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  • posted a message on Standard Becoming Overpriced?
    At first I thought a few of the stores were doing just that, overpricing/price gouging but upon being told I could trade my two (non-promo and one is foil) Ugins in for a booster box I knew something was changing in the world of mtg. I had asked what is going with the rising price in cards and I was told to check the prices myself online if I was not happy with what I was seeing. F.Y.I, I'm in Ontario, Canada.

    Upon doing just that I did find a few of the cards to be terribly priced among some communities. Thought-seizes being sold on several sites for close to $30 or a little more, the whisper-woods($20). I had seen some downfalls going for $15ish at most online so two out of three shops I had visited pretty much doubled those prices give or take a few bucks.

    I'm not saying standard is expensive, facing the facts MTG has and always will be somewhat expensive. What I meant to say - Is standard meta inflating the cost of some cards right now that flat out do not deserve it. Will we see these cards maintain this new value or is it purely hype causing the fluctuations. Albeit thoughtseize is a bad example I just remember seeing so many of them being tossed around like chump change a few years back and now they are going for a hefty price although upon looking into it I see they usually sold around $10-$20 when they released. To my questions, at least where I currently live my answer is yes. Really thinking about taking up the offer on the booster box, as cool as Ugin is he ain't worth that much. Not to me anyway heh.
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    Author : XMage Team
    WebSite: Home Download
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    Purpose: MTGO and XMage API is almost identical with enforced rules for play. All cards, Testing, Casual, Free

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  • posted a message on Standard Becoming Overpriced?
    Has anyone else noticed how expensive standard is getting? I went to a few local card shops this weekend and was really surprised to see things get so expensive as of late. On one end I feel like it is purely caused by hype and on the other I am left completely flabbergasted at how expensive some cards are becoming in standards more recent meta. I am seeing standard decks ranging from $600-$1200, which is not unbelievable but what gets me is the cards in these decks are being priced so outrageously.

    Here's some examples.

    Courser of Kruphix going for $20 a pop. I remember seeing these a year ago, iirc they were worth about $5-$10

    Sylvan Caryatid another one I see in shops going for $20 a pop and again I recall them being worth $5-$7

    Whisperwood Elemental again $5-$10 originally now going for $20 a piece

    Hero's Downfall I think I paid $2 or $3 for these in 2014. Going for $30 now

    Ugin, the Spirit Dragon This one is what I meant by "priced so outrageously"... Seen them selling at a few local stores for $120 a pop.... I was really interested in picking up a few Ugins when they first came out with FRF and paying about $20-$30 a pop. That difference in price is outrageous hands down. I mean someone might be able to explain the cards above and why the prices are rising for standard but I mean has every Ugin been accounted for? Are they all gone lmao, it just doesn't make sense.
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