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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
  • posted a message on Card Æsthetics Evaluation Thread
    I currently run the judge promos for the two OG swords and I'd love to swap them out for Chris Rahn foil versions. The promos are sweet, but I'd prefer the symmetry of the the Rahn artwork.
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  • posted a message on The 2019 Cube Wishlist Thread
    Despite RNA not coming through, I'm still hoping for a great 3cc Gruul card. The Kolaghan's Command equivalent would be sweet. I'd really like to see a great 3cc RG 'walker, but I doubt that'll happen.

    The same for Orzhov. I love Desolation Angel as much as I can, but my group doesn't love it like I do. I'd like to replace her with a bomb finisher, preferably something that would work well in both a Stax or tokens shell. Maybe it'd be like a 5cc 'walker that can do some sweet stuff?

    I'd like to see more modal spells, specifically a good green Disenchant spell that comes with some other solid value functionality. Maybe it doubles as a combat trick so we finally get a playable trick?

    More red one mana two power beaters. The more the better. For red to be the most aggressive color, it's really lacking in this area.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance for Peasant Cubes
    At 360, I think this will be my update.

    Pteramander -> Errant Ephemeron
    Frilled Mystic -> Snakeform
    Sphinx of the Guildpact -> Bane of Bala Ged

    I like Light Up the Stage, but there's nothing that I really want to cut for it at this size. I'd probably be able to find room at 450, though. I'm also not super convinced about Frilled Mystic and the CCDD cost, but I know how good Mystic Snake is so I'm hoping for the best.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance
    Check out the new cards subforum, located here:

    All the Ravnica Allegiance in cube discussion you could ask for!
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][RNA] Includes and Testing Results
    To be honest, this is pretty disappointing after getting something pretty sweet for nearly all of the guilds represented in GRN. I like Dovan, but I don't think our group puts UW tempo that high on the archetype list when drafting. Most of my guys would rather be playing Teferi decks than Dovan decks. It would probably replace Reflector Mage and I think that card goes in more archetypes (including those Teferi decks). The same for Kaya's Wrath. It's not bad, but I just don't think it does what our Orzhov decks want to be doing and we don't really need another 4cc Wrath effect. I wish we'd have gotten that sweet cube worthy 3cc Gruul card or a really good Orzhov finisher or Stax support card with Afterlife. I also would have liked to have seen a great two power one drop from the Gruul clan as well in either red or green. I feel like there was potential for some really good cube cards here and we just didn't get them for the sake of keeping limited and standard at a reasonable power level. Maybe we'll get some sweet stuff in the next Ravnica set in a few months.

    What we did get looks to be pretty sweet, though. I think this is my update at the moment, though these cuts are subject to change after I talk to my group about it.

    Gutterbones -> Tormented Hero
    Spawn of Mayhem -> Hypnotic Specter
    Biogenic Ooze -> Nullhide Ferrox
    End-Raze Forerunners -> Avenger of Zendikar

    I'll take all the recursive black two power one drops they want to give me. These cards are so versatile as far as archetype support goes and I just love them all. Spawn is a great addition to black aggressive decks specifically, and I'm a huge fan of that deck. Ooze is a testing slot that may prove to be good or great. Nullhide was fine. And finally, I don't have a 'hoof, so Forerunners will do nicely as a big green finisher.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Basically what rant said. That's solid advice.

    I'll add, though, that Bomat Courier is proving to be very impressive as potential card advantage for aggressive red decks. There's nothing worse than getting having your aggro deck reach a board stalemate and being stuck in top deck mode hoping to draw something of value. Courier helps to alleviate that some. I don't know that I would include it over Swiftspear or Noble at this point, but this little guy is quickly moving up in value for me.
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  • posted a message on [450][Powered] rantipole's cube
    I think this update looks good. Man, cuts at 450 have to be agonizing in some spots.

    I also just recently put Retrofitter Foundry in and I'll just say dang that card is fun! Just a flavor win from all stand points and so much fun to abuse. Even if all you're doing is going through the motions and trading servos up to thopters up to constructs, it's just a fun card to play with. Very solid addition.

    In regards to Golgari, it probably depends on the types of Golgari decks your group is putting together. In general Golgari here, even with a splash, tends to lean very heavy towards a rock style deck, sometimes going into Braids/Stax. For those types of archetypes, I don't think the signet would be necessary. Just my 0.02 there.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Explore > Harrow > Traverse

    Prism > Bauble

    Fastbond > Wild Growth
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  • posted a message on Random Cube Card of the Day Thread
    I like Mimic Vat pretty well, but it doesn't see as much play here as it once did. It's a fun card, though, and it can generate some pretty sick value in the right deck.

    If you Mimic Vat a Murderous Redcap, the Redcap token will come into play and trigger the damage ability. At EOT, you'll exile the token. Persist only triggers when the creature dies, so it won't trigger here because the Redcap token was exiled. Redcap is still a good creature to put in the Vat, though. Three mana for a blocker and a two damage you can point anywhere is still good value.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Spawn of Mayhem
    I don't think this card is way over powered or anything, but I do think you're underrating it by quite a large margin. 1BB 4/4 flying trample is a pretty sweet aggro card. If your opponent is on some super control deck that's just stopping your aggro deck from dealing any damage at all, this will either get you above the curve or you weren't winning anyway.
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  • posted a message on [RNA][CUBE] Spawn of Mayhem
    I don't think this card looks good, it seems to easy for your opponents to make it a 4/4 for 4, which is not what I want to be casting in aggro. The card is just too slow imo.

    Don't forget the flying and trample tacked onto it. A 4/4 flying trample for 4 is much different from the same stats on a vanilla dude. Not only that, but it's virtually a 5/4 flying trample since it pings for one each turn.

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  • posted a message on Random Cube Card of the Day Thread
    Volrath's Stronghold is great. Like rant said, if you're in any sort of B/X value deck, you'll definitely want to include this utility land. Chaining a Shriekmaw to create a virtual Abyss for your opponent feels pretty good.

    As to picking lands first, I rarely do. I think the pros you see streaming or posting game play videos drastically overrate picking early fixing in cube. I see where they're coming from. Cube decks will ultimately have plenty of playables, so it's ok (and important) to pick up some fixing over a decent enough card that you may end up running. If you've got two solid six drops in your control deck and you see a fixing land in a pack with a Wurmcoil, you should probably take the fixer. You don't necessarily need another finisher, even though Wurmcoil might replace one of your current ones. However, if it's P1P1 and you're presented with that same choice, I would argue that taking the fixing land is never correct.
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  • posted a message on The White One Drop Debate
    I'm at 540+ and this is my current white 1-drop section in the order that I would include them, I think. I could see arguments for moving some of these up or down a spot or so, but I think for the most part this is what you should be looking to run. I don't particularly care for Champion of the Parish. Even with all the humans running around in cube, it never panned out like I wanted it to.

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  • posted a message on [Cube][C14] - Titania, Protector of Argoth
    I actually recently cut Titania (again) after another run at a lands matter archetype didn't really pan out. With the release of Excavator I thought it was a perfect time to try that package again. The problem is there's just not even "good enough on their own" cards like Excavator and Titania to make it worth it outside of a smaller list that will produce those cards in nearly every draft. I have a 540 cube and we rarely see 8 players, so getting all the cards we included in the same draft pile happened far less often that I would have liked. Occasionally it came together and you built a sweet Titania/Gitrog deck, but even then those decks tended to be really fun to play, but not super competitive. I think we need a few more cards still to make that archetype worth supporting.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][RNA] Gutterbones
    I'll take all the recursive black aggro dorks they wanna give me. Not much to discuss here. Great card is great.
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