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  • posted a message on Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Finally getting around to putting together my inclusions. Here's what I'm thinking for my 360.

    Stormchaser Drake --> Skyship Plunderer I never really liked Plunderer. It always felt out of it's element in blue. It's fine as a 2/1 flyer, but the card draw from Drake might actually trigger more.

    Thirst for Discovery --> Compulsive Research Better card is just better.

    Fell Stinger --> Liliana's Devotee I really like Devotee, but also really want to try out the Stinger. Black threes are getting pretty stacked.

    Reckless Impulse --> Weaponize the Monsters Weaponize is good as an extra sac outlet in red, but the activation is a bit pricey for repeatable value or combo potential. Reckless Impulse is some needed card advantage for red.

    Reclusive Taxidermist --> Devoted Druid I'm supporting persist combo pretty hard, so this is a tough cut. I'm also trying to push a graveyard matters theme in green, though, so I'm not unhappy with the swap. Plus tapping for any color is not nothing. Good fixing is always welcome.

    I haven't made a decision on Vilespawn Spider yet. I'm thinking of swapping it in for either Trygon Predator or Frilled Mystic. Maybe Predator is a relic of peasant cubes past?
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    It's been a long time since I ran either of the 'derms. There's just more powerful things you can do at those costs in both green and white. If I wanted a big dumb beater in green, I'd be looking at Iwamori. He has some evasion in trample and he sticks around forever (barring removal, of course). There's also Cytoplast Root-Kin or Bannerhide Krushok that both help with other strategies besides just beating down. White doesn't have much in the big dumb beater category, but that's also not really what white is looking to do. Those beat down decks tend to go wide and overwhelm.

    Another issue with the 'derms, IMO, is their lack of any sort of evasion. If you can cast them early and get in a couple times, that's great, but there's just so many dispensable blockers running around nowadays with recursive creatures or tokens. It's very easy to just watch the timer tick down on your 5/5 for no real value.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    Wall of Omens, Filigree Familiar, and Pyroclasm are all cards that I think damage aggro too much in the early game.

    Sentinel of the Eternal Watch is weird for me. I want most of my white cards to be aggro focused, which this certainly is not. And it both feels too dominating against certain board states while also generating little value if it gets removed early.

    For my peasant list, white is as much a control color as it is an aggro color. In addition to it's suite of removal spells, I'm also running cards like Ghostly Prison and Dovin, Hand of Control to help facilitate this.

    Into the Roil and Temur Sabertooth both feel like generic value cards that push towards really grindy games. That said, maybe there is a little more setup to Temur Sabertooth than I think, but I imagine that card gets extremely oppressive with any other ETB creature.

    Into the Roil is just a good value card. It's been in and out a few times over the years. It's good in both tempo and control decks and that's why it keeps coming back. Temur Sabretooth plays toward the blink/bounce strategy in Bant. It's also great at protecting both itself as well as your other creatures. It is a grindy monster, but I guess that's what I like about it.

    Icy Manipulator is out for no specific reason, I suppose. It just seems a little boring.

    Classic card is classic. It has one job and does it pretty well. Also, again, I'm trying to support control decks in some fashion and Icy fits right into those shells.

    Cloudkin Seer is only out because I wanted the weird Mystery Booster card Innocuous Insect in and felt this was the best replacement.

    I think the Seer is one of the best cards to have come out in the past few years for peasant (and pauper) cubes. It's an evasive threat that replaces itself. What more could you ask for at common for 2U?
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  • posted a message on Innistrad: Crimson Vow HOT TAKES!
    Love these articles, man! I hope you keep these up. They always help me to narrow down my inclusions for all my cubes.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    Quote from VariSami »
    When I just did a checkup on CubeCobra by having 8 bots draft, every single one of them went with a WUBR pile and put their green cards in their sideboard.

    Well, green is clearly the worst color. Grin
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  • posted a message on Set (P)review - My top 20 Innistrad: Crimson Vow (VOW) cards for the cube!
    This looks about how I expected. Some decent cards for larger lists, but no real home runs for smaller tighter lists. Thanks, as always, for the write-up. Truly one of the best things for cubers come spoiler season.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    Seven mana is a lot, but you can get to that if you keep it in mind during drafting/deck building. I like that it's colorless unconditional removal that can go into all of those decks you mention. Crusher is better for reanimator/ramp, but I wouldn't cut that for the Golem. I'd run both or only Crusher.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    I'm glad this has sparked a bit of discussion. One thing I'd note about the yearly average cube list is that I wouldn't take it as gospel. For the example of Snakeskin Veil vs Blossoming Defense it could be that the +1/+1 counters crowd just aren't running a trick like that and the numbers are skewed from Defense being a better card in a vacuum. Point being, you should go with what you think is best for your cube and the environment you're trying to create.

    I don't have experience with Araumi or Stitcher. Dimir in my cube doesn't really have much of a theme, I'm just running what I feel are the three best Dimir cards. Of the two, though, if I wanted to push reanimator in that color pair, I'd probably go with Stitcher. It is a one shot compared to repeatable with Araumi, but don't forget you're playing reanimator. Sac the Stitcher, bring back a monster, then use your Reanimate on the Stitcher itself to only lose three rather than seven or eight. It's also a lot more straight forward, so you don't have to deal with drafters who don't know exactly what an obscure ability like Encore is.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    The average list almost always prompts some end of year changes for me. There are definitely cards in my cube that either don't make the cut on the average list at all or fall pretty low on the inclusion rankings. This year I added a bit more +1/+1 counters support to white, a couple Commander Legends cards I overlooked, and went ahead and finished out the Signets cycle (I wasn't running four of them).

    One of the biggest surprises for me was fixing lands. At 360 I'm running the ten tri lands alongside the allied gain lands and the enemy Campuses, as well as the Thriving duals. It seems people are back on the RAV block bounce lands over the tapped duals nowadays. I kind of played with the idea of removing the duals for the five Vivids and adding one card to each color, but I don't know if I like that as a fixing solution.

    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    Did people try these and not like them? Or liked them well enough but bumped them when something new came along? Or just never try them at all?

    There are at least a couple on that list that I'd likely give a shot if I weren't at 360. Finding room can be tough.

    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    Shriekmaw is in my cube to stay.

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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    For pretty much everything cube data related, I prefer CubeCobra, but for this one project, CubeTutor was definitely superior. The colored tags were easier to read and filtering with a drop down and check boxes was much easier than typing out all of the tags.

    I noticed a lot more tokens and +1/+1 counters support in the list this year compared to previous years. Also a higher inclusion of persist combo enablers.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    I selfishly do it for me as much as I do it for the community. I'm glad someone else uses it as much as I do.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    It's that time of year again, friends. I try to do these just before or after the final set of the year and here we are. Definitely some interesting new inclusions, cards that jumped some spots, cards that fell some spots and cards that fell completely off from last year.

    I hope this project is as useful to you as it is to me. I really feel like a new peasant cuber could basically take to top 360 cards here and build a pretty decent cube to start with. I enjoying seeing stuff that I might be over or under valuing throughout the year. I noticed a lot of Commander Legends stuff that I need to take a second look at in my next update.

    Obviously no CubeTutor link this year. I'll miss the filter function from over there as I can't for the life of me figure out how to filter on multiple tags. It was nice to filter down to near a certain size to get the average 360 or 450 list rather than the full on big list. If you know how to do that, I'd certainly appreciate the shared knowledge!

    Anyway, here's the links. I'd definitely be interested and reading your thoughts on the changes from this year to last year.

    Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x55KUQBUX3R85wIDGOg1thA1AcHXTKowodElMtIJ594/edit?usp=sharing

    In this doc, you'll find links to all the cubes used to create the list, the card list with exactly how many times each card appeared, as well as the full list of all the cards from all the cubes along with which cuber is currently running it.

    Cube Cobra: https://cubecobra.com/cube/list/mtgs2021

    If you want to compare the two, here is last year's average list: https://cubecobra.com/cube/list/mtgs2020

    Cheers, everyone, and happy cubing!
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    At 720, I'd be running some combination of, if not all of, these. I don't like Civic Wayfinder and friends very much these days. I think we just have better three mana options in green, even if they may not be fetching up lands. I'd rather have archetype supporters or simply good cards across the board than a random 2/2 land fetcher.

    Creature Fixing/Ramp
    Paradise Druid
    Sakura-Tribe Elder
    Tireless Provisioner
    Yavimaya Elder
    Beanstalk Giant
    Krosan Tusker

    Spell Fixing/Ramp
    Edge of Autumn
    Rampant Growth
    Kodama's Reach
    Search for Tomorrow
    Utopia Sprawl

    Potential Fixing
    Satyr Wayfinder
    Grapple with the Past
    Song of Freyalise
    Abundant Harvest
    Winding Way

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  • posted a message on Flash Archetype
    I think if you want to support Flash as an archetype, especially at 720, you need those "worse Pestermites" to fill it out. Otherwise you just end up with a Simic deck that happens to have one or two flash cards. After doing the yearly comparison for the average MTGS cube for a few years now, I can't disagree more on how deep the peasant card pool is beyond 450/540. Even at 360 I still have several cards that I'm looking at replacing with upcoming new releases.

    I do like the flash -2/-0 creatures, but I don't like it on a 1/2. It's hard to take advantage of the power reduction to use that as a trick unless you already have some sort of board presence. That's why I like Nebelgast Intruder. Despite being priced at two more mana, the two power plus flying really helps to turn it into a pseudo removal spell.

    As for Infiltrator and Shinobi, I believe you'll need both if you want to push Ninjas as a UB archetype. Unfortunately, Ninjutsu isn't a very fleshed out keyword for peasant legal cards. Only five or so in blue and black that are worth running, imo. I'd also look at running some of the cheap unblockable creatures in both blue and black to help get those ninjas on the board.
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  • posted a message on Flash Archetype
    First and foremost, I think it's really tough to make a linear archetype like flash viable at such a large cube size. I'd say that's doubly true at peasant where, despite all the bangers we've gotten the last few years, the card quality still starts to fall off pretty quickly after the 450/540 range.

    With that said, I do love UG Flash as an archetype. It's fun to play and super annoying to play against. With Spellstutter Sprite, I think you also want Faerie Duelist and Faerie Vandal. Threnody Singer and Nebelgast Intruder are good combat tricks for the flash deck. Scion of Stygia, Breaching Hippocamp, and Illusory Ambusher are other cards I'd be looking at in blue to support a flash archetype. There a ton of french vanilla flash flyers, but I think I'd stick with a tempo game plan. For green I think Ambush Viper is great as "removal" for the deck. I also like Briarpack Alpha and Pack Guardian as top end cards. I don't like the 5+ mana options that much, since you're mostly looking at a tempo/midrange deck. In gold Fleetfeather Cockatrice could be one of the few 5+ mana creatures I'd look at. Deathtouch is nice for the removal aspect and it can help to close out the game and take advantage of potential flood. Other than that, Horizon chimera and Winged Coatl are both decent filler to help increase density.

    You mention ninjas as well and I think you could have some really nice cross-pollination between the two archetypes and try to go a little deeper in UB with ninjas as the tempo deck of choice, especially since your list is larger.
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