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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2020 Planning Thread
    @n00b: Link your CubeCobra. Your sig only points to CubeTutor.

    I could probably do scripts (I work in IT and live inside spreadsheets all day), but I honestly don't. I just copy/paste the lists then do some comparisons at the end. Once I'm done, I'll post up the spreadsheet I'm working from as a Google doc so everyone has access to all of the data.

    For rare lands, I do agree that if enough folks have resorted to rares for fixing that it should be represented. However, based on what I've seen so far, there's not really a general consensus as to *which* rare lands are appropriate for peasant power levels. Some folks are on RAV shocks, some are on pains, some are on manlands, and some are on a mixture of all of the above. I may note in the final count that X out of Y cubes run rare lands, just to give folks an idea of how many people are choosing to do that.

    As to how solved the format is, I don't know. I think if you take the top 360 cards from the average list, you'd end up with a pretty "solved" format as far as archetypes and playability. The truth of the matter is that cube (of all shapes and sizes) is much more complicated than that, though. Your group might have pet cards or archetypes you love. You may want to try out an archetype that's maybe not as popular like say UB Ninjas or Persist Combo.

    I think where we are right now for peasant cubes, you can probably build a really tight powerful archetype based 450 list at peasant. You'd have room to support the usual suspects as well as include your faves. When you start getting into 540+ range at peasant, you end up with a lot of really low power level (for cube) cards that are essentially just limited all stars. I'm still on 360 and I had plenty of room to throw in support for persist combo and not feel like I lost much in the way of powerful cards.

    Anyway, thank you all for the discussion and keeping this thread active. I just realized I've been on this site for 14 years. Good lord. What have I done with my life? LOL Confused

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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2020 Planning Thread
    That's true. I've avoided using true peasant+ cubes. That feels like a completely different format to me. I see rare lands kind of the same as the un/conspiracy cards. You know if you want them and you know which ones you want to use. I'll include cubes that run rare lands, but I won't include those lands in the final list. I think everyone in the peasant cube building business pretty much knows the hierarchy of true peasant fixing options. I am interested to see where the Thriving cycle falls this year, or if it even makes the cut.

    This goes back to what this average list is really trying to be for the community. It's not what your cube should look like, but more of a helpful tool for deciding on cuts, swaps, and potential missed gems. If you see that you're running cards in your 360 that don't make even the average 720 (and I definitely am), that doesn't mean you're somehow wrong for running those cards. You can either look at those as cards for potential swaps or you know why you run them are happy with their performance.

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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2020 Planning Thread
    @MechanicalMech: In previous years the only things I've excluded are Conspiracies and Un-cards. I didn't exclude lists for running them, I just didn't include them in the final list. However, I think I'm going to forego that exclusion this year. You know if you want to include those cards in your list and seeing where they fall in the "average" cube might prove helpful to folks looking for which cards are popular.

    The only true "criteria" I have for including lists is that they be updated within the last few months, at least with M21. Preferably the list is also at least 360 cards, but finely tuned smaller lists are acceptable as long as they meet the update requirements.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    I think they are playable, but probably not at 360 assuming you don't have any restrictions limiting your card accessibility. I've liked four or five 4-drops at 360, depending on what you're running in the 5 and 6 drop slots. I'll add that I run Sanctifiers because my artifact section is a bit larger than what you normally see in peasant lists and I feel like I need the answers. That card could certainly be swapped out if you preferred more aggressive options. Palace Jailer is a staple, IMO, but I can also see why you wouldn't want it if you didn't like the Monarch mechanic in general.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Acolyte > Relief Captain > Kongming > Rhox Veteran > Crusader > Commander

    In my 360 I'm running Acolyte and Kongming currently, with Kor Sanctifiers and Palace Jailer rounding out the four drops. I cut Captain for Acolyte because I wanted to keep Kongming in for and extended test, but I think Captain is the better card.
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  • posted a message on What is Artisan?
    I love you, Leelue, because I honestly have no idea if you're being serious or facetious here.

    @Awsum: I was actually pretty into SilverBlack 100 years ago when it was a thing on TheGatherling and they had regular tournaments. I also now really enjoy Artisan on Arena. Common/Uncommon only formats like that can be really fun. With that said, though, I think you'd get more traction here from the Jump Start idea. Something like that more closely resembles cube where singleton archetypes are more finely tuned and explored. Jump Start itself also already gave you some great ideas for 30 card archetypes that you can only improve on and make more powerful.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2020 Planning Thread
    Peasant cube friends! It's that time of year again to see where we are in our peasant cube journeys. 2020 may have been quite the terrible year, but we got some pretty sweet stuff for our cubes. I titled this thread as planning because I'm looking to make my life a bit easier and ask folks to post their lists here if they want to be included in the comparison. The only thing I ask is that the cube is relatively up to date. Preferably that would be through ZNR, but M21 is acceptable. I'll still go on the hunt and try to find as many up to date lists as I can, but if the lists come to me, that's all the better. We had just over 30 lists last year. I'd like to get up to 40 to compare this year. More data is certainly not a bad thing!

    I also put the call out on Twitter. I know this is the "MTGS" Average Peasant List, but let's face it, these forums aren't seeing nearly the same amount of traffic they once saw. If you know a peasant cuber that keeps up with their cube, but doesn't post here, send them to my Twitter feed (link in sig) with a link to their list!

    I hope to start on this sooner rather than later. I normally knock this out during my annual December staycation from work. This year that starts Dec 7, so worst case I'll have it done and posted by the end of that week.

    Cheers, friends, and I look forward to seeing what 2020 gave us (other than crippling depression, anyway).

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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    My group has played with free mulligans at the kitchen table for as long as I can remember (roughly back to 1998). It was always just kind of a friendly thing. Like, "There's nothing at stake here, man, just draw seven. No big deal." I realize why free mulligans would be bad for competitive gameplay and we've had a couple people cube with us that have definitely taken advantage of it. For the most part, though, I've not see the free mulligan rule play a part in drafting or deck building among my regular group and no one is mulliganing into oblivion to find that perfect hand. Again, nowadays we're typically gathered in my basement, drinking beers, and playing cube as a way to hang out with each other and play a game we all enjoy.

    With that said, though, I have found that the MDFCs have really helped smooth out the draws in ZNR limited. They turn hands I would have otherwise mulliganed into something keepable. Neither side is great on them, but the duality and versatility really push them. I don't mind playing something like Zof Consumption as a tapped Swamp in order to keep making my land drops, but sometimes you draw it on turn eight and you just win the game with it. I'm not recommending Zof Consumption for peasant cubes, but I do think there's arguments to be made for even the MDFCs that might look lackluster on the front side.
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  • posted a message on Sleeves and Storage Discussion
    I carry my cube(s) around in a Pirate Lab HQ backpack. The cubes themselves are stored in plain white BCW boxes. I store tokens and lands in two Planar Chaos fat pack boxes. Tokens are sleeved by appropriate color. It's not pretty or fancy, but it certainly gets the job done.

    I also find that with so many tokens, I need to do a token audit a few times a year and just remove anything that I don't need anymore which helps to free up space in the box.
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  • posted a message on Fill out the Cube Community Survey - ZNR
    Filled it out for my inclusions. This set is bananas.
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  • posted a message on Set (P)review - My top 20 Zendikar Rising (ZNR) cards for the cube!
    You know it's a good set when you open the spoiler for number 20 on wtwlf's Top 20 and realize you're planning on including even that one at 540!

    Thanks for doing these write ups, man. I always look forward to them. Excellent read, as usual!
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  • posted a message on Cards that haven't aged well
    Quote from Leelue »
    I don't know if doubling the mana cost on cumber stone (a rare sight as it is) is where I want to be as far as keeping myself alive. I'm actually running very little by the way of blue top end but if there was literally no other blue 6+ drop besides what I have I probably wouldn't consider the whale

    I think you're way off base on your evaluation of the whale here. It's value comes in its versatility. It's self discarding in the reanimation deck. It's decent early even outside of that deck to help filter your draws. It's a really annoying finisher for control and ramp decks. I honestly haven't had a chance to even play any M21 cards in my C/U cube, but Waker of Waves is at the very least one of the top three blue finishers we have access to.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    I like Cryptologist over Pilferer.
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  • posted a message on Non-Aggro Red
    Red goes well in a lot of decks outside of RDW in my experience. Of course there's two color versions of RDW, but they tend to all play a bit differently. Rakdos is normally an aristocrats value shell. Boros tends to go wide. Gruul is a beatdown deck, sometimes with a hastey theme.

    Outside of aggro, though, we've had success with different midrange and control decks. Grixis and Jeskai can go either way. Grixis Bolas control is a favorite here. Grixis value with lots of removal and two for ones. Jeskai Spells with Saheeli, Mentor, and Young Pyromancer (even Kykar if you run tri color cards) can be really fun.

    Then there's the artifact deck. Red generally plays a role there in some way. Both Wildfire variants promote their own archetype or contribute to others, like the artifact deck, for example. Izzet CounterBurn is another popular one here too. One of the guys in my group swears by "Cube Blue Red". If not the classic CounterBurn, then Sneak and Show fatty cheat or go into black too for a touch of reanimator.

    I think that while, yeah, red does tend to be aggro more often than not, it dabbles very well in other theaters and archetypes too.

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