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  • posted a message on Leaving for Basic Training May 13th
    I spent nine years in the USAF.They have changed basic training quite a bit since I was in the only advice I can give you is
    1. Shut up if T.I. or if anyone asks a question shut your mouth unless they have already singled you out then give your reporting statement and answer the question with out volunteering any other information

    2. Be as invisible as possible try not to be noticed they have you wear camouflage for a reason to blend in

    Last thing I can tell you is if you have a choice pick a different AFSC being a Air Force cop is about as cool as being a A mall cop only SF tend to eat there own young so be careful
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  • posted a message on Daylight Saving Time, Do we need it?
    I am favor of keeping DST simply because of the havoc i causes everyone around me and that makes me giggle. As for DST being for farmers I'm fairly sure that dairy farmers don't follow DST simply because changing the milking times for a large group of cows would be insane.
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  • posted a message on MILITARY MEMBERS!
    was USAF from 1998 to 2007

    i would like to thank other who have served and are still serving!
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  • posted a message on Sex Change for Inmate
    so he kills someone and we give him a sex change operation? this person is in prison as a punishment why spend a dime more than we have to? he is not supposed to be having sex in there anyway.
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  • posted a message on How was your day today? What did you do?
    well today was my saturday so I got up around 3 pm which is normal when you work 3rd shift and had a date night with my wife dinner and a movie. after she went to bed I whatched my recording of todays football game and in another hour or so it will be time to load up the car and do some night fishing over at the dam all in all it turning out to be a great day.
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  • posted a message on When did you get your first job?
    Lets see I had a paper route at age 10
    was a dishwasher/cook at 14
    moved on to waiting tables at 16
    started sandblasting and unloading aircraft for UPS at 18
    joined the USAF at age 20 and stayed with them for 10 years
    and for the last 5 years i've been building tires for goodyear.
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  • posted a message on Home defense: am I just paranoid?
    Quote from Senori
    You will be charged with a crime if you empty a gun into an intruder. I guarantee it.

    as long as they are still upright, and in your home all you have to do is tell police you were in fear for your life and by emptying the gun it shows that you were in fear for your life.

    if someone comes in to my home to harm me or my family they have made the choice to commit suicide
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  • posted a message on Home defense: am I just paranoid?
    Quote from Glimyrpost
    You should never shoot to kill, disarming an adversary/danger is much better. Headshots are generally considered extreme force (and are also much harder to do without extensive training). And a shot to the upper body will generally not kill, but will stop a threat in its tracks.

    if they live that only invites a lawsuit if you are not prepared to end someones life do not get a gun because you will only be providing them with a weapon to use against you. if you are protecting your home or self you empty the gun into them and then tell the police that you were in fear of your life
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  • posted a message on Let's Discuss Gun Control
    Quote from Knautschke
    - probably someone would have started shooting before the killer got there. The more people have guns, the more likely one of those persons snaps and goes crazy
    - if they wouldn't have killed each other before the real killer arrives, then there'd be far more victims in your scenario, than in the one where the cinema visitors had no or few weapons. Think about a hundred panicky people in a dark cramped noisy room starting to shoot randomly.

    so gun ownership makes you crazy or unable to control your self and shoot whoever else has a gun? if you don't have a gun you dont run you hit the floor? and before you ask I have been surprised and shot at.

    Quote from Knautschke
    Thanks to the media, he got that name..

    thanks to people willing to watch the news 24/7 he got that name if we didnt watch it they wouldnt show it

    Quote from Knautschke
    Sorry, but that's complete nonsense. He knew that he will either die there in the cinema, or by death penalty, or spend the rest of his life in his jail. Why should he have cared whether someone got a gun or not?.

    my point was with 3 or 4 dead it would have been off the front page the next day and whoever killed this guy is the story not this loser

    Quote from Knautschke
    The killer was a law abiding citizen, before he started shooting. The more guns you give out, the more people die. Also, if everyone would be able to kill everyone in sight at any point... the result would be not only a huge increase in people getting killed, but also an even more increased mood or paranoia, fear and angst.
    Even now, popular arguments such as "I need a weapon, in case people break into my home at night for the sole reason to kill me, or to drag my children out of their beds and rape them" speaks volumes about the mood in the USA.

    he was but the less people having guns only works for the criminals the goverment cant be everywhere at once.

    Quote from Khorne Flakes
    Police arriving at the scene: Oh look, there is some bloodsoaked guy with a gun in hand and frenzied expression on his face making a run for it *blam*
    Whoa, another one *blam*
    People inside the cinema: Oh noes, there are some more guys in black gear outside who are shooting at us *blam*
    Everybody on either side: The other guys are shooting at us, fire back

    instant iq test
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  • posted a message on Let's Discuss Gun Control
    OK I'm ready to get slammed for this one but what if every adult in the theater had a gun?

    This guy committed this crime because he wanted to make a name for himself he shot and killed 12 people and injured however many others because he was fairly certain that no one else there had a gun and would be willing to react. People commit these crimes because they know the chances that a law abiding citizen with a gun is unlikely to be there.

    Since you will never get all the guns that are already out there back or even know who has them. Why not pass gun laws with the intent of putting guns into as many law abiding citizens as possible?
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  • posted a message on cold sores
    Quote from necrogenesis
    "Please don't touch my cards with your herpes covered hands?"

    that is the polite way to say that, and pack some hand sanitzer with your cards if you play cards with this person every so often.
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  • posted a message on Why no DUI database?
    Quote from YamahaR1
    They do this at 1am to 2am when the drunk drivers are coming home? Are there no curfew laws in that area?

    Not to say "There will never be anyone in the street" but hell, there shouldnt be kids on bikes at 2am. At least not here : under 18, in before midnight.

    Just to be fair anyone can drink and drive at any time they just may have to plan ahead to drink. i work 3rd shift so I may buy before i go to work if i want a beer after work.
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  • posted a message on Why no DUI database?
    Quote from Crashing00
    Is this because you think drunk drivers are less dangerous/cause less harm than sex offenders? Or because you think they are less likely to be repeat offenders?

    No i just believe it effects the the victim in different ways and i think it's because one crime is targeted and one is not. i've never heard of a guy getting drunk with the plan to run over the kid next door while a molester is looking and planning to commit a crime.

    I believe the DUI offender is more likely to be a repeat offender because the drunk driver does not think he has committed a crime and is more likely to be forgiven by society.

    I live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids; basketballs in the road and children flying down their driveways into the street on bikes are very common occurrences here. Drunk drivers, or even bad drivers that don't pay attention, could easily cause irreparable physical injury or death. I'd rate them as just as dangerous as sex offenders if not more so in terms of harm to children.

    I did buy a home in a neighborhood with only one entrance to cut back on traffic and people looking for short cuts but there's only so much you can do teach your children to pay attention and hope for the best
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  • posted a message on Why no DUI database?
    Quote from Naga"s Shadow
    I'd say no but then I think the sex offender database you linked to is wrong as well. If a person commits a crime they should be punished for it, but the punishment should be geared to making them a functioning member of society. Public databases exist to shame and exile. In this situation treatment is more useful as it will, hopefully, produce a productive individual. As opposed to things like blacklisting or the permanent revoking of their license, which will leave them unable to function properly for the rest of their lives.

    I agree but would add what the state of Kansas has more of a trust but verify approach on your first DUI after you get your driver license back
    they make you get a breathalyzer for your car you have to pass th test before you can start the car and every so often as your driving or the
    car truns off and if the cops pull you over even sober and your not in your car you are doing time.

    I dont understand what a database for DUI offenders would do?

    I used www.familywatchdog.us when I was looking to buy my first house becase I did'nt want to move in to a place two doors down from a person
    who has a thing for little girls. being that I have daughters thats not somthing i want to worry about to much,and i would. but why would I want
    to know about a guy down the street that got a DUI five years ago three sates away from here?

    I drink and drive but only on my playstation!
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  • posted a message on Hey there
    welcome to MTG salvation! i've been a on and off player since 1994 this game has a way of just sucking you back in agian over and over.
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