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  • posted a message on new to Mtg
    sleepytime for life. Glad to see you joined up.
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  • posted a message on Father Who Killed Daughter's Alleged Molester Won't Face Charges
    Some folks have wild ideas of how the legal system works around here. There's some parameters you have to consider here that are causing the DA to see this is practically unprosecutable. Self defense as we commonly call it does extend to other people. Not just your family for that matter. You don't have to know a child being assaulted to physically defend them. Keep in mind that he did not actually elevate the level of force used. Only the severity changed and that was by all reports unintentional. If that doesn't make sense to anyone what I'm saying is that the deceased was using his body to assault this child (and keep in mind agg child molestation on a child this young does damage thier body) and her father responded with a like force level. He used his body to defend her. And when you think about "lethal" force as everyone loves to throw around there's really some semantics there too. For example in the law enforcement community there are multiple levels of force that can be employed where necessary. Lethal foce by this defenition generally refers to methods specifically desined to be so. Guns, blades, or any blunt object designed to to create fatal trauma fit here. He was still like two levels down in what I believe they refer to as "heavy handed control". They made the right call here. No weapon, no planning, no attempt to hide his actions. You are never going to get murder on this one. They could have tried for manslaughter perhaps but the defense is so air tight you would never get a conviction.
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  • posted a message on Is it wrong to not concede?
    I'm a game theory guy. If I can play on your turn I do, I almost never do anything in my first main, and I never concede anything ever. I always look to minimize your information when making decisions during play and if you want to say you beat me I'll make you finish it. For the record though I have not ever and will not ever slow play someone out of their win. I find that to be the most disgusting play decision ever.
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  • posted a message on Best/Favorite DS games
    I recently finished might and magic battle of heroes. It's a pretty cool strategy game. There is a suikoden for DS so you know that's going to be good. If you like tactics games there's a disgaea also and they are always good.
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  • posted a message on Do you guys judge people by their avatars?
    I don't like to judge people by their avatars because I don't want to be mislead. So I always judge people BEFORE I see them. That way you can't trick me. I know what you are like so don't try to trick me with that hentai pokemon!

    My wife made mine and put it on here. She thought it was so funny I let it stay. I know what it says about me though. If you point a camera at me I will totally blow smoke all over you.
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  • posted a message on I need a few tough riddles/trivia questions
    The one I always liked is:

    You have two pieces of fuse and a box of matches.
    The fuses each burn for exactly one hour.
    You may not assume that they burn at a constant rate.
    How do you time exactly 45 minutes?

    The other one (but more common) is the you have a five gallon jug and a three gallon jug. How do you measure exactly 4 gallons of water?

    The last one isn't very hard but some people really struggle with it.

    The previous question should be the total of the largest 3 plus 2 correct? For 19.
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  • posted a message on ABU Games Discussion Thread
    I've done a lot of business with them. 30 plus purchases I think. I have had them send me the wrong card once. They fixed it super fast and told me to keep the wrong ones for my trouble (and it really wasn't much trouble, 1 phone call) . One time they forgot to ship my playmat with my order and they fixed that immediately as well. The prices can be a little high but they are good people to do business with.
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  • posted a message on High rated traders - in light of the DJRome ripping spree, have you changed policy?
    I did a lot of sending first working my way to the 100+ brotherhood. It never really bothered me that much. I always looked at it as a respect thing. I was trading with "my betters" early on to establish myself. Occasionally it does irk me just a little when someone who's super new asks to simul with me. It really just doesn't take that long to swap cards in the mail. I've been using half of my ref's as the threshold for a while now. But if Vik or Galspanic asked me to send first I wouldn't even hesitate. Absolute respect for everyone above me and all of you up and comers who are gonna pass me too.
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  • posted a message on wrath of god vs phyrexian crusader
    Yeah buddy it doesn't target it and it doesn't try to damage it so it will knock it out.
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  • posted a message on I think my best friend likes me.
    Here's something to think about: Have you at least seen pictures of each other? If not there's a mystery to it that can create a fantasy sometimes. I'm assuming you have though. You can always figure up some mileage and find a halfway point. Tell him you are going to be there and see it he would be willing to meet you halfway to meet in person. If he's reasonably interested he should do that.
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  • posted a message on Osama is dead, but at what cost?
    I would just like to point out that the taliban is an organization. They are not an independent country. As such what makes you think they have any right whatsoever to negotiate with the United States? There was a message to be sent and as much as the lighter-hearted folks hate it it has to be done. Countries that don't really care for us have to understand that you don't have to love us but you should act according to certain standards. And if your country wants to harbor international terrorists we WILL WITHOUT QUESTION come in there and get them if you do not cooperate. Terrorism is atrocious enough as it is. It's ten times worse when they have countries sponsoring them to help them attain the things they need to kill innocents. I point that out because terrorists almost always go for soft targets where they can hurt a lot of people without having to fight for it. Finally, I would like to say that the death of this particular scumbag was not the only objective for our forces oversees. When you ask if they died for something trivial I don't think you really understand the mindset of most soldiers. They died for their country. They died protecting the American way of life man. They died for us. I doubt they thought that wasn't enough. Don't trivialize their sacrifice acting like it wasn't enough. We should all thank the brave men and women who fight for this country. Even if you are not sure if you believe in the reason for military action at the time remember that for them it's always about freedom.
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  • posted a message on Valakut 3 mountains to 5 mountains
    They come in at the same time and see each other but I think you have to have 4 in play before casting the titan to get the damage. The key being 5 "other" mountains. So short answer no. If he had had 4 when he cast it then yes.
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  • posted a message on Sylvan Ranger vs. Viridian Emissary
    Don't let the arguments get you down. Do a little more testing and go with what works best for you. I'm 100 percent behind you actually. With only a single slot going to these cards I like your choice. The chance of having him early to deal with an aggro creature is less than the chance of you dead-drawing him late game. I hate it when I'm at the finish line and my valakuts are cocked and locked and I'm in topdeck mode and I pull a card that can't get me a mountain and finish the game. I'm actually playing more than one and it's happened quite a few times that he fetched me that last land I needed in topdeck mode. It's totally a playstyle choice in my eyes. He realistically can be better in your deck and if you think so don't let yourself get talked out of that.
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  • posted a message on Should Micheal Vick be forgiven?
    Snipes is not a great example here. Actually, Snipes is more of what I hate going on these days. Famous = lighter sentences. It's really hard to compare those however as Snipes committed a completely non-violent crime. He only uses violence to help the world. Didn't you see Blade? The transit cop is a little different. I don't think I believe his defense but the court there has accepted it. He got manslaughter. Manslaughter removes the very important detail of "intent". The court is accepting that this was an accident. I'm pretty sure someone was going to waste that guy soon enough anyway. Did any of you look at his record? However, those tazers do not feel like a gun in your hand. If you have ever held one they shoot like a gun but don't feel anything like one when you hold it. Vick on the other hand was not in this type of situation. His charges were considered aggravated (by the fact that he personally tortured and killed animals with his own hands.) so sentencing in his case should have seemed higher than usual. Why do we always try to condone poor behavior on the part of someone we like by using examples of other bad behavior? It doesn't work that way anyway. And for everybody who thinks what he does now is so great we should ignore the whole thing: I feel close to 100 percent sure that if he had never been caught nothing would have changed. He would still be out there taking joy in the suffering of dogs as he kills them by hanging them to watch them squirm, holding them underwater, or applying electricity to fry them so he can watch and laugh with his friends.
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  • posted a message on John white pardoned - racially charged, very complex societal issues...
    This is clouded by too much unnecessary information. Only important facts:

    On another persons property (in a group is even worse) making threats of or offering violence to said person or persons family.

    Actual committal of offense (tried to get/knock away gun) is assault (contact of an insulting or provoking manner).

    Get shot.

    I would do it if someone was here threatening my daughter. They wouldn't get close enough to go for the gun. You do still have the right to protect yourself and your family in this country. Even with deadly force if a reasonable and prudent person could find it necessary.
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