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The deal is for real. amazing! Bhaalspawn
Another A+ super smooth trade! Thanks again! shinbatsu
Another wonderful trade with the Doctor! JollyTheOctopuss
Easy to deal with! A+ I look forward to trading again in the future! mhuya
Great Trader! user-12613722
Another excellent trade. Perfect trading partner. huktonfonix
Another great trade; one of the best I've ever dealt with! Petal Collector
Super fast shipping! Thanks mtgshaman
Another A+ smooth and no hassle trade! Always a pleasure! shinbatsu
Great trader! Cards arrived quickly, securely, and minty fresh! :) festizzio
Excellent trade, a great person to do business with! PhyrexianExile
Great trader who follows through!!! Stoogeslap
Great Overall Trader A++ FreeRoaming
A+ trader and a great guy to do business with! shinbatsu
Very safe and fast shipping! Cinder Druid
Excellent trader, good communication, careful and fast shipping Petal Collector
Our second trade was as smooth as the first Doctor.Hydrogen
Good trader, good communication, thumbs up Doctor.Hydrogen
Overall, a very good trade. Would trade again, and encourage others to do so. Scherezad
2nd great trading experience. Thanks! huktonfonix
Great Trader. Great communication and fast shipper. Rai Kerensky
As always, 100% this is one of the best people to trade with on this site! shinbatsu
Great trader. Highly recommended. Great Communications sabain
A+ trader, very generous, this is the guy you WANT to trade with! shinbatsu
Great trader, fast shipping! thanks! SabresEdge