control. Both creatures help with this, but finks are usually atleast a 2 for 1. The life gain helps with keeping you out of burn range or negates a burn spell.

    Quote from AlMoStLeGeNdArY
    Neither? It's not as if life gain will set Zoo back like it does mono red burn.

    Same as above.

    The point is his 3/2 form has already traded with a Nacatl or a Kird Ape, and now he comes back to gain you 2 more life AND chump something else.


    After testing, I've decided on Finks for my build. Thanks for the input everybody!
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  • posted a message on Extended Noble Selkiestrike
    I was thinking the same thing, but after a while the selkies became Kitchen Finks.

    Selkie is only good against Tezzeret and Bant while Finks shored up my matches against aggro decks. I felt that my matchup against control was already solid and I needed to improve the quality of creatures to combat decks like Zoo.
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