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  • posted a message on Force of Impulse
    I honestly can't see the argument that it's undercosted. It's essentially a compact Terror or Doom Blade, that doesn't ward regeneration either.
    Its undercosted because its the first mode not because of the actual effect. If it only did this it would be fine as I said. If you don't understand how taking a fairly costed effect and making it part of a modal card without increasing its cost is a problem then that is your problem.

    If terror read destory target creature or target opponent discards a card; nearly everyone would agree its undercosted despite neither ability being particularly over the line.
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  • posted a message on The Book of Exalted Deeds emergency ban for standard 2022
    Quote from goodoldtimes »
    Hi everybody, I found this page searching for faceless haven combo. My opponent did this combo on Arena, and I played Kiora bests the sea god. But instead of me getting control faceless haven, the game copied faceless haven, gave me the copy, and my opponent kept his.
    Is this a bug or what?
    That sounds like a bug. Alternatively are you sure your opponent didn't control two havens and you clicked on the wrong one?
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  • posted a message on Force of Impulse
    Too cheap for the first ability. A card that only does this ability would be fine in the right color combination, possibly as a sorcery instead.

    This second ability is over costed when compared to price of progress but thats a fairly extreme card. Put into the right colors this is probably fine but needs a more appropriate effect to be paired with.

    Why is this blue? Neither effect hints or leans towards blue and there is no apparent flavor to justify the color. As part of a grander world there could be a reason but from just this card nothing is apparent.
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  • posted a message on Lunar Ring (an attempt at a fixed Sol Ring)
    What is a "fixed" sol ring? I don't know what the goal is so its hard to tell if you hit it. Is lunar ring less powerful than sol ring? Yes obviously. Is it still insanely powerful by most standards? Yes, but no more so than moxes.

    Lunar wasteland. I had to look up which token spawns were. This card is probably fine. Its very strong but probably not broken because you have to wait a turn for extra mana.
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  • posted a message on Golden Opportunity
    Taking the card as I assume you intend it to work rather than what is written. Broken as all hell and in the wrong colors. Extra turn spells are already contentious. You put a fake downside on it and reduced the cost while giving it a significant upside. Considering without your fake downside this effect costed 7 last time and exiled itself. I wouldn't be comfortable with anything less than 7 as the downside is as I mentioned Fake.

    If you make it a real downside then there could be talk about cost reduction but you still need to place it in the right color. When designing multicolor cards think "What part is what color". While you don't have to match 1 to 1 you shouldn't have out-of-color effects.
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  • posted a message on Impulsive Wish

    Name is implied in the context. I honestly think the standard composure probably should be simplified to this context.

    This is not even an argument.

    A bunch of nothing on the misinterpreted context, but nothing on the functionality of the design itself as it's implied to work.
    Thats all fine and dandy but milling your entire library and discarding your hand is too steep a cost for tutoring any card in the history of magic. If your confused you just have to read the subtext implied by the wording use. Obviously when you say exile the top four the context of the first time implies thst it is meant to exile cards before you build your deck so it exiles your entire deck. Also random in this instance is implies that you use a random number generator that had a 99.99% chance to choose the specific card you want. This being such a powerful effect its obviously implied that you have to discard your entire hand when using this effect. Honestly its just far too much for 1 mana with the implied formating of this hybrid mana meaning you have to spend one red or blue mana as opposed to the standard 1 and RorU.

    The dynamics of this card would be expanded if you added the versatility of interaction through giving it toughness so allowing the obvious interaction of burn spells being able to counter it. Then obviously it could add power so it also deals damage on resolution or upon being countered so you don't lose value when your opponent takes advantage of this new interation.
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  • posted a message on Impulsive Wish
    As a random card its not worth more than 1 mana. Also Wish has a fairly specific meaning in magic. Using it for something thst isn't a wish while possible shouldn't be done.

    Also, you need to learn templating so you can template your cards to function the way you want them to. Not exiled with ~ but exiled by a card named ~.
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  • posted a message on Ward and The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
    There is no relation between Tabernacle and Ward. If you have a creature with Ward 2 and your opponent has Tabernacle. On your upkeep, you will have to pay 1 or your creature will be destroyed. Ward plays no part.

    Tabernacle gives an ability to each creature that says "At the beginning of your upkeep, destroy this creature unless you pay 1."
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  • posted a message on Un-carnation inspired by MH2 cycle
    Its a decent joke but uncards also want to be cards. The playtest cards were one and done jokes. Uncards while humorous are meant to be played.
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  • posted a message on Historic Event with "Nerfed" Banned Cards
    As this is currently a "hotfix" to an arena only problem I don't see any of those negatives as valid. If this works it creates a great online solution to problem cards without affecting anything else. Unless of course, you put together Historic Paper Events which would happen if it gets popular enough but I still prefer them to take these actions as opposed to letting cards essentially cease to exist.

    For any further speculation on the potential impact on paper cards, we would have to wait and see both player and Wizard's reaction to this event. If both are positive then we can start looking down that slope and worry about "Format Specific Text" on cards. Though considering people have offered up banning pairings of cards, this might not be a ridiculous solution.
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  • posted a message on Cherished Homestead
    With 4 copies of a card, you will see it once every 3 or so games.
    This is such a perfect quote. It is a crystallization of just how unreasonably wrong you are. I can even see how you drew such an unbelievably wrong notion. While still wrong, once every three opening hands a four-of will appear in your opening hand.

    The misassumption that if it isn't in your opening hand then it isn't having an impact on the game shows the massive depth of your lack of understanding.

    Look, math is hard. Its fine to not get it. But when you don't get it don't march around like you do. Its harmful for the ill-informed who will see someone proclaiming with confidence incorrect math. They will assume this confidence comes from understanding not foolishness.

    Don't dress up your opinion in falsehoods or deceptions simply state at face value. "You don't understand how this game works but you like the ascetic so you want to drape it over your own creation which you have no intention of changing via criticism but you want to show off because you weren't having fun self pleasuring in private."
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  • posted a message on Cherished Homestead
    No, it is significant that player's can infinitely shuffle to a perfect hand.

    The reason it was "so powerful" is because it has huge impact for 'fetch lands', which is a problem with the design itself.

    This one, specific design, which has no application to myriads of other designs, which will only be broken because of this rule.

    And furthermore, doesn't invalidate the ingenuity of design to naturally, wholesomely stretch these rules to extend a card's utility.
    Being wrong but claiming you're right without proof when the opposite side has given examples doesn't help you.

    No one mentioned fetchlands until now. Fetchlands aren't even in the deck being discussed.

    Did you confuse design with rule here? Your nonsense is becoming harder to parse. So as per typical debate rules I'll ask you to clarify your point or back down. Your choice.

    Ahh, absolute nonsense disguised as something via buzzwords. I'm sorry to inform you that buzzwords don't actually work on anyone informed.
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  • posted a message on Guardian Greaves & Firecrackers
    Greaves is on the high end of power but ts fine. A simple card with a simple effect is good.

    Firecrackers are too cheap. 2 is a perfectly reasonable cost for this effect. Other than that they are an interesting design. It really captures the concept of startling something.
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  • posted a message on Token Nephilim
    What does it mean to count as nontoken? Other than completely breaking a handful of token makers does it do anything not broken? If not then its not worth using as it breaks quite a few token makers.

    Why copy the four color creature cycle with a five color card?
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  • posted a message on Apex Predator & Virile Greaves
    Quote from 5ColorsEDH »
    What if it is a triggered ability that check on stat changes like:

    Whenever <Cardname>'s Power or Toughness becomes 3 or greater, it gets an indestructible counter.
    Whenever <Cardname>'s Power or Toughness becomes 2 or lower, remove all indestructible counters from <Cardname>'s.
    That works. Triggered or activated abilities look at the game state at a specific point so they don't get tangled up in layers like static abilities.

    Though entering the battlefield while an anthem is active might complicate that as it isn't "becoming" X or greater it simply always was.
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