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  • posted a message on Guilds of Ravnica for Peasant Cubes (Common/Uncommons only)
    I'm at 360 and I'm looking at swapping in these:

    Conclave Tribunal
    Goblin Banneret
    Goblin Cratermaker
    Kraul Harpooner

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  • posted a message on [GRN][CUBE] Chamber Sentry
    Not being able to replenish the counters or add to the initial number to keep the damage going is a huge detriment to this type of creature. It can't be blinked or reanimated. I don't think it's bad per se, but I think it's just short of good enough to keep it out of most cubes.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][GRN] Thief of Sanity
    This card looks fine, but Dimir is too stacked for a card that's just fine. I'm at five in my section and this doesn't compete with any of those, including the new split card. This might make number 7, but I'd probably run Ashiok over this if I wanted a repeatable mill three.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][GRN] Mission Briefing
    Quote from AntiPox »

    I think the bottom line, at least for me, is that;

    1. This card is not powerful enough to justify needing reliable access to triple blue.

    2. This card becomes too weak of a cube card if I can't reliably target most of the spells that I play in my deck.

    I think these are fair arguments against it in terms of the mana cost. I still think it deserves a test, though, to see just how often the heavy blue requirement is detrimental. The effect is powerful, so I think that alone means this warrants a test in medium to larger lists.

    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    You go from a ~75% chance of having the mana you need to ~60%. So ~15% of the time? That is statistically significant to me, and it shows in practice as well as in theory with regularity.

    I think this is where we have to chalk what shows in practice up to different experiences and move on. Like I said before, I'm not advocating trying to splash Cryptic Command off three blue sources. I try to use the math and statistics to build what I feel are educated mana bases and exclude CC cards when I can't justify them in my deck. But I don't personally see a 15% statistic as super relevant in terms of how the games actually play out. Occasionally I'll get color screwed and it'll cost me the game because I needed to counter that finisher on turn five. Occasionally I'll get color screwed and it won't matter because I didn't even see Counterspell. Most of the time, though, it'll play out just fine. I guess I just feel like it's not that serious.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][GRN] Mission Briefing
    Quote from steve_man »
    I heavily disagree. A 2-cmc CC spell really has to be worth it for me to even consider running it. A lot of 3 drops are 1CC, and it can be really problematic if your 2-drops / 3-drops are like UU / 1WW / 1BW / etc.

    While I agree that cost is certainly a factor in card evaluation and a card needs to be good enough to warrant that CC cost, I don't think a CC cost should be the sole reason it doesn't make the cut. A slam dunk at 1U should is not just fringe playable at UU, imo. It's certainly somewhat worse because of that, but that doesn't suddenly make it unplayable.

    In that example, assume you're playing a UW deck splashing Vindicate or something. If we assume that you've taken those mana requirements into account when drafting/building, then we have to assume that you've put a mana base together that will work with those requirements in most cases. Most likely you don't need UU on turn two for that Counterspell (or Mission Briefing to keep it on point here), so it's ok to just play a second color. Your deck probably has other 1U and 1W cards it can play anyway. And if the splash is Vindicate, you probably don't have to have a black source on three. Games of Magic all play out differently. I'm not trying to down play the requirements of putting all those cards in the same deck, you do have to take that into account when putting the mana base together, but I think that if you've put together something reasonable for your mana base then your deck will probably play out just fine. It's not going to be game after game of color screw because you could only fit eight blue sources in the deck instead of ten.

    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    It's actually just statistics and probability. It takes roughly twice as many sources of blue to use a UU spell on T4 than it does to use a 1U spell on T4. It's the difference between needing 10 sources of blue to effectively cast the spell reliably and only needing 5. If that doesn't seem significant to you, I think you're undervaluing the importance of mana demand.

    Right. I get the math and the statistics. My point is that even if the stats say I need ten blue sources to reliably cast a UU spell on turn four, how often will that actually come up in game play if I only run eight sources for my one UU card? How often will I be sitting on Counterspell on turn four with only one blue source in play? How often will you not have the two blue, but also not have the Counterspell? The inherent variance of Magic needs to play some part in the evaluation of these cards, not just the math and the statistics. Obviously there will be some amount of times where you lose because of mana troubles, but that would be true even if you had perfect mana based on the percentages and statistics.

    And again, I'm not discounting double color costs as being meaningless to your mana requirements. There's an obvious cost to including cards like that in your deck, but it's not a cost that's impossible to pay. And in most games of Magic, it probably won't even come up assuming you're not trying to splash a UU card off three Islands.
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  • posted a message on [GRN][CUBE] Connive//Concoct
    Dimir is a weird section where everyone seems to agree that Baleful Strix is number one, but after that people seem to be all over the place with their rankings. I don't think Silumgar qualifies as a pet card in the least. He's easily the third best Dimir card, imo. Even with the artifact deck in the mix, I'd still put Strix, TSG, and Silumgar all above UB Tezzeret. Hostage Taker has been good, but it's definitely my worst best card in that section and the card I'd be looking at to cut in order to test something new and interesting.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][GRN] Mission Briefing
    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    Colored mana demand is so dramatically misunderstood and undervalued by the majority of the cube community.

    I can't disagree more. I think you drastically overvalue what the difference between 1C and CC really is in terms of how cards actually play. There are so many factors to consider when evaluating a card's casting cost and mana requirements. Obviously 1C is preferred to CC for the same (or better) effect, but CC isn't that taxing in the average two color deck, especially when that spell is not necessarily a turn two spell.

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  • posted a message on [CUBE][GRN] Mission Briefing
    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    Except it's not just a CC cost. It's a CC cost plus additional colored mana costs at the same time, since the card doesn't do anything worthwhile unless you're flashing back additional spells with it. So it needs to be evaluated as a 1UUU cost probably at the very minimum, and I don't think it's good enough to compete as a card with that kind of mana demand in this format.

    First, let me be clear of my argument here. I don't even know if I'll be able to make room for this in my 540 list. I don't think the card is OP by any means. It looks like a fine card that could easily make it's way into larger lists and wouldn't be embarassing to run in medium lists. The UU cost is definitely a consideration and it really depends on how impactful the surveil 2 upside is. I'm not kidding myself on the mana requirements of the spell.
    It's not just a UU cost. It's a at least a CUU card if not even more intensive than that. I'm definitely going to test it, though, because I think the ability is powerful and might be worth the mana requirements, especially given the possibilities in a powered cube.

    My argument is that people seem to over evaluate color intensive costs. I've read the articles and seen the math on the odds of getting CCC by a certain turn with X amount of that color in your deck. I've also played enough games of Magic to know that math is just a baseline and isn't always guaranteed. You can calculate percentages and have perfect mana, yet still play games where you never see your second color. You can also play a five color deck with Kiki Jiki as the only red card and somehow cast it on turn five without issue every game. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating throwing a CCC spell into your deck as a splash, but you should keep in mind how intensive your mana requirements are when you're building your deck and especially when you're drafting. If you want to play a card like Mission Briefing, then build your deck and manabase accordingly and the color intensive cost probably won't be an issue. In a two color deck, assuming you've drafted enough duals and rainbow land and know how to accurately put your manabase together, getting the UU plus the cost of the card you flash back shouldn't be an issue.
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  • posted a message on [GRN][CUBE] Connive//Concoct
    I could see this fighting for a slot against Hostage Taker, but I don't think it compares at all to The Scarab God or Silumgar. I also wouldn't refer to those two cards as tier 2. The Scarab God is the number two Dimir card, imo.
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  • posted a message on [GRN][CUBE] Assassin’s Trophy
    Quote from cuttups »
    I'd be ok with G/B just being a range of great answers.

    I agree. I included The Gitrog Monster as an attempt to help out a lands matter/graveyard shenanigans archetype. He's been fine and I personally love the card, but he'll be my cut. I'm totally ok with Golgari just being answers.section.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][GRN] Mission Briefing
    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    Sure. But Snappy doesn't cost UU, so I don't need 1UUU to play a Remand, or UUUU to play a Counterspell. And that does matter. A lot.

    Snappy gives me this effect at a splashable cost (and with card advantage). Flood allows me to split the heavy blue costs across multiple turns. Surveil 2 is great ...but I don't think it makes up for either of those shortcomings.

    You're not wrong and again, I wouldn't argue that this card is anywhere close to as good as Snapcaster. Obviously getting the effect at a splashable price attached to a 2/1 is much better than what we have here.

    When it comes to CC costs maybe my own experience differs from others, but I honestly haven't found it to be that detrimental, especially when the card is worth it. Obviously 1C is preferred to CC and when cards are competing for the same slot, that does come up when deciding on cuts. However, this card isn't fighting for the same slot as Snapcaster just because it's a similar effect. When a CC card is good, and I certainly think this one is, I don't think that's a reason to write it off completely. If you draft this card with the intention of flashing back Counterspell and Remand, then you need to expect that heavy blue requirement on your mana base and draft and build the deck accordingly. It's no different than drafting Cryptic Command. Not that I'm comparing power levels on the two, but when draft a card like Cryptic, you know what to expect from your mana base. You know you need to get to UUU regularly, so you build accordingly with a heavy blue deck that maybe splashes or you value duals and rainbow lands higher than you might normally value them.

    I just think the effect of instant speed flashing back something is so incredibly powerful, especially in a powered cube, that even with a UU cost, it's still worth at least a test run.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][GRN] Mission Briefing
    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    Costing UU and requiring me to cast the spell right away can really limit my options. Surveil is a nice addition, but this is nowhere near Snapcaster Mage.

    While I certainly wouldn't say this was as good as Snapcaster Mage, I don't think requiring me to cast the spell right away is that big of a detriment. In my experience, and obviously YMMV, most of the time Snappy is cast at instant speed, targets a reactive spell in the graveyard, and casts that spell immediately. There are definitely times where you flash him in to block and then flashback the spell EOT or some other similar line, but having that as an option is why we aren't arguing that this card is better than Snapcaster.

    Also, regarding the UU cost, blue is inherently reactive in nature, so holding up mana (even the UU requirement here) shouldn't be too hard considering so many of blue's best cards also require a heavy blue commitment.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that this spell is the second coming of any amazing blue spell. It is good, though, and I don't think it's fair to judge by how much worse than Snapcaster it might be.
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  • posted a message on [GRN][CUBE] Nullhide Ferrox
    How does this compare to Goreclaw for you guys? I'm thinking I like the big bear more, but I'm not sure. I've not gotten a ton of reps in with him yet.
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  • posted a message on [GRN][CUBE] Legion Warboss
    Quote from Gabrosin »
    Posed this question for discussion and got back some more possible answers:

    Markov Blademaster
    Pack Rat (assumes you get your third land)
    Figure of Destiny (assumes you make consistent land drops until T5)
    Warden of the First Tree (assumes you make consistent land drops until T6)
    Vexing Devil (if they don't pay to force it to sacrifice)
    Hunted Horror (makes its own blockers, so it definitely feels like this shouldn't count)

    Looking at this list, I think it says a lot about why the current red three drop suite is so powerful (including Legion Warboss).

    Markov Blademaster (legit interesting, but costs 1RR and invests everything into one creature)
    Pack Rat (creates an army of rats all with the ability to continue creating an army of rats)
    Figure/Warden (one mana investment, often trades up, provides mana sink)
    Vexing Devil (rarely gets you what you want)
    Hunted Horror (doesn't count)

    Najeela et al are so good because they can legitimately get out of hand and become nearly impossible for your opponent to deal with.
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  • posted a message on Sleeves and Storage Discussion
    Quote from DSF »
    I've had the same issue (noticeably inconsistent size) with Ultra Pro sleeves before, although I believe it was a different line than Eclipse.

    For those complaining about the quality of KMC, there was a response posted earlier in the thread. KMC claims this was the results of knock-offs being sold as authentic KMCs on Amazon by 3rd party sellers. I have no idea whether this is true or not. I purchased my KMC sleeves around the time that complaints began popping up and mine have been great so far. (My cube is still in the original sleeves after several years and we've only lost a few to splitting, but my group doesn't get together as often as some do.)

    The best sleeves we've ever had on the cube are KMC Mattes. We replaced those after about three years of use with KMC Hypers about the time that the bad batches were popping up. The Hypers were arguably the worst sleeves I've ever used in terms of quality. We split multiple sleeves every cube night and they were really bad about busting across the bottom. I had good experience with the Eclipse sleeves and using them on various decks, so that's why I went with them for the cube. Obviously that was a mistake, though. If I could just always get those same original KMC Mattes, I'd use those forever.
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