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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Necropotence
    Pretty much what wtwlf said. I'm still a fan of Necro in general, but the BBB cost is a bit prohibitive and we've gotten a ton of great black cards over the past seven years. I don't think it'll ever leave my on deck binder.
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  • posted a message on Critique my Peasant Cube!
    On the other hand, I do run Warhammer (and Skullclamp and Behemoth Sledge). Hammer and Sledge can really just run away with a game if they aren't answered in some way fairly quickly. The life gain combined with the buff and the trample makes them hard to fight against in combat. And if you can't answer them with a clean artifact killer, every creature your opponent plays after them turns into bomb stats even if it's just a plain bear. I've been on the other side of a Warhammer with no answer and felt like I just lost to that one card before, so I can understand why some groups choose to not run it.

    For me, though, I enjoy having cards like that at the peasant level. Peasant cube in general feels like a very good very powerful limited format. All of the cards either contribute to a supported deck or archetype or are just really powerful in their own right. Cards like Warhammer and Clamp feel like you opened a bomb in your draft and I think that makes the format more appealing to my group specifically. We have several guys, myself included, who really enjoy regular old limited, so peasant cube with powerful cards like this is right up our alley.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.

    I've went with Mage over Geist for my list, though honestly it's probably personal preference. Arguments could also be made for Spell Queller and even Soulherder depending on preference for this slot.

    Looking at your list, are you going up in size or planning on cutting another card in your Azorius section? Verdict coming out for Shatter the Sky?
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  • posted a message on White 5, 6, and 7 drop creatures
    You may find this list helpful. It's a list I put together from polling 30 peasant cube lists around the forums here to get an "average" list based on preferences of MTGS posters. Thirty is an obviously small sample size, but given that this is probably the best source for peasant cube discussion, I really trust the results gotten from the cubes around here.

    (these both link to the same list, but people have different preferences. options are good.)

    For 6+ drops, there's really not much that's viable outside of Sentinel. Most of your big white finishers at peasant are going to be at the five drop range and will probably resemble a Serra Angel, even if it's over a few bodies (like Cloudgoat, for instance).

    If you're looking for options at peasant+ that are solid, but aren't Baneslayers, I would recommend Angel of Sanctions, which slots into pretty much any white deck outside of dedicated aggro. If you're running a decent amount of planeswalkers still, you could look at Thalia's Lancers. For six drops, you have a few options once you start including rares, but my non-Titan six of choice is Yosei, the Morning Star.

    Here is my "low power" list that started out as peasant plus pain lands, moved to peasant plus, and ultimately has ended up where is now, which is more of a legacy light power level.

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  • posted a message on [720][Powered][Conspiracy]Metamind's Cube
    For what it's worth, I also always read and look forward to your in depth update articles. My low power list has your larger 720 list and explanations on card choices to thank for a lot of cards that I maybe wouldn't have thought to include in such a list. I hope you keep doing these.
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  • posted a message on Set (P)review - My top 20 Theros Beyond Death cards for the cube!
    Agreed with wtwlf on Shadowspear. After having it in a couple of my prereleases over the weekend and being very impressed, I decided to give it a run in my 565. I run both Warhammer and Behemoth Sledge in my peasant cube and those cards are borderline bombs in that environment. I realize peasant power level and powered cube power level are vastly different, but a mini Sledge that I can get in the red zone early seems like it should at least be worth a test run in a powered (or unpowered legacy) cube. It's there for the pump, the trample, and lifelink. If it randomly hoses a hexproof or indestructible thing, then that's just gravy.

    @wtwlf: Big thanks for always doing these write ups, man! I look forward to them with each new set release and always enjoy the read.

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  • posted a message on Card Æsthetics Evaluation Thread
    Quote from SirPicaro »
    This is probably just me, but I would run the pixel art Serum Visions over any other version. That said, even if you don't want that kind of clearly non-MTG artwork in your cube, I think any of the other Secret Lair versions of Serum Visions are pretty good to run over any existing option if you run the card at all (though of course there is always the argument for that more organic-feeling original art and frame).

    I'm also running the SL Bloodghast because I'm a sucker for having a variety of art styles, plus I love the idea of having a black card illustrated by someone who's worked for Iron Maiden Smile (The LftL is pretty cool too)

    The art style on the Serum Visions didn't do it for me, but I can see the attraction. They were at least in foil. I really liked the Bloodghast/LftL as well, but them not being in foil turned me off from it. I almost didn't even buy the Bitterblossom I wanted because of it being non-foil, but in the end I bought it because it was full art and not just a regular card with different art on it.

    I really don't understand why there weren't all just foil or offered in both foil/non-foil for folks who prefer one or the other.
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  • posted a message on Criticize my Cube (Evaluate Everything, version bacchus2.0)
    @Snilly: If you're interested, I put together an average peasant cube from 30 active cube lists here on MTGS. You can take a look and see what most people (around here anyway) are running. You can use the filters on CubeTutor to see about what size cards tend to make it. It's not a definitive list, but it might give you some ideas for swaps you can make to get your power level up for a 360 list.


    If you prefer CubeCobra, I put the list there too, but I've not set up all the tags, so you can't really sort it down.

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  • posted a message on Card Æsthetics Evaluation Thread
    Agreed on both fronts. If I was running Ink-Eyes or even still had her in the on-deck binder, this would certainly be the preferred version. At 40 bucks, though, I just don't see this as worth it. It is exciting, though, that WotC is keeping these Secret Lair products up. I love the Bitterblossom, even if I do wish it had been foil. I'm really interested in seeing what future Secret Lair products offer us cubers.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Man, Narvuntien, sounds like you got it bad from all directions. Frown I'd say you just gotta keep suggesting it as an option. Maybe give in a bit and make a trek out to that big store that's 40 min out? You might luck out and get at least three more willing to draft with you there. Good luck. I hope it works out for you.

    Quote from VariSami »
    I'd probably disencourage external entertainment like Netflix since it'd take them out of the situation of 'Magic Night'. A good deal of people already watch Magic games on Youtube and such; seeing them live and being able to comment on plays that have happened should be all the better.

    I have a TV on the wall in my basement where we play, so I usually throw up whatever coverage is happening that weekend. It serves as background noise and for something to do while we wait between matches or if we have a bye. That doesn't stop the other guys from pulling up some sports game or something on their phones, though.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from VariSami »
    I get the distinct feeling that many commentators have not played more than five games of EDH...

    Well, for what it's worth, you're right. I've not played very much EDH or multiplayer Magic, but that isn't to say that I've played zero. I've been playing Magic since 1998, so I've certainly played my fair share of multiplayer games and I did dip my toe into EDH a bit when it was first starting to boom before it was monetized by WotC as "Commander". Multiplayer just isn't my jam for all the reasons I stated already. Like I said, I really like the Game Knights episodes from Command Zone and it looks like those people always have a blast playing that game. Heck, some of those decks even look really sweet and fun to play. It's really the politics of it all that turns me off from the experience. Making promises and exchanges to play with or against another opponent is just incredibly unappealing to me.

    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    Now for my own question regarding peasant cube - what do all of you do when someone drops out or doesn't show up? I mean, I've quit inviting certain people after multiple instances, but what do you do the day of? You invite enough people for an 8-player draft, but only 7 show up. Do you play multiplayer like my group, or do you give someone the buy and just have them sit there, bored for a while? I keep thinking there's got to be a better solution, but I can't find one. We've tried calling other people, but getting someone to show up last minute is a rough proposition.

    We regularly have 5 or 7 guys show up. It's definitely not preferred, but it happens. We normally play it just like _i0 said. We don't stick to round times (or even strict round numbers, for that matter). We draw lands for pairings and to see who gets the bye. First winner usually just plays the one who got the bye. We play two or three rounds and draft again. The person with the bye is normally just watching a nearby match, goldfishing their deck, shooting the ***** with the rest of us. It's really not a big deal.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from Narvuntien »
    Arggh! I am so frustrated its completely impossible to get 8 (or even 6) people together to draft the cube I have spent so much time on.

    I went through a similar issue over the last couple years with my cube group. We're all mostly somewhere between late 20s/late 30s, so first and foremost, people just have responsibilities. Also, though, a lot of the guys got more interested in the grind and were regularly traveling and going to SCG events for Standard/Modern. So, I'd message our chat group if they wanted to get a cube together on a given weekend and, sure enough, it'd be either no responses or replies about going to this tournament or that tournament. As someone who just doesn't really care much about competitive Magic, it was incredibly frustrating. This year I've decided to try a different approach and so far it's worked out ok. I started posting events in our Facebook group a month or more in advance. I include a poll so people can vote on which weekend works best for them in a given month and we've just been going with the weekend that has the most people voting. If people commit to cube on X weekend, then they usually stick to it. Granted some things have worked out in my favor. In November we had Thanksgiving, so lots of the guys were just in town that weekend with nothing going on. Then Christmas/New Years which was pretty much the same. Yesterday SCG had an open in my hometown, so I went and we gained cubers as people dropped. Next weekend will be prerelease weekend, so we'll probably get a cube in. I don't know if the current frequency can keep up, but I hope it does.

    Quote from n00b1n8R »
    Does anyone else find commander the most dull way to play magic? Like you just sit there for 3-4 minutes doing nothing, then its your turn and you do your thing, then you go back to sitting on your hands trying to keep track of the 30 other random cards on the table.

    EDH and multiplayer Magic in general is just the most miserable experience playing Magic for me. Not necessarily because of the waiting between turns, although that is pretty bad, especially in the later turns of the game when people are just doing all the things. This biggest issue for me when playing multiplayer Magic is the politics involved. I'm not interested in offering this person a deal if they'll take care of some problem this other person has presented me with, or vice versa. And trying to decide who to attach and justifying why this person instead of that one. It's just not fun for me. I do enjoy the Game Knights episode by the Command Zone guys on YouTube. Those usually an interesting watch. I also really enjoy playing Brawl on Arena since it's currently only a 1v1 format. Singleton Magic in general is usually a pretty fun play experience.
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  • posted a message on [THB][CUBE] Includes and Testing Thread
    Well, full spoiler is up and this is probably one of the more disappointing sets from a cube standpoint. Unfortunately, the enchantment and devotion synergies just don't line up with what typical cubes are trying to support. With that said, though, there are certainly some interesting and unique cards that probably deserve at least some testing even if there are no slam dunk 360 staples.

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  • posted a message on [CUBE] Shatter the Sky
    This seems to be an unpopular opinion, but I run Fumigate and, honestly, I don't think I'm interested in replacing it with this. I get that a 4 mana Wrath is better than a 5 mana Wrath, however, I think that given that we have three 4 mana Wraths in white already (counting Supreme Verdict), the upside of Fumigate gaining three or more life helping you to stabilize better makes it more desirable to me. I'm willing to concede this choice later, especially if my group seems to want this more, but right now I have no plans on making that swap.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Library of Alexandria
    Quote from LeyShade »
    If your cube is more aggro focused, has a lot of pain effects, or minimizes life gain then he's not wrong. I find that with cards that fill similar roles which is 'better' often comes down to how they interact with their environment.

    For sure. I wasn't trying to imply that he is somehow wrong, just that it's an unpopular opinion in the cube community, especially on these forums. Cube is what you make it and everyone has their preferences. We can all offer advice based on our own experiences, but at the end of the day preferring X to Y in cube will never be wrong if that choice is what you and your group prefer.
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